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Apathy - causes, symptoms, treatment, how to deal with apathy

Apathy is a psychotic state, under whichUnderstand an indifferent, indifferent attitude to life and everything around. If you touch the origins of this concept, it is known that from the time of antiquity apathy was attributed to the irrational movement of the soul, for which deviation from the correctness of the judgment of good and evil is characteristic.

Depression of apathy

Apathy often breeds depression. Treat it or not - it interests many people. If the condition has dragged on, and you do not know how to get rid of it, do not hesitate and seek help from a doctor.
Signs that should be alerted first of all- emotional disorders, slow thinking, low mood, decreased motor activity. It is important that these signs are observed for a long time. Often, the concept of depression - apathy is confused with the syndrome of chronic fatigue. In the second case, the cause of the illness is physical fatigue, and not external causes.
Depression - apathy has multipleclinical manifestations. This loss of interest in the world around, somatic manifestations of physical discomfort, intestinal disorders, headaches. A feature of depression, apathy is that patients can be examined for a very long time from various specialists, however only psychiatrists will be able to prescribe effective treatment.
Depression - apathy arise for a reasonStressful situations, psycho-trauma. However, it happens that these signs are manifested for endogenous reasons: violations occur due to a lack of production of serotonin in the brain. Treatment includes taking antidepressants and psychotherapy.

Apathy of the Cause

Causes of apathy: Heredity, endocrine dysfunction, stress (conflict, loss of work, retirement, natural disasters, death of a loved one, problems with the law), medication, light
Apathy and its other possible causes: Chronic diseases (heart attack, paralysis, diabetes, cancer), premenstrual syndrome in women, unrealized creative abilities, alcoholism, drug addiction, old age.
Apathetic condition can provoke birth control pills, heart medications and drugs that reduce blood pressure, as well as sleeping pills, antibiotics, steroids.
The causes of apathy can be professional activity, which provoked emotional burnout.
Apathy in young people is often caused by energy decline, severe illness, avitaminosis, lack of sunlight, emotional and physical stress.

Signs of apathy

This is a painful condition for whichCharacteristic indifference, the absence of external manifestations. You can even apply such a thing as paralysis of emotions. Often apathetic condition is accompanied by an abulia, manifested in a general decline in mental activity. Signs of apathy of such patients are manifested in lack of mobility, taciturnity, lack of initiative. The movement and speech of the sick are often inhibited, with failures in memory and malfunctions in thinking.
Signs of apathy are manifested in two ways. In the first case, apathy is able to strike the eye, revealing itself as a disinterest in everything around. In the second case, apathy does not interfere with the activity of a person, but unexpectedly for all people can die, having committed suicide. In the second case, a person destroys himself endogenously. A gloomy, depressed mood is familiar to everyone, however, if depression, hopelessness, despair, deep sadness, loss of interest in active life are constantly present, then this is an occasion to turn to a specialist for medical help.

Apathy Symptoms

Sometimes apathy manifests itself in a decrease in volitionalActivity. Many diseases have apathy among their symptoms, in particular schizophrenia. Often, this condition is noted and with organic lesions in the brain. Apathy is also present in various depressions.
Apathy and its symptoms: The absence of joy from ordinary things and the attraction of suffering. External symptoms of apathy include detachment from people, from the whole surrounding world, the presence of indifference, passivity, lack of need to love, and also to be loved. This does not mean that an apathetic person is deprived irrevocably of all emotions, as well as feelings. In most cases, emotions are hidden in the depths of the unconscious, and persist, as unconscious until better times. And on the whole it looks like this: a person is unemotional, lifeless, insensitive; Without desires, and also drives.
This state is not manifested in tension andIrritability. On the contrary, complete indifference covers the individual. An apathetic person not only loses meaning to any activity, he does not even have a desire for anything, let alone a desire to satisfy them. Pleasure or displeasure is incomprehensible to an apathetic person, and therefore does not cause him emotions (positive or negative). Apathetic condition depreciates everything and the person atrophies personal emotional experiences.
Individual researchers believe that the abilityTo fall into an apathetic state is characteristic from the early stages of a baby's life. Apathy acts as a protective mechanism, which determines the existence of unrealized needs. In a state of apathy, all unrealized needs are preserved, being reduced. Other authors believe that apathy turns into a characteristic feature of modern man. The opposite of love becomes apathy, and the opposite of will is indifference and detachment. Apathy leads to the elimination of will, love and leads to violence. This condition becomes a part of mental illness. If we consider apathy from the point of view of psychoanalysis, then it can be noted that this state is the result of the protective mechanisms of I, which contribute to the neutralization of various painful experiences and resolve intrapsychic conflicts.

Strong apathy is noted by the lack of plans forThe future is in man. The patient closes on himself, does not make acquaintances, does not dream. From the side the life of an apathetic person appears dull and gray. If you have the following symptoms, you can safely refer yourself to an apathetic person - indifference, inexpressive speech, laziness, isolation, lack of initiative, the desire for solitude, sadness without reason.

Apathy and laziness

The way out of apathy depends on the person who is sick. If a person is ambitious, exacting to himself, active, then he can independently fight laziness and apathy. For this, it is necessary to exert strong-willed efforts and everything will turn out. If you do not exert strong-willed efforts, then it threatens to fall into the clutches of depression.
Apathy and laziness are able to fix a person for a long timeOn these sensations. Therefore, do not let them into your life for a long time. Having taken them as a respite for a short time, get out of the state, do not tighten it. Determine the timeframe for your holiday. Let it be a vacation for up to seven days, change the situation, rest, but do not take antidepressants without prescription, and do not get carried away with alcohol. The best thing that can be done is to get some sleep, thanks to which forces and energy will be restored.
Apathy and laziness - this is a natural state,Signaling that you need rest, because you are leading an incorrect lifestyle. Analyze the situation, what exactly led you to it. If necessary, consult a doctor if the condition is delayed.

State of apathy

Let's look at the mechanism of occurrenceThis condition for the successful elimination of its manifestations in the future. An indifferent state is taken because of an excess of emotions or their lack. A person can not endlessly joyfully emotion, emotions become dull with time, strengths end and vice versa, living without positive emotions results in a decline in strength. When spilling emotions, the body forms an energy deficit, and a pause is required to fill it. In these moments, there is a state of apathy, lethargy, weakness, drowsiness.
The state of apathy with temporal signs of lethargy,Weakness and drowsiness for a person is not dangerous. Often an apathetic state arises even among those whose life is safe. In these cases, it starts from the usual boredom and ends with utter indifference to everything. No one is insured against this disease.
The state of apathy is able to overtake, as a successful and happy person, and constantly failing.
Apathy is very common and notEvery person knows how to help themselves. The situation of the sick is often aggravated by the fact that indifference to the whole world is also added to indifference to one's personality.
How to get out of the state of apathy will prompt specialists, having understood your problem.

Apathy in Pregnancy

Apathy in pregnancy is a common phenomenon. It is noted by the lack of interest in the pregnant woman for anything new, boredom. The cause of apathetic condition in this case are hormonal disruptions. For future mothers as a preventive maintenance it will be useful to stay in the open air, walk, easy gymnastics. Treatment begins, first of all, with awareness of the problem. To this end, they involve introspection, and the person tries independently to understand his problem. In the treatment of apathy in pregnancy, the use of a change of work, social circle, place of residence, exercise, healthy food, travel, special massage, and the use of vitamins are effectively used.

How to deal with apathy

How to win apathy interests all those affectedThis condition. First of all, you must be willing to defeat apathy with all your heart and connect all your thoughts with this. It is important to understand what caused indifference to everything that is happening. Understand yourself what exactly led you to apathy. Your subconscious will tell you what you need to return to the original state, when you were happy, harmonious, and everything that happened pushed you to action, but to a non-neglectful contemplation of life from outside, as an outside observer, who does not want anything personally for himself. The paws of the apathetic state are treacherous and they drag deeper and deeper. Initially, this is an uncomfortable state, but over time a person gets used to it and it seems to him that it is not at all bad to be apathetic and go with the flow. I do not want anything, but I want one to be left alone. Days pass lying on the couch, living them from morning till night and without changing anything in their life.
Apathetic people believe that it is not worth anythingChange, it still does not change. It is important to realize that to be content with the small and not to wish for a better life is the destiny of the weak, disillusioned people in life, who have failed and forgotten the simple truth that failure is an experience for which it is necessary to thank fate and go on without looking back. Everything depends on you and on your desire to get rid of apathy once and for all. First, sleep off, and start thinking in a new way, take away from your life the negative, laziness, lethargy, indifference.
How to deal with apathy? You need to find out the reason and yourself to admit that your apathy is caused, for example, by failure, stress, unrealization of your desires and claims, or vice versa, you are very dedicated to work and there "burn out". Having understood your problem at the root and changing attitude towards it, only then there will be shifts, and you will be able to defeat apathy.
Do you still do not know how to deal with apathy? It is necessary to remember yourself in childhood, youth, when the state of apathy was unknown to you, when you did not know the disappointments, did not take offense, and knew how to rejoice in trifles and your claims to life were not so high. Be able to rejoice in the small is an art and the most important thing is to carry it through life. It is very important not to expect anything, because when the expectations are not justified, the person falls into despair. Leave expectations, do not expect anything from what is happening, and it will only please you in the future. Remember that failure is replaced by success, it is natural and there is nothing wrong with it if it happens vice versa. Take your lethargic state, sink, and then get stuck and go on with a smile on life. There is such a thing as an inner smile. Smile with your soul, and you will be happy, and others will read your smile on your face. Treat your failure as a next life stage and believe in yourself. Tell yourself: I can do everything, I will do everything, I already struggle with laziness and do what is expected of me. By this you first of all prove yourself to yourself that you have the will and the inner strength.
Set goals before you startMinor, then grandiose. As minor goals progress, you will move forward and feel confident. Confidence will give you strength, activity and you will understand that you are on the right path. In your life there will be no place for laziness, because activity will push you to action. You will want to win and double all your achievements. There will be pride in yourself and others will notice your changes. The most important thing is not to stop and continue to move towards your goals. Perhaps, as we move towards our goals, we will need to adjust the action plan.

Apathy treatment

Treatment of apathy includes psychostimulants of the nervousActivities. However, all medical measures are performed by the doctor. It is also important to note the advisability of nonspecific procedures that will improve mood, and also remove lethargic, drowsiness and drowsiness. Observe the mode of work, rest, go in for sports, avoid unpleasant intercourse and alcohol, think up your hobby.
First time you will need to apply a strong-willedEffort to remove the apathetic signs, and in the future the state will be normalized, and the joy to life will return. Often, people are not able to accept the state of apathy and make themselves overstated requirements. Live on the principle of "not a day without a respite" - this is not correct. It is important to plan each day correctly without overloading it. Restrict yourself to what is really needed. Listen to your body and take more days off.

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