Depressive states

Depression in women - symptoms, signs, treatment

Depression in women is a disorder of the psyche, manifested in a painful state of depression, despair, depression.
Often, this state appears as a reactionAfter stress or a difficult life situation. However, women's depression in the life situation should be differentiated from the psychological trauma associated with diseases such as schizophrenia, neurosis,
Every new day should bring new emotions,Impressions, new joys and even a little anxiety. Well, when a woman wakes up with a wonderful mood, she has a desire to sing, dance, love the whole world. In this state, the sky seems to be bluer, and the grass is greener, everything pleases, and the plan turns out. However, it also happens in another way. When nothing pleases, but only annoying, I want to be sad, lie down and do nothing. This lethargic state is depressed if it is delayed up to two weeks.

Causes of depression in women

Often, depression occurs in women without visibleReasons. Depressive state in women can be triggered by despair, a series of failures, everyday problems, as well as mental, physical illnesses or the taking of certain medications.
To date, the percentage of women suffering fromDepression, only increases. The cause is multifactoriality, but first of all it is changes in the hormonal background, beginning with the first menstrual period before the menopause. For each period there are signs of depression.

Symptoms of depression in women

The disease manifests itself emotionally,Mental, as well as motor retardation. Severe cases of this condition are characterized by a delusion of accusation, in which the patient seems to be condemned, blamed for poor performance of work, unethical behavior or self-deprecation, as well as self-blame, when the patient blames himself for poor performance, dishonesty, misconduct, Peace.
For patients with psychiatric diagnoses,
, In which the patient feels changes in the internal organs, capable of leading her to eternal torment.

Signs of depression in women

Signs of depression in women are different, soTreatment is carried out, considering this. First of all, the signs include the decline, as well as the loss of willpower. Symptoms can manifest themselves through the diverse psychological states to which the
, Depression, depression, increasedIrritability, tearfulness, anxiety, inner tension. All these mood changes occur with a decrease in activity, scattered attention, increased fatigue, loss of energy.
Signs of depression in women are manifested in violation of sleep, as well as appetite.
Can give pain in the mammary glands, inJoints, in the muscles, in the heart and accompanied by headaches, palpitations, weakness in the body. Signs of depression in women must be differentiated from a bad mood. This is achieved by analyzing certain situations. Allowing a life or psychological problem returns the former mood, which does not happen with a depressive mood, which is characterized by a current of two weeks or more. In this state the patient feels weakness, helplessness, thoughts of uselessness arise and hopes for success are lost, interest disappears gradually to life itself, indifference appears. There are also signs of depression, such as failures at work, in school, bad relationships with the society, intimate problems.

Depression after divorce in women developsAlmost immediately after parting with a man. The condition is characterized by acute neurotic symptoms with pronounced depression. Only a small percentage of women cope on their own with this problem.
Preventive depression in women is also frequentphenomenon. This is explained by the fear of a new, exciting upcoming events or the fear of an unsuccessful wedding ceremony. Provoke pre-wedding depression in women and non-response to the future husband, when there are quarrels due to stupidities, as well as trifles. All this romance in the relationship does not add, but only worsens the situation, causing this state. This is due to the fact that the groom is also stressed and very worried because of the upcoming events.
Postpartum depression in women is notedProlonged depressed mood, depth of manifestations and inability to act emotionally to contact the newborn. Postpartum depression in women, if untreated, tends to change into a chronic course, so it is important not to ignore the woman and her behavior, but to start treating it in a timely manner.

Depression in women treatment

Treatment of the disease in severe formIs carried out in psychiatric hospitals, because such patients tend to the desire for suicide, as well as inflicting damage on themselves. For this reason, they must be followed by constant medical supervision.
How can depression be treated in women?
Depression in women and its treatment includes the use of psychotropic (antidepressant) drugs, psychotherapy, as well as electroconvulsive therapy.
Most patients are treated independentlyAntidepressants, but these drugs can be used only after the appointment of specialists of relevant qualifications. Further it is important to treat the treatment seriously and all the regulations must be strictly observed.
Medical therapy takes time and the firstThe effect of drugs does not occur immediately, but after one or two weeks. The same period is characterized by the selection of the necessary dose of antidepressant. The abolition of a psychotropic drug is also carried out only by a doctor. And after the disappearance of the symptoms of depression should adhere to the use of antidepressants for the entire prescribed period. If this is not observed, there may be a risk of exacerbation of the disease. A worsening of the depressive state, after premature discontinuation of treatment, is much more difficult to treat. Even if you decide to stop taking your own decisions, consult your doctor.
How to get a woman out of depression?
Ten-year research at Harvard CollegeHealth, found that to reduce the risk of depressive disorder in a woman, as well as preventing suicidal tendencies, you need to drink from two cups of coffee a day.
Advice for patients with a depressive condition: To set before ourselves always real goals, to isolate from the work the important initial ones and to leave secondary matters for later, to carry out all the work consistently; Being in a painful condition, not to plan grandiose, life changes and suppress the emergence of negative thoughts; Not to be alone for a long time; Increase the time spent in the open air; Do those things that are able to cheer up.

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