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How to find out whether a guy likes you or not - signs

How do you know if a guy loves you? Are there certain external "symptoms" that indicate the feelings of the chevalier? How is this deep affection manifested? The listed questions are quite popular in the girl's environment. After all, every young lover dreams of believing that her feelings are reciprocal. This is precisely what is responsible for the birth of all the above-mentioned issues in the minds of the young prelests. After all, the confidence to take nowhere, because the guy confesses shy, and ask the girl directly uncomfortable, a little scary and tactless, and I want to find out. Actually, therefore, the only method that helps clarify the situation will be a detached observation of the elector's attitude towards himself. Too easy at first for love to accept the usual love. Many are convinced that these concepts are similar. However, this is not true. Love is closer to the enthusiasm for manifestations, because, it is fleeting and fiery if it does not turn into a strong affection and grow into a deep sense of sympathy. Love is a feeling inherent in a person. It is characterized by thoroughness, depth and seriousness. Love combines cares and passion, tenderness and sympathy.

How to find out whether a guy likes you or not - signs

Every girl who is in a relationship, more oftenall that matters is one single question: how to find out whether a guy loves you or not. Quite often a couple long time together, but the girl does not understand what her chosen one feels for her, since he is silent and does not confess his feelings. It also happens that a guy at a meeting with a young lady does not take his admiring gaze from her, but at the same time he does not do the first step to invite on a date. This is due to natural male indecision in interaction with the weaker sex and fear of lack of reciprocity. Recognition for men, even for those who are in a relationship, is a very responsible and terrible step. That is why they often do not have enough strength to recognize their own feelings in their beloved girl. Eva's daughters are struggling to surround their men with care and love, but at the same time they dream of hearing their long-awaited confession from their lips.
So, how do you know if a guy loves a girlfriend? Quite often, guys postpone the moment of recognition "in the long box", as a result of which the girls have to take everything in their own hands and search the Internet for information on the topic: "how can you find out if a guy loves you."
In the first turn, to determine the presence of feelings inthe opposite sex to his own person can be in the manner of communication between the man and the chosen one. If the guy, addressing the girl, uses affectionate words, speaks with warmth, constantly compliments her, makes plans and talks about a joint future, he loves his narrowed. In addition, the adored sons of Adam will try to spend as much time as possible with the partner even to the detriment of their own interests. Also he is constantly interested in the life of his beloved, remembers significant dates, calls her during the day.
You can find out about the presence of love from a partner by hislook. After all, the look of an unevenly breathing man never deceives, in contrast to his words. The look of a loving man is always gentle and never clouded by gloom. He often looks at the object of his sighs. It is enough for the chosen one to look into the eyes of the admirer to drown in love and tenderness. However, it is often desirable to take for reality and confuse love with the passion caused by love.
How can I tell if a guy loves a girlfriend? First you need to decide on the concepts of love and love. Many of them are confused. Love is a passion, involved in passion and attraction. The eye of a loving person warms up. The look of an enthusiastic man - more likely burns. His eyes like devouring the object of lust. Passion is essentially similar to a flame. After all, lust, not backed by love, also flares up quickly and dies even more quickly. Love gives warmth, and passion - fire. Therefore, the attraction, involved in love, quickly burns, leaving behind only ashes and pleasant memories.
But most of all about the man's actions scream. In the first turn, a guy experiencing this deep feeling takes care of the girl, helps in many ways, leads her with herself as a gentleman, gives a variety of pleasant little things, is slightly jealous of others, does not flirt with extraneous girls.
Gestures of the sons of Adam can also tell a lot abouthis feelings. For example, if a guy slaps a girl on the shoulder like a friend, then it's worth forgetting about his love. A man in love refers to a beloved as a fragile creature. Therefore, he seeks to groom and dove. The indifferent guy often touches his beloved, hugs her, takes her hand.
How do you know if a guy loves you or not? Elementary. Actions a man will say for him. The enthusiastic gentleman seeks to protect his passion, tries to take the solution of her problems as possible. This behavior gives a signal that the man took responsibility for the girlfriend, therefore, he probably loves her or is close to it.
To find out exactly what feelings are experiencedelect, you do not need to trust his words. After a fiery speech of a man lusting a woman, it's easy to mix with love. After all, feminines are pretty trusting creatures. And, in addition, they like to give out what is desired for reality. That's why gullible Eva's daughters are so often burned. After all, the sons of Adam can be overly convincing when they want to achieve their own. In fact, when a man possessed passion, and he confesses to a woman in love, he speaks the truth, but momentary. That is, the man enslaved by attraction says what he feels right now. On the eve of intim, the sons of Adam sincerely believe that they love their partner. When the passion subsides, his feelings will disappear. This feature you need to know and do not consider men pathological liars, when they are lying in bed just "screaming" about love. Also do not take offense at them when tomorrow they will not be able to remember even the name of the chosen one.
Therefore, all women wishing to receive an answerthe question: how can you find out whether you like a guy, it is recommended in the first turn, do not believe the speeches in the bed, and look at the behavior of the chosen one with her out of bed. It is better to trust your own feelings, rather than masculine words in a fit of passion.
It often happens that the young lady confesses to the guy indeep affection, and he in silence keeps silent, forcing the girl to worry and worry in vain. After all, a loving female brain is unlikely to draw pleasant pictures. The fastest way it will overcome the thought that the elect does not feel anything for her at all. As a result, the young lady will in vain torment herself, and suffer the question: how to know whether the guy really loves. In the first turn, you should think about what a man with words can not express his own feelings, but he talks about love with his actions, eyes, hugs and kisses. It happens that everything in the behavior of a man just screams about love, devotion and affection for a partner, but this is not enough for a woman, her soul requires verbal confirmation. In this case it is recommended to decide for yourself what is more important to feel happy, loved and alone or to hear cold words about love, in which there is not a gram of feeling.
How do you know if a guy loves you? If a loving man wants to spend more time with a loved one, constantly touches her, kisses, hugs, says gentle words, the opinion of the chosen one is significant for him, he likes to communicate with her, then yes. But at the same time, it is mistaken to think that if a person genuinely loves, then he must forget about friends and his own interests. Require a partner to stop talking with friends, and all the time an unemployed job dedicated to his second half, is not recommended. Otherwise, very quickly you can move from the category of the beloved and the only one in the category "former". The representatives of the strong half, as well as the daughters of Eve, should have personal time. In addition, even for fervently loving couples, there are times when they want to take a break from each other, meet with friends or be alone. Especially if they locked themselves in the narrow world of their relationship. Therefore, reproach a man for giving much time to his friends or his hobbies is not worth it. It is better to use the time that was freed with advantage. For example,
, to give time to friends or parents, sports exercises will also help to take advantage of leisure. For love to live in hearts for as long as possible, you need to give each other personal space.
How do you know if the guy really loves? Very simple. It is only necessary to observe his attitude towards the relatives of the chosen one. A loving man is not indifferent to people whom his passion loves, namely: parents, brothers and sisters, friends. Therefore, he seeks to find a common language with them. In addition, a guy who is not indifferent to a partner will necessarily introduce her to her close environment. After all, he is planning a joint future in the soul. In addition, men tend to be proud of their chosen ones and even brag about them a little. Usually like against all things, not for a specific dignity, character trait, appearance. Similarly, a strong sex is arranged. Loving eyes do not see shortcomings, and if they do, they take it for dignity. Therefore, a loving man loves a chosen one just as she is. He does not seek to remake it, does not criticize for a small chest or a big ass. A man in love can either touch the diminutive and fragile partner, or admire her magnificent shapes. If the chosen one tries to change the nature of the partner, remake her appearance or asks her to change her hobbies, he loves not the girl, but himself. A boyfriend in love even likes the sleepy-disheveled look of the lady in the morning. But it is better to alternate sessions of natural beauty with "shows" of skillfully selected make-up.

There is one hundred percent method of determiningfeelings of a partner, based on the innate intuition of the female. To implement it, a man is taken in a relaxed state and a direct question is asked to him: "Do you love me?". The answer is not the main thing. Important here is the observation of his behavior. For example, he can look away or joke a question. It is necessary to observe how honest he is. However, this method is not recommended to be abused, because the strong question begins to irritate the daily question: "Do you love me?". Therefore, this method is good for one-time information retrieval.
If a girl has a child, then it is much easierunderstand the attitude of the guy to himself, rather than a childless girl. The most sure sign in this case is the manifestation of love or friendliness to her child. After all, the kid is a part of his beloved. If the partner wants to meet exclusively with two people, perceiving the crumb as a burden, or becoming cold with the girl, after learning about the baby, this only proves what is good for him in bed, but he does not think of anything more. And there is no question of love. Only the consumer attitude.
If the girl is in the position of a mistressin this case it is also easy to determine whether love lives in the heart of the chosen one. When a man talks about feelings, promises within a year that he will divorce from day to day, you need to leave him without looking back. He does not like a woman and will never divorce. And he will leave his wife only in one case - when she will expel him when she learns of treason. A loving married man will not "pull a cat by the tail", he immediately leaves his wife and divorces her. Strong sex does not tolerate the slightest discomfort. Therefore, if he sings love songs to his mistress, but who lives a year with his legal wife, he just likes it. The girl in this case simply loses time and misses the opportunity to meet her man.
How to know whether the guy loved? In the first turn, you can directly ask him about it. And then make a conclusion based on the reaction of the guy, or take on faith his answer. You can also spend the evening on memories and find out everything about the former partner's relationship to his own person. To answer the question: "How to find out whether the guy loved?" It is recommended to reread all the above signs and compare them with previous relationships.
How do you know if a former guy loves you? Often it happens that people are parted, bored and remember about a partner with warmth, sad about the days gone by. Or maybe nothing has passed, maybe everything is still ahead, maybe they broke up on stupidity, it can still not be too late to return ?! Such thoughts are tirelessly pursued by a girl who, after a break in relations, loves a guy to this day, but is not sure of the reciprocal feelings. Therefore, the answers to the question: "How to find out whether you like a former guy" for her are quite relevant.
Find out about the attitude of the former guy muchIt is easier, if there is an opportunity, at least occasionally to intersect with it. In the absence of such an opportunity to find out whether he loves only friends. A former young man may also yearn for renewing a former bond, but simply does not know how his passion will react to this. Therefore, he will call the common friends to probe the soil.
If there is an opportunity to see the ex-boyfriend, thenyou need to carefully monitor the language of his body. For example, a still loving man will try, as if by accident, to embrace the girl or touch her hand.
When a former partner finds any reasons to call, and conversations last longer and end in a positive way, then this is a very good sign.
However, do not overestimate the interestthe guy. Often, watching his behavior, you can take for reality the desired. The guy can always find common with the former girl affairs, strive to spend a lot of time with her, call, be interested in her life, but this does not mean that he wants to return the past relationship. Because, on the one hand, a former partner can still love a girl, and on the other - just enjoy the opportunity to control her life.
Therefore, you need to pay attention to the contentconversations with the former. So, for example, if the essence of all conversations boils down to the discussion of the gap, if the guy constantly compliments during the conversations, then most likely the girl is not indifferent to him, but pride and self-confidence prevent him from taking the first step.
So, to understand whether a former guy feels feelings for a girl needs:
- Arming yourself with observation;
- rely on the opinion of friends;
- stock up on objectivity.
A man wants to be in the girl's life if he takes active steps or clearly shows that he is ready for them, and not just showing curiosity when communicating with common acquaintances or calling.

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