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Choleric - a characteristic of a woman, a man, a child

Choleric is one of the temperaments thatHis theory was described by Hippocrates. According to Hippocrates, the name of temperament "choleric" means "bile", which originated from the Greek "chole". Choleric characteristics of a person includes the following main qualities: impetuosity, determination, quick reaction, passionate passion for one's own business, ability to overcome many life difficulties independently. In emotional terms, this is quite a stormy person, strong, unbalanced, very unstable in moods.
A pure type of choleric person can in fact be met very rarely. Each person combines the qualities of several temperaments, but one of them can be dominant.
Is determined by the state in whichA significant part of the time is a person. Therefore, each person should know what temperament and features he owns in order to be able to correct some qualities
If they interfere with the full-scale vital activity and
And personality activity.
Choleric is the dominant
, He is sharp, stubborn and a little arrogant, than repels people from himself.
Temperament choleric characterized by aspiration,Aimed at achieving a certain ideal. Choleric people never sit idly by, they are in constant movement, if they do not have affairs, they can still find employment for themselves. So, due to the nature of their character, choleric men occupy leadership positions, become differently level managers, because their character traits and the ability to enthrall people help them to achieve their goals by any means.
By their mobility, choleric people also infect everyone around them. But often in their environment there are people who can not stand such a rapid rhythm as they do.
Choleric can be very different. Some can try to be sensitive and direct their energy in the right direction, without touching the feelings of other people. Others can be tyrants, using their aggressiveness, dominance and
Against others.
Choleric has innate leadership qualities. Choleric is not always an extrovert, but he likes to be in the spotlight. He, thanks to his qualities, can place people to him, win their attention.
A man of temperamental choleric type is always onEverything has an opinion, he does not care what other people think about him, how they perceive him, because he knows his own worth. Choleric is an active initiator and participant in disputes that can move into
. It is inclined to build up tension in the discussion, which often leads to a deterioration in relations with other
Choleric people are very sociable, but not with every person they can create a strong union.
Compatibility of the choleric with the choleric is almost impossible, because both may sooner or later happen
From the excess of information, quarrels, disputes and finding out who is in charge of the relationship.
Compatibility choleric with sanguine is not enoughSatisfying. They can spend some time together cheerfully and unrestrainedly, but in long-term relationships they have to go through certain setbacks and learn to accept the opposite point of view.
Compatibility of choleric with melancholic leavesWish for the best. Too vulnerable and too hot temperament can complement each other, but only if they go at the same time on mutual compromises.
The most ideal is the compatibility of the choleric with the phlegmatic. A measured and calm phlegmatic man will be able to cool the ardor of a choleric man, and the latter, in turn, will teach the phlegmatic to be more resolute.

Who is the choleric

Choleric characteristic and its main features: Independent, resolute, self-sufficient, hot, impulsive, restless, very active in any activity, always sets himself the task or goal to which he aspires.
Temperament choleric characterized by sharpChanges in mood, which is due to instability of the nervous system. Having a quick reaction, he is capable of grasping information "on the fly." The character of the choleric is manifested in his sharp and expressive gestures, in a multifaceted facial expression. Although everyone knows how emotional and unrestrained is the character of a choleric person, but in matters concerning serious things, he is guided by the mind, not by the heart. Therefore, he can, when you need even to hide your emotions.
Choleric description of appearance: A thin asthenic physique, well-developed limbs, an oval-shaped face, a flat forehead narrowing upward, a sharp chin, legs long. Of course, there are representatives of the choleric temperament type with other types of physique, but, according to observation, these external signs of choleric persons predominate.
The character of the choleric leader, he knows how to leadHe is innate, and people really listen to his opinion and follow him. Choleric in the creation of a successful career helps a clear vision of his goals, the desire to dominate, astounding organization and ability to manage. Therefore, choleric people often become politicians, lawyers or financiers. They are innate strategists, but only in the creation of tactics. In most cases, they can not implement this strategy, because they are hampered by a lack of tact and a lack of patience. People with inherent choleric temperament are prone to analytics, they can quickly and qualitatively analyze any situation and instantly make a difficult decision.
Choleric in most cases - it's optimisticMinded and active person, only because of difficult life circumstances, he can be dull and indifferent. In family relationships choleric people like to take the initiative, to be the head of the family, regardless of whether the woman is a man or a man. Although a choleric freedom-loving and enterprising person, he needs the support of relatives. Most often it is more convenient for him when there are calm and balanced people near him, ready to get along with him, with his uneasy and imperious nature and take his place on the "second plan".
In friendly relations choleric enoughHighly appreciated. They are valued for their stable optimistic character orientation, for their willingness to help a loved one in difficult situations. Choleric patients are forgiven for their pathological aspiration for idealism, and they are loved for their reliability.
Choleric people are devoted and reliable enough friends, they are ready to offer their strong shoulder at any time, for which they deserve to be trusted.
Choleric people inherent such excellent quality asnobility. Therefore they are so courageous, fair, ready to sacrifice themselves, to save someone, to find the truth. They very quickly solve the problems, so it turns out that they put other people on the bar below themselves, because they do not see in them that necessary enthusiasm, the energy they want to see. They sincerely do not understand how one can be slow and dull, or how one can allow others to behave towards them unfairly, to obey the unjust rules of others.
The choleric has a tendency to loneliness,Because he can not find the right person who would walk with him "foot in the leg." The choleric is quite sociable, but most do not stand his rhythm. Choleric people also need people in his environment, not only for the sake of communication, but also for having someone to dominate and lead, which can not be done in a state of loneliness. Choleric needs a cohesive team.
Choleric people perceive everything through the prism of achievementGoals. They can seriously analyze even the most banal situations, such as the process of buying in-store products. They clearly set a goal that it is they who are most important, then secondary things, then they think through the strategy of moves in the supermarket, in different departments, so that the quickest way to cope with the task. His choleric wishes to keep his true emotions under control, he tries not to expose them. But not always he succeeds, because on his face you can tell about all the exciting emotions. If during a conversation the choleric hears something unpleasant for himself, he does not immediately find out the reasons for such behavior, but flashes and in this heat can inflict physical damage or in response to offend the interlocutor and effectively leave. But time passes, he calms down, comes back and quietly begins to find out what is actually the cause.

If the choleric is not characterized by self-control inRelationships with other individuals, then in situations of trouble he can master himself, collect all his forces together. Choleric people manage to stay calm and cold mind, they do not panic, they try to find ways out of the problem. Despite its high sense of purpose, the choleric can sometimes not correctly assess their capabilities and from this ineffectively distribute their obligations. From this, he often postpones some cases at the end, can for a while forget about them, but later return to them.
The character of the choleric and the peculiarities of his temperamentIn work: thanks to innate leadership abilities, he can become an excellent manager or organizer, since for such work it is necessary to be able to make several decisions at once. For the choleric it's good to work with frequent business trips, new projects, new colleagues, lively and active communication with different people - it all charges him with positive and energy, a desire to work hard and efficiently. For people of the choleric temperament type is very important
And a sense of sense of meaning for his loved ones.
Choleric description of the pros and cons. The advantages or strengths of a choleric temperament include an inexhaustible flow of energy, the desire to defend one's ideals, enthusiasm for work, a sharp sense of justice, quick decision-making, commitment, sociability.
Disadvantages or negative qualities of choleric persons: Excessive or inappropriate irritability, conflict, rudeness, inability to wait, too acute reactivity, desire to dominate. Often their first reaction is not always adequate, because of what they can offend others and do not always apologize for it.
Choleric people tend to protect those whoseRights are infringed even when these people do not demand such furious protection. Due to the expressed desire to command all, the choleric people are not perceived, they push themselves away from themselves.
Parents with a choleric temperamentAre too demanding for their children, they may want almost unconditional submission. Such parents can emotionally explode from the fact that the child does something wrong, or does not understand what they want from him. They may even engage in assault with respect to the child, or to their partner.

Choleric characteristic of men

A choleric man who is a parent,Educates his children in the dominant style of behavior. It can be a despot and demand from children unconditional obedience, but only in extreme cases, and so, he is quite capable of showing love, sensitivity and caring for children. He tries to bring up his child in the best way, to teach purposefulness, mainly by demonstrating examples from his own experience.
A choleric man who created a strong family also considers himself a leader, so he is an ideal husband, since all care for the welfare of the family can take over.
A choleric man will never allow a woman toCommand, dominate in a relationship, he knows that he is a representative of the stronger sex, and therefore acts on this. He knows that if there is a conflict in the family, he still has to take care of the material well-being of the family and ensure the safety of relatives.
A choleric man is much more than a choleric woman trying to control everything that surrounds him. If he does not quite succeed at work, then he comes with
And vexation home, where it spills out all negative emotions.
If the choleric man in the family becomes aTyrant, the child must suffer from constant screams, the wife does not dare to say a word across. This character is very difficult to change, because it has been formed for many years. But some features can be corrected, if a person already crosses the boundaries of the accessible, the main thing is to persuade him to change.
Choleric man is self-sufficient and prettyEccentric, he has pronounced leadership qualities, since the school he shows them that he is building a company around him, ready to follow him everywhere. He needs others to command them.
Often men of choleric temperamentBecome successful businessmen, lawyers, in this they are facilitated by their quick reaction to difficulties, the ability to analyze the situation and organize the work process. Thanks to continuous activity leading to impressionable results, a choleric man quickly moves up the career ladder. Such a man is very sociable, he avoids loneliness. He has many friends and acquaintances who appreciate his generosity, justice and reliability.

Choleric characteristic of women

Choleric woman is a strong, strong-willed andAn ambitious personality. She is quite capable of setting before herself complex but fulfilling goals, she always tries to do everything to get what she wants. The female choleric is entirely able to provide herself with material or whole family. She easily learns new, likes to try something new (food, sport, book, work).
A choleric woman loves to dominate, leadSubordinates or family members. Therefore, the husband of such a woman should be softer and more pliable than she. It is rare to meet a woman of choleric temperament, sitting at home and doing what the housewives usually do, in the meantime, as life passes by. Because such women are taken for any interesting activity, for every opportunity to act in a new way, to conquer new peaks, to develop spiritually and physically.
A choleric woman prefers wearing pants orA business trouser suit than a dress or various colorful skirts. Such women like to make "boyish" haircuts, do not observe fashion trends, do not wear jewelry, rarely pierce ears. For them, priority is convenience and action, not romantic femininity and slowness.
The best compatibility of a woman's choleric with a calm, caring, patient man, is best of a phlegmatic temperament type, only he can accept such a high activity of such a woman.

Choleric characteristic of a child

Choleric child resembles a "tornado" or "hurricane"Or both at once. Such a child expresses very vigorously any of his reactions to events around. If he watches the performance in the circus, then his admiration and surprise are boundless, he then for a long time afterwards tells how delighted he is. If something bad has happened to him, for example, he was forbidden to eat sweets, he will cry, cry through tears, get angry, which, by the way, is very skillfully manipulated, since parents who do not have the strength to endure his cry, Give him what he was forbidden before.
Choleric child can be irritated by anyTrifles, relentlessly demonstrate their discontent, after which it is very difficult to calm. In games, he prefers to be the leader, loves noisy and lively games.
A choleric child is "a perpetuum mobile." He can get so carried away with the game that he does not even notice the current of the hour and will not be able to stop. This is due to emotional and affective imbalances and rapid nervous reactions. Such a child needs a frequent change of impressions, because, as soon as he gets used to it, he becomes uninteresting. But too long and strong new impressions of him are very tiring.
Such a child has the ability to irritate andtemper over nothing is incredible, moreover, he has little patience. If he did something, such as a tower with a constructor and calling my mother to see, it should at the same moment, as soon as she heard the call, throw everything and come running to see what had built her child. Otherwise, she faces a dose of anger.
The choleric child's activity is uneven,Throbbing. If he is just beginning to do something, then he will do it very enthusiastically, energetically and with great fervor, but as soon as the first wave of exciting emotions passes, the child no longer knows what a new self can be. Neither he nor anyone else can take his attention for a long time with one thing, from this he is very tired. Such a nervous recession and the killing of forces are poured into irritability, increasing with intensity, and passing into
, Or in a nervous breakdown.
If a child fails to lay down their toysThe necessary order or does not go to them to overlap one another as he imagined it, then he will soon indignantly scatter these toys around the room. If one of the most good intentions enters that room, then he falls under the hot hand. After all the words are expressed, the choleric child will cry from anger, own impotence and not understanding others. Therefore, for choleric children, the period of early childhood, when all the skills are only being formed and the possibilities do not allow to do more than you want, is very difficult. It is important that the child's parents of a choleric temperament correctly dose all the activities so that the child can learn something new, while not greatly overworking.
Choleric child is always in the spotlight - at home,In the garden, for a walk, for study, in the game. He is able to do so that everything develops, as he desires and receive everything he wants. Fortunately, a child can not always be in such an excited state, so if everything is good, if he is all happy, then he is affectionate, cute, flexible and sympathetic.
In adolescence, the most difficult to manageCholeric, because he has enough freedom and the ability to move independently, he is characterized by hyperactivity, affective expression of emotions and aggressive behavior.

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