Bioenergetics of a person - treatment, training, secrets

Bioenergetics is a group of processesTransformation of energy, flowing in the body of living subjects and responsible for their life processes. For the current medicine, the study of bioenergetic processes is of great importance, since the majority of human ailments are to some extent closely related to the imbalance in energy metabolism. The study of bioenergetic metabolism, in particular oxidative phosphorylation in the structural and functional elementary units of the subject's organism, plays an important role for competent diagnostics, drawing up an appropriate prognosis of the disease course and further treatment of such ailments.
Solar energy in the body is aA kind of energy generator that is transformed by some microorganisms and plants into the energy of organic compounds due to the process of photosynthesis. The formed energy in the body of individuals is modified into thermal energy and other forms due to cellular oxidation. The transformation of energy occurs at the level of molecules through the use of a variety of enzymes, concentrated in specialized constructs, for example, in biological membranes.

Bioenergy of man

The concept of bioenergetics originated from two GreekWords - life and activity. This concept means energy processes that result in the body and create the necessary conditions for various biochemical processes that ensure the activity of structural elements of a living organism. Lack of energy is considered the main cause of many diseases and premature aging. To ensure that the energy does not stagnate in the body and does not cause disease, you should strengthen your own energy field. Known methods that allow to strengthen the subject's energy field are bioenergetic hand treatment and individual techniques of psychotherapy. So, for example, with active physical work, it is recommended to slowly relax the stressed muscles, which create an obstacle to free breathing and impede movement. With the help of techniques aimed at the normalization of energy metabolism, the understanding and awareness of one's own internal state occurs and body ownership is improved, which generally contributes to the improvement of health, both physical and mental.
Theoretical foundations of bioenergy justifiedFollower of Freud Austrian physician W. Reich. For therapeutic purposes, it was first used by A. Lowen. He created a whole method, consisting of a set of exercises and instructions, which are still successfully used in bioenergetics today.
Specialists in bioenergy believe thatThe individual has a very close relationship between body and soul. Therefore, his emotional and psychological state is reflected on the background of physical well-being and vice versa. There are also certain channels through which information is exchanged between the soul and the body. By performing bioenergetic exercises, the subject can learn to understand and recognize these previously unused and almost unknown communication channels, which will lead to harmonization of body and soul.
Great practical importanceMedicine bioenergetics. It can be used to cure various diseases and for the purpose of early diagnosis. The main goal of bioenergetic therapy is the return of individual harmony and physical health to the individual. The basic posture, which is used in the bioenergy of Lowen, is called the arch, which is a deflection back. Correct execution of the arch will be as follows: it is necessary to draw an imaginary perpendicular line that will connect the point located between the blades in the middle, with a point located between the legs in the middle. In the process of performing this exercise, an important role is played by proper breathing. Deep breathing allows you to feel the circulation of energy flows. In order to stimulate breathing, the patient is recommended to be in a strained position, for example, leaning over a chair or stool. Non-contact massage is also included in the complex of bioenergetic exercises. The goal of all exercises is to relax the tense muscles.
Initially, bioenergetic therapy was appliedWith the aim of helping individuals with neurotic disorders. Today bioenergetics is also used to treat personal disorders and psychosomatic diseases. Healthy people can also use bioenergetic techniques, for example, when trying to find a way out of the current crisis life situations, the desire for self-improvement and self-knowledge.
Bioenergetics and Sergei Ratner proposedHelp manage your own imagination through meditation control your subconscious mind. It was based on the fact that the whole of human life stems from two levels: physical and metaphysical. The physical level contains in itself everything that
Sees, understands, hears, feels, andThe metaphysical includes the subconscious, in which all the main processes that are transferred to the physical level are developed. Meditation disables the physical level and transfers the individual directly to the metaphysical level, in which he can reshape his reality in the direction of positivity.
The advantage of bioenergetic techniques isThat they can be performed at home. The only requirement for using a home technician is the correctness of performing and enjoying exercise. Only if these conditions are met will the benefits of bioenergetic exercises be useful.
The energy contained in the individual rendersThe strongest influence on his personality. A subject with more energy has faster reactions, he is more sympathetic and sensitive, and his mind is sharp.
A person can borrow energy from sourcesOf different origins. The first energy source is given to man in the inheritance. It forms potential energy. The next source produces energy due to the combustion of oxygen. Thanks to the burning of food, a person receives a third source of energy. The last two sources produce functional energy. The energy source that a person inherits is considered to be the foundation upon which, through external stimuli, the life experience of the individual is developed. External stimuli include: education and nutrition, the environment, emotions and lifestyle. The potential energy in the process of the formation of the organism is closely connected with external energy generators or with energy that determines the level of life and psychological development of the individual, i.e. With functional energy. In the body, energy is produced by means of eight systems: immune, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, excretory and reproductive systems. It is distributed through a specific transport system, called "energy meridians".

Treatment with bioenergetics

Since ancient times it was knownBioenergetic treatment of various "ills". And to this day, many tribes, which are at the lowest stage of their development, are used for treatment only by this method. Each individual has the ability to self-heal bioenergetics. Along with this, as a separate general doctrine, bioenergetic methods were singled out in ancient India by yogis. Today, the method of bioenergetic therapy is an inseparable part of yoga.
A healthy individual has three different typesBiofield. Each species is transformed depending on the defeat of the organ in a certain way at the same time, reflecting the violation of energy. It is through energy transformations that it becomes possible to determine what happened to the organ or system in the individual's body. Restoring the energy balance always means a cure for the disease.
Practitioners of bioenergetics have highSensitivity to the biofields of people, so they can feel at some distance from the human body with his hands on his biofield. They feel it in the form of various weak manifestations, for example, in the form of heat or cold, tingling, etc. And highly sensitive bioenergetics can see the biofield or the aura surrounding the individual. To identify the disease of bioenergetics, when they come into contact with the biofield of an individual, they differentiate their own sensations. With a view to curing a sick body, a targeted energy effect is made on it. During such treatment, the patient sharply raises the level of energy, and the healer - temporarily decreases in accordance with the energy expended.

In principle, each individual is able to heal himselfIndependently, but for this you should perform certain exercises. A specially designed set of exercises allows you to increase the energy of the body so that a person will be able to cure not only himself, but others.
Bioenergetics and self-study todayPerhaps through a variety of literature and regular practice. After all, absolutely every subject radiates energy, wasted, unfortunately, wasted. Meanwhile, as shown by numerous studies, wasted energy is able to heal the body of its carrier, it is beneficial to influence the nervous system and emotional background.
So, the essence of bioenergetic treatment isIn the ability of the individual to accumulate and transmit energy to the diseased organ. This method has a wide range of possibilities and high efficiency. Bioenergetics can be cured forever of radiculitis, exhausting migraines, endocrine diseases, various inflammatory processes, paralysis and strokes, asthma and many other diseases.
The method of bioenergetic treatment is based onClose interconnection of the energy and physical structure of the human body. Any pathological transformation that takes place in the internal organs, cells and systems of the body will inevitably lead to changes in the bioenergetic picture of a person. Practitioners of bioenergetics feel such changes in the energy state of subjects as uneven density of the aura, transformation of its color palette, disorder of the work of the chakras. Medical energy effects on areas of the body with low energy density lead to an increase in the protective forces of the organ to which the effect is directed, and energy dissipation in the excess area helps suppress the hyperfunction of the organs and cleanse the chakras thereby normalizing the body's regulatory functions. Bioenergetics - treatment with hands can have a tremendous healing effect.

Bioenergetics training

Today, unfortunately, a lot of peopleHas rather bad health, suffers from a lot of severe symptoms. Even children are born sick. A serious symptom in the realities of the high-speed modern and progressive rhythm of life is the extreme fatigue caused by stress factors, a decline in strength, the cause of which can be the unfavorable environmental conditions of the environment or the internal stress factor that comes stronger with each passing year. Bioenergetic therapy is designed to assess the threat and eliminate its consequences.
Earlier secrets of bioenergetic treatmentPassed from mouth to mouth, from generation to generation. Today, many teaching aids have been developed in free access and even there are bioenergetic institutions aimed at learning the possibilities of bioenergetics.
The system of education in schools and institutesBioenergetics is basically based on the principles of work through the comprehension of incomprehensible processes, such as conscious choice of one's thoughts leading to the realization of intentions and goals, work with inner feelings, thoughts and sensations. It is also possible to teach bioenergetics independently by studying specialized literature or web portals.
Training bioenergetics contributes to the implementation of their own goals and teaches self-healing.
The concept of bioenergetics training coversStudying human bioenergetics and managing its energy flows, cosmoenergetics, cleaning energy channels, energy protection, feeding and full recovery of the body, reiki, treatment, etc.
A person with a clean and not corkedEnergy channels that can easily recruit and accumulate energy, manage energy flows, heal themselves and others, the foundation is opened for the further development of their own abilities in the field of clairvoyance and control over their own destiny.

Secrets of bioenergetics

Bioenergy for individuals is a protection againstMany troubles and diseases. Every human person has an energy "shield" that prevents the penetration of diseases into the body. The strength of such a "shield" for each individual is different and depends on the general level of energy of a particular individual. Bioenergetics - a kind of protection from adverse external influences. It forms around the subject an energy bio-field, than it will be denser, the more difficult it will be to exert an external influence on the individual.
Bioenergy and Sergei Ratner in their writingsDiscovered the secrets of bioenergetics, developed a kind of guidebook, leading to wealth and success. He argued that energy itself does not have color or form, nor does it have other parameters that can help differentiate objects from the material world. It is absolutely colorless and can manifest itself either in dynamics or in static. S. Ratner in his teaching was based on the principle of uniting the spiritual and physical with the aim of further improving the life of the system. He developed a technique in which a person attains balance through meditation and gets rid of illusions. All his meditations are very short in time and effective. That is, an individual must perform only certain actions, which ultimately lead to the necessary vital change. Meditation, according to Ratner, is an individual personal space within each subject that he can either use for his own life or avoid it all his life. Meditation is available to everyone. For its implementation, nothing particularly difficult is required, you need to gather your thoughts and at a certain moment sit down, close your eyes and sit in silence for a few minutes, to begin with. In this case, it is necessary not to allow the thoughts filling the consciousness to master the inner space of the individual (meditative space). In his practice, Ratner used not so much meditation, in the general sense of the word, as a controlled imagination. He argued that for the training of meditation, it is only necessary to simply desire inner communication with oneself. This journey to the inner self or meditation can occur in several periods of the state of consciousness. The individual is fully conscious throughout the meditation process in the first period. In this period, consciousness will not allow the subject to enter deeply, it will allow only to float on the surface. The next period is, as it were, a conscious sleep, during which the individual knows exactly what he is producing. In practice this will not be a dream, but rather an action. Since the consciousness of a person simply disconnected from his body, the individual is freed from control of the mind, and one-hundred-percent work occurs. With the weakening of the control of the mind and the cessation of control over its inner essence, the subconscious mind begins to act independently, and everything happens more efficiently and quickly. In just 5 minutes of this dream, an individual is able to sleep.
Meditation, according to Ratner, should be conducted inA state of extreme fatigue, when the individual really wants to sleep. The main thing, before falling asleep, during the transition to a state of meditation, will give the task to the subconscious. And only after that you can fall asleep. This variation of meditation is considered more effective than meditation that is habitual for all. However, it is necessary to enter such a state with the thought that it is necessary for the work of a certain type of work, and not just for the purpose of sleeping.
The whole meditative process contains threeMandatory components: entrance to the meditative space, work in it and exit from it. In the process of working in the meditative space, the individual enters a certain state, which enables him to detach from the body and stop feeling it.
Ratner worked with energy with his ownImagination. Therefore, whatever a person does in the meditative space, any manipulations produced by him will be presented in the form of beautiful pictures that rebuild reality into a new plane. The clearer and brighter the subject will imagine images, the sooner he will receive such a life, to which he aspires and who desires himself. The main thing that a person should understand is that in the process of being in the meditative space, any of his actions, no matter how funny it looks, will have certain consequences. Therefore, the movement should always be in the direction of positive, so that the consequences would be positive.
The secret of bioenergy, according to Ratner, lies in theThe development of the ability to control one's own imagination through meditation. Managing your own imagination provides an opportunity to see your own life in a positive aspect, as a result of which life will change into a more favorable and happier channel.

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