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Agglutination in psychology, examples

Agglutination is in psychology the most importantA tool for assessing the state of a person and her vision of the surrounding reality. The phenomenon of agglutination is very common in human nature and in the whole world. Sometimes it is observed in patients
Or is found in people suffering from speech disorders. The term agglutination describes a phenomenon that is the fusion of different elements (words, thoughts, images) into a single whole.
Agglutination in psychology is imagination,Which is created by combining the objects available in reality. This is a special kind of connection or rather a fusion, in which absolutely unconnected in objective reality characteristics and features are combined.
Rights - this is essentially a dialogue, which the personality leads with different parts of its "I". Stimulants are different
Vital necessity. Stimulation of the imagination itself is accomplished through the psychic actions of the person, which represent the formation of images.
Agglutination in psychology - examples are presentedIn fairy-tale images: centaurs (the connection of human features to the characteristics of a horse), sphinxes (the features of the human face merge with the characteristics of a lion), mermaids (joining a beautiful female fish tail to the trunk), as well as various other mythological images. All these images appeared thanks to a rich human imagination. So, this very image of the centaur, most likely, was formed in conditions with poor visibility of a man jumping on a horse, so he imagined himself as some kind of fantastic animal. Similarly, the image of a man with wings appeared, apparently, consciously, because he symbolizes the very idea of ​​human movement through the air, formed in such a sensual image.
The phenomenon of agglutination is a process that has to do with psychology, is found in medicine and linguistics.
The process of agglutination in linguistics meansMerging different words into one, with a reduction in the morphological structure, preserving the original meaning. That is, agglutination in linguistics is a process in which different morphological elements of a language are combined into a whole, creating words.

Agglutination in psychology

Some scientists believe that agglutinationIs a single device that shapes the activities of the person's imagination. According to this theory, agglutination itself reduces to new rearrangements of various components. To use this technique, a person needs to have some experience. Only the presence of relevant experience will help to use agglutination, as a method of creating images.
Agglutination in psychology is imagination,Which was created due to the combination of various techniques of intellectual operations and is a fairly common way to change reality. It is used as a way of creative activity, in science, in technical invention. Agglutination is not a random process, but a purposeful selection of previously thought out features and characteristics. This selection is made by the creator quite consciously, guided by the idea, the idea, the composition of the work. Often the trend that determines the combination of components of the human imagination works unconsciously, but there is always a motive that directly determines the imagination of a person.
The larger the experience of the individual's individual life is, the more imaginative
Will also be richer. However, the recognition of the fact that human imagination depends on the experience of man should not be perceived as a way of determining the movement and combination of different elements. Such an approach is considered erroneous among many psychologists. In this approach, agglutination is perceived as an exclusively mechanical phenomenon, which leads to a rearrangement of the invariable already existing characteristics.
The individual does not containUnderstanding components that are always unchanged. All objects of reality that are used by a person in the imagination are subject to change, therefore they are impermanent, and these changes are diverse and diverse. In psychology, the phenomenon of agglutination is a mechanism that will help subordinate the imagination of a certain trend, which will determine the whole series of combinable features, elements and will give them meaning. The creative transformation of processes and objects of reality is subordinated to the imagination by one's own rules and is carried out accordingly to certain methods. New views arise through the analysis-synthesis of information, they are created on the basis of what was already fixed
. All the processes of imagination are in the mental decomposition of the basic concepts into constituent parts (the process of analysis) with their further integration into combinations (the synthesis process).

Agglutination in psychology is imagination,Which was formed, by merging the individual parts of the images, which arise in the mind of man or already exist in it. In addition, this imagination in psychology is still encountered in the psychotherapeutic direction. It allows you to identify existing mental pathologies.
Agglutination in psychology examples: If a person in his own thought tries to combine several concepts at the same time or merges different words, their parts, which is evidence of schizophrenia, since a healthy person builds his judgments quite differently.
In the lexicon of people with schizophrenia, there isA lot of neologisms. A person manages to come up with new, non-existent words or impart old meanings to new meanings. Agglutination in the patient leads to a violation of the process of perception of external reality and self. Often such personalities can not distinguish themselves from the rest or even do not distinguish where the end of their personality ends and some thing or thing begins.

Also uses the term "agglutination" and understandsUnder it the form of the synthesis of images of the imagination, which consists in the fusion of several different qualities, qualities, parts of figures that are not combined in everyday life into one single image, which is expressed in dreams, psychopathological experiences, artistic creativity.

Causes of agglutination

To understand what is the concept of agglutination,It is necessary to know what causes it. The process of agglutination in the imagination is not an accidental one. The emergence of an idea, a motive, which sometimes also exists in the
The whole process is based on human experience. The more diverse and broad the experience will be, the more rich will be the imagination. It is also worthwhile to understand the difference between mechanically working out previously known elements and creating a whole viable and new image. That is, those images that people use in their own imagination, encroaching into the boundaries of a new appearance, somewhat change their appearance, being generalized into a whole unified formation.
The processes at the base of agglutination,They are quite diverse, they can also be divided into groups. The first group consists of processes that are associated with a lack of criticality, or lack of analytical perceptions. The second group consists of arbitrary processes that are connected with mental generalizations, controlled consciously.
Agglutination is a way of creativeImagination, through which you can create new images. Here the concept "new" has a double meaning. A new image, a new view can be either objective or subjective. In the objective view, this idea is not at all, in any of the worlds. This is a very original image. Also, novelty can be obvious only to a specific person, if the image is subjective. It turns out that a subjectively new image can fully open only to its author.
Agglutination is not just a method of educationArtistic images in literary works, it is also an opportunity to embody completely new ideas in engineering and science. The creative imagination of the inventor allows him to mentally combine in one whole a variety of completely detailed details and later apply it practically, moving progress, making for this discovery.

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