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Female hysterics - reasons how to deal with female hysteria

Female hysteria is a special emotionalA condition almost uncontrollable, inadequate, accompanied by a rise in voice, crying and excessive gesticulation. It can not be controlled, especially at the climax, although, when the tension starts to increase, it is still possible to influence, calm, take control of the situation, and the woman herself.
In hysterics, a woman gives vent to her emotions, the accumulated pain,
, Impotence, experiences, and at that moment is being doneExtremely sincere. Also, the cause of this state may be the desire to achieve something, to state something, so female hysteria is a kind of manifesto.
It should be taken into account that it is necessary to distinguish between householdAnd clinical tantrums. Household is accompanied by an emotional splash and has the nature of disassembly, clarification of relations, with the possible throwing of objects. In clinical psychiatrists define real hysterics, like hysterias. These people (women and men) have an impulsive character and a too developed imagination, since childhood they are predisposed to a particularly violent manifestation of emotions.

Causes of female hysteria

Female hysteria is very often the wayManipulation of loved ones and surrounding people in self-serving purposes. In any case, female hysteria is a very noticeable, spectacular action and it is impossible not to pay attention to it, which, in general, the woman in the most part achieves. Such a feminine loves to be in the center of attention, be admired and
. To do this, she creates an image for himself: she dresses herself, dresses herself unnaturally, unnaturally painted and shears herself inconsistently with her age. Her behavior is naive and gives a theatricality.
In order to understand how strong the female hysteria is, what to do in such a situation, you need to understand its causes.
The cause of female hysteria may be featuresNervous system. If a woman often starts unreasonable quarrels and this happens very intensively, if it is impossible to calm her and she becomes completely uncontrolled, it is necessary to turn to a good specialist (psychotherapist, psychiatrist). If after the diagnosis it turns out that the representative of the weaker sex has a hysteroid or psychopathic personality type, it becomes clear why she is unable to contain her fuse, explosive emotions.
Due to timely access to a doctor andCorrectly diagnosed, many forces and nerves will be saved. The specialist will make a program for psycho-correction of behavior, prescribe the necessary medicines and prescribe a course of psychotherapy.
Also provoke female hysteria canHormonal disorders, malaise, hormonal failures during menopause, during pregnancy, during premenstrual syndrome. In these conditions, women become overly touchy, vulnerable, depressed, anxious, with frequent changes in mood.
Constant stresses, regular stresses,Nervous breakdowns provoke the emergence of female hysterics. Even the most calm and balanced femin under the constant impact of nervous tension can not stand, "breaks" her stable psyche. Such a nervous state is eliminated by the fact that all the factors destabilizing the psyche are completely removed from life. It is often difficult, but possible.
Very often hysterical, strong-willed, strong women, accustomed to shoulder all cares on their shoulders and alone to monitor everything that happens. From such excessive management of everything,
And congestion of the nervous system, which requires a certain way out.
The woman's hysteria is the wayEmotional discharge. It arises not only among unbalanced quick-tempered individuals, but also in those who, by virtue of their education, have become accustomed to the fact that emotions must be restrained, not to let them go outside. This is a great blow to health. Emotional discharges are simply necessary, but in order that the matter does not reach hysteria, you can find alternative ways to "release steam": sports, dancing, intensive physical work, visits to the therapist.
Female hysteria in the relationship arises under theThe impact of melancholy, despondency, unrealized, which is formed on the mall nothing doing. Often this occurs in housewives, feminine, who did not take place in life, live off the wealthy husband. They have a moment when they realize that at one time they could self-actualize. It is under the influence of such thoughts that women's hysterics occur, during which the femin makes claims to husbands that they do not give them the opportunity to realize themselves.
When a woman is active,Takes part in public life, it is less threatened by the emergence of a hysterical state. But, when a woman who loves communication, meeting, is forced to sit in four walls, she begins to get bored, gradually her emotions accumulate and the most accessible way to pour them is hysterics. In this case, the way out is to search for an additional lesson, hobby, passing the training courses of any topic of interest to it.
The experience of fear and anxiety also leadTo the appearance of hysterics. If the femin has a long time experiencing some kind of fear, she needs to analyze its occurrence, understand the reasons. During the experience of fear, someone must be present near her, to reassure, to convince her that her fear has no basis and to try not to bring this restless state to the point of hysteria.

How to deal with female hysteria

Before many people (particularly men) at some point the question arises that in fact, what constitutes female hysteria, what to do when it arises.

In order to do something you need to know what is dangerous female hysteria and how to treat it.
A fit of hysteria in women is expressed enoughNoticeably and acutely. The cause may be an unpleasant situation or a cue. Femin begins to raise her voice, blushes, at the most acute moment she begins to cry, stamp her feet and sharply gesticulate. Consciousness at this moment becomes clouded and when a woman calms down, she can not remember thoroughly what exactly she said and what happened all the time. Such hysterical attacks can very often repeat.
Female hysteria in the relationship is the causeConflicts and divorces. Men often take the initiative in their own hands, look for ways out of the situation, offer wives to see a doctor, or even insist on receiving a psychotherapist.
Hysteria is an inadequate behavior,Which should be avoided, but there are special forms of its manifestation, which can bear the worst consequences. Silent hysteria, for example, is very specific. Depressed silent voice, special tone, gloomy look, gloomy mood - this is what dangerous female hysterics of this type is dangerous. If a woman does not swear and does not fight, she still must somewhere to share her energy and anger. If such a feminine ask - what happened, her answer will be unambiguous - nothing. At this point, immediately you need to start to take some measures, because in such a state a woman can make various arrangements, act out of spite, collect things to leave.
First of all, a man should find out whatcause. The easiest way to do this is by simply asking directly. But do not ask what happened, but ask about whether it is possible to somehow correct the situation and what can be done now.
Femin with more complex attacks of hysteria should be treated under the supervision of a psychotherapist. He finds out what the reason for seizures is and sets the course of sessions.
Normalization of a woman's sexual life can save her from hysterics. Therefore, it makes sense to ask your husband for a consultation with a sex therapist.
Following the regime of day and night, sufficientThe amount of sleep and rest, proper nutrition, the ban on bad habits, relaxation, sports - these are the basic principles that, if adhered to, minimize the influence of negative factors, which in turn helps to eliminate and prevent the occurrence of hysteria.
If the cause is hormonal failure, thenIt is necessary to consult a gynecologist so that he prescribes medications that normalize the hormonal level and reduce the manifestation of vegetative reactions. Together with this, sedatives are prescribed.
During hysteria, you can not for a womanRespond aggressively, this will only further exacerbate the situation. You need to show composure and patience, accept the opinion of a woman, then give her affection and care. When the woman calms down, she will appreciate it and thank you.
A popular question on this topic is: Does the female scare the female hysterics? A woman who is characterized by a hysteroid type of personality is a very difficult person, and not every man is capable of enduring constant quarrels and constant breakdowns.
A man first of all is looking for a support in a woman,Stability and support, and her hysterics indicate an unbalanced nature. If at the beginning of the relationship the woman was calm, restrained, but at one point she made a tantrum, she should be expected to one of two options for the behavior of a man.
In the first case, a man in a state of shock from the sudden change is so, not understanding anything, immediately broke off relations with a woman.
In the second case, the man will try firstTo find out what the problem is, to understand what provokes such a state, will try to do something. But if tantrums are very frequent and too intense, even the strongest can drop their hands. And here it's not even the matter of whether men are frightened of women's hysteria or not, doing something with this definitely needs something. Therefore, a woman must draw conclusions about whether to be with a man through whom she suffers. Or if it's not a man, she has to learn to control herself, if in fact her relationship is expensive.
Both a man and a woman should be happy in their relations, rejoice, and not harass each other with hysterical manifestations.

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