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I'm afraid to give birth - what to do, advice of a psychologist

I'm afraid to give birth - this is a frequent fear, it feelsAlmost every future mother. What if the pregnancy comes to an end, soon give birth, but I'm afraid? Pregnancy for a woman is a whole life filled with joyful moments, interesting events, and experiences. The closer the pregnancy to its end, the more fears, worries, and sometimes even panic conditions. A woman during pregnancy is most emotionally receptive, like a crystal vessel, it is easy to fill her with both positive emotions and fears and negative experiences. Girlfriends often add unrest to their stories of long and difficult births as the most terrible thing that can happen to a woman, the doctors' bad treatment, unpredictability and lack of support in the hospital. Every woman, feeling the fear of the unknown before giving birth, once said: "I'm afraid to give birth" and she was panic-stricken.
I'm afraid to give birth, what should I do? It should be realized that
Here is not only an enemy, but also an assistant woman. Fear, first of all, an adaptive mechanism, it helps to adapt to changes in environmental conditions, protects from negative variants of events.
Soon to give birth, but I'm afraid - how to act? Collect information that will help to give birth correctly and take into account all important points, as a result - to successfully give birth. But here it is important to collect information not on forums on the topic "I'm afraid to give birth", where women emotionally and often with negative experience speak out even more frightening each other, and study information from specialists - birth counselors, midwives, doctors. Also, special training courses for childbirth that will not only emotionally tune in the right way, but also teach how to behave, will clarify what awaits you in the maternity home.
I'm afraid to give birth, what should I do? It is very important to understand that the medical staff are on your side and are interested in giving birth successfully and quickly, without any complications, because this will only add to the difficulties in their work. In fact, the stories of other women about the rudeness of a doctor usually turn out to be simply that the doctor was strict. It is not always the mothers who behave correctly and correctly, in case of excessive emotional outbursts, medical personnel will have to make a remark to return the woman to reality, the need not to immerse themselves in
, And help yourself and the staff in successfulChildbirth. You as a future mother should understand that childbirth is your personal responsibility. And from the preparation for childbirth and the right attitude will depend on how gently they pass. If you are ready for them, if you know how to breathe, how to help a baby in childbirth, what poses to take better, what your rights are in this medical process - then your birth will pass naturally, most comfortable, and medical staff will be your friends.

I'm afraid to give birth - advice of a psychologist

Psychologists working with the fear of childbirth distinguish two sources of these experiences: the external environment and internal problems,
, Caused by thoughts, by what a woman thinks,Being pregnant. External, internal factors are interrelated here - after hearing, for example, a frightening story, a woman begins to worry and wind herself from within. To the outside of provocateurs fear of childbirth include problems with the spouse, children, parents, other problems outside the family.
It is very important what kind of birth histories exist inFamily that told mom, grandmother about their birth. If these are successful stories with a successful conclusion - fears are extremely rare. Where there are bad stories, for example, if a grandmother has a child or has had a heavy birth - this is transmitted through stories in generations and provokes fear. Also, it can cause unrest that the marriage is not registered, or that the partner during pregnancy began to move away from the woman, then the feeling of loneliness and feelings about the future is layered on the actual fear of birth. Here it is worth talking to your soul mate, discussing what is wrong, consider your fear near.
However, there are times when a man does not agreeFor dialogue, it is not possible to talk, then the woman with the help of relatives, experts, experience of positively giving birth to women needs to debunk their fear, lean on themselves. Stories of safe childbirth will help you tune in to a positive mood and your state, actions contribute to a successful outcome. With negative stories and thoughts, it is worth doing as with weeds in the garden - weed, removing them as superfluous, so that they do not interfere with useful and positive.
I'm afraid to give birth to a child, what to do if I dreamBad dreams? A frightened woman in this situation may begin to dream about her experiences, but it should be understood that this is just an illustration of her own fears from the unconscious, and not the prophecy of the negative outcome of childbirth. In case of deep feelings and dreams, it is worth analyzing them, preferably with the help of a psychologist, which will help them to extract information about the internal conflict and, having solved it, gain confidence and tranquility. Fear of birth in this situation is a consequence of other experiences, not a real danger or fear of giving birth.
I'm afraid to give birth - a forum and advice on giving birth to women, andThe following specialists are also offered. In pregnancy, fears and mood swings are partly a natural phenomenon - in its first and last trimester, which is associated with the hormonal background. Therefore, when experiencing fear, if you have dealt with the other possible causes, it is worth keeping in mind - what you feel, naturally.
Body-oriented therapists claimThe need to master your breathing, which will help the childbirth. And we are talking not so much about the specific techniques of breathing, as about the ability to control the body, the emotional state through attention to breathing. Correct breathing will allow you to direct your strength and energy to the right part of the body, which will help in childbirth to support yourself and the child. First of all, you should learn to breathe belly. You can try and develop this kind of breathing, closing your eyes and laying your hands on your stomach. So you will direct all attention to this part of the body. With inhalation, you fill the stomach with air, and with an exhalation - release, the stomach falls off. Do not need to specifically move the abdominal wall, your task is to completely relax your stomach, watch how the air will swing your belly.
Feel the presence of your baby and feel,As the flow of relaxation spreads through the body. You can practice this technique every day for several minutes to align with your body. And so in childbirth, if it hurts, when you feel anxious, try closing your eyes and just breathing, relaxing your stomach.
The following breathing technique is a technique of calm andA long exhalation. It is also natural. When it hurts, we want to ease the pain, as if to exhale it. Or we breathe in when it's hard for us. This technique is based on this natural desire. You just need to take a quiet breath, slow exhalation. Another pose in which you can breathe is the position of the cat, on your knees, when you breathe in it, you arch your back. And also in a pose on all fours, breathing like a dog, often like a dog is hot. After each active breathing, you need a few breaths, a few exhalations to recover. You do not need to regulate your breathing, just close your eyes, perform a few calm and smooth breaths, exhalations, so that the breath returns to the natural course.
It is very important to breathe in childbirth. Remember this need, do not hold your breath. So you deprive yourself of the baby of oxygen. You suffer, too, because of the lack of oxygen, the birth pain in the tissues intensifies, and the child, which is already so difficult at the moment of contraction, as the uterus, the placenta, through which the blood flow takes place. Remember the child at the time of birth, help his breathing, then the process will be much easier, much faster.

I'm afraid to give birth for the first time - what should I do?

Young women preparing for childbirth for the first time,Often own a small amount of information, and it is of a negative nature. As a result, there is a picture that childbirth is torture, on which you will have to suffer hours and scream. Fear of suspense is one of the strongest fears of man, it causes anxiety and uncertainty, which finds fertile ground for the growth of experiences especially in women with
, Increased
. From the range of possible variants of events suchA woman tends to choose the worst, think about it. To solve the problem of shortage of information today is simple by studying quality materials on the Internet, attending special classes or a psychologist.

I'm afraid to give birth - fear of childbirth, what should I do? A woman can be afraid - she does not know what, herself for herself by tabooing the topic of childbirth. Fear as the delivery approaches, then it will only intensify and cause negative emotions so much that it can even really badly affect the condition of the pregnant and the child. By the end of pregnancy a woman can start to think that she does not want to give birth, driving herself into a dead end, without feeling the strength to go through this stage.
Here the psychologist can apply the technique of the mentalPlaying the process of birth, right in the office, offering the woman to imagine and how to live the birth, in order to dispel imaginary fears and analyze what will be revealed in the process of work. The psychologist will ask you to close your eyes, take the appropriate position and step by step to imagine how the childbirth takes place. First, as the child is in the abdomen, how he moves in the uterus, how closely he is, he tries to go outside, pass the birth canal that separates him from the world.
Mother here will need to help the child,Open, release the space for the child's exit - do the work to ensure his life. As a result, the woman represents how the child was born, she holds it in her hands, it is laid to the chest, and this is completely different experiences - positive, when stress and fears are replaced by a feeling of tenderness for the child, the joy of birth. Mentally having passed this process, having presented a positive outcome of sorts, already born child, the woman admits this scenario and calms down, that could not make earlier, experiencing panic conditions. The technique is played in a calm meditative form, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in sensations. The psychologist should be specializing on the issues of birth, preferably with a medical background or experience of obstetrics.
Is it worth it to be afraid of giving birth? Most of the experience is the fear of pain. It is important to understand that in labor there is no pain as such, but there is discomfort that is felt at the time of opening the cervix. Without its disclosure the child can not appear, therefore this discomfort says that the process is on. Fear prevents the process of birth, it includes a system of "hit or run", which causes the outflow of blood from the organs of the small pelvis to the extremities, heart rate increases, the blood vessels contract, oxygen in insufficient quantity goes to the uterus, as a result, labor activity slows down, the baby receives less oxygen , The cervix opens more slowly, contractions become ineffective. This leads to the fact that medical personnel will need to make a decision about artificial stimulation of labor. Therefore it is important to understand, the strain in childbirth is your enemy, and you need to do everything that will help to relax. It can be any relaxation techniques, favorite activities, for example, music or aroma-oil, partner's help.
Childbirth is a natural physiological process, andThe natural physiological process should not be accompanied by pain. The pain appears in violations, when, after contraction, the uterus, straining, can not relax. To help the uterus contract, the cervix to open, and the child to move along the birth canal - one must learn to relax. When a woman is relaxed, she does not think about fear and pain, but simply resides in the struggle for the fight - the birth takes place in the best way. If you work, performing the necessary actions, breathe, take the necessary poses - you simply will not have time and attention for fear.

I'm afraid to give birth to a second child - what should I do?

Comparing the first and second births, repeatedly giving birthWomen usually say that the second birth was easier than the first. This is due to the experience of the woman, and because of the already better preparedness of the body. However, women often worry about how the delivery will take place, if there was a big break between them. Here we need to take into account not only the break itself, but also how the previous births passed. If there were difficulties during the birth for the first time, then a negative scenario can be fixed.
How to stop being afraid to give birth? For the next birth to take place better - you need to analyze and work on the errors. With a break in several years, the body forgets about childbirth, but in case of difficulties in the first birth, you should not rely on it alone. Correctly having arranged preparation for a birth, the woman can give birth to the second time already without problems. By giving birth to a second child, you already know the whole process from the inside. But it's worth thinking about if the thought still arises: "I'm afraid to give birth a second time." Either this is the remnants of the former fear of labor in general, or you are frightened by certain moments, for example, health problems or after-birth psychological trauma. Did you want this child? Maybe you do not see the strength for one more birth because, in addition to childbirth, the postnatal process and the upbringing of the child caused difficulties for you. Here, it is necessary to understand the situation with the help of a specialist, since delaying the problem will not solve it, but only multiplies by two.
If the first birth went well, then most oftenA woman is afraid of just not being in time in the hospital. You can recall the sudden development of events in the first birth and, fearing transport fear, think: "I'm afraid to give birth a second time, I'm afraid not to be in time." Here the recommendations are very specific - you need to think about the possible ways by which you will get to the hospital. Your husband will take you, or call a taxi if he gets to work. If the taxi does not have time - call an ambulance. Describe all the options for yourself, ask your husband to prepare the car in advance, so that you have the confidence and calmness that everything is all right, and you will get to the hospital on time. This fear again fulfills its function - it prepares you to bear mature responsibility for your own health and future baby.

I'm afraid to give birth to a sick child

Fear of giving birth to a sick child is connected again withPersonal psychological problems of women. Here you need to understand - fear can not be stopped, just avoid it. We must learn to live life, and even fear in it completely. When you begin to translate attention to the body, live in the body, breathe in full breast - the fear of giving birth to a sick child will go away. The word fear is associated with the word guard, that is, fear is on your defense, helping to prevent negative outcomes. If you experience fear, it is like a beacon that allows you to focus attention on what is working incorrectly in your psyche or in the body. Therefore, one should not try to remove fear itself, it is only a symptom, it is necessary to look for the cause of fear and work with it.
Speak to your fear: "I hear you, I'm attentive to what you're telling me, and I'm ready to work with it." Accepting your fear removes panic, directing attention to the subject of your future inner workings.
Most often, the fear of having a sick childAppears in the case of a negative ancestral experience, when women in the family have already given birth to children in poor health or have lost children during childbirth or in infancy. Also, fear gives rise to negative predictions of doctors regarding your health or the health of the child. If we look at these fears deeper, then we will come to the basic fears of man: fear of losing control, changing the picture of the world, lack of resources.
The fear of losing control is connected with the installation thatIf everything is done correctly - bad, what we are afraid of, will not happen. The fear of losing the picture of the world as our representation of what is happening to us is manifested in the fact that whatever our life is, we want to keep our beliefs about it, fearing new factors that can change it.
In case of childbirth, the fear of losing the picture of the world canFind expression in a woman in fear "I'm afraid that I can not give birth myself, but I need a cesarean section." Fear of the lack of resources in the case of the birth of a sick child intersects with the experiences that there is not enough money, support of relatives, own strength. Weaken these fears will help the realization that in any outcome everything goes on as usual, and it is impossible to know in advance how the events will unfold.
How to stop being afraid of having a sick child? Often, with negative predictions, a completely healthy child is born, and, conversely, health can suffer without suspicion of a negative outcome. To help the positive outcome of labor, one should not be afraid, but relax as much as possible and prepare in advance. Differentiate what you can influence, and what not. Where are the factors that depend on you, and where those that are beyond your influence. With the first you need to work, the second you need to correctly identify and accept.

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