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Attacks of aggression in the child, men, women - treatment and reasons

Attacks of aggression occasionally occur in manyof people. This is facilitated by critical situations, quarrels, stresses, nervous overexertion. However, if outbreaks of anger arise, without a good reason and are repeated regularly, turning into uncontrolled ones, then this is an occasion to think about the reasons for this behavior. Often, from such a state, the most close and native people suffer, as well as the aggressor himself.

Attacks of aggression causes

The reasons for aggressive behavior areInternal problems of man, which include an elevated, constant sense of responsibility, fatigue, irritability, pain, anger, insecurity. Accumulated all of the above, looking for a way out in the form of outbursts of anger.
The cause of attacks of aggression in humans alsoThere is a high rate of life, excessive loads, insufficient rest, failures of personal and professional plan, futility of expectations. Other individuals experience attacks of aggression, if something does not happen according to their ideas. Often, such people control aggression is very difficult and it even comes to assault. If you do not pay attention to this problem for a long time, you will have psychological problems that will affect your personal relationships.
Attacks of aggression in women can talk aboutSerious problems (endocrine and vascular diseases, epileptic activity, hormonal drugs, birth trauma and craniocerebral). For clarification it is necessary to conduct a thorough diagnosis and then begin treatment.

Uncontrolled attacks of aggression

Irritability and anger is naturalThe reaction of the body to the environment, but if uncontrollable attacks of aggression occur, then they can become dangerous for the society. The aggressor, throwing on the environment of the claim, reproaches, insults, then strongly repents and regrets, feeling emptied and depressed, feeling an unpleasant sludge on his soul. Feelings of regret and guilt suffice for a while, so the next time the situation repeats. There are cases of assault. Emerging attacks of aggression in a person can destroy a family, because suffering from uncontrolled attacks of aggression, behaves inadequately.
Uncontrolled attacks of aggression at work can lead to dismissal, and as a result -
, As well as other psychosomatic diseases.
Uncontrollable attacks of aggression in some people arise due to sudden pain and fatigue.

Attacks of aggression in men

Many experts argue that a longAbstinence contributes to physiological disorders in the body of men, leading to anger and manifestations of attacks of aggression. Male physiological disorders are manifested in erectile dysfunction, as well as in premature ejaculation. At the age of 30, this is all easily restored, after 40 needs long-term treatment, and after 50 treatment is ineffective.
Attacks of aggression in men arise because of poor upbringing, heredity and personality disorder -
. Treatment includes timely recognition of psychopaths and neutralization of their effects.
How to recognize a psychopath woman? The psychopath is characterized by a pronounced emotional response, which manifests itself in incontinence, addiction to alcohol, and a tendency to aggression. The main features of psychopathy are extreme irritability, excitability, explosiveness and anger. With a psychopath, a man can have a good time, but you have to pay for it. A psychopath will deceive a woman with a smile on her face, and terrify only with one glance. And when a woman ceases to interest him, the psychopath will devastate her and permanently deprive her of peace of mind, as well as feelings of her own dignity. A woman will turn into sad and long will think where she made a mistake. After such communication, a woman needs rehabilitation from a psychologist to restore her mental powers. If he had the fact of assault, then in this case you should think about your safety: parting with such a man.

Attacks of aggression in women

Uncontrolled attacks of aggression in women are often caused by
. Mom does not manage to adapt to new circumstances in the form of the appearance of a new member of the family - the baby, who turns the relationship into a pair of "triad".
Often there are attacks of aggression in women,Who on their fragile shoulders have taken home life, as well as raising children. If a woman does not have time to do household chores, and the vagaries of a child cause aggressions in her, it is necessary to involve relatives (husband, older children, parents - grandparents). Let them help you: take cleaning for yourself, ironing shirts, caring for animals, shopping trips, playing with children. The most important thing is to restore the woman's former peace of mind. Until the nervous tension releases the woman, uncontrolled attacks of aggression will not end.
Attacks of aggression in women are removedTransformation of the voltage into something else. This is helped by doing sports, hobbies or something relaxing, as well as soothing (yoga or stretching). A lot of positive emotions will be delivered by dances that will relax and strengthen the nervous system of a woman. It is important to pay attention to their nutrition, to give up cigarettes, coffee, energy and alcoholic beverages. Attacks of aggression in women arise if a woman remains without male attention, as this negatively affects the nervous system and leads to depression and neuroses that are capable of passing into hysteria and attacks of aggression. Long-term abstinence of women leads to a decrease in libido or frigidity. Sexual dissatisfaction leads to a sharp decline in work activity, to uncontrolled attacks of aggression. This is particularly pronounced when abstaining from women. It is established that those women who do not have permanent intimate relationships look older than their peers who have regular sexual relations.

Attacks of aggression in the child

Often the parents of young children faceSuch a problem: a child swings at people close to him, beats them in the face, tweaks, spits, uses abusive words. This behavior of the child can not be treated calmly. If this kind of situation tends to repeat, then parents need to analyze at what moments the child's attacks of aggression appear, put himself in the baby's place, understand what caused such outbursts of anger.
Attacks of aggression in the child almost always arise for external reasons: family troubles, lack of desire, deprivation of something, experimentation on adults.
Attacks of aggression in the one-year-old childManifested in the form of bites adult, peer. For kids, bites act as a way of knowing the world around them. Some one-year-old children resort to bites when they can not achieve their goal, because they can not express their desires. A bite is an attempt to assert one's rights, as well as an expression of one's own experience or failure. Some children bite at any threat. Babies also bite from the need for self-protection, because they can not cope with the situation on their own. There are kids who bite to show their strength. This is what babies do that seek power over others. Sometimes bites can also be caused by neurological causes. When you understand what caused the negative behavior of the baby, it will be easier for you to help him cope with himself, to teach positive methods of resolving conflict situations.
How to deal with the aggression of the child? Remember that children learn by examples of others. Very much the kid in the behavior adopts from family. If rough treatment in the family is the norm, the baby will learn such forms, and the cruel behavior of adults will serve as prerequisites for neuroses. Remember that the behavior of the baby is a complete mirror image of what is happening in the family. Very often aggressive behavior is a reaction to the lack of attention to the child, and so the kid attracts attention. The child learns a lesson that by bad behavior he quickly receives the long-awaited attention. Therefore, adults should communicate with the child as often as possible, supporting his positive communication with other people and peers.
It happens that attacks of aggression in the childProvoked by the atmosphere of indulgence, when the kid never knows a refusal, only achieves shouts, hysterics. In this case, adults should be patient, because the more neglected the problem, the harder it is to correct the child's aggression. Do not expect that, behold, the child will grow up and everything will change. The compulsory rule in communicating with the child is the constancy of the requirements of adults in all situations, especially when aggression occurs.
Correction of attacks of aggression in the child includesConnecting game situations, playing them with toy characters, close to real situations. As soon as you teach the child to behave calmly, your baby will immediately find a common language with other children.

Attacks of aggression treatment

A psychologist will help you to understand your own life. It is possible that you have chosen a very high tempo for yourself, and have also placed too much burden on yourself. In this case, stress, as well as
Almost inevitable.
How to deal with attacks of aggression? Try to keep all negative accumulated thoughts, as well as irritation, in yourself, since the more inside anger, the stronger will be the attacks of aggression. Reduce the personal pace of life, allow yourself to rest. If you feel that you can not cope with the stresses at work, discuss this with colleagues and superiors. Take a vacation, a long weekend, take your time off work. The reception of herbal calming teas (St. John's wort, thyme, oregano, peppermint, motherwort, camomile chamomile, valerian officinalis, linden heart-shaped, etc.) will help relieve mental stress and prevent the development of sharp attacks of aggression.
How to get rid of attacks of aggression? Effective means is the transformation of aggressive tension into something else: doing sports, yoga, meditation.
Suppressed unmotivated frequent seizuresAggression and hatred with the use of atypical antipsychotics: Clozapine, Risperdal. Give a positive effect Valproic acid, Lithium salts, Trazodone, Carbamazepine. High efficacy endowed with tricyclic antidepressants.
A special place is given in the treatment of attacks of aggression of psychotherapy. There are specially developed techniques, the purpose of which is redirection and suppression
After attending a course of psychotherapy, you can learnMethods of rapid removal of aggressive stress. For example, at the peak of unmotivated aggressiveness, tear to pieces of newspaper, wash the floors, wash clothes, beat the sofa cushion.
Seriously engage in sports. Sports anger will release adrenaline and suppress your aggressive state.
How to behave with the aggressor? Assess the potential danger (objects that can be used to attack). Assess the physical behavior of the aggressor (kulaks or knocking with his feet). Always keep the aggressor in sight, control his behavior, never turn his back to him. Always take all verbal threats seriously, and keep a safe distance. Do not hesitate to ask for additional help, because it's about your safety. Stay confident, stay calm, try to calmly withdraw aggression, do not argue with the aggressor.

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