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The art of flirting and seduction are secrets

The art of flirting is the style of communication, the goalWho like another, show sincere interest in joint communication. The art of flirting includes well-developed ability to contact and maintain interest, using body language and intonations, catching the personality of the interlocutor. Flirting is not associated with techniques of manipulation and deception, all spontaneously and transparently. This is an easy game form of contact, for the pleasure of all participants, there are no conventions in it, but plenty of space for imagination, experiments and free self-expression.
Flirting is based on the ability to independently move forward in communication and pass the initiative to another, avoiding the cloying obsession.
Flirting is not so much a strategy of seduction (here youIt's better to pick-up), how much the desire to please. Everyone who wants to like it now flirts, they even use children's flirting behavior strategies unconsciously.

Flirting as an art of communication

Flirtation, as one of the types of communication, is a completely natural and organic behavior, the basis of which is not presented information, but intonations and gestures. This is an easy game, exciting
And bringing in the relationship element of ease and play. Despite the fact that all manifestations of flirting are quite natural, the society, especially the post-Soviet space, has little idea of ​​what it is, because this form of communication was uprooted, as it was destructive and preventing the generation of workers from growing up.
Flirtation, as a special art, enablesGet accustomed to a partner, talk, choose from several applicants. By its light essence, flirting will allow you to enjoy pleasant communication, and not with a frozen face mask to decide the fate of your future life through choosing a chosen one. Many forget that flirting is appropriate and necessary not only for dating but also for long marital relations. Such interaction allows not to get bogged down in routine and to remain interesting to each other for many years.
When flirting with strangers, do not put yourselfThe goal of what is happening is - enjoy and see what you can get (maybe you will meet a great friend, a person with the same interests, get an interesting adventure or a trip, you can solve long-accumulated business or
Wrong is the interpretation of flirting, like the windyAnd accessible behavior, it will be more appropriate to define it as the behavior of a person who wants to please, be noticeable. How often happens that a guy passes by a pretty girl, or a girl does not pay attention to an objectively interesting person? This is due to the lack of a signal "I want to please you", and flirtation just gives the opportunity to express this desire. Attention, which are bestowed during flirting is very nutritious for an emotional background,
, Which automatically increases the level of physical health and attractiveness.
The art of flirting and seduction are secrets. Like any communication skill, flirting requires constant training in any relationship (remember - flirting is a way to show sympathy, and not to drag someone into bed or a registry office). Increase your own self-esteem and try
Other in the interaction, should notThe feeling of your need or pity. During flirting, show maximum attention to your partner, but do not intrude. Ability to listen, ask questions, look at an interlocutor with an open, interested eye - all these are win-win components of good flirting.

The art of flirting with a man

The art of flirting and seduction of men is one of the themes,Which interested women at all times. This easy, non-binding game helps to seduce and fall in love with all the surrounding men, and selected ones among them. How to master the art of flirting? The main integral trump card is a smile. Only not the automatic and artificial, which each is prepared for sellers and casual passers-by, and sincere.

The art of women's flirting and his secrets are kept on
, Which means, smiling, you must broadcastEmotional message with his warm, sparkling eyes. A sincere smile always evokes a positive, interested reaction - try to smile at everyone you meet at work and on the street, acquaintances and first counter. When you smile from the heart to passing men, then the mood rises and they and you, you smile in return, and maybe wink and get acquainted. Learn to open up in the manifestation of your positive feelings.
Pay special attention to the look. You can languishly lower your eyes, or shoot with your eyes, as if by sneak peeking behind the chosen man. Particularly bold can try direct visual contact, when it is necessary to hold the man's gaze for a few seconds, and if it succeeds, then even in a crowded street he will notice you and will not pass by.
In addition to looks and smiles, the most effectiveImpact is considered a touch. You can accidentally touch a man or deliberately hold back a touch (by shaking hands or handing over an object). Touching is very effective and very dangerous, since not calculating distance or situation and
Partner, you can give the man a signal thatWish for intimacy with him. If you want something different, then approaching it, allow sliding touches, but do not allow the distance between you to be reduced to fifty centimeters.
The art of flirting and seduction of men is a multi-faceted concept and is not limited to external manifestations. If you want to interest a man, and not just get a smile back, then it's worth connecting
, Charisma and communication skills. Think a few topics of conversations that will be relevant and help men to maintain conversations with you, as well as prepare yourself in advance to maintain a conversation with a particular man of interest to you. After all, when a man runs out of words or he falls into excitement with excitement
, Your conversation should continue. Be interested and do not stop flirting. While you are flirting - you are interesting, as soon as you stop it, a man can decide what is no longer interesting to you and stop communication.
In the application of all methods, the main thing remainsThe ability to feel a partner, so that an easy game does not turn into an obsession. Leave the man a space to manifest his own initiative, distance yourself when you feel that he is fed up with your attention.
Try to use your strengths andBe natural. If you have a stunning gait, then adjust the situation for a demonstration. And if you do not know how to demonstrate your body, but at the same time you know how to create a cozy confidential atmosphere, be an excellent listener - do it.
Flirting, above all, the art of communication, and not shooting with your eyes. To convey your interest and give a person to feel their exclusivity are the main driving principles.

The art of flirting with a girl

The art of women's flirting and masculineCertain differences. The main trump card in men's flirting is a sense of humor, an ironic attitude to the situation. It's not about memorizing ridiculous phrases and interesting stories, for the most part girls are not interested in what you say, but how you do it is interesting. If you can build your communication with her in such a way that she will always doubt whether you are serious or serious, success is guaranteed to you. This behavior keeps in suspense, there is a desire to solve the riddle and as a result the girl thinks about you most of the time.
Perseverance, ingenuity and some shareImpudence - your best friends. The girl, of course, will appreciate your compliments, treats and idolizing sight, but she has seen it all, many times. It does not cling and does not remain in memory. Interpret her words in the wrong way, make comments in awkwardness instead of rushing to collect what she dropped. But at the same time smile, behave with good-natured. Such tactics cause initial indignation, because few people allow themselves to treat a girl like that. And in this you win - you get an emotional response. In general, all your behavior should be aimed at causing maximum emotions in a girl, and a polar character. You make a remark to her or sarcastically comment on something - and she starts to get angry, and immediately you offer your help, turn the situation into a joke - and now she is happy. Such emotional swings are a powerful psychological crochet that all girls come across.
Another technique is to sexualizespace. Absolutely any topic can be commented upon by introducing an intimate topic, and thus you put in the brain of the girl the idea that it is possible not only to have friendly communication, and she herself wants it.
Remember the smile, the body language andTouching is the base from which you can not escape and which can save even the most disastrous event. And most importantly, remember that before you are not just a pretty girl, but a unique and original personality, so attentive attitude, search for an individual approach, a combination of actions and their speed will be your best helpers, not a list of actions when flirting.

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