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How to forget the person you love, and he does not exist - psychology

How to forget the person you love, if fateOrdered that people can not be together? The easiest way to deal with this problem is to cope with the workaholic women who are completely immersed in work or dreamers dreaming of a new relationship with the opposite sex. In any case, psychologists recommend adding to their lives lively, new images, walking more, making acquaintances, visiting fashion exhibitions, cinemas, psychological trainings "how to become happy" and so on.
There is another opinion: And maybe you should not strive to forget the person you love as soon as possible and leave it as it is, experiencing tender feelings for your ex-boyfriend. Over time, the feelings themselves will cool off and gradually forget the person you love, will be possible, without making special efforts to this. However, every woman chooses his own way.
How to forget the person you love? Psychology on this account says that not always human relationships have development according to the ideal scenario and the strongest pairs are often subject to cooling feelings.
Femin, who foresees intuitively what is notThe day will come nearer when the chosen one says that their relationship has exhausted themselves and declares that it is necessary to live for a while to check the feelings, is in a more favorable position than the one that was suddenly notified about it.
It should also be noted that all without exceptionFemin, with whom the beloved parted, after the cardinal changes in their lives come back to normal not very quickly. For someone, it takes ten days to treat a heart wound, while some women live many months with pain.
How quickly to forget the person you love,So that he does not appear at every street crossroads, do not come in dreams and just start living peacefully, dreaming of a new relationship with the opposite sex? The best healer to forget the past love is time. Parting with a loved one is a heart attack and a mental trauma.
With each passing day the pain will gradually subside, andSeparation from time will not seem to be the end of life, but it is still necessary to live up to this period. At the moment when girls find out that they are "thrown", they begin to behave inadequately. And the biggest problem is that feminine can not realize that they were "abandoned", because women themselves rarely do such deeds and with the onset of the next day they think that everything will be, as before, as it was. Therefore, for the fair sex parting is a nightmare, which soon, they think, will end.

How to forget the person you love - psychology

Psychologists say that living in anticipation that the chosen one will return soon means to deceive oneself and turn life into an insignificant existence.
Tips of psychologists, how to forget a loved one,At first glance quite simple, and they all rely on worldly wisdom. A woman should not think that her situation is unique and she was alone in her trap. Men "threw", and will "throw" a feminine, so arranged
That they need to conquer "new peaks"(Representatives of the fair sex). It's all polygamous and nothing can be done about it, so you have to treat this problem in a philosophical way. One of the readers will object and recall examples from the life of mutual and devoted love of men, yes, such cases are encountered, but according to the statistics of men monogamous there is very little. Therefore, psychologists recommend not to replenish the ranks of clients of psychiatric hospitals, but to try to distance themselves from the personal drama and rather forget the person you strongly love.
So, the advice of psychologists is how to forget the person you love:
- if the feminine realized that her chosen one was notWill return, we should try to normalize our habitual way of life, stop crying and learn, again, fully live, but without your loved one; - you need to think about yourself and your health, get yourself enough sleep and eat right, because the appearance directly depends on the quality of night sleep and a balanced diet;

- it is required to remove from the field of view joint photos and things that will remind of past love;
- after spending some time alone, you should "escape" anywhere from the closed tightly to your home, where you can distract yourself mentally and switch to other cares;
- it is important to stop feeling sorry for yourself, and give yourselfThe establishment that strong personalities are all for nothing, and any difficulties only temper and make wiser, and also more enduring, after all, love in general might not be in life, and so was a wonderful opportunity to experience this inspirational feeling - love;
- If it is absolutely unbearably painful and emotional suffering absorbed every minute, it would be more appropriate to make an appointment with a practicing psychologist;
- specialist will help
, Will return to a full life, tell you how to avoid mistakes in life and remove dependence on a loved one.
"I love a man, I want to forget him" - often fromGirls can hear this phrase after the forced parting with your beloved. Often the femin does not get to forget the person she loves on her own, and often on the first, hard days after parting, thoughts of suicide come to him. They begin to persecute the former, write to them threats in sms or social networks, seize their grievances and disappointment with sweets, abuse alcohol, resort to drugs, keep their emotions inside, bury themselves alive, Agree to sex with all men in a row.
So to behave categorically it is impossible, this way notWill allow feminine forever to forget the person you love, and destroy it as an individual, take your health and it will be almost impossible to recover over time.
How can you forget the person you love? If a woman loves a person and wants to forget him,Then you need to recognize yourself as a significant person for yourself and not dependent on your loved one. It is required to realize that for herself, only a woman is the greatest value and the most important person in life, not the former chosen one. You should also understand that it's time to let him go and live on, as it was before meeting with your beloved.
It must be said that "from now onLife will go in parallel and only if necessary or accidentally intersect. Any meeting with the former, I will always take it calmly, my behavior will be worthy, and in my memory will remain good memories, no matter how hard I felt at heart. " These positive attitudes, pronounced by a woman out loud, will allow you to tune in to correct behavior and help you avoid mistakes. After all, very little time will pass and the feminine will assess the situation of parting quite differently, and she will not seem so critical. Discover new facts confirming that not so good was her chosen one, a woman will see the advantages in isolation: one is not so bad at all, there will be new life opportunities in which it was limited earlier in the relationship, and indeed in general Life is beautiful without obligations to another person.
To forget the person you love, psychologistsThey recommend believing in their successful future. Optimists live much easier and in all problems and worldly difficulties they find advantages. If a loved one has parted with a woman, then thank you for the wonderful days spent together, and go on life further, without looking back to past memories.

How to forget the person you love, and he does not exist

You can not get stuck in past experiences,Let me grieve for my miserable fate and bad luck in life. A person chooses for himself: prolonged suffering or a life filled with bright events. Psychologists have proven that
Experiences an unpleasant event in theLife ten minutes, after the brain received information. All the rest of the time a person allows himself to lose heart, show cowardice, laziness, denies himself the manifestation of willpower and character, he likes to remain in the state of sacrifice and do nothing for
. It's so nice to feel sorry for yourself, undead in bedAnd allow suffering that it is impossible to return, and where it is more difficult to get oneself into the hands, to put in order thoughts, to begin to improve and develop as a person, so that he himself should, for which he should be respected and loved. Will there be a feeling of love in the opposite sex for a vindictive, lazy, depressed person, who pities herself and suffers from being "abandoned". Of course not. It is necessary to draw the right conclusions about life and to go our own way further.
It is possible that the person you love moreLife, and he does not exist, you just need to forget, because he was not worthy of love from a loving woman, and maybe the reason for parting was that the woman did not reach the level of a man, and he was not interested in it. In this case, it is necessary to accept the choice of a man and not to inflate this problem to catastrophic proportions. Nothing terrible happened, you just need to understand that a woman in a man's view is not an ideal companion of life and begin to cultivate in the right directions. After digging into yourself, thinking that you did not like the chosen one, you can understand the reason for parting with your beloved. Proceeding from this, forget the man you love very much, and he will not be you, it will be easier, because the woman will try to understand what prompted her to stop her relations.
Someone should pull up culinary skills,Others love the intimacy, and the third is the desire to take care of themselves and develop intellectually. In any case, you can not stop and say to yourself that "I know everything, I can do everything, I'm perfect, but somehow I was" abandoned "?". It is necessary to understand that a man will always strive unconsciously for everything ideal: ideal work, an ideal home, an ideal wife. And if under the last item his choice has not got, then it is necessary to work on the mistakes and continue to look with burning eyes at life and representatives of the opposite sex. It is compulsory for a man to notice such a woman, surround him with his attention, and forget a man whom you love very much, and he does not exist, it will be much faster than "brewing" in past experiences of unhappy love.

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