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Hysterical fit - symptoms, treatment, first aid

A hysterical fit is one of the formsThe expression of the psychoneurosis by the hysterical personality in situations that do not correspond to its requirements, desires, ideas. This disorder is referred to as protest and provocation in order to attract attention and gain personal benefits. A hysterical seizure is often found in children and women. The occurrence of such an attack in men is more likely an exception.

Symptoms of a hysterical fit

This disorder is referred to as syndromes
, Which is able to manifest itself in a variety of forms and resemble an epileptic fit, stroke, withdrawal syndrome.
Symptoms of the disease are accompanied by a general trembling of the body, an offensive with the words of sick blindness, paralysis, deafness.
Symptoms of a hysterical fit include complex,Disorderly movements, during which the diseased throw up their arms, legs, wring their elbows, tear their hair, squeeze and creak their teeth. Often people, leaning on the back of the head and on the heels, arched unnaturally during the attack. Patients can cry, shout, repeat the same words.
During an attack, speech disorders are noted,Coordination disorders. Hiccups, vomiting, frequent urination, esophagus spasms, belching, frequent heartbeats may occur. During the disorder, the sick often falls, creating the impression of surprise, but on a detailed examination, it becomes obvious that the fall is done so as not to injure yourself: neatly and slowly. Then there are convulsive movements of the extremities, for which a disorderly character and theatrical expressiveness are characteristic. In this case, the patient retains consciousness. There are no secretions from the mouth, the tongue never bites, the breathing is even, there is no excessive sweating, a reaction to light is fixed. As a rule, involuntary urination and defecation does not happen. The patient does not fall asleep after the attack and remembers everything.

The duration of a hysterical fit dependsFrom the amount of attention paid to the patient. A person after cessation of the disorder can safely continue his activity, which is impossible after an epileptic attack. Some patients after the end of the attack refer to unconsciousness and during the development of the hysterical stupor consciously give the face a childish expression or goggle the eyes.
After the final completion of this condition, the following disorders are noted in patients: a reduction in the musculature of the face (tick), a tremor of the whole body. During sleep, all symptoms disappear.
Often, with the development of this condition, people are taught that they are sick with some kind of disease. This provokes the development of
, And patients turn to doctors with their far-fetched problem.
In addition, the patient, while in a state of attack, is able to perform the most unexpected actions, for example, somewhere quickly go or run.

Treatment of a hysterical fit

This state is preceded by an unpleasant, turbulentThe experience that develops during the day. This disorder is characterized by an indefinitely long course. The attack often causes confusion and panic among others, especially if it arose for the first time. Therefore, in the event of a disorder, it is necessary to properly provide first aid, since prolonged nervous overexertion can lead to a heart attack or stroke (cerebral blood flow disorder). It is important to differentiate the hysterical fit from an epileptic fit, as these two conditions need different first aid measures.
First aid for a hysterical fit includes:

  • Calm others, those present should behave as if nothing terrible had happened;
  • Transferring the patient to a more peaceful place;
  • Removal from the premises of strangers;
  • Creating a calm environment;
  • To give a sniff to the patient ammonia;
  • Stay at some distance from the patient and do not give him much attention.

In the hysterical fit it is not recommended to leave the sick person unattended, to hold him by the shoulders, hands, head.

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