How to increase self-esteem for a woman and a girl

How to increase self-esteem for a woman, if all knowledgeAbout themselves are associated with an emotional-evaluative attitude. Self-esteem refers to an important structural component of the self-concept of the individual. Psychological dictionaries refer to self-esteem for values, the importance of which the woman gives to some aspects of her personality, behavior, activity. Psychologists consider self-esteem as a personal central education, as well as the central component of the self-concept.
The functions of self-evaluation are regulatory, protective,Influencing the activities, personality development, its behavior, relationships with other personalities. The main function of a woman's self-assessment is her internal regulation of behavior. The higher female form of self-regulation appears in the creative peculiar attitude of one's own personality in the desire to change for the better and realize it. The protective function of female self-esteem provides relative stability, as well as the autonomy of the individual.
Self-esteem is a complex education of the psyche,Arising from the work of self-consciousness processes. At all, it goes through many stages and stays at different levels of development in the process of becoming a person. Therefore, personal self-evaluation is constantly changing, improving.
A woman's self-esteem is never final,Because the personality is in constant development. It follows that the idea of ​​yourself is constantly changing. The source of the woman's appraisal of herself is a sociocultural environment, the results of introspection and also social reactions to certain manifestations of personality.
Burns notes three points that areImportant for understanding self-esteem of the individual. First, this comparison of the real image of the self with the ideal image of I. This comparison often appears in different psychotherapeutic techniques. A high degree of coincidence of the ideal self with the real is considered a significant indicator of mental health. This means that the smaller the gap between the ideal self and the real representation of a woman about herself, the higher the female self-esteem.
Secondly, in the formation of self-assessment, the main role is played by the internalization of social reactions. In other words, a woman tends to evaluate herself the way others evaluate her.
Thirdly, real achievements in all types of activity significantly influence the formation of self-esteem in women. And the more significant the success of a person, the higher will be her self-esteem.
Particularly it should be emphasized that self-esteem hasSubjective character and independent of their own judgments or interpretations of the judgments of others. Its content covers the world of moral values, as well as relationships, abilities, opportunities. A holistic single self-image of a woman is formed from self-assessments of individual aspects of the mental world.
Self-esteem of a woman is a very personal andSubjective education of the psyche. Its formation occurs with less or more active participation of the person himself, has a qualitative imprint of the uniqueness of the psychic world and does not coincide in all its elements with the objective evaluation of this individual. Its truth, adequacy, consistency, and consistency are established after real manifestations of personality in behavior, as well as activities. Psychology distinguishes self-esteem inadequate and adequate. The real look of a woman's personality reflects an adequate self-esteem.
If the woman's opinion of herself coincides with the fact thatIt really is from itself, then they speak about the adequacy of evaluation. Inadequate self-esteem is characteristic of a person who does not have a self-image. Such a person assesses itself biased, her opinion is at odds with what others think of her.
Inadequate self-esteem can be overstatedAnd understated. If a woman overestimates her abilities, her personal qualities, results of activity and her self-evaluation are overestimated. Such a person self-confidently takes up the proposed work, which exceeds its real capabilities. After failure, a woman is disappointed, and quickly shifts responsibility to other people or circumstances. If a woman underestimates herself in comparison with what she really is, then her self-esteem is understated.
Low self-esteem destroys a woman's hopesTo a supportive attitude towards her and his own real success, as well as a positive assessment of others. She perceives all the successes as casual and temporary. Both understated and overrated self-esteem create difficulties in a person's life. It is difficult to live women timid and insecure, but it is also difficult to live and arrogant. Inadequate self-esteem creates difficulties in life also for others.
Adequate self-esteem is also not alwaysHomogeneous. In some women it is high, but in others it is low. Overestimated self-esteem is noted in women who do not take themselves to be the worst, and also treat themselves positively. They have a high level of aspiration, as well as a belief in their abilities. Such a woman is guided by personal principles, always knows herself the price, and the opinion of others is not of decisive importance for her. She is self-confident and criticism does not provoke her defensive stormy reaction and is always perceived calmly. A woman who is positively related to herself is often trustful and supportive of others.
Reduced self-esteem is noted in the aspirationUnderestimate their own capabilities, achievements, abilities, increased vulnerability and anxiety, fear of negative views of themselves, which encourages women to limit contacts with other personalities. In this case
Self-disclosure limits the proximity and depth of communication. Women with low self-esteem are incredulous, and also malevolent toward other individuals.
How to increase a woman's self-esteem? Psychology offers such recommendations. For the development of positive self-esteem, the love of loved ones is of great importance for women, regardless of what kind of self-esteem a woman currently has. The constant manifestation of the husband's love, the good attitude of the collective, causes the woman to sense her own worth, and also promotes a positive attitude towards herself. Increase self-esteem is quite realistic, but often this is a rather slow process. But conscious attempts to form a positive evaluation of themselves can be useful to almost all women.
How to increase self-esteem and self-confidence for a woman?
Tips include the following:
- stop comparing yourself with other personalities, because in your circle of communication there will always be those who are better or worse;
- if you compare, there will always be opponents, as well as opponents, whom you will not surpass;
- stop blaming or scolding yourself, because It is impossible to form a high level of self-esteem when uttering a negative in its address;
- when speaking about appearance, relationships, career, financial situation, as well as other aspects of life, avoid self-deprecating moments;
- correction of self-esteem directly depends on your statements in your address;
- take all the compliments, as well asCongratulations with "thank you"; Responding to a compliment: "Yes, nothing special," you thereby reject it and give a message to yourself that you are unworthy of a compliment and lower your self-esteem;
- use affirmations (affirmations) to increase self-esteem;
- Position on the frequently used or visibleThe subject statement: "I love myself and always accept myself," "I am the best woman and take the best from life." Repeat the statement throughout the day, and let it be always with you. Repeat these words before going to sleep and waking up; - Read books, listen to seminars, audio, videos, which are devoted to increasing self-esteem;

- information that is allowed into your mind, takes root there and gradually affects your behavior;
- the prevailing information affects all womenActs dominantly, when watching negative television programs or reading a criminal chronicle, the woman's attitude tends to be cynical as well as pessimistic, so reading positive books or listening to programs can enhance self-esteem;
- try to communicate only with positive ones, andAlso self-confident personalities who will always support you; When you are surrounded by negative people overwhelming you, as well as your ideas, your self-esteem will only go down. And when you are encouraged and accepted, then you will immediately feel much better, and your self-esteem will increase;
- make a list of your personal pastAchievements; They can be insignificant: they lost weight, got a driver's license, got married, won competitions, got a prestigious job, got a promotion by position. Regularly looking through this list, close your eyes and feel the satisfaction you experienced before;
- form the entire list of personal positiveQualities. Be supportive of yourself and include in the list up to 20 qualities; Browse this list as often as possible. Psychologists noticed that most people focus on personal flaws, and thus reinforce low self-esteem, and then wonder why life is not so good in life? Concentrate on your merits, and you will have more chances to achieve what you want;
- start giving more to yourself, meaning yourself and your actions; Doing something for others, you will feel like the most valuable individual, and your mood and self-esteem will increase;
- Try to do only what you like and close to; It is very difficult to feel relatively positive about yourself, if your days at work are flying in a negative;
- self-esteem thrives where active activity brings pleasure and makes you feel valuable;
- it is not always possible to pick up a job that will suit you perfectly, but you can take all your free time with personal hobbies that bring you joy;
- be true in yourself, always live your ownLife; You will then respect yourself when you live your life as you wish, and if your decisions are based on the approval of relatives and friends, then you are not true in yourself and you will have low self-esteem;
- act always, sitting without moving is impossibleRaise self-esteem, regardless of the result, a sense of self-esteem will increase and you will feel pleasant sensations; Lingering in actions because of fear, a woman feels anxiety, as well as sad feelings that, will lower self-esteem;
- remember that you are a unique person with great potential and potential;
- as self-esteem grows, true abilitiesOpen, the woman begins to take on an even greater risk and ceases to fear failure; In time you will cease to hold a reference point to other people, and your relationships will become more useful to you, and to others;
- starting to do what brings joy, will lead to satisfaction, which in turn will bring peace of mind and raise self-esteem.
How to increase self-esteem and self-confidence for a woman? You can become more confident if you always follow your principles in any situation (universal and without superiority over others).
How to increase self-esteem for a woman, if a man threw?
When a woman clearly understands who she is, with whomShe is on the way, and with whom not, what happened to her and what is acceptable for her, and what is not, she will always make the right conclusion from the situation, even if this will bring undesirable consequences.
A woman can follow her principles, and notWill cling to the man who betrayed, because the most important thing in this situation is to remain true to yourself. And what about self-esteem? She begins to fall, because the soul hurts: unpleasant memories visit a woman, disappointment,
Change resentment, hatred.
No one can be happy if the soul hurts. The man threw it - it's insulting, especially if your feelings are not quenched and the best years have passed. What do psychologists advise in this case? Talk about sore with a loved one and write up to 10 reasons that will indicate that it's good that this man is not with you.
How to increase self-esteem for a woman after a divorce?
After the divorce, women become moreInspired, more emotional and insecure. Increase self-esteem for a woman after a divorce can engage in sports, as well as visits to the gym. Physical fitness, cheerfulness after class will remove
, Anxiety and will gradually raise their own self-esteem.
After the divorce is very difficult to keep the barConfidence and feel again a happy woman. We have to work on this. It is very important not to allow yourself to depress, sad and live anew unpleasant life moments. To begin with, change outwardly (hairdo, image), relax (travel, sanatorium), expand the circle of your friends (do not stop acquainting), read, attend various seminars (learn new things), choose a new hobby and take your life with new positive emotions that are compulsory Will raise your self-esteem.
How to increase self-esteem for a woman in a relationship with a man?
Often, men criticize women and lower themSelf-esteem when they cease to meet their expectations. Every woman unconsciously knows what she does not particularly like her man, but does not always admit it and wants to change. It is much easier to stay in the comfort zone, to show weakness in life moments. Men like strong, confident women who know how to stand up for themselves and achieve their goals. A man subconsciously wants to be proud of his chosen one and to realize that his choice was true.

How to increase self-esteem for a girl?

It is necessary to do everything possible to catch onAdmiring the looks of the guys, making new and easy acquaintances, as this will directly affect the rise of self-esteem. One guy has lowered his self-esteem, and others will raise and elevate you to the level that you yourself allow. Change the wardrobe, keep the posture, watch for appearance, but do not stare long in front of the mirror, looking for shortcomings.
It's not necessary to be beautiful, menLove well-groomed girls, for whom it's nice to watch. If you do not have enough self-confidence, you need to study all possible materials to increase confidence and love, and also accept yourself to begin with the one that is. Even if overweight, ridiculous, stubborn, shy, with freckles and stuff.
As if, did not argue that men appreciate the weakWomen, but they will first turn their attention to a girl with independent behavior, not her clothes. Therefore, the girls draw conclusions: keep your head higher, walk more confidently, smile. In the depths of the soul, every girl knows that she needs to correct (figure, hairstyle, gait, image, intelligence, culinary skills), but does not always want to do something for it.

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