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How to understand that you like a girl - the signs

How to understand that you like a girl? In addition to the obvious option - to ask about this directly, while striking the young person with his determination and confidence, there is another, based on the study of female behavior, verifying non-verbal gestures and reactions. There are precise signs that you can understand that you like a girl. At the very first thing that you need to pay attention to - it's an easy flirtation from the female, the request for friendship in the social network and the effort of the feminine to spend more time with the guy.

Signs how to understand that you like a girl

Often between girls and boys there isA spark that, without waiting for reciprocity, fades. Why is this happening. The fault is the uncertainty, indecision or inattention of men to the fair sex. Often, young people are sympathetic, in love with the boys, but because of their modesty they can not say about it first. Sometimes, conversely, when talking to a young person and spending time with her, the young man can not understand how much he likes the girl: as a friend or you can count on something more.
The ability to read gestures, facial expressions and the understanding of certain psychological moments are likely to answer the question: "How do you know that you like a girl?"
The sympathy of a young person can be determined by the following characteristics:
- by eyes and eyes;
- on the inclination of the head;
- According to the body language;
- by touch.
It is very important to follow the eyes of the interlocutor inTime to talk with her, as the eyes are able to say much without words. In the eyes, the young person's attitude is clear: sympathy, interest or, on the contrary, indifference.
If the interlocutor focuses on the guyAnd his body, it is clearly she is interested in him. If, at the intersection of the views, the young lady looks away, this means that she is sympathetic, but because of embarrassment she can not stand the sight. If a young man is indifferent to a girl, then consequently she will not cause her feelings of excitement, and from such a look she will not be embarrassed. The main thing on this feature is not to get hung up. It is important to remember that in each person the manifestation of emotions is a process of individual: someone sees them visually, and someone does not.
To understand that you like a girl by the way,How often the young lady touches her hair in exhilarating moments. This happens involuntarily when a young person wants to seduce a guy or is embarrassed, at this moment she shakes or touches her hair. When the interlocutor is nervous, she continues to pull her hair with her hands. Paying attention to the behavior of the lips of the interlocutor can also determine sympathy. Unconsciously, the femin can betray herself with her tongue and lips. Often girls lick their lips, it signals about sympathy and indifference. The next sign of sympathy is the inclination of the head. If the young lady looked at the young man with her head tilted, and her eyes were slightly narrowed, and a smile on her lips, the young man was definitely interested in her.

A sign of sympathy can be the body language, which includes gesturing with hands during conversation.
To understand that you like a girl, her pose will help: If the interlocutor sits to the guy sideways, then this indicates the readiness for communication; If she sits, turning all over to the guy, easily, openly, at ease, then such poses signal about sympathy and interest. If a young person becomes liberated with a young man and behaves unnecessarily provocatively, laughs loudly, then this also indicates a lack of indifference.
A sign of indifference is the visit to the same sports club, which is visited by the guy interested in him, changes in his appearance, wardrobe, the appearance of different hairstyles and make-up.
If a young lady tries to catch her eye,Seeking approval and attention, then she definitely sympathizes. If the girl goes on the trick: asking the teacher to put together for one desk or begs for the participants of any event in which the guy takes part, it also speaks of sympathy. If a young person's eyes widen slightly when talking, and she looks tenaciously into her eyes, it means that the girl is carried away by the guy.
Often the girl deliberately avoids the guy, shows indifference, tries to get out of the conversation and reduces all contacts to nothing. She probably likes the guy, but something does not allow her to show her feelings.
To understand that you like a girl, you can by her heartbeat. This is determined if you look at the wrist or neck, where the vein beats when the pulse is rapid.
How else to understand that you like a girl? By touching. The girl will not touch a person who is not interested in her. These touches can be different: light touch of the hip, grasping for the hand or playful correction of the male collar.
If during a conversation the interviewee pretends thatHer interests are the same as those of a young man, then it can signal her interest, and she, therefore, is looking for an excuse to spend more time with the guy. This applies, for example, to sudden enthusiasm for fishing or to "Counter Strike".
If a girl asks to help her, complains that she is cold or pokes fun at the guy, then in this way she wants to attract the male attention to her own person.
How do you know by correspondence that you like a girl? It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally. There are some signs with which help it is possible to make an approximate picture and in general terms to understand if the interlocutor is interested in the young man. You should pay attention to how often the young lady writes, whether she is interested in the guy in the process of correspondence, whether the conversation begins first when a guy appears online. If a girl feels sympathy, then, as a rule, she will be intrusive and try to attract attention "likes" to the photos and nice comments on the page of the guy.
The second thing that will need to be taken into account isThen - she eagerly writes, with what mood, what words she uses. If the girl is indifferent and uninteresting to the girl, she will not support the conversation and, for the sake of propriety, will respond with indifferent words such as "understandable," "clear," and so on. Or do not answer at all. Focusing on your inner feelings and looking at things soberly, you can independently understand how much you like the girl.
How to understand that you like a former girlfriend? This can be understood if the former became "hanging" on the page in the social network, if she sent a request to add to friends, if she "lukats" and leaves comments on the page. A girl who does not have an interest will not bother to look at someone else's profile and, moreover, ask to be added to friends.
To understand that you like a former girl you can byVerbal and nonverbal signs. By verbal signs include the appeal of a girl to a boy by name more often than necessary, the release of compliments to the boy, a manifestation of sincere interest, endless inquiries. Non-verbal symptoms include touching, smiling, laughing at successful and unsuccessful jokes, excited and affectionate intonation, correcting the hairstyle and shooting with eyes.

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