Depressive states

Depression in men - symptoms, signs, causes, treatment

Depression in men is a mentalA disorder for which a depressive triad is present, including the loss of the ability to experience joy (anhedonia), a disturbance in thinking (pessimism, negativism of judgment), and motor inhibition. Depression in men can provoke heart disease, as well as lead to other serious problems. It refers to a curable state of health that covers a large number of men.
Depression in men is not a signEmotional weakness or lack of masculinity. It is normal to sometimes feel the swings in the mood. This is a normal reaction to life's disappointments, losses, failures, but when you tighten feelings of despair and despair you can get into the network of depression.
Depression in men is often not noticeable andThe closest associates do not even notice that something is wrong with their men. And the patients themselves often do not realize their condition and focus more on such symptoms as pain in the head and back, intimate problems or insomnia. Men do not like to talk about the psychological component and keep silent about their feelings. And all the blame is depression. Women often wonder: how long does depression last for men? Depressive condition refers to the disease, if the symptoms of the disease are delayed up to two weeks or more. If less than two weeks, then a subdepressive condition is diagnosed, which is easier and faster.

Causes of depression in men

It is difficult to single out one cause that causes depression in men. Often this is a set of reasons: biological, psychological, social factors, as well as a way of life and relationships with people.
Often stresses, as well as everything that causesFeelings of uselessness, helplessness, and loneliness cause depression in men. Stress refers to problems at work, at school, at a university, at home; Family problems, as well as problems in the relationship; Not achieved important goals; Change or loss of work; financial difficulties; Cessation of smoking, caring for children, elderly parents; Health problems: trauma, chronic illness, disability; Death of a loved one; Loss of independence, retirement.
One of the important causes of depression in menActs impotence (erectile dysfunction). However, other factors are also capable of provoking a depressive state in men. These include lack of social support, loneliness, inability to cope with stress, alcohol or drug abuse; Traumas coming from childhood, aging alone.

Signs of depression in men

The course of the disease in men is different. One is characterized by sadness, loss of interest in actions, separation from friends, isolation. Others turn into irritable and aggressive, go head to head with work, start drinking alcohol and take part in risky activities.
Signs of depression in men are less recognizable than in women. They deny feelings, hiding them from themselves, as well as from others, disguising themselves as uncharacteristic behavior.
Individual men turn into aggressive,Lose control and are able verbally, as well as physically insult relatives and friends. Others differ in reckless behavior. A man is able to go into the world of illusions, or he may have a craving for risk, which manifests itself in infatuation with a dangerous sport, driving a car at high speed, engaging in insecure intimacy. Some start using drugs and alcohol, gambling.

Symptoms of depression in men

Men's depression is very different fromFemale. This is expressed in the accusation of other people in their problems, as well as in feelings of anger, irritability, suspicion, conflict, anxiety, excitement, desire to control everything, fear of admitting one's weakness, despair, uncertainty. Combines them with female depression - this is self-medication.

Symptoms of depression in men include physicalPain of the back, head, sleep and digestion disorders. All these signs are not amenable to usual treatment. A man can show anger, irritability, heightened sensitivity to criticism, and also lose a sense of humor, show aggression, quick temper and even violence.

Treatment of depression in men

It is very important to get help in timeDepression, so that the feeling of despair does not grow into a desire to take scores with life. Experts recommend not to keep their problems in the head, telling relatives about their feelings, and as soon as the disease is diagnosed, immediately begin treatment.
Wait or just suffer depression yourselfNot recommended. It is clear that men need some courage, in order to seek help from specialists. Many men respond positively to proposed changes in lifestyle, accept social support, medication or treatment in a combination of these methods.
How to treat depression in men?
First, open up before your doctor: tell me what you feel, what symptoms bother you. After that, you will be given the necessary treatment.
Antidepressants help in the treatment of depressiveSymptoms, but do not act as a long-term solution to the problem. Drugs often have side effects, so doctors' recommendations include a dramatic change in lifestyle.
Take as a habit to engage in physicalExercises. It is useful to run, ride a bicycle, swim, practice yoga. Physical loads increase the level of serotonin, endorphins, and other chemicals in the brain, which improves the patient's condition. Over time, self-esteem rises, and sleep improves. Follow the diet, enrich it with vitamins - fruits, vegetables; Products rich in Omega-3 fats (walnuts, flaxseed, soy, salmon). Do not forget about a full-fledged dream. Nedosyp strengthens anger, capriciousness, irritability.
Set yourself achievable goals and objectives. Find out for yourself what stress provokes you and avoid it. You spend a lot of time with your family and friends. The social environment will help to distract from their inner experiences and switch to the outside world.
Take an active part in family life,Help your family in public affairs, meet new people, expand your interests, get yourself a pet, renew your relationship with an old friend. Remove negative thoughts from your life, replace them with the opposite ones. Postpone making important decisions for later, when your condition is normalized. Do not wait for the lightening improvement of your condition, it takes time.
How to get a man out of depression? This requires attention, patience, love and support. Talk to him, listen carefully, give him hope. Do not ignore the man's words about suicide. Distract him by walking, watching a movie, sporting event. Stay calm and persevere and do not leave a patient for a long time. Do not blame him, find positive moments in everything and bring your man to them. Encourage your man that depression is only a temporary condition and if you want to recover it is real and much depends on him.

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