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Irritability in women and men, causes, treatment

Irritability is a negative manifestationColored emotions aimed at a person, a group of people or an unpleasant situation. Irritability can be, as property of character, and a symptom of any disease. This condition, as a rule, is manifested by rapid movements of the eyes, a loud shrill voice, repetitive movements: tapping fingers, walking around the room, rocking the legs, etc.
Attacks of irritability are due toUncontrolled reaction of a person to external or internal stimuli. Outbreaks of irritability can be dangerous, not only for the person himself, but also for others. There is no such person who would not be irritable. One individual manages to control it, and others do it very difficult. If you do not fight these bouts and show them everywhere, then this can negatively affect the attitude of the society to the person suffering from this condition. Frequently annoyed personalities try to avoid, because they are all unhappy, have negative thoughts, spoil everyone's mood. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to stop in a timely manner, to control one's behavior and to restrain thereby irritation.
The problem of frequent irritability is most acute for people who have mental disabilities, mistakes of upbringing and

Causes of irritability

This condition in a person often occurs due to the syndrome of chronic fatigue and is characterized by
, A low mood, a decrease in sex drive, a sense of lack of strength, a narrowing of the range of interests.
Causes of irritability are often headaches, exacerbation of chronic diseases, outbreaks
, Physical fatigue, lack of sleep, violation of the rest and labor regime, lack of insolation. Often with increased irritability, the hormonal background changes, immunity decreases.
The causes of irritability and nervousness in people are divided into internal and external.
Internal problems include:
- hunger;
- Post-traumatic stress disorder;
- sleep disorders;
- chronic fatigue;
- alcoholism or
- lack of
Or self-expression;
- imbalance of brain functions and so on.
External problems include all environmental factors that cause discontent: a person's negative act, traffic jams, unexpectedly started rain and so on.
And also identify the physiological, psychological, genetic factors that provoke this state.
Psychological causes are chronic lack of sleep, overwork, anxiety,
, A stressful situation, dependence on nicotine and alcohol, drug dependence.
Physiological causes - hormonal failures,Premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy, menopause, thyroid diseases. The same group includes a feeling of hunger, a deficiency of vitamins and trace elements in the body, incompatibility of drugs.
Genetic causes - increased excitability of the nervous system. In this case, irritability is meant as a trait of character.
Irritability, as a symptom of the disease, develops with the following pathologies: diabetes, infectious diseases (flu, ARVI), stress after trauma, mental illness (
, Neuroses,
Causes of irritability and tearfulness oftenSomatic diseases, lack of vitamins in the diet, pregnancy, and hormonal changes in women associated with the menstrual cycle.
Irritability in adults without a cause is oftenIs provoked by somatic problems (poor health) or hidden internal problems, experiences that have appeared for some external reason. If these factors are absent, then this condition without a cause can occur in people with mental disabilities. To mentally unhealthy individuals are those who can not adapt to life's realities and is not able to solve the problems on the way. Every fourth inhabitant of the world according to WHO suffers from one or another type of mental deviation. It is important to consider that the integral "components" of mental disorders are changes in thinking, behavior (
And anger), feelings, and with it somatic disorders.

Symptoms of irritability

A person suffering from increasedIrritability, is characterized by a decrease in memory and a decrease in the ability to concentrate for a long time, it is troubled by unexplained muscle pain, joint pain, severe headaches, extreme exhaustion, sleep problems.
Outbreaks of irritability in people can manifest themselves in different ways. Often, they go unnoticed for others, and the person is all boiling inside and he does not show his boiling in any way.
Another type of attacks of indignationFinds himself in destructive anger. Such attacks manifest themselves with the use of physical force, damage to property, moral humiliation. Protection from sudden flashes of irritation does not exist. The aggression of a person in such cases can be directed to both the casual passer-by and the person who caused it.
Male and female irritability can manifest itself in different ways.
Increased irritability and aggression in men often pours into the punches on the table with a fist, beating someone, throwing the phone on the floor, etc. Increased irritability and
At women, is more often combined with hysterics, crying, accusations, insults. Often there are cases when women also resort to assault.

Irritability in women

This condition is more common in women than in men. This is due to the fact that the female nervous irritation is caused genetically.
Initially, women have increasedExcitability, are prone to anxiety and rapid changes in mood. To the genetic factors is added the excessive workload of many women's household problems. This leads to overwork, chronic lack of sleep, the formation of psychological causes of irritability.
Occurring regularly in the female body hormonal changes are the physiological causes of this condition, so many women are constantly irritated.
Irritability in pregnancy is caused byHormonal restructuring of women. Most clearly, these changes find themselves in the first months of pregnancy. The future mother becomes whiny, nervous, her tastes and sensations, perception of the world change. All this provokes a state of increased irritation in a pregnant woman. A close environment should treat all quirks and whims with patience and understanding. By the middle of pregnancy hormonal balance becomes stable and irritation decreases.
Irritability after childbirth in the female bodyContinues to accumulate and the behavior of the young mother is influenced by hormones - oxytocin and prolactin, which induce all their love and attention to give to the child, while her husband gets irritability, provoked by another restructuring of the body.
Climacteric disorders in women are increasinggradually. During this period, irritability is characterized by tearfulness, resentment, sleep disorders, depressed mood, and uncaused fears.
How to treat nerves and irritability? Clearly manifested manifestations of menopause with all the listed signs need consultation of the endocrinologist.

Irritability in men

Attacks of irritability and aggression in one of theSpouses negatively affect the second half. The husband starts to irritate and the woman often tries to learn to control herself for years and not to react to her partner in life.
Not every man in an irritated stateHumiliates or beats a woman, but using cries and quarrels pour anger at their wives quite often many representatives of the stronger sex. Therefore, coming home from work, rude because of irritation and nervousness to his wife - this is their usual business.
"Treat" at such a time the husband with his arguments and arguments, to find out the cause of anger is not worth it. Proving that he is wrong, you can provoke even more aggression.
Psychologists advise for avoidanceIrritability clearly identify its cause. If the irritation of the spouse is a surge of accumulated negative emotions for the day, then in this case it is better for a woman to get out of it. It is necessary to enable the loved one to understand himself and identify the emotional problems that caused the bouts of irritation. And while a man does not realize them personally, there is no point in talking to him, because in this way one can exacerbate the situation and experience all his anger. Therefore, it is better to wait until the negative effect accumulated in the soul of a man is neutralized.
The cause of irritability in men advocatesManipulation and pressure from the woman. The most sensible way to relieve a husband of a fit of indignation is to stop the female pressure by actions and words. If a woman wants her husband not to experience attacks of anger, one should not, on his part, provoke him to it. The best way out of the situation when the woman is to blame is an apology with the explanation that more of this will not happen again. After this, it is not worth returning to this issue in the future.
How to lead in times of increased irritability in men? Wishing to please his beloved, it is not recommended to enter into verbal contact until the husband calms down.
It is important to remember that the representatives of the stronger sexAre able to show nervousness for no apparent reason, for example because of everyday life. This type of irritation is attributed to the symptomatic manifestations of underlying problems associated with the relationship in the pair. In this case, psychologists recommend changing the situation, for example, rest together for a week.
If a woman feels an attack of anger,When her man is inclined to emotional or physical violence, then in this case it will be advisable to seek help from a psychologist. A psychologist at a professional level will approach the problem of a married couple, will help to identify the reasons provoking a man for attacks of anger and aggression, and also help to develop a woman's strategy of effective protection in case of attacks from an aggressive man.

Treatment of irritability

It is very important to improve the quality of life and health to get rid of the increased irritation. Significant stages of treatment are
, Restoration of immunity of the body and the autonomic nervous system.
If everything is annoying, what should I do? Seek help from a psychotherapist who will prescribe an individual set of therapeutic procedures aimed at self-regulation and restoring balance in the human body. Treatment will be carried out only according to the doctor's prescription.
How to get rid of irritability caused byAnger? If possible, it is necessary to avoid irritants or simply to exclude communication with certain people that cause irritation. If among people, there are those with whom one often has to see, then one must learn to ignore them and not listen to negative information.
The head irritates, what to do? As soon as the authorities begin to anger, you should switch your attention to something else, more pleasant or to go into your thoughts.
The child is annoyed, what should I do? Often irritability in women, is expressed in a brief insanity, reflecting the internal state. Failure to cope with anxiety for any problem has the property of accumulating and pouring out onto the child. At the moment of irritation and anger, do not throw a negative on the child, but do not hold it in yourself. In this case, it is recommended to retire in your room and throw out your anger on the pillow, pokolotiv it. If possible, you can go outside and scream.
First and foremost, psychologists advise to change theirWorld outlook, and not try to change your child, through frustrations and cries. The more often a woman will be in an irritated state or in a state of anger, the more she will attract to herself the negative attitudes of others. The best option in this case is for a woman to relieve stress.
If the child begins to irritate, the woman should reconsider the personal schedule and the time that she pays to the baby.
To remove irritability and fatigue, you shouldTo accept the help of relatives who will help to sit with the child, and the woman at this time will relax or will be engaged in the favorite affairs. Such breaks will help to relieve a woman of stress.
How to deal with irritability? To help, cognitive-behavioral therapy is used, which allows you to understand and understand yourself, as well as which situations provoke bouts of irritability and aggression.
The second stage of treatment includes the provision of assistancePatient to get rid of traumatic situations and learning how to react differently and look at events that cause irritation or anger. In the treatment used hypnosis, psychoanalysis, desensitization, processing of eye movements and other techniques. The therapist will teach the patient techniques
And relaxation, will help to master auto-training and meditation.
Remedies for irritability among medical drugs are effective as follows:
- Adaptol (recommended for neuroses andNeurosis-like conditions, the drug removes irritability, emotional instability, anxiety and fear; Contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, as well as those who are hypersensitive to the components of the drug);
- Novo-Passit (prescribe with neuroticReactions and neurasthenia, accompanied by anxiety, irritability, fear, distraction, fatigue, mental stress, sleep disturbance; Adaptol is administered strictly under the supervision of a physician due to side effects);
- Motherwort Forte and Magnesium B6 (recommended whenIncreased irritability of nervousness, reduced ability to concentrate, fatigue, with sleep disorders, stressful situations; This drug with hypertension helps to reduce blood pressure, recommended for women during menopause);
- Glycine (recommended for various organicAnd functional diseases of the nervous system, which are accompanied by increased excitability, emotional instability, sleep disturbance, decreased mental performance; When taking Glycine, allergic reactions are possible.)
Stronger drugs and remedies for irritability and nervousness are prescribed by a strictly psychotherapist. They include Phenazepam, Diazepam, Amitriptyline and others.

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