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Goals of communication and tasks, functions - psychology

Goals of communication. All people are aware of the basic needs of man - water, food, sleep, security, they are given great importance. These needs are a source of normal biological life for mankind. But also people are obliged to take care of psychological health. Communication in the psycho-hygiene of the individual is of great importance. It has long been proven that if a person creates conditions of complete isolation from the outside world, and does not give the opportunity to communicate - he will gradually become mentally unbalanced. Therefore, it is necessary to give due importance to the quality of their communications. Thanks to them, people become social beings, not just biological ones. Interaction in communication makes it possible to achieve some personal goal.
The purpose of people's communication is often that they know exactly what they are communicating with this particular person.
The content of the goal and the means of communication fillThe meaning of the communication process itself. That is, psychology explains the content of the goal and the means of communication this way: this is what people come into contact with and how this happens. Through
People learn to understand how they workSocio-economic, market relations. People who are in business communication, staying in a hierarchical structure, being at a certain level of it, subordinating themselves to someone else, or giving orders to someone else, well know how difficult there are social interrelations, and this contributes to their socialization in society. Employees of the company gain experience in the knowledge of all the processes of coordination in society, they can see how to change the conditions, in order to achieve greater success with these changes, achieve all the goals set.

Goals and objectives of communication

People in one way or another, constantly, put themselvesSpecific goals. The goal in work, in studies, in competitions, is the goal of people's communication. Because a person is a being in a collectivist way, it happens that he just needs a dialogue, he wants to talk heart to heart, for obvious reasons, and he truly believes that in this way he does not have any purpose, then There is no final result from the conversation. But in fact, even the usual desire to just talk - is also the goal, or rather an end in itself, communication for the sake of communication (with relatives, friends). Probably, such a simple reason is very important, because here a person does not use another person to achieve a certain goal, but gets pleasure from the process itself.
What are the goals of communication? Other purposes are being realized in communication, in general theirSimply mass, it is probably impossible to just name them all, you can only generalize, because the goal, there is a specific idea, which man is guided in his actions, actions, thoughts.
The main goals of communication psychology divides into personal and group, social, aesthetic, cognitive, biological.
In the process of personal communication, a person sharesTheir problems, views, experience and giving all this - in return, waiting for support, acceptance, understanding, it is this reaction that will be the goal of this communication for him. There are people who communicate with others to confirm their individuality, superiority and domination. They deliberately behave defiantly, and as soon as they notice that the interlocutor reacts in the way necessary for them (surprised, frightened, hushed, lost) - rejoice, because they have achieved the goal. Many seek salvation, help and protection in communicating with another person, some see it as their goal to help all selflessly (altruism).
The purpose of communication can be acquaintance, the desire to make contact with a person because of sympathy or benefit. When looking for a partner for the game, people also have to come into contact.
A group goal is also possible, for example, inWorking group, where employees are connected by business communication, and they have a specific goal for the work plan. A group of students or schoolchildren also have a common goal related to scientific activity. In the sports team, the goals of communication are team cohesion and victory at competitions.
The microcosm of every man is the temple of all hisThoughts, creates autonomy and uniqueness of each subject. Therefore, staying in communication with people, it is impossible to deny the fact that the characterological characteristics of a person influence the process of communication. If the interlocutors can not perceive each other normally and adequately, through personal mutual hostility, it will be very difficult for them to achieve some common goal. But, when
, Recrossing one's own prejudices, crossingThrough their own ego, still support the communication channel, they have the opportunity to create an extraordinary power together. The energy of two people merges and becomes one and strong, and if this is a group, then the accumulation of all their energy forms a tremendous force. Through such a process as communication, people also learned to live together, evolve and survive in the wild, the group's goals were achieved, and the needs of each individual were met.
The objectives of communication directly depend on the type of relationshipBetween the subjects: pedagogical - communication between the student and the teacher, in this connection the goal is to teach and learn, the management goal (the subordinate and the boss), the entrepreneurial - the seller having the product and the consumer, the goals that will bring them mutual benefit, the curative - the healer who gave help and The patient who received it and many others.
Depending on the features of the conversation, there may be different goals and
. If the contact between people occurs directly -They use speech, facial expressions, improvised objects to improve the visualization of what has been said. If indirectly, they carry out communication, through telephone conversation, sms, letters.
Functions and goals of communication psychology in this respectArgues that they are definitely dependent on each other, in this key are allocated such functions: social adaptation (formation of a person as a social being), information transfer, regulation of relations with each other, expressive function is displayed in the exchange of emotions and experiences. Thus, the functions and goals of communication complement each other, and having carried out some function of communication - a certain goal is satisfied.

The purpose of business communication

There is business communication, which differs fromOf ordinary communication in that it has certain limits, it is limited to the fact that the subjects here are people whose subject of communication will always be an object related to their work activity (solving organizational, managerial, productive tasks).
In business communication, the purpose of communication is in the form of negotiations.
The goals and means of communication in business communication are correlated with the subject of general labor. For example, when a company needs to produce ideas, apply brainstorming techniques.
When labor issues are solved, their solutionBecomes the goal of the whole team, and for this each employee, being the object of communication, must exert his efforts. Therefore, it is very important that all participants in communication are people of the same level to reduce the risk of misunderstandings between them to a minimum. The circle of professionals solving business issues will be able to bring the company to the highest level. If in this circle, somehow someone gets caught, who does not know anything about the company's activities, he will not be asked by the group's goal to improve the organization and move it to a new level of opportunities, thus, he himself will be able to undermine the reputation of the company, and confuse Employees.
Before individual employees and company inIn general, the main goals of communication are to provide optimal conditions for productive solutions and to organize joint object activity. These goals are described in a very general way, there are also more specific, such purposes of communication are - creating a corporate culture, motivating employees, creating products, creating new services, developing ideas, forming a work collective, staffing, staff training, And, of course, during all these processes there is mutual influence of partners, so another important goal should be to create a friendly atmosphere and prevent the emergence of conflicts.
Even if the organization is good and tightA collective is formed, if everyone knows that they are acting for the general good of the firm, still each employee, no matter how, but is a person with individual views and attitudes. Individual views, which are part of a worker's life, are displayed in his attitude to work and work. That is, being an element of a group of people, there is also an individual, therefore, it can pursue personal goals.
Every worker wants to be protected, especiallyIf his work is associated with a risk to life (miner, soldier, employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations), in such cases, while conducting a business conversation, he can ask for additional protection.
In communication with the authorities, a subordinate can,Guided by the goal of improving the financial situation and quality of life, ask for an increase in wages. More chances for achieving this goal will be given some actions for the benefit of the organization, which will be regarded as a reason for raising the salary or issuing a bonus. Together with the increase in wages, the employee is often asked to raise his job, raise him to a new level, expand his powers and reduce hierarchical pressure. When a person has achieved the goal of increasing the position and salary, he at the same time consolidates a new status and prestige, seeks to increase his authority.
Each employee acts by taking certainSolutions in which there will be the best result for the firm and the least outcome of their own efforts and costs, in connection with these actions. Personality learns to combine personal and non-personal interests, adapting to the behavior of other colleagues, respecting the company's standards. Basically, these norms constitute property rights. These rights are shared, whose property and what is. Relying on them, people act in a certain way, and make their choice, observing this and other rights.
Even following the rules and traditions formedIn the company to a certain type of interaction in communication, each employee will do things according to their own interests and benefits. This often happens when the employee is unsure of his company and is not afraid to lose his job.
In the process of business communication occursContinuous interaction, adaptation to each other and to changes in the benefits themselves, so communication participants give their rivals the opportunity to choose, while acting in their personal interests. When the nature of the benefit changes, so does the attitude of the parties, they change their behavior, so that they are agreed with other employees. Here, as a matter of fact, the mechanism of business communication of employees is concluded - their own goals are achieved with the use of minimal means. The main thing in this process is a rational approach, then personal and group goals will be met. Man, having learned from his own mistakes, will rely on the experience gained, and it will be better to evaluate the pros and cons of solutions to problems.
When formalIssues that require voting or decisions, then participants in business negotiations will be guided by the rationality and consistency of the ideas put forward. Such qualities as creativity and intuition are not taken into account, as well as the social qualities of the manager.
In business relationships, it also happens that peopleThose at higher levels help the lower ones, wanting to pull them up and make the company more successful. But there are also those who pretend that they want better, but in fact they harm their employees and try to survive them from the company, sometimes to take their position, sometimes through personal motives.
To achieve the objectives of business communication inOrganizations must be created conditions that will reveal the creative potential of the employee's personality, his professional knowledge, having this, the company's management will be much easier to treat the requirements of subordinates and coordinate their personal interests and goals with the company's goals.

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