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Human ambitions - reasons, examples of realization of ambitions

Ambition is the degree of human ambition,His aspiration to achieve goals, the desire to receive external signs of honor and respect, the dignity and pride of the individual. In other words, it is the extent of the subject's scope to achieve life's benefits, professional and interpersonal implementation. If the subject needs very little in life, it is considered that he has little ambition. If he builds grandiose plans for personal self-determination, self-realization and wins simultaneously at many things, then one can say that he has unhealthy claims or high ambitions. Thus, the desired status of a person and the magnitude of his goals are considered ambitions.

Realization of ambitions

Great ambitions in various cultural and linguisticEnvironments have different meanings. In accordance with Russian traditions, which have long praised modesty, the word ambition is characterized as a heightened sense of self-esteem, arrogance, haughtiness, excessive claims on something. In other cultures, the ambitiousness of a person is his motivation for success, the pursuit of accomplishments and achievements.
Ambitions are inherent in forcing individuals to move,Progress and comprehension of new perspectives. And most importantly, they force people to strive for the goal. However, ambitions are not always positive. They act "virtue" only if they are grounded in certain personal traits, knowledge, education. Only revealing itself in conjunction with the capabilities and potential of a particular
, And also corresponding to his experience and level of preparation, satisfaction of ambitions is real. Only in this case they bring success, in favor of education, or career.
When ambitions "were born on the sand," theySimilar to the desired mirage, appearing in the desert. In this case, they only provoke negative emotions, and not only the owner, but also the environment. Since every society is rich precisely by such dreamers, those who really have realistic ambitions are often considered upstarts.
What is an individual's ambitions? This is what pushes individuals to achieve success, directs them to the incessant
, Gives confidence and strength in overcoming obstacles. They are:
- healthy and destructive;
- adequate and inadequate, that is overestimated;
- political and imperial;
- champion and careerist.
Examples of realization of ambitions. Ambitions are called adequate, whichCorrespond to the human potential, that is, they are real. Therefore, almost always bear a positive result, in other words, the individual is satisfied, since he fulfilled the set goal. Numerous studies show that setting an individual to the fact that he is the best and everything to him, not backed up by real efforts, will lead him only to arrogance and swagger. Therefore, you should set yourself only feasible tasks, otherwise, you can get absolutely not the result you expected. Excessively high ambitions cause a negative response in the public environment, and in addition, a negative perception of the notion of ambition directly.
Often in everyday life, ambitions are found in such areas as professional activity, family relationships, personal
And self-development.
Professional ambitions will not be superfluous, evenIf a person is not interested in career take-off, since the modern life rhythm does not welcome inertia. In addition, the social position and material well-being worries absolutely everyone, and, consequently, the ambition is vitally important. In family life arrogance is not the best companion, therefore it is recommended to learn the balance so that big ambitions do not become an obstacle to family happiness, "strangling" the other half. In the education of children, parents also often make the mistake of trying to realize personal ambitions in their own children. In children, one should try to develop the desire for social and professional success, self-development.
The first ambitions are born in the early agePeriod. And whether they are adequate or overstated, depends on literate parenting. Some parents try to impress their own unrealized ambitions. Often they praise their child not for their good behavior or actions, but simply so, even before the kid does something commendable. Also parents, if the crumb does not work out something, if he "nashodil", consider anyone to be guilty, but not his precious child. Of course, children should be pampered and loved, but everything has a measure. "Blind" parental love will only lead to a
And an excessively high level of ambition, notCorresponding to real abilities and aspirations. With such upbringing, children will become geniuses themselves, as a result of which they will not achieve the desired goal by putting their own efforts. The result is unrealized ambitions and a spoiled life. Since it is considered that an adult can reduce the level of ambition is almost impossible. Psychologists are convinced that the nature of a child with overvalued ambitions will only worsen with age. Since constant failure will make the individual grouchy, irritable and extremely resentful. Such a subject will all be avoided, since it is very difficult to find a common language with him. As a result of the implementation of the educational strategy described above, children will try to satisfy the "ambitions" inspired by them not at the expense of their own efforts, but by parasitizing, that is, at the expense of others. Therefore, such personalities often do not have real friends.
Fight with an overestimation of self-esteem andBig claims are possible, but only if there is a desire on the part of the most overly pretentious person. To this end, she will need to conduct an analysis of her own activities, make an "inventory" of personal qualities in order to highlight virtues and negative features. In addition, it is recommended to observe the behavior of successful people, highlighting the qualities with which they achieved success. Also, attention should be paid to their response to criticism. Successful people perceive critical statements in their own addresses adequately. They help them to improve themselves.
To realize ambitions is often not so difficult,The main thing is that they are adequate, and it is also recommended that several of the following conditions are met. In the first turn, to satisfy ambitions, you need to cultivate confidence in your own potential and strength. Then it is necessary to work out competent motivation. After all, a person strives for financial well-being not for the sake of full pockets of money, but for the sake of freedom and the opportunities that solid capital provides. The next point is a clear understanding and awareness of desires, as well as strategies for their implementation. It is necessary to learn to hear the environment for the possibility of an objective assessment of one's own activity, the cognition of personal abilities, potential growth. In addition, the satisfaction of ambitions depends on the adequate setting of goals. In other words, it is necessary to strive for realistic goals, the achievement of which allows us to move forward.
What are the ambitions? To understand with what ambitions there are, it is necessary to find out the meaning of the word ambition. In some sources, the word ambition is a claim to something, claims, in others - exacerbated
, Swagger, thirdly - nobility, feelingHonor. In fact, ambitions mean simultaneously all the listed qualities combined and none of them. The main determinant factor in understanding the meaning of this word is the level of ambition. The overestimated level is just indicative of arrogance, pride, understated - about lack of initiative and only an adequate level is the impetus for personal growth, success and progress.
A successful and self-realized individual can be seen at once. His success has its own reasons for ambition, appropriate to the potential, an adequate level of self-evaluation, competent motivation and goals.
Many are convinced that ambition isCongenital trait of a person. They are mistaken, because their ambitions go back to childhood. It is in childhood that healthy or inadequate claims are formed. Adequate level of ambition in kids brings up professional sports, because it bears a competitive element and causes children to strive for victory. Even if the child will participate only in urban competitions or personal sets, there will still be a result. Sport educates and teaches, it forms the ability to set goals and achieve them. And, in addition, teaches with dignity to lose and look for a loss not tragedy, but experience and new motivation.
The reasons for the ambition of adults can be hidden in theirFamily. For example, the child always had an example of his successful parents who achieved everything independently in life. In addition, a number of studies show that children who grew up in large families are more ambitious than single children, since the desire to stand out against the backdrop of "countless" siblings is an excellent motivation. Ambition, what does this mean? In the positive sense, this concept meansPurposefulness, knowledge of one's own merits and negative features. However, an ambitious person will not necessarily carry a positive message, reaching the goals. He can carry a negative charge, connected with ignoring the feelings of the environment and neglecting their aspirations.

So, man's ambitions are overestimated,Understated and adequate. The latter compel the individual to be invariably in a progressive movement, to force him to learn new things, to set out for himself only achievable goals (but not quite elementary ones) and reach them. Adequate claims allow you to find a "golden mean", that is, a balance between realistic goals and the means to achieve them. Healthy or adequate ambitions are vital for the progress of the individual, for her self-development, self-realization, for her steady progress, gradually overcoming one obstacle after another.
Individuals with understated claims are quiteEasy to learn. They do not seek to overcome the obstacles that arise on the path of life, they are easier to "go with the flow." If such people receive promotions, it is not because of their efforts to get it, but because of a combination of circumstances.
Subjects with small ambitions claim,Usually, to less than really able to achieve, than deserve, than the concrete circumstances allow. And most importantly, they receive less than they want unconsciously. The reason for the lack of ambition is the availability of
, And not always justified.
Exaggerated claims are also notPositive quality. Often they are even more insidious enemy than small ambitions. High claims force people to set themselves completely unrealistic goals that they can not achieve, which in the future leads to a reassessment of their own potential and personal qualities. Overly ambitious subjects are very
. Along with this, real evidenceThe existing high self-conceit is often not. Paradoxically, excessive claims are also based on a foundation woven of fear or banal stupidity. In other words, such people are afraid to appear before themselves or their relatives weaker than they really are. They are afraid to take responsibility for assessing the realism of their own projects, they are afraid not to master the details of ideas, so they avoid them. In general, people with big ambitions are far from reality, living in a world where fear reigns, and fantasy dominates. They tend to solve their own problems in one fell swoop, often creating even greater ones.
In everyday life, determine an adequate orThe unhealthy claim of the individual is possible with the help of such a part of speech as the verb. In other words, in order to identify a person with adequate claims or understated ones, one only needs to listen to her speech, in particular to the verbs used by her regarding her own achievements.
Ambitious people in a positive sense talk about their own successes, using verbs of the perfect kind. The fact that the individual only "stood" near success is indicated by the imperfective verbs.
You can also determine an ambitious personality andHer manner of behavior. A pretentious individual always strives to be the first and best in everything. He is purposeful, correctly motivated and directed to self-improvement.
When there is a lack of claims, it is recommended more oftenInteract with ambitious personalities. In the first turn, they are an invaluable storehouse of useful and new, and in the second - their successes are an excellent example for imitation and an incentive for action.
So, what is the ambition of a person today? This is the basis of modern civilization, an asset that people can pass on to their own descendants. Do not confuse adequate claims with greed. Material prosperity, stability and success in various spheres can not be achieved without the presence of healthy ambitions. Social status, career rise, stable family relations, solid bank account, comfortable housing - to achieve all this, ambitions are needed whose importance is difficult to overestimate, especially in the modern world, teeming with unrealized opportunities. Therefore, if a person lacks adequate claims, it is recommended to think about their production.
The manifestation of claims is influenced by the following factors: the level of self-esteem, "family heritage", personal type, self-development (learning process).
Self-esteem is directly related to claims- the higher it is, the more ambitions will be. The family also influences the ambition. Successful parents are able to lay the expectation of success in children, with the help of the magic phrase "you must." Children in such circumstances simply have no choice but to justify their parents' expectations.
All persons are conditionally divided into extroverts andIntroverts. The first - more active, they are aimed at communicative interaction and the public, the recognition of other people they need as air. Introverts, on the other hand, do not care what the environment thinks about them, because they feel comfortable alone with their own thoughts.
Human ambitions need a constant goal setting and achieving them. Motivation for action and self-confidence generates success, due to the achievement of the intended.
Ambitions whose importance can not always be determined solely from a scientific position. Therefore, they can be considered as a criterion of psychological health.
Ambition examples. As social consciousness changed, so did theThe meaning of the word ambition. The initial meaning of the word ambition was negative. It was used when characterizing a person as a arrogant, swaggering, predisposed personality, suffering with a sharpened self-esteem, arrogance and touchiness.
Ambition what does this mean today? Modern society treats healthy claims as a desire to achieve its goals, the desire to do what it has planned.
Ambitions dictate high requirements forConditions of life and its level. Today in the realities of a progressively developing society manifestations of human ambition can be found in almost every sphere of life. Although they are more often associated with professional self-realization and career. So, for example, the aspirations of people to look perfect daily twenty-four hours a day are often the very ambitions. In the female part of the population, ambition is often found in the desire to not just build a family relationship, but to become an ideal wife, a first-class mistress and a better mother who always does everything and everyone loves.
Predictability arises in childhood. The child, driven by ambition, aspires to receive higher balls than classmates, tries to take the first place in school competitions, tries to stand out by any means available to him.
Ambitiousness arises in the process of education. The kid, making the first conscious actions, notices the violent reaction of the relatives to his successes, as a result of which the need for success is developed in crumbs, which are the first children's ambitions. In the future, children's claims grow in proportion to their needs. Although often there are cases when a child who has received less than a word of approval in the family, praise, becoming an adult, challenges the society. He seeks to prove that he is also worthy of the approval and attention of the environment.
Ambitious people can be seen right away. Usually, such individuals attend various trainings, cultivate themselves in the professional sphere, use any opportunities for personal growth, because they understand that it is impossible to achieve the goals without development. To achieve unprecedented heights, you need to know more than others and be able to do "something" better than others. Ambitious actors are aware of the need to adjust to the rapidly changing social environment. Along with this, they do not lose their own individuality.
There are three characteristics that can be distinguished:Distinguish the individual with healthy claims from the subject with low ambitions. Firstly, an ambitious person always strives for knowledge, as new knowledge contributes to his progress. Secondly, he will never allow disrespect to his own person, since he has a pronounced sense of personal dignity. Thirdly, an ambitious personality is much easier to climb the career hierarchy and achieve success.

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