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How to understand that you like the guy - the signs

How to understand that you like a guy? This question arises in many girls after getting to know an interesting guy, with whom it's nice to spend time. Suddenly, the young lady begins to understand that she feels not only a friendly feeling toward the boy, but something more. I want to say this to the guy, but there is no certainty that he will share this feeling. And of course there is a desire to know, but what does the friend experience? How can you understand that you like a guy, if outwardly he does not show it? Men's communication with a young person can in fact tell a lot. Psychologists identify a number of signs that help to determine that the young man has a certain sympathy for the fair sex.

Signs that you like a guy

To understand a guy perceives a girl likeFriend or has tender feelings for her, you should pay attention to the following signs: how a guy talks, what he does, you should analyze how often he meets with him and much more.
Psychologists distinguish the following points that make it possible to understand that you like a guy:
- you need to pay attention to the tone of the voice, as he says, if measured, then it shows the sympathy of the young man;
It is important to focus on whetherThe youth eye contact. If yes, it means that the young person likes him. Often it happens when a girl likes, but because of his timidity, the guy looks away. This also indicates love;
- should focus on whether the guy is easily distracted by those who approach him. If he easily and immediately forgets what the conversation was about, then the girl herself is not so important to him;
- it is important to fix attention on what the young man says, because what he touches in conversations can be a good indicator of a supportive attitude;
- if a friend teases or jokes, then this is a good sign that the guy wants more and thus he sympathizes;
- if a young man shares personal information or talks about his experiences, family problems, then perhaps he would like to turn to more serious relationships;
- if the guy makes subtle compliments to the female mind, when he meets, admires the appearance - this also shows a deep sympathy;
- if a young man tries not to look brutal inThe presence of a girl, and jokes with her friends, is expressed in obscene words, but with her chosen one behaves correctly and refined - this means that the girl is dear to him;
- if the candidate asks about his personal life andTries very carefully to find out whether a girl meets someone or communicates with other guys, then this is a likely sign that he would like the girl to dream about him;
- it is important to pay attention to how the young man responds to other representatives of the fair sex, this can make it clear if one girl has the one he needs;
- if a young man asks for advice on how to win the heart of another girl, this indicates that he perceives a friend as a good friend;
- if he is always skeptical towards everyoneFemale spokespersons or says that she can not find a suitable girl, this may imply that, in his opinion, the one who is next to him is the right girl;
- if a young man behaves like a ladies' man - it shows that he is either trying to make him jealous or he really chases after victories on the love front;
- You should pay attention, as the guy says, when communicating on the phone. If the young man is shy in real life, and expresses freer emotions over the phone - in this way, he shows sympathy;
- to understand that you like a stranger on the phone can be if his voice is excited and he is extremely polite, so he tries to impress;
- To understand that you like the guy by correspondence, you can, if communicating by e-mail, the young man tries to hit with spelling and wit, so he tries to seem smart;
- if in the messages the guy tries to be funny or polite, sends smiles, pleasant words, then, most likely, he wants to develop further relations;
- If a guy evaluates photos on social networks, often writes on the wall - this is a sign that the young man systematically tracks her life;
- if none of the aboveNone of the signs, it does not mean that the young guy does not like the guy. Most likely, the young man prefers not to declare his feelings openly;
- it is necessary to focus attention on the fact thatThe guy does, it will help to understand that you like the guy; Gestures are the body language that can really give an opportunity to understand that he wants to cuddle with you, and not just to communicate;
- it is important to notice often whether the young man, as it were, "accidentally"Touches the girl; - when young people sit side by side and the guy touches the knee, or his fingers during the transfer of something lingers on the female fingers, this indicates that the girl is causing him not a friendly feeling;

- if a girl catches her gaze from head to toe, it means that the young man is in love and admires;
- if the young man turns his eyes away, when suddenly the girl noticed that he is looking at her, this is a sign of interest and a desire to hide this moment;
- to understand that you like a guy, maybePrompt the body of the guy who also participates in the conversation. If a young man often bends over to a young person to say something; If the body is turned towards the girl, and the arms are not crossed on the chest and are free, it is a sign that he is open to his interlocutor and is glad to communicate;
- to understand that you like a boyfriend you can by what he does for a young seductress. For example, he tries to be a good friend, pleases in small things, pleases with insignificant gifts;
- a sign that a guy falls in love is to provide any kind of services;
- if a young man takes care, spoils a girlfriend with sweets, buys what a girl wants, comforts her when she is upset - this
- If the girlfriend is really not indifferent, then such a young person will always be there to listen to the problems and help to solve them;
- should be paid attention, as a young manBehaves in the company of other ladies. If he communicates with other people as well as his girlfriend, if he also touches them, teases, then maybe he's a womanizer;
- if the guy reluctantly tells his girlfriend about communicating with other women, this implies that he already represents her as her girlfriend;
- you need to pay attention, is the guy tryingBe with a girl and want to move to a new stage of relations. This can be judged from how often the young man invites to meet, whether he is trying to be around in the company of peers, whether he wants to sit at one desk at school, whether he wants to be a partner in the game;
- to understand that you like the guy on the conversation you canFrom how often he says "drove by, decided to go in?" If the young man explains why he wants to see you, it shows that he is embarrassed by his feelings and is drawn to his girlfriend;
- To understand that you like the guy on behavior, you can analyze how often meetings occur and what the leisure time of young people is on dates;
- if the couple is engaged in what is typicalFamily couples - shopping trips, cooking, then this means that this relationship goes beyond the friendly and the young man sees his girlfriend in the girlfriend;
- if walking, the young man invites other friends, then it shows that in the girl he sees a friend;
- if he meets, he invites other couples, it means that he wants to build a relationship with a friend;
- if a young man invites his sisters, brothers, closest friends or acquaintances with his parents, this is a sure sign that he is serious about the girl;
- much you can understand from what the youngA person thinks in reality, taking into account how long and often the couple communicate. If there is not a day without communication, then most likely the young man is in love, but if he meets with him once a month, although he lives not far away, it is likely that he has no feelings, except friendly;
- it is important to pay attention to how long lastsMeeting, and if the young man can not finish the conversation and part on a date, then this is a sure sign that he feels more than friendliness to his friend;
- to understand that a girl likes a guy, allows,Where the guy invites to dine together (noisy bar, restaurant or student canteen). The last institution obviously does not inspire romantic experiences. Of course, great importance should not be given to the place where they were invited. This will only allow us to assume an attitude toward the girl, but she is not able to tell about everything;
- the time of meetings is also of great importance,To understand how much the girl likes a guy. It can be the key to deciding how seriously a young person perceives a girl and wants to continue the relationship. It is important to pay attention to what time of day there are meetings: day or evening, and what days of the week: weekends or weekdays. If the meetings occur during the day, then the relationship is at a friendly level, but this does not mean that he does not want more. Meetings on weekdays can also testify about friendly relations;
- You can casually accidentally ask friends of your friend what they think about your relationship, this will help to find out how much the girl likes a guy;
- to understand that you like a former guy you can byThe following signs: he finds the far-fetched reasons to call the girl, these conversations last longer than usual, he ends the conversation on a positive note, says that he is pleased to hear the voice;
- If the guy is shy, you need to prove yourself first: kiss the youth, hug, take his hand. This behavior will help to prove yourself to a young man;
- To understand how much you like a guy, you needThe very first to admit to feelings. It is necessary to do this as if by accident. If a young person does not share feelings, do not make a tragedy of it, because it will bring suffering, so it's better to reduce everything to a joke. Having lost hope for a romantic relationship, you can save a good friend for life.
If there is a need, it should be doneBreak in the relationship. It happens when love grows into true love. In this case, it is necessary to take a break in friendship, as it will be too painful. After the girl has cooled to the guy, you can start to see each other.

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