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How to cheer up a girl - tips

How to cheer up a girl? When someone sad or sad there is a natural need to help a person, cheer him up, cheer up. The reasons for the sadness of a girl can be varied, from simple boredom to serious problems, and in what way it is better to change her mood depends on the degree of your spiritual affinity, openness and ability to feel the right moment. The main condition is to be patient and attentive, only with a substantial reserve of these qualities, it becomes clear how you can cheer up the girl.

How to cheer your girlfriend?

The first priority is the explorationsituation and the manifestation of interest in the reasons for the decline in mood. While probing the soil, it is not so important what your beloved will say, as with what percentage of attention you will listen to her. Since if at the beginning of the narrative you devalue or dismiss the situation, considering it to be frivolous, you will not continue the continuation, but the mood of your passion will only worsen. So, in order to get information, do not interrupt, give any advice that is not asked for, express criticism - just listen, cheer, nod, ask clarifying questions, when it becomes silent, try to make your voice sound in a caring and sympathetic way. Often it happens that simply by speaking and receiving such silent support, the girl's mood improves, and out of the problematic situation there is an exit.
Next, you can insert a few comiccomments or bring to an absurd situation (if the situation itself and your sense of humor allow, of course). Often together gloating and transforming sadness into
and laughter, the mood is leveled by splashing accumulated
. Any actions and topics that come from you,are good (except for a totally opposite nature) - the main thing is to stay in emotional-informational (and better and physical) contact with the upset girl (you can get angry, upset, make everything laugh), because the most negative behavior in this situation is to pretend to be a wall and wait until it passes by itself. It will pass, but not itself, and then you will only get worse.
It is important to feel the moment if your beloveduntil he wants to share what happened and to reveal his thoughts and experiences (remember that unwillingness to speak can appear at any stage of communication). Then it's better to stop all inquiries, and to report about your desire to always provide the necessary help when she considers it necessary. You can do something for her that she exactly likes - this is sympathy that will help express and possibly melt the ice, letting you know the causes of the disorder. Share your time, postpone the meeting, free the weekend to give this time to her, take her to a cafe or for a walk. Actions aimed at helping her, even indirectly, will say more about themselves than a lot of empty text about how you are going through.
How can you cheer your girl up? From the joint pastime, which affects the mood well, you can choose walks (saturation of the body with oxygen raises the emotional background), visits to interesting places, listening to music (an effective anti-stress factor), communication with animals (their own or someone else's, contact with the animal).
To cheer your girlfriendalways be near physically, and not always it turns out. You can talk to her on the phone, let her know that she is not alone, even if it seems to her that you care about her by means available to you even from a distance (make sure that your smile smiles, it encourages). When a person in a conversation is immersed in negative moments and literally gets bogged down in them, like in a quagmire, the best thing you can do is to translate the topic into a more cheerful one, telling a funny story about yourself or common acquaintances, good topics about funny cases involving households animals. The main thing is to move the girl from the depressive wave and not let her wind herself.
How to cheer up a girl in VK? If the situation drags on for several days, then several steps should be taken: from the very morning, please make the girl happy with something, let it be a nice picture, thrown off the Internet, a good morning and a smile. You can suggest together to plan a further day or a week, it is good that the list of conceived includes entertainment items and activities that can really relieve the situation of your girlfriend. Organize her rest from everyday household work (cook dinner, take things to dry cleaners) or unload with a portion of the cases (pay bills, go to the store).
All these general tips need to beaccording to the individuality of your girl, because for a standard box of chocolates you can run into a scandal and get the opposite of the expected effect.
How else can you cheer up a girl? If a girl loves adventure and extreme, it is better to offer her a hike, a trip to a new place or dinner on the roof. Romantic person provide yourself as a grateful listener and a bunch of lovely flowers. A girl who has got used to everything to achieve or build a career, create such conditions where she can feel like a winner (lose to her in the game, succumb to the competition). A girl who looks more like her shirt-guy, most likely, will honestly and openly tell about the problem that has arisen, she will ask your opinion; You can influence her mood if she is now able to
and is ready to seriously harm the offender (suggestany occupation that requires physical activity to relieve excess stress, and it will significantly ease). A creative person needs recognition of her achievements and
, do not skimp on praise.

How quickly to cheer up the girl?

It is better to act immediately on several factorslittle by little, than to try to squeeze the maximum out of the application of one council and repeat it until it gives a result. Most likely, if the mood has not risen at least a little at once, it is worth moving on to the following options.
So, tips on how to quickly cheer upthe girl. Try to feed your favorite with something delicious (remember about the individual approach), food affects the primary centers of pleasure, and the substances contained in some foods (bananas, chocolate) directly raise the level of endorphins, which affects the mood. Do not forget about the appropriate situation, let it be a cozy restaurant, or a homelike dinner decorated with candles, or even better prepared by you. Tell her compliments. About this they write everywhere and always forget about it, because, after having tried the standard praise, they often get a completely non-positive answer. Try to approach the compliment creatively, noticing the uniqueness of this particular girl (she has elegant ears, funny heels, philosophical judgments about cakes) - and it does not matter in what way it will be presented, at least smskoy, even if it's aired on television. Compliment should be adequate to the situation, so if you are already complaining about the bosses, do not praise the beautiful figure of a girl, praise her behavior in a conflict situation, express her pride in her ability to behave with dignity.

You can cheer your girlfriend up by givingher bright and new impressions - extreme rest, unusual excursions, anything you like, that will stand out as much as possible against the backdrop of everyday activities. A surge of adrenaline raises the level of joy, makes life more vivid, awakens interest.
Bodily contact, as one of the effective methodslifting the mood - hold your hand, give an elbow on your shoulder, attach, massage. At physical contact the person feels the participation in a society, the need and feels the care of another person. If you are now in different cities, then describe how you would hug her now, hold him to yourself, hide from everything bad in this world (do not be stingy in details and colors, let her
completely draw this picture).
Offer a girl shopping, this lessonstress (new emotions) and brings joy (the acquisition of a new one). But be sensitive to yourself, and if you hate instinctively shopping trips, then it's better to send a girl and girlfriend there than to go yourself and spoil your trip with your displeased look.
Look at the movies, only according to the situationchoose or go to the cinema (when the girl is sad from staying at home) or home movies (after all, there are situations where the presence of people around can only annoy). Discuss the plans for the future, because the bad always ends, and iridescent dreams can dispel the clouds of bad mood that has arisen now.
The reasons for a bad mood may be a decreasevitality and interest, lack of a favorite business and an interesting lesson. In such a situation, find a joint occupation that will take time and bring color to the established life. Help the girl decide what she likes, or if she has difficulties with the organization of her favorite occupation - help her in this.
But there are situations when you quickly raisemood girl can not. It is worth noting whether such a state is caused by a personal crisis, a series of violent traumatic events. In such situations, the psychotherapist will help best, and you will need support, sympathy and participation. A bad mood, because it did not get enough sleep or caused by a hormonal surge and starting
have under themselves a different soil and require different ways of fighting.

How to cheer up a girl by correspondence?

In recent decades, newtechnological solutions in order to provide an opportunity to be close to a person morally and to provide support even from a distance. And with this a new question arose - what to write to the girl to cheer up?
Using the opportunities provided bysocial networks, you can also please your beloved by putting the likes, commenting on photos and posts, sending nice messages and stickers. It is better not to copy already written verses and clever phrases, try to write yourself and it is for the one whose mood you care now, so the girl will be able to feel her own value and significance.
In social networks, a gift service is provided -choose the most romantic (heart with wings) and liked (bear with a box of chocolates) and send it to your girlfriend. Perhaps, this is one of the simplest ways, which does not require the expenditure of neither time nor imagination. You can send a girl a funny song, video or picture. Make your attention signs individual, for example, send your funny selfi - it will please much more than the photos of kittens flying around the whole Internet.
How to cheer up a girl by correspondence -examples. With the development of various online communication services, this method of communication will practically be forgotten, such as the writing of a paper letter, which, thanks to the rarity of its existence in the modern world, will have an impressive impact on the girl. You can write a whole letter or sign a postcard, stick a stamp and send it by mail, or you can write on paper notes with a wish for a good day, a successful signing of the treaty, a declaration of love or a hand-drawn picture and put it in your purse or pocket.
If you are wondering what to write to a girlin order to raise the mood, the unmistakable options will be words of support, jokes, compliments and text about the significance of it in your life. Write about what you would like to be next to and give it hot chocolate (warm your hands, take it home by taxi). Use more emoticons and stickers that will express your feelings (smiles, hearts) or supporting gestures (winks, hugs), as well as your desires (a cup of coffee, a rose, a gift).
Try not to use it in such correspondenceslang and abbreviations, since such a text can cause a feeling that you do not see as a serious situation that caused her sadness seriously enough. It is better to communicate with a person adhering to such a manner, as if he were now near by using the words and phrases characteristic for this, it is appropriate to describe not only your thoughts about the discussed, but also possible support actions, for example, "hug", "kiss."
Even if your messages or gifts inthe Internet does not respond, and the words spoken, the gifts and walks that are given do not bring an immediate result - do not despair, and make claims to the girl about her mood. Do everything unselfishly, and then perhaps the next morning, having accumulated enough of your heat, a ray of your noble mood will glimpse into your life.

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