How to raise self-esteem for a woman, girl, man, teenager

How to raise self-esteem is the solution of this issueMillions are interested. It is from self-evaluation that vital success depends. Self-esteem is the attitude of the individual to his personality, evaluation of his potential, available abilities, his social status, representation and vision of the personality of himself. Those. Self-esteem is not a characteristic of a person. From the correct evaluation of yourself depends interaction with the surrounding society, exacting, critical to yourself and to other people, attitude to successes and failures. More often self-esteem is understated than overpriced. An important role in the formation of a correct self-evaluation is played by the achievements of the personality and its evaluation by others.

How to raise self-esteem yourself

How to raise self-esteem? Psychology says it's pretty simple, if a person wants it. What is low self-esteem? Where does it come from? Many psychologists believe that inadequate self-esteem comes from childhood. Very often parents, without understanding themselves, form a low self-esteem in children, calling them "sprawls," "armless," "unskillful," etc. For babies from birth, parents are the most important people in life, they are people from whom you need to take an example and therefore they believe every phrase they say. So, if you constantly tell children that they are bad, they will become so. The child will treat himself the way his parents treat him. Therefore, if your child does something wrong, then you should not call him a jerk, it's better to just show how to do it right.
However, not always low self-esteem comes fromChildhood. Sometimes in an adult personality, self-esteem can fall very much under the influence of external circumstances, for example, due to dismissal from work or divorce.
How to raise self-esteem? Self-esteem can and should be improved. If she did not move to
, Then there are many ways to increase it. In the event of a depressive condition, you need to seek professional help.
How to raise self-esteem? Psychology advises several proven and fairly simple methods. However, one should not think that the result will come instantly. Also, an excessive desire to achieve a goal can become a kind of obstacle on the way to increasing self-esteem. Regular repetition of exercises and constant faith in one's own forces will completely lead to success. If you decide to do something, then you need to start as soon as possible, without putting it off. The longer you adjust, the more your head will attack the flow of obsessive thoughts of a negative nature ("you still can not cope, why start?").
We must try to learn something new every day. Self-education is the most important step on the way to increasing self-esteem, and consequently, to success. If you are in conversation, do not understand something, do not be afraid to ask again or ask a question. After all, it's better to clarify several times than do it once. Your questions will show the interlocutor that you are listening to him and take seriously what he is saying.
Often we all hear the phrase "In a healthy body -Healthy spirit! ". And it is true. A healthy spirit causes an adequate evaluation of the self by itself. A beautiful, stately figure, besides gaining lightness and smoothness of movements, will also give confidence to its owner. Therefore, you should allocate time for daily sports training, you can enroll in the pool. Women are well influenced by a change of image, a visit to a beauty salon or a hairdresser.
To improve self-esteem, goodMood, and a good mood is fostered by a smile, so smile as often as possible and praise yourself for all sorts of successes, albeit even the tiniest. You can have a so-called diary, where you will record your successes and achievements.
Under no circumstances should you doComparison with other people. Remember, you are an individuality unlike others, this is your strength. You can only compare yourself with yourself from the past.
With any accusations in your address, you should never justify yourself, you just need to calmly and clearly explain the motives of your behavior.
Learn to forgive yourself. Remember that perfect people do not exist. Everybody makes mistakes.
Take the initiative. Even if something does not work out, it's still an experience.

How to raise a woman's self-esteem

If you underestimate your own value andDignity, do not believe in yourself, then you have several ways to restore self-esteem in an adequate way and increase your own value in your eyes. This will take some time, but the result is worth it.
How to raise a self-esteem for a woman? The main task of methods and methods of raising self-esteem is the formation of a strong sense of self-worth and self-worth.
Often children are teased at school by offensive nicknames. After many years, children remember those unpleasant emotions that caused the nicknames. This is due to the fact that in childhood it is quite difficult to separate people's opinions from reality. Adult people also often face such problems. Adults attach great importance to the statements of others, allowing them to influence their personality. One must understand once and for all - it is impossible to please absolutely everyone. The only thing that matters is the belief in one's own strength and potential.
Women with inadequate evaluationIt is desirable to avoid the environment that suppresses them, emotionally drains them, pours them down negatively or provokes unnecessary conflicts. It is important to try to spend as much time as possible with people who respect and appreciate you. Communication with them helps to increase self-esteem and help to believe in your potential.
Do not waste time on the environment, whichConstantly criticizes everyone or everyone is displeased. Nothing but unpleasant emotions will not bring you. Such an environment can only destroy the lives of others. After all, such an environment likes to stay in the conditions of universal sorrow. The worse for you, the better for them. Therefore, a qualitative "audit" of the environment should be carried out. It is necessary to make a list of people with whom you most often communicate. These include colleagues, close people, friends and comrades. Ask them to name a few reasons or qualities for which you are valued. The more positive qualities your friends name, the easier it will be for you to believe in your own worth.
Conduct a so-called inventory of yourAchievements. Awareness of their successes increases and gives stability to self-esteem. You need to know your positive features, strengths, personal achievements. Everyone has achievements unknown to others. It is necessary to make a list of personal achievements and indicate in it resolved problems, crises, past conflicts, difficult situations that you dignified with dignity. In the beginning, most likely, it will not be possible to compile a long list. Therefore, it is necessary to postpone it for a while and periodically return to it. Try not to lose sight of any difficulty, even the smallest, which you won.
How else to raise self-esteem for a woman? Try to understand that you are the owner of your self-esteem. Only you have rights to it. So do not let anyone control your self-esteem. If you do not become the sole owner of your self-esteem, then you risk being satisfied with yourself only if certain conditions are met. In other cases, you will be tormented by dissatisfaction with yourself or your actions. So, for example, you are in a relationship and your loved one began to behave differently, which led you to a loss of self-worth. This means that you are not the owner of your self-esteem, your loved one controls it. You gave him that right yourself.
It is very important to understand who or what affectsYour sense of self-worth, the only way you can consciously decide whether or not to let someone manage your sense of dignity and worth or not.

How to raise a self-esteem for a man

How does a person raise self-esteem? And if this person is a man who a priori should not have a low self-esteem?
The level of self-esteem affects all spheres of human life. According to studies conducted, men have more adequate self-esteem than women.
Raise self-esteem for a man is quite realistic, but this is a rather slow process. In principle, conscious attempts to form self-esteem are useful to almost every individual.
Ways to raise self-esteem, first of all,Are aimed at giving confidence in their potential. The most important on the way to increasing self-esteem is the cessation of any comparison of one's personality with others. There will always be individuals in something smarter than you, more successful, having something more. If you constantly deal with the comparison with others, there will always be too many opponents, which simply can not really be surpassed.
The most correct way for men to raiseSelf-esteem is sport. Physical exercises contribute to the release of adrenaline, make the figure more attractive, which certainly adds confidence to the stronger sex.
It is necessary to stop scolding your person byOccasion and without. You will never achieve an adequate self-assessment if you repeat negative statements, release negative phrases about yourself and about your potential. And it does not matter, you scold yourself for your appearance, figure, social status or financial situation. It is important to learn to avoid self-deprecating comments. The increase in the level of self-esteem is directly proportional to the opinion and statements about one's personality. Learn to accept all the compliments with a simple "thank you" response. When answering a compliment with a phrase like "I did not do anything special", you thereby reject the compliment and at the same time send to your mind information that simply are not worthy of praise. This leads to an underestimation of self-esteem. Therefore, one should take praise without diminishing its dignity.

Use statements to correct self-esteem. Create a card with positive affirmative phrases and place it on some prominent place or frequently used subject. Such an object, for example, can be a refrigerator, a purse. Let these statements always be with you. Try to repeat the phrases several times a day, especially before going to bed and in the morning before going to work. With each repetition of statements, you need to create a positive attitude for yourself. Thus, the effect of affirmations will be greatly strengthened.
Read more literature or see trainingTrainings dedicated to raising the level of self-esteem. Prefer to communicate only with positive and successful people. Be engaged only in what really brings you pleasure. It's pretty hard to feel positive emotions in relation to yourself, if the days pass on tedious and annoying work. Conversely, self-esteem will grow when you are engaged in a favorite job or other kind of activity that brings you satisfaction and gives you the opportunity to feel more valuable. If there is no possibility to change work, then you can devote your free time to your hobbies that bring you joy.
Try to live your life. You can not respect yourself if you live by someone's bidding, if you make decisions on the basis of approval by colleagues, friends, close people.
It is impossible to raise a self-esteem to a man by avoidingActivity. We must act and accept the challenges cast by fate. In cases where you will act regardless of the result, your self-esteem, self-confidence, thereby increasing self-esteem will grow proportionately.
Believe that you are a unique person,Which has a lot of opportunities and great potential. With the growth of self-esteem, your true abilities will be revealed. Try to give time to self-education. Knowledge is power.
Look at how others feel about you. After all, the environment is a kind of mirror, reflecting your own attitude to yourself. Therefore start to appreciate the "I" from this moment, not postponing for tomorrow.
The self-esteem of a man is very much dependent on women. Therefore, if you notice that your loved one has become gloomy, if there is
, And he began to consider himself a loser, thenTry to support him, praise him, give compliments. Remember, great and famous men have always been women. Beautiful feminines are capable of one smile, one good word to give the strong half of the wings, but also one careless phrase to chop off their enthusiasm.

How to raise a self-esteem for a girl

In order to increase self-esteem, you must firstUnderstand what exactly can bring her to a new level in girls. What will make a girl valuable in the eyes of others and in her? Maybe it's money, a change of hairstyle or image as a whole, a car or apartment, new knowledge or the acquisition of a profession? Is not a fact. Of course, all of the above is a component, but all this will not matter if the girl herself does not love herself. The surrounding always distinguish whether you love yourself or not. Therefore, they treat you accordingly. How can you love other people's people who know practically nothing about you, if you can not love yourself?
The ways to raise self-esteem for girls, above all, are aimed at their education of love and respect for oneself.
All the girls, without exception, regardless ofAge, breast size and length of legs are prone to occasional displeasure with themselves and their appearance, relationships with surrounding men or girlfriends. In such a period, an external confirmation of its importance, attractiveness for the return of lost self-confidence and its potential is required. Girls can inspire themselves that they do not need anyone, that no one likes them. They do not understand how one can love a person if he has a small chest, for example. Then the girls continue to wind themselves and come to the conclusion that they are not all right. And of course, in this state, no one can respect them. Consequently, confidence decreases and self-esteem decreases. And none of the girls thinks about the fact that they destroy their "I" by their own efforts. It is necessary to understand that people will see you exactly as you see yourself - dissatisfied with your appearance, always aching, crying and so on.
How to raise a self-esteem for a girl? Learn to love your appearance, try to admire yourself always, at any time of the day. It is important to feel love for one's person, regardless of what your weight, height, color or cut of eyes, shape of nose, etc. Each girl is unique, unlike others, a unique person. Uniqueness is something that remains valuable and is considered important at any age. Think: would you like to come to a party and see on the rival the same dress as on you? Let the dress be very expensive, but it will not be an exclusive one. That's how it is with people. You try to be similar to someone, constantly compare with the standard you invented, forgetting that if you become like someone, you will lose your exclusivity. So do not look for flaws in your appearance and appearance. Disadvantages have all. The people around will not pay attention to the shortcomings, if the girl will lead independently and confidently. And independence and confidence are conditioned only by the love of the fair sex to her person. In order to learn to love yourself, you must remember that any girl, girl, woman is beautiful a priori. Because each person is exceptional. Such exclusivity forms a combination of all its shortcomings, bad and good qualities.
A person consisting of one virtue is a boring person. Much more interesting and multifaceted
, Which has both pluses and minuses. It is imperfection of the figure, character and give the appearance of the ladies of a certain share of charm, charm, bringing in the zest and charm. Imperfections make the beautiful floor mysterious, charming and unpredictable. There is nothing more attractive than a girl full of secrets.
Therefore, love yourself, along with the shortcomings,Feelings, aspirations and desires. Experience trying to take and not in any way to suppress. This helps to gain control over them, which leads to confidence in their own potential and actions. In order to love your own personality, you must learn to respect your personality. However, this does not mean that you should justify all your actions. Justifying bad deeds is a step to losing one's self-esteem. It is necessary to accept the fact that you do not always act correctly, beautifully or correctly in relation to others. Try not to justify yourself, but simply do not allow this behavior any more. Learn from all your actions. It is necessary to learn to understand in which situations you are right, and in which there are not. Do not be afraid to admit your mistakes. The main thing is to try not to let them repeat again.
So, if you have a lack of confidence in yourAttractiveness, then do not despair - this is just an excuse to give yourself time, a reason to take care of yourself. Update the wardrobe, make a new hairstyle or change the hair color, try to make yourself a different make-up. If you are not ready for a cardinal change of image, you can experiment with the hairdo - make a bang or vice versa, kill it. There are many shading shampoos that will give you a different hair color for a while.
After changing the appearance, it's time to do it.Auto-suggestion. You never thought that you constantly program yourself for negative emotions and your own inferiority, scolding and slandering yourself. Do you really think that this will not affect your self-esteem? With any setbacks, you should not criticize yourself, but, on the contrary, adjust only to positive things. Any mistake is not a tragedy, it's just an experience. It's up to you whether you will repeat them or get useful experience. Praise yourself for any successes and achievements.
To gain confidence,Self-education. The more knowledge, the quieter you feel with any social contacts, because the opportunity to get trapped because of ignorance decreases, and therefore the reasons for anxiety disappear. Therefore, do not waste time in vain, register for educational courses or trainings, start reading interesting literature, see cognitive programs. This all together has a positive effect on the level of self-esteem.
Invent yourself to your ideal image and try to translate it into reality. Describe on paper all the traits of character that you would like to have and adhere to them.
How to raise self-esteem for womenThe fair sex? There are several simple rules that must always be remembered: the queens have not yet been born, but they have become many famous women after years. Therefore, day after day, remind yourself that you are worthy of much; Part once and for all with doubts and fears, forget about the complexes; Set goals and achieve them. It is not necessary to start with global achievements. Let the victory be small, but it is yours; Make a success diary; Constantly watch the flow of your thoughts. Do not let them turn aside the negative; Try to smile as often as possible. Smile raises mood, relaxes and soothes.
However, compliance with all of the above rulesWill be useless without the support of relatives. It is the influence and faith of our native people that makes us stronger, more confident and better than we are. Therefore, to raise a girl's self-esteem is the easiest way to praise her close people. You should always praise the beautiful sex for let tiny, but achievements. Husbands should praise their wives for a deliciously prepared dinner and even if it is slightly salted, because the beloved tried. Praise the girls for their sense of humor, tell them that they are talented, that you appreciate all their efforts and labors.

How to raise a teenager's self-esteem

Everyone has a sense of their ownValues. It is from this that the image of one's self develops and a sense of confidence in its potential and itself develops. The basics of adequate self-esteem are laid in early childhood and depend on how the children perceived and felt the love of their parents.
The child should feel that they love him just like that,Without any conditions, just because he is. Children do not need to do anything, striving for achievements and victories in order to gain recognition and love of their parents. Only under such conditions, children have an adequate sense of self-worth, supported by internal resources.
It happens that the baby feels parentalLove only when it meets the requirements and expectations of adults. So, for example, he should always be obedient, clean up toys and his things, get only good grades in school. This feeling of love leads to the emergence of internal anxiety due to the need to constantly meet some of the requirements and expectations of parents. In such cases, there is a lack of sense of self-worth and there is a constant need to nourish it from the outside.
People with a lack of self-worth are quite vulnerable in circumstances when they behave unfairly, undeservedly, when they feel hidden or open
, Hypocrisy, when their hopes are not met, when they feel frustrated.
It is pubertal period (adolescence)Is a turning point in the life of an emerging and developing personality. And self-esteem in adolescents is their most vulnerable place. The lower its level, the higher the probability of the emergence of various complexes that can significantly impair the life of an individual even at an older age. The parents have a tremendous responsibility in this period. They should help their child in such a difficult and difficult period for him.
How to raise a teenager self-esteem? First of all, parents of a teenager need to monitor his appearance and try to correct him if he is not okay (for example, very often adolescents are shy of youthful acne, the task of parents to help them get rid of the tormenting problem). Always listen to what the child wants. You need to let him decide what to wear today, choose things for himself in stores. Parents can only slightly adjust their choice and control unobtrusively. Try to praise a teenager as often as possible. Do not try to find fault with him, try to pay attention only to his pluses.
Most parents do not even know aboutThat you can increase the self-esteem of a teenager, by teaching him to just say "no." If a child can not refuse anything to anyone, then it may lead, after a while, to dependence on other people. The teenager will feel himself guided. So try to explain in what situations you can refuse. We must teach him to refuse so that he does not feel uncomfortable at the same time.
It is very important that parents respect their children. Be respectful to a teenager, you need to understand that although he is not an adult, he is not even a child. Do not treat the person as a child. Talk to him more often. In the process of communicating with him, try to behave like an adult.
Some simple tips how to raiseSelf-evaluation of the child. First, your child needs to learn how to properly praise. You should not praise him for what he has given nature or for beautiful clothes. Praise a teenager for his achievements, small victories, successes. To the child felt that you treat him as an equal, ask more often his advice, be interested in his opinion. Secondly, the initiative of the adolescent should be encouraged. Any initiative is a step towards adequate self-esteem. Teach your child to analyze his mistakes and failures. Help him to understand that a mistake is an experience, this is just one more step on the way to success.

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