Depressive states

How to get out of the depression yourself

How to get out of depression and why it happened,if he got into the paws of this disease, people often wonder. Being a biological, social being, a person depends entirely on the society, because he constantly interacts with people in everyday life, at work, in the family, during leisure. If a chain is broken in a society, when an individual ceases to feel like a part of it, life plans, hopes, breaks down the character, as a result there is uncertainty, lack of initiative. Failure to cope with a difficult life situation leads to a person's mental illness. Unfortunately, most of those suffering from mental disorders do not fully realize that they are depressed. So, doctors are not treated, and only occasionally they are asked the question: "How to get out of the depression yourself?"
First, let's analyze the meaning of the term itselfDepression, which is often confused with a subdepressive short-term condition. Sub-depression is observed in people often, and basically it precedes depression.
Depression is a serious mental disorder,which is characterized by a depressed state of mind with negative emotions, passivity in behavior, altered motivational sphere and cognitive function (associated with cognition), which greatly affects the ability to work. A person in a state of depression experiences painful, heavy emotions, as well as experiences: depression, depression, despair. At the same time, motives, inclinations, volitional activity are sharply reduced. A special feature is the person's thoughts about his own responsibility for the various difficult, unpleasant events that have occurred in the life of his or his close people. The sense of guilt for the actions of the past and the associated state of helplessness, which arose before life's difficulties, is intertwined with a sense of hopelessness. In this case, self-esteem in a person falls sharply, and behavior in a state of depression is characterized by slowness, lack of initiative, rapid fatigue. Severe, prolonged periods of depressive state suggest attempts at suicide.
Depression is also characterized by a decreasedmood and vital motivations, inhibition of motor activity and intellectual, pessimistic assessment of oneself, and also its position in reality. The time frame for recovery is individual and depends on the depression itself. Some are delayed up to six months, while others take place in a few weeks.
Subdepression is a shallow depression orthe first stage of deepening endogenous depression, or the depressive state of neurotic as well as cyclothymic genesis. Subdepression is characterized by a decrease in mood, a pessimistic assessment of events, a temporary decline in efficiency. Often such a mood is subject to cyclotimics. These are persons with wave-like, multiple changes of states of excitation and subdepressive states. The peculiarity of mild depression is that a person loses his usual capacity for work, being in a state of chronic fatigue. One of the problems of this condition is the appearance of bad sleep at night, memory impairment, loss of concentration on some occupation and an excessive desire to sleep during the day. Often subdepression acts disguised by various manifestations of a somatic nature. For example, a person is concerned about headaches, neuralgia, problems of the gastrointestinal tract. Ill go to doctors, is examined, but doctors do not find anything. Parallel to this, a person has a taste for life and interest, and what is happening around him can not cause the slightest response. Such a state is inherent in people with high intelligence, which has a great potential, but encountering certain difficulties, they experience the influence of negative thoughts, because the problems are knocked out of the rut. Frequent bad mood causes this state of subdepression.

How to get out of the depression yourself

Some people joke that in order not togo out of depression yourself, it is better not to fall into it. However, there are many factors independent of the person due to which there comes an uncomfortable, painful, passive, devastating condition, often leading to a number of diseases: anorexia, bulimia, obesity, headaches, gastrointestinal diseases, etc. Our entire life activity is aimed at interacting with other people , and from successful coordination with each other, the position in society, our internal state, the level of our life depends.
Knowledge of the basics of psychology will help in the managementyourself, other people, will give an understanding of yourself, and also answer the question of how to get out of the depression yourself. It is we who decide, and we determine who we will be in this life, only we are for ourselves an important person in this life, not on someone, but on ourselves we should concentrate our attention. To understand your role in this life, you need to manage yourself and understand yourself well, so as not to let external factors win over the internal state. First of all, lying on the couch, tell yourself mentally: I want to get out of depression. Repeat your desire out loud three times: I want to get out of depression. Your spoken desire serves as the starting point for the depressive state to leave you. Remember these minutes. From this moment the process of recovery began. The hardest thing in the treatment of depression is the first minutes of treatment, when you have to force yourself to get up and put in order (thoughts, appearance, actions) and designate all your actions as meaning when everything around is collapsing and life loses its meaning. Tell yourself: this is important for me and I will do it, because I respect myself and love.
Then you need to free yourself from your illusions andbegin to deal with the occurrence of a particular problem and why it appeared. Independently to get out of the world of stereotypes, as well as illusions is very difficult, because the habit is strong, rooted and has a far from reality understanding.

How to get out of deep depression

In order not to have to ask a question, but howto get out of a deep depression, it is necessary to know yourself, this world and start living in it happily and with meaning. Look for meaning in everything: walk, sun, interesting book, film, delicious food, new acquaintances and new work, communication with animals, sports and stuff. And gradually you will be satisfied with your life, enjoying every moment of it and this will happen regardless of whether you achieve success in this life or not.
How to get out of deep depression you still canhelp specialists. Effectively this will happen after the timely therapeutic methods. Biological treatment consists of pharmacological therapy, as well as the inclusion of electroconvulsive therapy, phototherapy - light treatment, sleep deprivation deprivation, diet therapy, herbal therapy. Drug medications include antidepressants, along with which they use tranquilizers, vitamins, lithium salts, antioxidants, neuroleptics, drugs that improve the metabolism of brain cells.

How to get out of depression after parting with your loved one

First, it is important to understand the mechanismof love. For a man in love, there is a picture of the world, which he regards as true. And at the same time this truth does not give him what he wants. The lover begins to be capricious, angry, embittered, wishes to restore his favorite toy in spite of everything, in order to remain in a buzzful state. In this case, a lover is a man who pities himself and his sorrow.
Getting out of depression after parting with your loved one is very difficult. You need to let go of the situation, and to begin liberation from the old relationship, you need to mentally let go of your loved one.

How to get out of depression after a divorce

Depression after a divorce delivers unpleasantmoments for both spouses: discomfort, experiences, settling housing issues, exhausting the nervous system, the division of property, forced separation from children, as well as many other moments.
How to get out of depression after a divorce? First of all, it is necessary to forbid yourself to experience, to be sad, to suffer, to lie down, to despair and to live unpleasant moments several times. This way of life delays, and the forces begin to leave. If the divorce process is exhausted, and the depression has completely swallowed up, then for the beginning it is necessary to calm down, to find what will relax you. Understand that divorce is a break in relationships, but this is not the end of the world. People can not live with each other against their will, and there is nothing easier than to make a promise of eternal love. It is very important to accept this fact, and life will play with other colors. Now you feel bad, so talk about it with those who are ready to listen to you. Over time, the divorce will not cause violent emotions, and this stage of life you will remember quietly. Try not to make a fuss, keep yourself in hand, thank for the time that you lived together and release your spouse. By this you will win much more.

How to get out of depression to a woman

Initially, a woman has an acute crisisa condition that turns into a chronic depression, in which it is very difficult to regain the previous state of mind. Statistics show that every eighth woman commits a suicide attempt, and every fourth need psychotherapeutic help, the rest manage to survive depression on their own. How to get out of depression to a woman? Women's depression needs treatment. At first, antidepressants are effective, a visit to a psychologist, a passion for meditation. Do not take divorce as an irrevocable event, but also zealous in the various methods of retention is also not worth it. This will only increase the resistance of her husband. But maintaining sincere friendly relations, will help with a greater probability to regain one's balance and leave an opportunity for her husband to return to you with time. This will happen in spite of all the opinions that the former do not return. According to statistics in large cities, every fourth man comes back again, and a divorced third would eventually come back. Remember this. In the meantime, take care of yourself and allow yourself what was not allowed in marriage. Do not mind about it. You need to be free from this attachment. Tell yourself that from now on your vital roads will go in parallel and if it is necessary, they will intersect, but everything that will happen to you further, you will take it easy.

How to get out of depression to a man

At men all is much more difficult, as depressionafter the divorce develops later than women, and it seems to everyone that they are all well and have no experience. But this is not so. In the first days after the divorce, men are not worried about memories, doubts do not torment them, the future does not frighten them. And after enjoying freedom, men begin to overcome such unpleasant moments as confusion, depression, alcohol abuse, chronic fatigue, a sense of loneliness, overeating, emotional burnout at work, frustration intimately.
The cause of depression in men is banal -disappointment. Not everyone succeeds, being free to meet an unusual, young and seductive woman. Only partially fulfilled these dreams, and a close acquaintance with mistresses and women does not bring long-awaited joy. Simultaneously with the new life there is a reassessment of the failed, previous family life and memory gives out bright and joyful episodes from it.
And now most of the men think about the returnin the family. Having understood this, you can solve your most important problem, which led you to depression. It is only necessary to overcome the invented laws of male stereotypes, which categorically forbid you to do this.
This period is characterized by accumulationmental fatigue from independent life and loneliness. Not everyone can live for a long time and after a while comes insight, and men embrace depression.
Then the next thing happens: men destroy themselves from within with alcohol, surpluses of entertainment, indiscriminate intimacy, overeating.
How to get out of depression a man? First of all, he will learn to suppress his desires and become more organized.
How to get out of depression - ways
Cease to live by the past and nothing from itwait. Start building your life anew, day after day. Do not shut yourself up, make new acquaintances, smile, update the wardrobe, change the image, go in for sports, fulfill your dream, change the situation - go on a trip. Diversify your life with pleasant moments that were unavailable in marriage. Observe a balanced diet, filled with vitamins, and eliminate alcohol. Step into a new life of a healthy, loving person.

How to get out of depression teenager

First of all, this is the task of parents not to missdepression in a teenager and help him cope with the emergence of such a condition. To prevent this from happening, stop punishing him, humiliating him, fixing in his memory positive qualities, do not blame for mistakes. Give your child freedom and decision-making, support in everything. Listen to the teenager, especially if he is depressed and avoid moralizing.

How to get out of depression after giving birth

Postpartum depression often occurs inthe first three months after childbirth. It is characterized by changes in the mental behavior of the woman who gave birth. New moms have unreasonable fears about courtship for a child. These fears disrupt the atmosphere of communication with the baby. A long period of depression after childbirth was seen as a postpartum discouragement.
Getting out of depression after giving birth helpspsychological counseling, building attachment to the child, psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Drug therapy consisting of antidepressants, weakens the symptoms of depression after childbirth.

How to get out of depression after the death of a loved one

Stages of experiencing grief after the death of a loved oneexist without clear time limits and each person experiences them individually, but conditionally it occurs according to the following scheme. A stupor, a shock lasting a week and a person's actions on the machine, as in a dream. Next comes the stage of experiencing acute grief. Its length is up to three months. This period is characterized by acute heartache, bitter tears and regrets. There are thoughts about helplessness, meaninglessness of existence, feelings of guilt, anger arises. After the death of a loved one, it is important not to remain alone, not to become withdrawn in oneself, to speak out in one's feelings, to remember, to discuss. So the experience of grief will pass quickly. I want to cry - cry, go angry - get angry.

How to get out of alcoholic depression

Alcohol depression is depressivestate due to the use of alcoholic beverages. There are two types of alcoholic depression. The first arises from the dependence and desire to abandon the adoption of alcoholic beverages, and the second appears as a result of a hangover. Often people, staying for other reasons in a depressed state, try to solve their problems through the use of alcoholic beverages. As a result, an even deeper depressive state develops and a person finds himself in a closed circle of alcoholic depression. Getting into such a trap does not know how to get out of alcoholic depression. And the help from relatives only annoys, introducing into even greater depressive state.
Often the symptoms of alcoholic depression are confused withsymptoms of alcohol dependence. During the alcoholic depression, there is no feeling of satisfaction, joy, euphoria after drinking. On the contrary, there are thoughts of suicide, as well as death, so in this case the psychotherapist needs help.
Getting out of alcoholic depression yourselfwill not work. But the expert will figure out exactly what stress led you to a glass, or vice versa, how this glass brought to a depressive state. Treatment will proceed from the root cause.

How to get out of the autumn depression

Treatment for seasonal disorders includeslight therapy. To do this, use the drug "Light therapy Bioptron", produced in Switzerland. There are some methods of suggestion that help restore inner calm, achieve a state of relaxation and sleep. Self-medication is excluded and consultation is recommended with subsequent treatment by specialists. Prevention includes early recovery, a full night's sleep, a balanced diet, exercise, outdoor exercise.

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