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Computer addiction in children - prevention, signs, treatment

Computer addiction in children isobsessive, intentional withdrawal into virtual reality with the loss of the former interest in other duties and occupations. About computer dependence for the first time began to speak in the beginning of 80th years of the last century, however many experts till now this term not completely recognize. A person of any age or social status can become a victim of computer addiction, however the most vulnerable will always be children. Modern kids from an early age communicate with computers, and even musical toys resemble visual computers.

Causes of computer addiction in children

Computers accompany kids always, evento calm becomes a simple matter, if you include a simple game or cartoon and the child immediately fades. Often the kid sees how the mom and dad sit at the computer, and it happens, and they argue who will take it. Thus, the computer for crumbs becomes the object of lust, and then turns into an object, without which it is very difficult to do. After all, where can I find my favorite cartoons or funny pictures? Of course on the Internet. The school has also long since switched to computer-based training. The computer is an assistant, but it can also serve as a negative service, turning useful communication into dependence.
The kid learns a new world, communicating with the computer. This world appears to him so clear, predictable, and he gets almost everything he wants by clicking. And there comes such a time when the virtual world becomes more desirable than the real one.
Causes of computer dependenceassociated with sitting out at the computer, enthusiasm for graphics, plots, cartoons. The computer allows the kid to fulfill all his desires, for example, aggressive characters in the game can kill and beat people.
At the initial stage of dependence, it is notedstage of easy computer enthusiasm, without the special insistent need to play. Then there is a transition to the stage of enthusiasm, when an insistent need for game and stay at the computer is fixed. The Kid is struggling to take active steps in implementing this. The stage of dependence is characterized by tangible personality changes. The needs of the child's personality are changing, and the game is already completely replacing the real world. The game becomes a necessity, turning into a drug. There is also such a stage as attachment, when the need for the game is saturated, and the interest decreases.

Signs of computer addiction in children

There are the following signs of computer dependence:
- aggressive, bright resistance at the time of attempts to distract the baby from the computer;
- emotional, marked recovery, as well as
after contacting the computer;
- the anticipation of the upcoming game on the computer outshines all thoughts and deeds;
- violation of attention, drop in school performance;
- computer addiction does not allow you to follow the time, the kid sits up late into the night and is even able to play all night long;
- all of his money savings a kid can give to buy games or pay for the Internet;
- there is a violation in the diet, without eating the baby is able to spend a lot of time at the computer;
- to maintain themselves toned, some children drink coffee;
- there is a narrowing of the range of interests, it is difficult for the baby to talk to abstract subjects, not concerning the computer;
- the former occupations completely depreciate, they cease to represent any significance at all;
- at an obstacle long to sit at the computer develops
, irritability arises;
- When you take the computer away, the child turns into an evil one, capable of threats and blackmail, which in an aggressive form is to be started up to the computer.

Dependence of the child on computer games

There are the following factors that can cause pathological computer dependence:
- conflicts with parents, neglect, rejection of the baby;
- lack of attention and feeling of abandonment, helplessness of the baby;
- the desire to receive recognition in social networks, and having received the difficulty to refuse it;
- being in constant stress, feeling depressed and guilty;
- the home environment is not a place of security and provokes either to run away from home or sit at a computer;
- problems in school (poor academic performance, conflicts, both with peers, and with teachers);
- strong experiences due to conflicts and misunderstandings with peers who are all life; for the child is equally painful: ignore him or mock him morally;
- hiding in the computer, the kid gets what he lacks in real life, and also distracts from heavy thoughts, personifying and representing himself with a character - strong, courageous, invincible.
A particular danger due to all these listedfactors are online games in which the player is part of a game group or community. In such games, the kid creates for himself a fantastic character, a certain race and with certain abilities. The player chooses a new personality and gives her life in a new society. For a child, in fact, this new life with its victories, events, defeats. Reality is virtual, but feelings are real. Would a boy, whom classmates at school scoff at, leave the virtual reality, if he feels himself to be the player of the highest level, is he afraid and respected?

Prevention and treatment of computer addiction in children

Recommendations for combating computer addiction include the following:

- spend as much time as possible with the baby, take an interest in his life;
- to instill in children a taste for general activities, communication, entertainment, which have nothing to do with the computer;
- cultivate in the family sports, creativity;
- Do not allow too early to master the computer, you need to teach your child to have fun in other different ways;
- Familiarity with the computer to start best from 5 years, but without forming a computer culture;
- negotiate with the baby about the precise rules of work at the computer. It is important to be consistent, and not to reduce or increase the agreed time;
- it is necessary to adhere to the principle: it is impossible for a toddler, so parents can not;
- in case the father likes games, and plays in themoften and for a long time, it will be very difficult to wean your child from the computer. The kid will never hear a word. He sees only the actions of adults and if the enthusiastic parents are creative people, then the baby will have the same chance;
- it is necessary that the kid understands that computers are necessary for adults to work, so parents can sit at the computer for a long time;
- Adults should not interfere with the communication of the child with friends outside the home;
- it is important to instill the taste of kids to logical, developing games and play together;
- You should not rush to buy your baby's personal computer.
Computer addiction in children - both with herfight? There is no universal prescription in the fight against dependence. Each addiction has its own history, with a lot of participants (friends, family, classmates). With addiction it is very difficult to cope, but it is quite real.
Computer addiction in children - the recommendations of a psychologist:
- Firstly, the existence of the problem and the need to fight it should be recognized;
- Admit the problem to the whole family;
- You need to prepare for a difficult, long, patient work;
- You can not read a child's moralizing, cause feelings of guilt, humiliate him;
- it is necessary to change the activity of the child, to welcome his every success;
- pay sufficient attention to the baby;
- distinguish attention from control, as well as pressure;
- if necessary, seek help from a psychotherapist who sees the situation from the side; Identify the problem that led to addiction, and will start to work with this reason;
- should show a sincere interest in the baby,to be interested in what he likes. Let it be even a computer game, but the kid will understand that the parents are really interested in what he lives and is fond of, which means that he is also interesting;
- Adults should establish unconstrained, trusting relationships with the child;
- you can not throw away the child's computer, from this it will become even more angry;
- adults should dose the work on the computer and agree on this beforehand.
Treatment of computer addiction in children is performed by a psychotherapist. It should be addressed in the event that Internet addiction has become a mental disorder.
Computer addiction in children 12 years old requires restriction of the monitor stay up to 2 hours a day, children from 5 years are limited to 30 minutes.
Treatment of computer addiction in children isA difficult and long process that requires the participation of parents, as well as the child himself. It is necessary to realize that the emptiness formed in a child's life after giving up computer games should immediately be filled.
For most families this is one of the most difficultconditions when parents are forced to work at home for a long time at a computer. From computer dependence, the most important measure in saving can be a personal example. If mom or dad spend hours on the Internet, then the baby will fall under the same influence.

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