Self-expression of man - methods, techniques, treatment

Self-expression is the effect of psychologicalcharacter of the individual to his own consciousness, which is characterized by uncritical perception of attitudes and worldviews. Thus, self-suggestion is the suggestion by the subject of his consciousness of ideas, attitudes, different thoughts and feelings. Self-expression of a person can be embodied with the help of autogenous training, which is an independent reading (either self-explanatory or out loud) or pronouncing certain words and sentences with the purpose of influencing one's own personality. People can face self-suggestion of varying intensity everywhere, for example, when suppressing a sense of fear of an obstacle, overcoming the feeling of insecurity while reading the report in public.
Self-demention is subdivided into passivesuggestion and active, useful action and harmful influence. Medicine knows the facts when the force of self-suggestion of harmful influence has chained the individual to a hospital bed for many years or made a person disabled, and on the contrary, repeatedly conscious self-suggestion of useful influence helped the individual to be healed.

Methods of auto-suggestion

Self-hypnosis and self-hypnosis help to evoke sensations, perceptions, emotional states or volitional impulses from one's own person, and also affects the vegetative processes of the organism.
The essence of the methods of auto-suggestion lies in developingpositive stimuli through the regular reproduction of specially selected utterances until they are transformed into a working tool of the human subconscious that will act in accordance with this stimulus, transforming thoughts into a physical equivalent. The regular reproduction of settings for the subconscious is the power of autosuggestion.
Suggestions for auto-suggestion should be pronouncedmentally in an imperative tone from the first person in affirmative form. Negative meaning or negative particle "not" in the formulas of autosuggestion are prohibited. If the subject, for example, seeks to quit smoking using the formula of auto-suggestion, then instead of saying "I do not smoke", you should say "I quit smoking". Also it is not recommended to say long monologues. The settings should be short, and they should be spoken slowly, focusing on the object of suggestion. In the process of uttering each installation, it is recommended to paint the suggested one in a colorful manner.
The most effectivemethods that include target formulas (that is, thoughts that carry a subtle conscious mindset) that result from a relaxed state of the body. Hence, the more relaxed the individual's body, the more subacute becomes his subconscious for the installations of the target orientation.
The effect of autosuggestion is directly dependent on the level of the desire to achieve the stated goal, from the focus of attention on the setting formulas for the subconscious.
Today, a huge number of methods of autosuggestion are distinguished, which include all known affirmations,
, various meditative techniques, mantras and many other psychotechniques.
Affirmations are considered to be the simplest among the methods of auto-suggestion. They are a method of auto-suggestion, consisting in repeating a verbal formula either aloud or to oneself.
The meaning of this psychotechnology isthe formulation of the proposal, which contains the message that a certain goal has been achieved. For example, "I have a great job". Thanks to the regular utterance of affirmations, positive thoughts replace negative attitudes, gradually completely replacing them. As a result, everything that is repeated will come true in life.
Gratitude is considered more powerfula kind of affirmations. After all, after love, gratitude is the second most intense emotion. Therefore, gratitude is a stronger psychotechnique. After all, in the process of gratitude, a powerful positive flow of emotions is generated in the soul, affecting the consciousness
and his psyche. It follows that it is necessary to be grateful for everything: for life, for the day, for the sun, for parents, etc. You can even thank for not being present in your life yet. For example, a person who dreams about his home can say the following: "I thank you, the Universe, for my beautiful, large, modern and comfortable home." With the passage of time, this formulation will do its job, and the grateful subject will have his own house.
The effectiveness of affirmations depends on the frequencyrepetitions, regularity. Affirmations should become the content of the whole day. In other words, during the work day you can do absolutely everything, while holding on the surface of memory the necessary affirmation. Visualization is the mental image and experience of the events represented. The essence of this psychotechnique is not only the representation of the desired, but also living in the desired situation.
Visualization is so effective due tothat the mind is not able to distinguish real events from those represented. When an individual imagines something, his mind thinks that this is actually happening. It is important to take everything with your own eyes. That is, do not be an observer, but live yourself. So, for example, an individual dreams of a car. To do this, he does not just need to represent the car, but feel his skin, feel the steering wheel, see himself driving a desired car and look at the road from the front seat.
Visualization should be carried exclusivelypositive direction. Practicing this technique is recommended in a quiet comfortable environment, comfortable position and relaxed state. The mental image, which is put into the subconscious by the individual, must have clarity and brightness. The duration of the visualization does not matter. Here the main criterion of effectiveness will be the pleasure of the practicing individual. That is, it is necessary to visualize while from this individual enjoys and positive emotions.
The effect of autosuggestion using visualizationdepends on the regularity. In other words, the more often the individual represents the desired object, the faster he will receive it. Emil Quée's self-suggestion is another popular method of auto-suggestion. This psychotechnique is composed in monotone pronunciation in the whisper of one phrase without stress at least 20 times. Thus the individual should be in a convenient pose with closed eyes. The verbal formula should be characterized by a simple, positive content and consist of a pair of words, a maximum of four phrases. The psychotechnical session lasts no more than four minutes and is repeated three times a day for 6 weeks minimum. E. Kue considered the best time for autosuggestion after awakening and just before falling asleep. Applying a conscious self-suggestion, Emile Cue turns exclusively to the imagination, and not to the will of individuals. Since imagination plays a primary role, it is immeasurably more powerful than will.

Autogenous training is aboth self-hypnosis and self-hypnosis. The creator of the technique of autogenic training is I. Schultz. The basis of this psychotechnics are some finds of yogis, the practice of applying the technique of autosuggestion E. Kue, the experience of analyzing the sensations of individuals immersed in the hypnotic state and other practices.
Applying this technique, one should achievea state of relaxation, which is the gap between dream and sleep. Having achieved complete relaxation, it is necessary: ​​- to activate memories having a connection with the pleasant, experienced before;
- if necessary, cause sedation;
- to accompany the installation of auto-suggestion with representations of various images.
The effectiveness of the practice of this method depends on the level of concentration. Psychotechnics requires daily exercise at least twice a day. Skipping reduces the effect.

Treatment with autosuggestion

An effective method of self-healingfrom ailments is the self-suggestion of a person. This method is effective in cases when the official medicine in helplessness "broke her hands." For example, V. Bekhterev believed that the therapeutic effect of the influence of prayer is based on self-hypnosis, which affects through the connection with religious emotion.
It is believed that the limiting effect of treatment is achieved only when the patient believes in a cure. Therefore, quite often, absolute belief in healing is stronger than tablets.
Conscious autosuggestion by the method of Kuheis to repeat aloud at least three times per day the self-hypnosis formula. In the process of pronouncing the formula, the individual should be in a comfortable position. The phrase "every minute is getting better" is an example of a self-hypnosis formula using the Kue method. He believed that it was absolutely unimportant whether the meaning of the actual formula was true or not. Since the installation is addressed to the subconscious, differing credulity. The human subconscious takes any attitude for truth or for an order that needs to be fulfilled. It is necessary to say the verbal formula aloud. If there is no possibility to pronounce the phrase out loud, you can say it to yourself, moving your lips. The main thing in curing by self-hypnosis is the positive direction of the formula, otherwise you can get a self-suggestion of pain, instead of a cure.
You can refer to a separate body or towhole organism. Kue believed that short positive formulations work in the body better than any tablets. It is believed that positive thinking is existence.
Psychotechnics of autosuggestion by the method of Shichkois also the pronunciation of phrases, but with a preliminary prescription of them on paper. Shichko believed that in this way the impact would be more efficient and faster. He recommended to write down on the sheet of paper on the sheet of a formula of a self-suggestion some times, after that to lay down to sleep, having spoken about itself the written phrase.
The balloon is another methodautosuggestion, allowing not only to get rid of various life problems, but also successfully cure of ailments. It is in the visualization over the head of the deflated ball, which must be filled with exhalation problems, ailments, negative experiences. After the ball is fully filled, you should let go of the ball on exhalation. As the sphere moves apart in the imagination of the individual, it must be imagined that together with it all the negativity with which the sphere is filled flies away. This method is recommended to be applied immediately before going to bed, then besides getting rid of problems, a healthy sleep is also acquired.
The method of auto-training is successfully used fortreatment of patients with nervous disorders, cardiovascular diseases and ailments of the genitourinary system, relieves various dependencies, overweight.
The method of treatment with autosuggestion was successfulIt is also used for general strengthening of the body, increasing its tone, improving the emotional mood. This psychotechnique is successful in spleen, apathy, emotional decline, for example, due to a break in relations. It is believed that the mental suffering obtained during the breakdown of relationships last no more than a few hours, longer suffering is only a self-suggestion of pain.
In addition, auto-training allows you to ease pain, relieve tension, relax. The advantage of treatment is the ease and simplicity in mastering techniques.
Technicians of auto-suggestion do not require any violence against themselves or coercion. With self-hypnosis there is no "breaking" or suppression of one's own desires.
Carrying out various psychotechnics for getting rid of ailments, the individual is guided only by his own aspirations and sensations.

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