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How to return a girl after parting - advice of a psychologist

How to return the girl? Similar questions were worried before young men and continue to disturb modern youth. How to return your beloved girl, if she threw you, without even trying to explain the reasons, or as a reason for leaving, she came up with some nonsense, if in an instant she came from the closest man, turned into a cold and strange girl.
How to return the girl and overcome the emptiness,formed after her "flight?" After all, not long ago the couple could talk for hours, the young lady shared her most intimate with her chosen one, and today she left without telling even the reasons for leaving. What should a guy do when he is persistently pursued by compulsive questions: "why" and "how to return an ex-girlfriend", to which even elementary answers he can not find.
At these moments, the strong half becomes weak. Men may lose their appetite, and previously pleasing things, today they seem senseless. And the world in the eyes of abandoned men loses its colorfulness. Previously, he played richly bright colors, and now turned into a dull gray. Such a state is quite dangerous for their mental health. Since it is with such an internal disagreement that men can "heap" cases and "break firewood", thereby, more strongly sharpening the situation of internal disharmony. Therefore, you do not have to rush to the embrasure or "go to all serious", but you only need to take a small "time out", which should be spent on analyzing the feelings and causes that led to the rupture.

How to get your girlfriend back

In order to overcome the current circumstances withthe least harm to one's own personality and the return of a beloved girl, it is necessary to act in a certain way, but in the beginning it is necessary to understand the reasons that led her to care. The reasons for this may be thousands, for example, the guy often showed his own indifference to the partner or, conversely, just got it
and tyranny. Understand the
care for a man will not help a man. It is necessary to recall slowly all the requests of the girl and her claims, accusations, accusations, through which she tried to hint to the partner, as she sees her partner in life, slowly, in a cozy and calm atmosphere.
If the girl threw, and the question became urgent: "How to get it back?", Then in this situation it is necessary to change, making yourself such a man, whom the beloved dreamed on long winter evenings. It is also recommended to recall all the phrases that were mentioned as if in passing, for example, "you can not be relied upon", "you are not required," etc. After all, before the break, the man was comfortable not to hear the women's statements and requests, but now, when he asked himself the question: "how to return the ex-girlfriend" can no longer continue to ignore them. We can assume that the hour of reckoning has come or to treat it as a stage
For the return of old relationships it is necessary thatone of the pair changed. Most likely, this "one" will be a man. After all, it was he who solved the problem: "how to return your beloved girl, if she left you." Therefore, the strong half must take the will into the fist and remember the school education, when after each independent work the teachers were forced to work on the mistakes. Now such a work needs to be done in life. Often this stage in the restoration of relations is the most difficult. Therefore, you need to weigh everything and decide whether you can become the dream of the chosen one.
After the exact motive for parting has been clarifiedand work has been done on the mistakes, it is necessary to move on to the next stage of the operation called "return favorite", which consists in organizing a seemingly accidental encounter with the fugitive. The meeting should have only a friendly connotation. On it it is forbidden to ask about something former, to induce, to find out attitudes and to be humiliated. This behavior will only repel the beloved and she will be convinced again that she made the right decision when she left her partner. Confident passage and successful completion of the previous stage of the operation - work on errors, should mark the birth of a new
, which took into account all the blunders and eliminated shortcomings,annoying girl. At the meeting, the departed loved one should see the partner to others who have changed. It is not necessary for her to hint that before her now changed the former, the man of all her fantasies. She must understand this herself. Only in this scenario will the success of the operation be ensured. At the same time, one should not allow slackers and phrases like "I can not live without you". Such statements will aggravate the situation, which has developed so not in favor of the man. Do not once again please the woman
. It is better, on the contrary, to show her that life goes on even after her departure, and her free time is planned to be spent on developing her own hobbies and career growth.
The male half needs to remember that ladies lovea bit self-assured, slightly proud, ambitious people, and if they also enjoy success in the opposite half, then no representative of the beautiful half before them will not stand. Self-confidence, self-love and ambition can be worked out. Harder is the success with the opposite sex. But here you can cheat. It is necessary to agree with the ladies to call, when the guy will be at a meeting with the former. It is also recommended to learn to flirt with the charmers of the opposite sex and use the acquired skills to the full. Let the girl know that her ex-couple does not suffer quietly in the corner, but leads an active life and enjoys success with the ladies.
Such friendly spontaneous meetings are necessaryarrange at least two, and preferably three. At each meeting should emphasize their own behavior that the girl is a confident, ambitious person with grandiose plans for a future life. It is also recommended that during the conversation occasionally slips phrases like "I thought a lot and realized that jealousy is stupid, because any relationship should be built solely on trust" or "I now find it funny to remember how unhappy I was." However, it is necessary to sincerely say such remarks and try not to make them seem faked and forced. With such conversations, a man demonstrates that the relationship with her has become a wonderful lesson for him and in the next serious communication he will necessarily behave correctly. This will make the girl think about the correctness of her care.
It should also be noted that a man mustmake it clear to the girl that he is grateful for the relationship that existed between him and her, that he does not regret anything and he has only pleasant memories. The fact that an abandoned man regrets a break, that every day he remembers his beloved, a woman should not know. You can even hint the former that he seems to be getting serious relations with the clever clever and simply beautiful, but he is not entirely sure that he is ready for a new connection, as he did not quite recover after the breakdown of previous relations. In addition to this, you need to say that although not completely recovered after the break, but still try. Most beautiful women are so arranged that even a single mention of a hypothetical rival leads them into an easy perplexity, smoothly transformed into rabies. And it does not matter that it concerns a former guy.
In most cases, following the listedthe stages of the operation will lead to the fact that the former companion will be hurt by the lively behavior of the once beloved. If this happens, then the final stage of the operation "return favorite" is coming, which is to stop any interaction with the girl for a certain period of time. In other words, calls, correspondence on the Internet or through SMS messages are prohibited. It is better to spend this time on your own hobbies or self-improvement. If after a maximum of a week the girl first somehow manifests herself, then we can assume that the man came out the winner and successfully completed such a difficult operation. If the miracle does not happen, maybe she just never loved a partner and will not fall in love anymore. So maybe you do not need to tap into closed doors ?!

How to return a girl after parting

As a rule, parting, quite painfulprocess. If the relationship is over, but the thought "I want to return the girl" settled in my head, then for this the man can take several important steps, described above. Before you take decisive steps, you need to analyze your own motives. It's normal that people get used to each other in the process of mutual relations, as a result of which the severing of relations is more difficult. In addition, abandoned guys have to be alone with their own rather unpleasant, and sometimes painful feelings in the soul, from which they dream to get rid of. As a result, many guys are looking for a solution to the problematic question: "how to regain the feelings of a girl" only solely for the sake of returning the habitual way of existence and the feelings of comfort, tranquility previously present in life. Therefore, one should look at the situation of parting objectively before proceeding to actions. We need to think about why the relationship ended, and for what reason I want to return them. If a man is run
or loneliness, then this is not the best motivating factor for the renewal of communication. It will be more correct to start thinking about one's own perfection, development,
. It is also necessary to take for granted the current situation.
If the strong half is driven by the opinion of others,friends about them or relatives, then such motives for the revival of relations are also fundamentally wrong. You should not prove to anyone that you are able to return a "runaway" favorite by clicking on your fingers. Such actions will only exacerbate the state of mind of both men and women. Also, you do not need to fight for relationships just because you want to get even with a former partner and hurt her. These are false motivations for the revival of relations that will lead to a dead end situation. Such behavior can only get pain and get emotional trauma. Instead, it is necessary to solve problems in an adult way, to think soberly, pushing feelings to the background. It should be at least a short time to try to forget about the unfulfilled relationship. In time, most likely, there will come the realization that the decision to return the departed girl, was based solely on emotions.
Do not be afraid of loneliness. Many people completely misunderstand the feeling of loneliness. They think themselves unhappy because they do not have a companion or companion nearby. Loneliness is only a state of mind. It is possible to feel lonely in a relationship, or, conversely, to be without a couple, but to feel absolutely harmonious, because in life it happens, today there is a partner alongside, and tomorrow there is not. Therefore, the time that has been freed, after the departure of the beloved, must be rationally used, for example, by directing it to one's own development.

How to return a girl if her feelings are cold

In the relations, the presence of harmony and mutual understandingit is very important, but not always it reigns between the pair. More often the opposite happens, there are conflicts and grievances. Often, because of this, the former feelings cool down. As a result, the obsessive question arises in the guys' head: "how to return a girl if she does not love." Often, a strong half suffers from this issue from the fact that only their pride is hurt. But this feeling will not help in the return of the partner's love. If the desire "I want to return a girl" is based on the love of a partner, then you must be patient and follow the rules below.
First, it is not recommended to arrange roughclarifying the relationship with the girl, also do not need to reproach her, and even more so, to threaten. A man should be guided by reason and remember that he, above all, is a civilized person, not a Neanderthal person. Threats and reproaches only more strongly alienate the chosen one.
Also, do not put pressure on women's feelingspity. Since such actions can cause pity, and where there is pity for a man, there is no place for love. Therefore, do not tell your beloved, how bad without it. Before you take any action, you should wait until emotions subsided to allow for an adequate assessment of your own actions and understanding of the reasons that led to the feeling that the senses have cooled down. If you can not independently identify the cause of cooling, you can ask advice from a close environment that observed the relationship of the pair. Finding the cause of the gap is the key to the success of the return of past feelings. Since the reason - this is a kind of direction in which you need to move to win the heart of your beloved.

Do not constantly repeat to the chosen one aboutown love. It will only tire her. It is better to show a friendly attitude towards her. It is necessary to start unobtrusively interested in her life, work. You can also offer assistance in solving any issues. It is recommended to do everything possible to make your beloved realize that you can rely on a man. Girls like reliable and responsible individuals.
Also, one should not think that the cause of coolingfeelings of the girl was the bad behavior of the guy. Most likely, on the contrary, if the guy was too precautionary, did every female whim, took into account only the wishes of the chosen one, even those that were contrary to his own, it was this behavior that served as the impetus for the cooling of feelings. Men must always follow one unchangeable rule, which is as follows. A beautiful half should never occupy absolutely all men's thoughts. You must always leave space for your own personality. Successful and strong males put, in most cases, first place their own desires and sometimes go on a compromise.
It should also be noted that a set of attractivepersonal traits are different for ladies and gentlemen. For the male part in women, an attractive appearance, her figure, her face is rather important, whereas for women in the stronger half, the presence of leadership qualities, determination, reliability, responsibility, self-confidence, courage and other traits that make a male male . It seems nothing complicated and quite simple to correspond to the described ideal of appeal for women, but in practice a lot depends on small things. So, for example, girls are often interested in guys, how they plan to spend time today, what the guys say they do not know and offer to solve for the girls, thereby demonstrating their unattractive trait called "lack of leadership qualities". Therefore, if a man seeks a solution to the problem of "how to return a girl if she does not love", then in the first turn, he needs to eliminate all unattractive features in himself, replacing them with attractive ones.

How to return a girl if she went to another

So, if the girl has thrown and how to return itan urgent problem, one should accept the fact that women never go away just because they always have a reason for it. One of them may be loss of interest in a partner, as a companion with whom you can connect your life. This includes interest in a man as an interlocutor, sexual attraction to him, personal comfort during a joint pastime, etc. It is losing all of the above, and the ladies of the heart are leaving. And if they abandoned the guy for the sake of another, then this other has all of the above. But do not despair. Everything is fixable. After all, the partner still has a lot to do with the former, namely, the feeling of love, intimacy, comfort and nostalgia.
Love can not pass instantly. Therefore, if a girl had a feeling of love for a partner, and the longer the couple was together, the more difficult it will be for her to forget her former. Therefore, while she did not completely cool to the former, it is necessary to take steps to return her.
How to return a girl - advice of a psychologist.
If the couple did not have problems in their intimate life, thenthis will be another plus, which will promote the resumption of relations. After all, an intimate life with a former partner for a girl, for a short time, will seem better than with the current guy. This is due to the fact that the beloved during the relationship well studied the former elect, his body and erogenous zones, fantasies, etc. Likewise, like her abandoned boyfriend, everyone knows about the addictions in the intimate heart of a lady.
In any relationship, even very bad,There is always something to remember. After all, there were joint holidays and romantic dinners, anniversaries, etc. The girl, from time to time, will remember the pleasant moments spent with the ex-boyfriend, after all with a new pair she still has very few such moments.
Due to all of the above, the taska guy who is interested in "how to regain the feelings of a girl", will correctly take advantage of what else connects him with the former lady. But first we need to understand a few elementary truths:
- should be better than it was;
- you need to become better than her current boyfriend;
- it is necessary to forget the past (that is, even mentally not to remember the bad) and start a relationship with a pure wanderer, not anew, but in a different way;
- it is required to seduce the former partner as if she is a new girl;
- it is important to always radiate a positive, so that not a drop of negativity is present.
How to return a girl if she does not want a relationship? The primary task of the guy, if left, will not waste time. It is necessary to begin work on self-improvement, which begins with the following:
- Updating your own wardrobe and changing the style in clothes for a more modern and interesting;
- Updating the page in social networks (bright photos, where the face of the guy radiates happiness, any information only positive direction);
- development of masculine qualities.
The girl should notice in the former electchanges for the better after the break, as well as the fact that the "abandoned" guy does not kill for her, but enjoys life and is quite happy. It is capable of hurting her greatly, as a result of which she will be drawn to the interaction with the former partner herself.

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