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Inspiration - what is it, the meaning of the word

Emotion is an emotional statePersonality, characterized by a rise in feelings, increased willingness to work. A person experiencing this state feels winged, he wants to do what concerns the subject of his enthusiasm. Most often it is believed that excitement is a positive state, but this state is applicable to negative actions, for example, the desire to take revenge.
The excitement is in the psychology of the predecessorThe inspiration that develops from it, and is weaker than inspiration in strength. In this emotional state, a person is able to stay longer than being inspired, because inspiration is less emotionally costly. This is a stable state that does not deplete the energy resources of a person, which often brings an even more significant effect than short-term inspiration. Enthusiasm is suitable for active daily work, whereas for breakthroughs, opening, you need a stronger and more bright state of inspiration.

What is inspiration?

The concept of inspiration is often used inPractical and popular psychology. In a simple language, this concept means that a person needs positive emotional and constructive activity, an emotional charge, an easy drive, a spiritual uplift.
Enthusiasm is in applied psychologyA significant topic, a lively interest in which psychologists of different directions have. This emotional state is an integral element in the creation of the desired, it helps to engage in activities without the use of significant volitional efforts, but, on the contrary, on the wave of emotional upsurge. A person in this state is promoted and personally interested in what he does, he gets emotional satisfaction from this.
The virtues of inspiration lie in the fact thatIt has a synergistic effect, it starts many mental processes at once and makes their work single, directed by emotional charge, like an arrow in one point. In this regard, the excitement gives an almost magical result of the activity, one that, without the necessary emotional state and active involvement of other mental processes, could not be achieved at the same time, and sometimes even at all. After all, without such a spiritual uplift a person often simply loses interest, strength and
, So much that it does not finish what was started. However, it is interesting that such a synergistic effect works and with enthusiasm, based on negative feelings. Encouraged by the victory, the warrior feels the unity of all his aspirations, but this same enthusiasm can also be among the soldiers fleeing from the enemy, who are willing to save their lives, based on
, Cowardice, a sense of defeat and lack of will. Therefore, to include excitement not to avoidance and defeat, but to victory in the war, success in the working project, a win in the competition - psychologists, coaches, coaches, managers work side by side on it today.

How to create inspiration?

It is difficult to underestimate the merits of inspiration, butHow to create it? The inner message should be: "I will succeed! What I do is for people! It is interesting and valuable! "This same positive message can be passed on to other people, for example, subordinates, colleagues. To create such a message and introduce it into the
People in large-scale, especially important situationsWars, political upheavals, natural cataclysms, ideologists work, using hidden reserves of the psyche and directing them from the negative to the right direction. Similar encouraging messages are needed for treatment, sports training, learning a new one, passing exams or going through an interview, trying to quit a bad habit or creating a new (useful) one.
In mimic and bodily manifestations, you can alsoHelp to create inspiration through a light smile or elevated corners of the lips, a clear open eyes, an open and lively expression, a good posture with support for the toes of the feet, an easy gait and even a feeling as if the wings are behind your back.
You can visualize the flight to a beautiful star,Personifying the goal that we want to achieve and imagine that the flight is not close, and the more desirable is our goal. By the same principle, visualization boards are created on which you can put even more specific symbols directly related to the desired result - a successful team, a beautiful house, a holiday at a resort, sports medals, a healthy body. Despite a somewhat skeptical attitude to this type of self-motivation, it is necessary to give it its due - it works and really creates inspiration, and it should not be confused with specific actions that must necessarily follow and are more easily performed under the influence of enthusiasm.
Enthusiasm provides a second personBreathing, helps to get up again and again in the morning and continue their business, failing to rise from their knees. This state in its vivid and persistent manifestations has often surprised medical workers or experts, whose criteria were aimed at the average person. Patriotically-minded soldiers, victims who survived in concentration camps, pioneers, missionaries, fighters for justice, public figures with a high moral purpose or even parents who raise their children in difficult conditions are necessarily moved by this feeling. High sport, promotion of a new business or diligent study of supercomplex material - those areas in which without inspiration today it is simply impossible to get any meaningful result.
Interesting is also the opinion that the basisThis emotional state is practically animal mechanisms. Despite the fact that the root of the word inspiration speaks about the soul, we can observe in this state often people with strong natural
. Perhaps, it is
At a deep level allows a person to joinAnd for a long time to be in a state of enthusiasm. If you accept this view, then to create this state you need to use the deep mechanisms of the human psyche.
In creating the inspiration of others has a greatValue is a personal example and inspiration of the leader. There is an opinion that a leader who is able to inspire, does not need coercive methods, and even giving an order, such a leader does not look cruel. This can be seen in the example of the great orators and heads of nations at one time - Churchill, Lenin, Hitler - and is applicable on a smaller scale to a separate organization, team, family. The enthusiastic team does not need strict methods of control, as motivated by internal motivation, people consider success to be their personal business.
Enthusiasm is like a disease, with a highConcentration it can infect other people. A strong personality or an enthusiastic close-knit collective necessarily transfers their charge to all who fall into their sphere of influence. This emotional state is charming and disposes of people, gives rise to the desire to listen and follow, to be involved. Developing the skill to inspire oneself and others, a person receives much higher and often even surprising results.

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