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How to make a man run after you - psychology

How to make a man run after you? After all, it's no secret that the desire to feel the most desirable is the secret dream of every young lady. Women want their talents to be appreciated, adored, loved and admired. However, not always the real, feminine look will make the representatives of the stronger sex burn with the desire to take care of the lady. What should I do? How to make a man "run" after a woman? Practical advice and recommendations are provided below in this article.

How to make a man run after you - psychology

It's hard to imagine the woman who did not dreamWould be for her to "run" favorite favorite, gave flowers, beautifully courted. Every woman thought about such relationships in her life, but not everyone managed to be a happy owner of enchanting courtship. The world is so organized that the more passionately a woman has a desire to get a man's attention, the less a man eager to do something. How not sad, but it's a fact. Therefore, the elect does not need to know that the feminine wants him to achieve it. It is necessary to furnish everything so that he thinks that this is his personal desire, to "run after" a woman.
Psychology of representatives of the strong half is so arranged that they need to conquer women's hearts and seek women to enhance their own
. And knowing
And becoming for the future chosen one favorite and unique, it will not be difficult to make a man "run" after you.
So, how to make a man "run" for you? To achieve the desired from the representative of a strong half, you need to conquer his heart, his mind to surprise, delight the breadth of interests, world view, and their feminine nature, and not just to play on some primitive
Seduction. It's no secret that in the female environment it is customary to believe that intimacy governs the life of men, but this understanding of male psychology is far from the truth. Representatives of the strong half also aspire to love, but they express their own desires differently than the ladies.
Council of psychologists how to make a man "run"For a woman, is to draw attention to the prevailing statement about the emotional coldness of the stronger sex, which must be considered incorrect. Recent studies have found that the romantic orientation of films no less cling to men than women. Just a strong part of the population confess their own sentimentality is not enough courage. Men always remember the day they met their beloved, remember the details of the first rendezvous, and store for a long time lovely hearts various souvenirs and trinkets. In addition to all this, representatives of the strong half in their address like to hear affectionate words and gentle "nonsense". They need a touchingly sentimental touch.
Therefore, knowing that the male coldness andThick-skinned is another legend invented by offended femin, it is required to use sentimental tricks and tenderness in its "arsenal" to enchant a man and cause him to "run after" a woman. It should be remembered that the representatives of the stronger sex are constrained only externally in the manifestation of their own feelings because of the fear of appearing sentimental, as well as henpecked. Therefore, the manifestation of women's care and tenderness, romance is exactly what will make a man get carried away by a woman, which is always important to consider when building relationships.
It is also important in the relations of young ladies to take into account thatRepresentatives of the strong half believe that young ladies and older femin need only one thing from them - money. However, in fact, women are looking for a confident and strong partner, because they choose their father's future children. Unfortunately, the strength of character and confidence in the representatives of the strong half is affected by the absence or presence of significant capital. Therefore, knowing that men do not welcome those women who hunt for their purse, you can avoid making mistakes in building the desired relationship. Therefore, to make a man "run" after a woman will allow the manifestation of calm and some indifference about the financial possibilities of the chosen one.
If you ask a question and find out from representativesStrong half that attracts them in the women's field, then the majority will answer untruth, referring to the attraction to the inner world of the charmers and the ability to prepare well. In fact, the male sex first looks at the figure and appearance of its chosen ones, and in the future, if these parameters are met, the men pay their attention to the inner world of the girl. Therefore, so that the chosen one appreciates the mysterious and beautiful woman's soul, in the beginning it is necessary to be interested in a subtle and seductive external image. It is important to remember this for every feminine, eating various delicacies under the favorite TV series, if the question "how to make a man" run "after himself?" Remains open and unresolved.
Male psychology in relation to feminine relies onThe compliance of the chosen one with the generally accepted standards of beauty, and every member of the stronger sex, choosing herself at the subconscious level of the beloved, relies on the external data of the girl. And only later, when a man will be subdued by the beauty of the chosen one, by her charm, he will begin to evaluate the inner world and its economy. Therefore, it is possible to get a man to "run" after a woman without opening all the housekeeping and depth of one's soul on the first dates.

How to make a man run after you - advice of psychologists

If already all methods are involved, but nothingAnd it does not work, but the question remains open "how to make a man" run "for himself?", Then for this it is necessary to really want to understand the "back streets" and sacraments of male psychology. After all, some feminine only try to understand the future elect only in words, but in fact they feel indifference as to what is happening in the soul of a man. For such women, it is important that their expectations and needs are met. This is a mistake, because it is not uncommon in our time, when a smart, beautiful young lady is suffering from loneliness, and not shining with the mind and external data, the girl is happy in the relationship.
There is no definite ideal of female beauty thatIt would be to the taste of all the representatives of the stronger sex. All men are different, that's why their preferences differ. But numerous surveys have established the existence of three main characteristics that must necessarily be present in a woman's dreams: seductiveness, femininity and kindness. None of the stronger sex does not want to have a "wicked" in wives. And the stronger in women their feminine development is developed, so they are more attractive and charming for the male sex.
So, how to make a man "run" after you? The advice of psychologists on this score is as follows:
- a woman should always look good,Because a man who is serious about a lady wants to always see his beloved "in a combat parade." This is important to take into account, since the male psychology regarding women is such that gentlemen like to not only sense aesthetic pleasure when looking at a chosen one, but also that the partner for them serves as an object of boasting and pride in other "males"; - a woman needs to understand
In a relationship, because male psychology in loveIs distinguished by a more relaxed focus than in women. Most women misinterpret emotional male restraint, perceiving her for heartlessness and starting to make claims about it. This, of course, will not contribute to women's attractiveness and is unlikely to help make a man "run" after a woman;

- representatives of the stronger sex in communication prefer flexible girls, who are easily adaptable and cheerful. Psychologists associate this with the natural
And the share of sexism (chauvinism) in men. They are convinced that due to the feminine nature, only the feminine must adapt;
- Men take care of personal soulfulnessRest and try to refrain from communicating with hysterical ladies. Therefore, women should remember that the representatives of the male part of the population are harassed, restless, nervous femin leads to real horror and this behavior in communication with ladies should be avoided;
- most young ladies make such a typicalMistake: as soon as the chosen person ceases to show interest, the femin herself takes the initiative "into her own hands" and begins to call, thus imposing communication with herself, which only repels an even more favorite elect. You can not do this;
- interest of the gentleman to the lady will be present,As long as there is a woman's mystery. Interest in the female person allows the young lady to keep a long time of her choice. Knowing that the instinct of the "conqueror" lives in a man, one can possess a woman's riddle to make a man "run" after you at the initial stage of building relationships. As soon as the riddle is solved, and the woman is subdued, interest in the lady will start to subside and the man will stop "running" after the woman. Therefore, the woman faces the task of preserving her riddle throughout her life;
- psychologists advise women wishing to conquerMen's hearts to be self-sufficient and confident. For men, there are attractive active and independent ladies who have their own friends and interests. Representatives of the stronger sex like when the young lady combines caring and intelligence, confidence and tenderness, independence and femininity. And to feed
About the fact that men prefer home "klush" is not necessary. Their choice is based on the love of home comfort and delicious cuisine, and they will be drawn to independent, active and daring;
- do not like the representatives of the stronger sex, too, different manipulations on the part of women, they are not eager to unravel the thoughts and signs of the chosen one. Their dreams are reduced to a simple and calm relationship.
Psychologists note some rules of conduct for women with a man they like:
- to smile - everyone likes it and causes sympathy;
- not to be clever - can push a man in a desire to build relationships;
- To be weaker - it is more pleasant for a man to be necessary than to observe female omnipotence;
- to be generous to the praise - a kind word is pleasant to all representatives of the stronger sex;
- to be able to listen to the chosen one, he needs not only a number in beauty, but also a partner in life;
- trust and not look for a dirty trick in words, do not demand full accountability, men love freedom;
- appreciate yourself and not dissolve in a chosen one, be an independent person.
So, it is not so difficult to get a man to "run" after you, if there is a desire. The main thing is to appreciate your interests, not to wait for an instant result, to be patient and wise enough.

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