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Infantility - in men, in women, how to get rid of infantilism

Infantility is a characteristic of a person,expressing the immaturity of its psychological development, preserving the traits inherent in earlier age stages. Infantility of a person in the everyday sense is called childishness, which is manifested in the immaturity of behavior, inability to make informed decisions, unwillingness to accept responsibility.
Infantile in psychology is understoodThe immaturity of the individual, which is expressed in the delay in the formation of the personality, when its actions do not meet the age requirements. Some people perceive the infantilism of behavior as a proper phenomenon. The life of a modern man is quite rapid, it is this way of life that pushes a person towards such behavior, stopping the growing up and development of the personality while keeping the small and innocent child inside the adult. The cult of eternal youth and youth, the presence of the most diverse entertainment of modern culture, this is what provokes the development of infantility in man, pushing the development of the adult personality into the background and allowing to remain an eternal child.
With time
gets used to this way of life. He may not be young, but he is carried away by his former irresponsible behavior, lightheadedness, entertainment, and the person does not want to part with such a life. He does not notice how many problems around such an infantility creates.
Often, women complain of their immaturitymen, and those in turn to women. People do not understand their infantile character, they do not realize that in life it is necessary to show persistence and steadfastness, and not to go on about their situational desires.
To understand more specifically, what is the infantilism of a person, it is necessary to find out the reasons for the formation of this quality.
The causes of infantilism often lie in the characteristics of upbringing. Often, mothers want as long as possible to patronize the child, thereby pushing back his growing up.
The signs of infantilism are mainly expressed in the degree of maturation of the emotional-volitional sphere, in the preservation of children's qualities and inability to make an independent decision.
An interesting fact is that an infantile man and an infantile woman can not live together and create a family, since they both need someone more adult than they who would perform the role of parents.

What is infantilism?

To understand what is the infantilism of a person, it is necessary to consider the corresponding signs of infantile personality.
One of the signs of infantilism -
before responsibility. A person with infantile avoids situations in which something can depend on him. Personality with infantile character rarely become leaders. They are not able to lead people, to be leaders, to inspire someone with their will.
Infantility manifests itself in a person's dependencefrom the opinions of other people. A person has to do something that he does not want, only because he is afraid of criticism. He believes any word, if it is said that everyone does this and that it is approved by the majority. In this case, a person with infantile character rarely has persistent life guides, his life is dominated by minute influences.
The infantile person is gullible and naive, so he often becomes a victim of various scammers and swindlers.
Infantility of personality makes a personafraid of loneliness, even the very fact of its probability is horrifying. Such a person needs someone to be around, it's much safer for him to be part of a certain group.
Infantility generates spontaneous emotional reactions, which are often inappropriate in certain situations. Infantile people do not know how to manage their
, so they are very straightforward and direct, because of what is not tactful and not diplomatic.
Infantility is manifested in inabilitypredict and calculate events. Such a person is lazy to think and weigh the possible consequences of his actions, and he does not know how to learn from mistakes.
Infantility of young children is revealedhardly. Therefore, only from school or adolescence, you can actually see the signs of infantility, because at this time they begin to appear more clearly.
The causes of infantilism lie in the characteristicsparenting child. This is manifested when adults do not allow the child to make independent decisions or are not serious about it. Particularly harmful is the behavior of adults, when the offspring is in adolescence and parents intend to limit his freedom and do not allow himself to think and act on his own.
Infantility of children is manifested in the fact that they havegaming interests prevail over educational ones. They are not able to perceive the educational process and all the disciplinary requirements associated with it, which in turn leads to
child in school, and outside the school - this is expressed in various social problems, which negatively affects the mental state.
Infantility of children promotes developmentabstract-logical thinking. Although sometimes because of school disadaptation, these children are confused with the mentally retarded or autistic. However, such children are more productive and able to transfer learned concepts to new, specific tasks.
Mature person is able to answer for ownwords and deeds, thus it does not matter its gender. Infantile individuals do not consider it important to restrain their promises, they can forget about their duties and at the appropriate moment shirk responsibility.
The causes of infantilism may befeatures of the composition of the family itself. Often such individuals grow up in single-parent families or when relations do not develop between parents. So, for example, a woman who alone brings up her son can be extremely strict and suppress masculine qualities.
If a woman who was feminine and kindbecomes in a moment strict and firm, it can lead the child into confusion, after all in a mum's face he starts to see the face of the father. A strong woman goes against the laws of nature, which causes the child to have mental disorders. Therefore, a child who does not know how to behave with such a mother, simply behaves in such a way as to remain dependent for longer, and not to do any adult and independent actions. In the opposite case, if the child is treated too loyally, they are allowed to have everything he wants, and they do everything for him, then they educate him in irresponsibility and disorder.
The reasons for the infantilism may lie in the peculiarities of the adolescent crisis, because it depends on its outcome, how strong the personality will be in the future.

Infantility in men

Signs of infantility are particularly clearWatch when two persons of the opposite sex want to marry and one of them turns out to be unprepared. An infantile man may not even think about the fact that he will need to marry someday, because he is satisfied with the state of affairs in which there is no need to take on more responsibility than in unauthorized relations. Such a man is absolutely not ready for the way of life of a married man, and it is difficult for him to understand what his woman demands of him.

Signs of infantility of men. The first sign is egocentrism. This feature reflects the obsession of the individual solely on his personality. When this property is typical for the child - it is quite natural. The manifestation of too pronounced egocentrism in an adult causes confusion. So the infantile man considers himself a leader in absolutely everything, because of this he is sure that everything that surrounds him is for him only.
Such men consider themselves always right,so they do not perceive the discontent of others at their own expense. When it comes to problems in relationships, then they usually talk about the lack of understanding and blame others.
The next sign is dependent attitudes,which are expressed in the unwillingness and inability to act independently in practical activities and to service oneself in everyday life. Such husbands absolutely do not show initiative to domestic household work. Things like cooking dinner, cleaning and washing dishes for themselves are a big problem for them, so they consider all this not a masculine occupation. They believe that once they took the girl into their wives, that means, at once they found in her guise both a mistress and a housekeeper. And then they themselves often complain that his wife does not have time for her husband.
Men with infantile character a lot of timedevote to gaming activities. They can spend hours on the Internet, play games, online casinos. This man knows a lot of fun games and entertainment, so it can be interesting and boring to spend time with.
Infantility of the man generates in him the inability to make important decisions, because for this it is required to have developed willpower, which is completely uncharacteristic of him.
Men with infantile character oftenthey choose women much older than themselves, thereby awakening their manifestations of parental care. If they find such a mature woman who is ready to help them in everything, then they ensure that they can remain a child forever.

Infantile Women

Many people because of their inexperience believe that all the feminine from birth are infantile.
What is the infantilism of the nature of women? Men about a woman with infantile character are always referred to as a little girl in the guise of an adult woman. To such women, men are treated with special trepidation and tenderness, they want to protect them, shelter from the cold and other misfortunes.
Infantilnost women suggests that behind itthere must always be a romantic man. Sometimes it is these frivolous and pampered women that men who have achieved much in their life prefer, who want to relax a little, and depart from their habitual way of life.
In a woman with infantile character is strongmen find distraction, they like to do stupid things together, listen to whims, protect against all sorts of disasters and just pamper. With such women it is easy, because they do not talk about the future, do not think about the birth of children, and marriage for them, in fact, does not play a significant role.
Infantile women in turn dream ofthe man-daddy. In choosing a potential groom, they are guided by such criteria as secured, generous, responsible, courageous and not greedy. In general, they are waiting for a hero who will solve their problems, while admiring their defenselessness.
It is important to say that a woman canreally have in their nature the features of infantility, and maybe create it. To do this, she specifically says a high voice, like a child. In this way a woman tries to win the sympathy of a man. Or he wants to seem very fragile and sensitive, especially so that the man does not scold her, if she knows she did something wrong. A man, perceiving a woman's high voice, hears not her, but the child she pretends to be and
tell him that you can not scold a child, you need to protect him.
Infantility generates in the behavior of womennaivety, to which she shows a "sincere" misunderstanding of what is happening, while she is perfectly aware of everything. Men near these women feel their strength and experience, which naturally has a favorable effect on their
A woman with infantile character is capable of portraying an offense when she is actually experiencing
. Among other techniques, such feminine"Arming" sadness, tears, a sense of guilt and fear. Such a woman is able to pretend to be confused when she does not know what she wants. Best of all, she manages to make the man believe that without him she is nobody and that she will be lost without his support. She will never say that she does not like it, she will sulk or cry and be capricious, but it's very difficult to deduce her for serious conversation.
The true infantilism of a woman leads her lifein real chaos. She always gets into some stories, extreme situations, where she needs to be saved. She has many friends, her appearance is far from the image of a lady, she is attracted to jeans, sneakers, various T-shirts with children's or cartoon prints. She is cheerful, energetic and inconstant, the circle of her communication mainly consists of people much younger than her age.
Men love adventure, because they cause adrenaline rush, so they find themselves an infantile woman, with whom they are never bored.
According to one study,that 34% of women behave infantile when they are next to their men, 66% say that these women live in the image of a frivolous girl constantly.
The reasons for the infantilism of a woman are that shedoes this because it is easier for her to get something from a man, she does not want to be responsible for her personal life, or she wants someone to take care of her, this someone, of course, is an adult and a wealthy man.

How to get rid of infantilism

Infantilism is a persistent psychologycharacterization of the personality, so you can not get rid of it quickly. To overcome the question: how to deal with infantility, you need to understand that much work is needed for this. In the fight against infantilism, it is necessary to stock up with very much patience, because you will have to go through tears, resentment and anger.
So, how to get rid of infantilism. The most effective way is considered to be the occurrence of big changes in life, during which a person should get into such situations and conditions where he will be without support and he alone will have to quickly solve problems, and then be responsible for the decisions made.
Thus, from the infantilism gets rid ofmany people. For men, such conditions can be - the army, special forces, prison. Women are more likely to move to a foreign country where there are absolutely no friends, and we have to survive without relatives and make new friends.
After experiencing severe stressful situations,a person loses his infantility, for example, after losing material prosperity, having survived the dismissal or death of a very close person who served as support and support.
For women, the best way to deal with infantilism is the birth of the child and the responsibility that comes with it.
Too radical methods are unlikely to fiteach person, and the following can happen: due to sharp changes in life, a person can close in himself or, failing to fulfill his duties, will regress even more (regression is a protective mechanism of the psyche that returns a person to a lower stage of development of his feelings and behavior).
It is better to use more accessible situations,for example, cook dinner yourself, then clean, do unscheduled home cleaning, go shopping and buy only what is required, go and pay bills, move away from parents or stop living at their expense. There are many such situations in life, they sometimes seem insignificant, but one who knows what the infantile character understands, how the infantile personality behaves in such cases, how burdensome these situations are for them.

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