How to increase self-esteem - advice of a psychologist, exercises

How to increase self-esteem is a question that worriesMany, because the level of self-esteem depends on the success of the person, her behavior. More often people underestimate themselves and their potential, than overestimate. Due to low self-esteem, a person can miss a lot of opportunities. Violation of self-esteem begins with an incorrect family education, since its formation occurs, first of all, in childhood. Self-esteem is the main regulator of personal behavior. It is from her depend on interpersonal relationships, exactingness, criticality, attitude to their own successes and failures.

Psychology - how to increase self-esteem

People, doubting, spend their time in vain andOpportunities for personal growth and development. After all, it would seem, understanding and comprehension of this simple truth should encourage individuals to realize their potential. However, everything is exactly the opposite. However paradoxical it may sound, this behavior to the person himself in the short term is much more profitable. Constantly convincing himself that solving difficult problems is not up to it, he defends himself against the appearance of negative emotions, which will be associated with a possible risk of failure. Constant lack of confidence in one's own strengths oppresses the individual not only spiritually, but also physically. A person starts to fatigue faster, feels exhausted. In the end, constant doubts in their abilities lead to the fact that even simple things that previously seemed quite simple become unbearable.
To increase self-esteem is quite simple, but thisWill require from the person concerned a certain effort and time. For today in psychology various methods, ways, trainings on increase of a self-estimation are developed. Psychologists daily on the net and on television offer their advice: how to increase self-esteem. The first rule of adequate self-esteem is to stop any comparisons of oneself with other individuals. After all, there will always be people in life who are smarter than you, know something better than you, stronger than you, etc. The comparison leads to the fact that you will always be surrounded by many opponents or opponents that you can not surpass.
The following advice to help improveSelf-esteem, is the cessation of one's own censure and "eating away" of oneself. Self-esteem will never increase if you always repeat negative statements about yourself or your potential.
Correction of self-esteem towards adequacyIs directly connected with statements about himself. All compliments, gratitudes, confessions, congratulations should be answered "thanks". Responding to a well-deserved compliment of "nothing special", you thereby reject it and at the same time send yourself a message that praise is completely unworthy, while forming an understated self-esteem. Daily repetition of affirmations (positive statements) leads to an increase in self-esteem, to the acquisition of confidence in their capabilities.
To increase self-esteem, one should study books onTo the given subjects, to look video or training seminars, to listen to audio recordings. Any information you learn gets into your brain and takes root in it, forcing it to work. Dominant information will affect the brain and, as a consequence, behavior in a dominant manner. Any positive information will set you up in a positive way, whereas a negative one, on the contrary. Therefore, you should pay attention to watching TV or reading books with a positive focus.
In communication it is necessary to give preference to positive,Optimistic and confident people who are always ready to support you. Pessimistic personalities will suppress you, as a result of which self-esteem will only decrease.
It is necessary to make a list of your past victories andAll achievements, even the smallest. Looking through it regularly remember that joy, pride and a sense of satisfaction, which then experienced. Follow on a piece of paper to describe at least 20 of its positive features and view this list as often as possible.
Learn to give yourself to others, helpSurrounding people or just encourage them positively. This is how a person works, that when he does something selflessly for others, the value of his own personality grows in his eyes, and consequently, the mood improves and self-esteem rises.
It is necessary to try to be engaged only in thatI like it personally. Self-esteem grows when you are engaged in work or any other activity that brings you joy and pleasure. If the work at the moment is not very satisfied, then you can devote your free time to hobbies that will give joy to you.
How to increase your own self-esteem? Simply and easily. The advice of a psychologist: you need to live your life and not look at anyone. It is necessary to take responsibility for yourself and your life in your own hands! Do not make decisions, only based on the approval of their significant people for you. Be true to yourself. Make decisions and implement them. Do not be afraid to make wrong decisions. After all, as they say: "He who does not take risks, he does not drink champagne."
And most importantly - act! You can never increase self-esteem if you do not do anything. Feel free to accept the challenges that throw your life. When you do not sit still, but act, your own self-esteem begins to grow and a positive attitude about your personality appears. Any delay for various reasons, for example, because of self-doubt, will lead only to the emergence of sad feelings and frustration, resulting in a decrease in self-esteem.

How to increase self-esteem and confidence

Quite a few people think about how muchImportant is a correct self-assessment to achieve success in life. After all, it is impossible to reach heights in your career, to acquire happiness and harmony in your personal life, to receive recognition of those around you when you do not believe in yourself, and treat yourself unworthy of all the benefits listed. Often, it is the understated self-esteem that is made for an individual by an invisible but insurmountable barrier to success.
How to increase self-esteem and confidence to a person,Thereby destroying a serious obstacle to success, what is dangerous is low self-esteem? Any person from the very beginning of his life and until its very end is faced with evaluation. Every day people evaluate each other's actions, appearance, etc., comparing them with a certain standard that was laid in their subconscious even from early childhood. And the result of such a comparison determines the attitude to the objects or events of the surrounding reality, helps to form their own opinion about them.
Having created the initial image or impression ofThe subconscious mind then only supplements the previously created image with new details. The same person does, unconsciously, and in relation to his own person.
Forms his opinion about himself, his actions and aboutPlace in life. It is from what he hears from the significant people in his life (for example, parents, teachers, peers), often depends on what he will achieve in later life. Calling your child constantly sprawling, unskillful, you risk growing an insecure person with a low self-esteem. After all, a person who is unsure of his own abilities will be less likely to try to show initiative. He will try to avoid responsible assignments, therefore, less likely to succeed. Success in any endeavor or recognition of others contribute to the growth of self-esteem, and, as a result, increased confidence.
The reasons for low self-esteem may beIncorrect family education, but do not think that nothing else affects the lowering of self-esteem. Constant failures, stressful situations, depressive states can reduce confidence in oneself, even in an adult personality who has achieved success. The heap of problems that have fallen down does not allow an individual to adequately assess his own traits and positive qualities.
Reasons for lowering self-esteem are many,For example, dismissal from work, parting with a loved one, death of a loved one or any other shock. The consequence of low self-esteem and self-doubt is that he begins to consider himself something worse than others, unworthy of the benefits that he deserves, even if others do not think so. If a person is dismissed several times from work, then self-doubt may turn into a phobia.
How to increase self-esteem and confidence? Quite often to increase self-esteem and confidence is not easy. Therefore, today, many methods have been developed that help an individual to adequately assess his own personality. As mentioned above, to restore confidence and increase self-esteem, you need to stop comparing yourself with others. After all, all people are different and human happiness lies. In order not to fall into depression and not focus on problem situations, you need to find a hobby or some hobby in which you can achieve success. No matter what hobby it will be, the main thing is that it will bring satisfaction with the results of your work.
A rather useful method of increasing self-esteemMeditation is considered. It not only harmonizes the internal state of the individual, brings order to the thoughts, but also adds confidence to the person. Even a short meditation time allows the individual to relax and calm down, so that he can calmly assess the situation that worries him, while relieving tension.
How to increase self-esteem for the unemployed? Today, this is an urgent issue, because an unemployed person immediately loses confidence, because he is almost driven to despair and considers himself a loser, a loser in the game called life. For the unemployed, the support of close people is very important. Leading psychologists developed a lot of trainings and exercises on the topic: "how to increase self-esteem for the unemployed." The main purpose of such exercises is to help citizens in improving their self-esteem, as well as gaining confidence. At trainings people are taught business etiquette, elements of self-promotion, competent goal-building, planning, skills of effective job search, etc.

How to increase self-esteem and achieve success

You are worried about how to raise your ownSelf-esteem and achieve success? There are several effective and proven techniques for solving this problem. The first thing you need to do is to form and try to keep in your head a positive image of yourself. The image should be detailed. How much it will be clear and bright depends on how quickly it will be realized. It is necessary to describe the manner of behavior in various circumstances, character traits, positives, manner of dressing, etc.
See as often as possible in a regular mirror andThis, speak in your voice all the things for which you yourself are grateful that you love in yourself. This technique is called a mirror. We must try to find the maximum possible number of positive characteristics. Try to accept yourself and love the person you really are. If you see any shortcomings in your appearance that do not suit you, then focus only on the good, and satisfying you in your appearance. The next step in improving self-esteem is keeping a diary. You should start a notebook and call it "Diary of Success". It will need to record all your achievements throughout the day, small victories, all that you have done well, thanks to competent planning, responsible approach and faithful implementation. All that was during the day negative or what did not work, you need to omit and forget. When will prevail
Or pile up a bunch of problems that seemingly, at first glance, impossible to solve, you just need to open the diary and reread it.

Self-promotion is also one of the most effectiveReceptions on the way to success. It consists in writing a short text descriptive. This text should describe your qualities and character traits on the winning side. This technique can be combined with the exercise "Mirror". On a blank sheet of paper, you should describe all of your positive characteristics and read them in front of the mirror daily.

Tips: how to increase self-esteem

In the morning, you must attach the maximumEfforts to look attractive, energetic, without buttons that strive to fall away, or to be a person who does not need to constantly adjust his hair or smooth the folds on his trousers. If you look "with a needle", it will help not to think constantly about your appearance.
Do not focus on your own physicalFlaws. All mankind has physical defects. It should be understood that most of the people we meet day in and day out completely do not notice your shortcomings or even do not even suspect of their presence. Along with this, you should not be too critical about other people. In order to accommodate people, do not necessarily know a lot of jokes, fountain brilliant ideas, it is enough just to be able to listen. You should not try to become more confident and braver with the help of alcohol.
How to increase self-esteem after parting? Increasing self-esteem after separation or divorce - this issue has been worrying for many decades. Any parting never passes without a trace. This is due to the violation of the usual way of life. At the person there are thoughts, that with it or him have left, because he bad. It's harder parting to perceive the beautiful half of humanity, because they are more emotional. Every girl from childhood is told that she is the keeper of the hearth and relationship. That is why they are often responsible for the destroyed relations. If parting is due to infidelity, then it is doubly difficult to realize this. In the subconscious, a person will think that a rival or an opponent is better than him.
How to increase self-esteem afterParting with your beloved? The main reasons for the lowering of self-esteem in the breakdown of relationships are: the emergence of uncertainty, fear of loneliness, feelings about the inability to find a replacement, etc. In principle, such experiences occur after a certain amount of time, but not always. The main thing for any parting is not to blame yourself. All people are mistaken and this is normal. Their mistakes should be perceived as acquired experience, and not as a tragedy. If you decide to leave - it does not mean that the problem is in you. Everyone has the right to choose and must be responsible for his choice.
Ways to increase self-esteem include the following: You should not shut yourself in, you need to communicate more, share your experiences with close people, pour out your emotions on them, in the absence of loved ones, throw out your experiences on paper. Do not feel sorry for yourself. After all, this road leads to nowhere. The more you regret yourself, the more painful you become. From such a vicious circle through time, you simply can not get out without help. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, switch to empathy for others. There are many people who are much harder now. Help others, thereby help yourself. Empathizing and empathizing with others, you will forget about your own failure and grow up in your eyes. Getting acquainted with new people, one should not compare them with former partners, demand from them the same actions as from their predecessors. Every person is different and that's fine. Do not be afraid of new relationships, communication, asking questions. After all, if something is not clear - it's easier to ask once than to get in trouble all the time.
How to increase self-esteem? The main thing in raising self-esteem is daily work on yourself. You can self-educate, do something new, something you previously could not even think about. Make an appointment in the gym. After all, a beautiful, healthy body adds self-confidence and strengthens the inner spirit. Perfectly enhances the mood and self-confidence, mostly women, shopping, changing the image, the general cleaning of the home.

Increase self-esteem - exercise

Self-assessment regulates the behavior pattern of eachPersonality. It is the basis around which all individual abilities and qualities accumulate. Low self-esteem is a problem of a person who accompanies him throughout his life and is characterized by the fact that having the potential, the individual is simply afraid to manifest himself, being afraid of answering criticism in his address or getting condemnation. Low self-esteem interferes with personal self-realization.
Psychologists recommend exercises, the implementation of which will raise the self-esteem of the individual and dispel all imaginary fears and fears.
The first exercise is the ability to loveYourself. All women of the world can not have standard sizes of 90-60-90, just as men can not be totally handsome. In individuality, sincerity, kindness, the true beauty of people lies. In most cases, the figure depends on the people themselves. If you do not like the big belly, then you can go to the gym, go on a diet or perform a complex of simple exercises at home. If you consider yourself unsuccessful, then open the photo album and remember all the happiest moments of life. The reality is that all events are temporary, any failures are always replaced by success. This is a regularity. The main premature is not to fall into despair and not miss potential opportunities. Understand that you are surrounded by a lot of people who feel that your problems are just insignificant compared to them. You also concern yourself with the complexities. Remember - as you imagine yourself and others will see you. Write on paper a list of your positive qualities and yourself will be surprised at their number.
The next exercise is called "going out". Sometimes to give confidence it is enough just to change the image, to get a couple of compliments from acquaintances, to catch a pair of enthusiastic or envious glances of colleagues. So spend a little more time than usual when going to work. Bring your appearance to impeccability. Looking at yourself in the mirror, you should have fun, not disappointment.
The third exercise is the ability to say "no" to your fears. there is
Public speaking - boldly conquer it. The first time is always hard. Your motto should be statements, the following meaning: "I can do anything, I can manage", etc. Such thoughts should accompany each of your undertakings. After all, only those doors open, into which we knock.
The fourth exercise is the ability to forgiveYourself. We must understand that the negative result is also a result. Everyone has the right to make a mistake. You need to be aware of your mistakes, understand what you were doing wrong, but you can not punish yourself for them. You should give yourself the right to make mistakes. From any error it is necessary to deduce the conclusion that in the further to avoid similar situations, and it will be much more effective, than useless sense of fault. Do not be afraid to seem ridiculous, unskillful or awkward. Better together with others, laugh at your mistake and forget about it.
Training to increase self-esteem includesThe development of self-determination, which is the opposite quality of low self-esteem. You do not need to postpone what you can do now. Decided to go on a diet, it's not Monday, but from this day, decided to quit smoking so throw, and do not smoke until the last. If it does not work out after the first exercise to increase self-esteem, then you need to repeat your attempts until a positive result is achieved.
The advice of a psychologist how to increase self-esteemIs this: learn to smile in all situations. It is unlikely that a person who is always sullen and disgruntled will find the support of others. It became sad - you can include a funny comedy, wrapped in your favorite rug with a cup of hot chocolate and laugh a lot. A positive attitude just works wonders. Fired from work - so it's great, then it's time to change life for the better. Raise self-esteem will help to talk heart to heart with parents or other close people. Mom, who has always been proud of you, will help instill confidence before the difficult beginning or the solution of the problem. Do not avoid constructive criticism. It will help you to become better, more successful, while the lie will only pull down and back. Significantly raising self-esteem recognition of others, so do not be afraid to help people.
In order to regain confidence andIncrease self-esteem should not try to influence those areas in which you are most vulnerable. For example, you have a poor knowledge of the art of writing, but you are enrolling in writing perfection courses. The successes of others can only further drive you depressed. It is better to improve the skills that you initially obtained the best. Awareness of one's own skill and professionalism will only strengthen confidence in oneself, increase the flow of positive emotions, which will increase self-esteem in general.
Learn to concentrate only on achievablePurposes. For example, to find a common language with a child - such a goal is quite achievable. But the goal of becoming an opera singer is not feasible without the availability of relevant data and special training. It is always necessary to justify each goal set before it by its real possibilities for achieving it. So, for example, you should not take a big loan in the hope of extinguishing it with the alleged winnings in the lottery.
How quickly to increase self-esteem? Try at least once a day to relax, sit down more conveniently and imagine yourself in the role of the winner, the undisputed leader in the sphere that interests you the most. Imagine the last controversial conflict and in your imagination get others to reckon with your opinion. Then open your eyes and tell yourself that you all can, and you will succeed.
Imagine a serious desperate situationOr an event that you are very afraid of. Try to decide how you will act in this situation. Imagine how you overcome a difficult situation safely.
Identify the main priorities and go to them, notDistracted along the way to something that is less important to you. It should be understood that it is simply impossible to embrace the immensity. Think about what does not suit you in life. So you live as you would like. What do you miss? What needs to be done to change the situation? Set goals, achieve them, do not neglect other people's help. Learn to perceive yourself and others. Tune in to communicate with others only in a positive way. Try to trust the people around you.
Never forget that in the world necessarilyThere are people who need you the way you are - with a bunch of shortcomings and advantages. They love you not for anything, but in spite of everything, just because you are.
Exercises to increase self-esteem areCertain positive attitudes that a person instills on his own. Therefore, you need to understand that in order to achieve a positive result, you should, first of all, strongly want to do this and make maximum efforts.
The best advice that can be given forGaining confidence, success and increasing self-esteem are constant training for self-improvement. After all, as they say, there are no barriers on the way to ideality. Any, even tiny successes, will inspire confidence in you and give an understanding of what you deserve by right and worthy of more. You should always remember that in your life the most important person is yourself, and your opinion is the main thing. That is why accept yourself, your individuality and try to enjoy every moment lived.

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