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Neurotic - the symptoms of how to communicate with the neurotic

The neurotic is an individual for whomThe following manifestations: anxiety, emotional imbalance, low self-esteem. This type of personality is very difficult to regulate their negative emotions. His whole life consists only of negative moments. Negative emotions of such people arise because they do not cope with the achievement of the set goals or do not bring to completion the business started.

Who is a neurotic

It is a personality that is difficult to adapt toReality, using only emotional and instinctive reactions. Such people are constantly in doubt. They seek always understanding among other people, need care and love. To rule over other people, they put all their emotional efforts.
In history, there are cases when a leader has emerged from the neurotic who is capable of leading uprisings and wars in order to prove his own ability to rule over other people.
In some cases, the protective reaction of thisType is manifested in isolation and lack of interest in the world around him. In such cases, people subject to neuroticism, move away from civilization and society, become hermits.
At present, the society dictates certain rules, frames, templates, which people are obliged to adhere to. You can live by them, but you can not take them and the latter does not mean that
Has neuroticism. Conversely, there are people who accept the rules adopted in society, but at the same time have a severe form of neuroticism. Such cases need psychological analysis.
So, who is a neurotic? A neurotic always has a bad state of health and is unwell with all that surrounds him. Often the neurotic is confused with a psychopath. A psychopath differs from a neurotic in that a psychopath is often always good, but it is often bad for others to be around with such a person.
Neurotic, as a type of personality endowed with emotionalInstability, which eventually turns into a stable negative. It is easy for such a person to dive completely into the negative, but to get out of this state is very difficult. For a neurotic person, the usual state is uncertainty in oneself and one's own strengths, experiences
And mistrust of people, which often leads to self-flagellation, obsession with one's own person or inclination to blame others for their failures.
In the society everywhere you can meet neurotics. Typical neurotics are the numerous characters of emotional, life television series, which are very fond of watching people of retirement age and sentimental women.
In individuals suffering from neuroticism, in communicationThere is no "golden mean". They rush from one extreme to the other. After each refusal of help from other people, they experience stress. In their personal lives, they find it difficult to succeed, and they prefer to live the lives of others, thereby satisfying their needs and desires.

Symptoms of the neurotic

If a person is noted in a mild formNeuroticism, it often occurs with internal discomfort and with external well-being. Such an individual is considered healthy, and the emergence of his condition is due to a critical situation that has brought him out of mental equilibrium.
If a person is diagnosed with neurosis in severeForm, then such an individual is already sick and his condition is characterized by asthenic, obsessive or hysterical manifestations, as well as temporary lowering of physical and mental performance.
The more an individual is exposed to neuroticism, the harder he is given training, it is more difficult to overcome his fears or to stop any activity whose irrationality is clear to him and himself.
Symptoms and signs, which can be guessed that a man-neurotic:
- problems in intimate relationships;
- dizziness, frequent headaches;
- intrusive care of one's own health;
- fear of getting sick or missing something important;
- differences in blood pressure.
All these symptoms lead the neurotic to great physical fatigue. Any sounds of the neurotic irritate. Often he has an inexplicable desire somewhere to retire from people.
Despite the number of personal and levelProfessional achievements of the neurotic all his life remains with his set of uncertain qualities of personality: squeeze, complexion, hysteria, the acceptance of negativity at one's own expense. It is very difficult for such a person to work efficiently and energetically. He will never admit his mistakes.
The behavior of neurotics is an example. Every day for twenty years, one of the patients, working at a garment factory, was afraid every morning that she could not cope at work with the daily rate. And, despite the fact that her skill was appreciated highly enough, her fear stubbornly held for many years.
Another patient, the locomotive engineer also feared,That he is not able to cope with his daily work, although for three years without a single breakdown he performed functional duties. However, he was not afraid of the fear that through one small hill he would not provide the passage of the train, although he always successfully crossed this part of the way, but fear was always present and kept him tense.
Symptoms of the neurotic and their manifestation in many respectsDepends on the strength of the spirit of the person. After all, a strong person is also bad, but he finds himself in spite of everything in himself and copes with everyday problems, while continuing to do everyday business without disturbing others. But weaker people often use their neuroticism to attract attention, and receive from their "bad" any benefits. For example, a neurotic likes to be not disturbed when he is well, but when it's bad that they sympathize with him, feel sorry for and help in solving problems. Many people use the state of neuroticism for their own purposes, realizing that it is not so difficult to feel "bad" at all, therefore, when they wear the "mask" of the unfortunate person, they are in the spotlight and try to get away from the difficulties in life and solve Their problems at the expense of other people. It's like when a child is happy and enthusiastic about a new toy, so the neurotic becomes enthralled by his negative.

Love of the neurotic

The neurotic in love is often catastrophicLacks attention, and to get it, he uses all the possibilities. Any clarification of relations is for him also attention, albeit negative. As they say, even though such, than any, therefore the neurotic can safely be called a manipulator. He likes to be comforted, supported, reassured, and does not want to show self-character, strength of spirit and prove to himself and others that he is a strong person.
The neurotic is unable to hear that his partner is tired and just wants to rest. He will take this situation as unwillingness to pay attention to him.
The neurotic, like a toddler, focuses only on himself and on his desire to get another confirmation that he is loved.
Living with a neurotic person is very difficult to stayAlone, because an individual of this type does not tolerate loneliness and, being in this state, experiences anxiety. The neurotic of his partner will be harassed several times a day by phone calls and long conversations about nothing, as this is his way of taking up his life and looking for protection from anxiety. Life with a neurotic is very similar to life with an unhappy, small, but very capricious and demanding child.
And it is very difficult to explain the overageMan, that only his own self is able to ensure happiness, and no one else should do it for him. However, the neurotic often refuses to accept this fact, and urgently demands that his life be made comfortable by his partner.
The neurotic will convince everyone and himself including that he is sick, powerless in a particular situation and will be very irritated if he is denied assistance.
Such relationships are called co-dependent, because one of the partners forces himself to love and care for him, and the second obediently obeys whims.
In an adequate, healthy relationship in humansThere is always the right to move away and approach a partner. You can always "step back" to the side when something does not suit the behavior of a loved one. In a relationship with a partner in a neurotic warehouse, the opposite is true. The more baseless accusations and absurd the scandal, the more the neurotic demands proof of love, and the more difficult it is for a partner to refuse it. Neurotic skillfully imposes a sense of guilt to his beloved and this is the foundation of his relationship.
An individual with a neurotic need, staying inLoving relationships, finds ways to cause pity and guilt. From him you can hear endless tears, helpless statements such as "You are the love of my whole life ... Where am I without you ... It's very hard without you ... etc"
So, one of the individuals uses only sometimes the "mask" of the neurotic for their own purposes, and for some, neuroticism becomes the image of all life.
How to live a neurotic if he feels at homeThe beginning of a neurotic mood? Neurologists recommend not to sit at home and not nurture negative emotions, but to go to fresh air, go to nature. As urban residents are more susceptible to neuroticism, and people from rural areas are less likely to display neurotic manifestations.
Psychologists recommend changing the environment toMore joyful and optimistic, because the problem environment can also turn a healthy person into a neurotic. An open, positive, cheerful and warmly human environment is the best medicine in the fight against neuroticism.
Often a person becomes neurotic for a reasonAny specific reasons, problem situations, therefore, the sooner the vital issues are eliminated, the easier it will be to disappear neurotic problems. If there is no possibility for a person to understand the most difficult situations, then psychologists can come to the aid.
How to communicate with the neurotic? Such a question arises in many people whoAt least once in their life they encountered the neuroticism of man. In fact, in society there are a lot of people with unstable psyche, but not one individual with mental disorders wants to recognize mental disorders. Often such people turn into closed-minded self-estranged people, and at work with might and main show their neuroticism.
With neurotics, certain rules should be taken into account when communicating:
- To teach the neurotics of life is a useless and ungrateful occupation;
- attempts to show mentally unhealthyThe person of the delights of the world are often in vain. Such people do not understand concrete arguments, arguments and, in the final analysis, accuse interlocutors that they are not going into their own business. There is absolutely no point in expecting such personalities to change attitudes toward peace, family, work, revision in their worldview and opinions as a whole;
- make decisions in relation to a personThe neurotic should be ruthless and instant. If each time to try to prove to him their rightness, then the interlocutor, trying to break the opinion of the neurotic, will remain from communication only
- if it is necessary nevertheless to communicate with the neurotic,You will have to constantly face the problem of mutual understanding and make each time a difficult choice between demonstrating one's rightness and accepting the position of the interlocutor.
In general, in the relationship between a normal person and a neurotic, there is nothing good for an adequate person.
The very notion of "relation" includes the existenceSome self-giving between two individuals. However, the neurotic by virtue of his psychotype is not able to give, and can only take energy from others. Therefore, it is difficult to call this relationship.
This can be characterized as follows: Communicating, one individual gives the interlocutor a charge of vivacity, hope for the future, a positive view of many things. The neurotic is charged with this energy, eagerly absorbing it. A normal person eventually becomes angry after such communication, because he is not satisfied with such relations. After all, he believed that there was a relationship between him and the neurotic, and in fact they were completely absent. This is the error of a normal person: naively accepting communication with a neurotic for healthy communication.
If the individual is not able to give, then the personal expectations of the interlocutor will always be dissatisfied, and he will be upset and annoyed.
If you keep the previous relationship format, thenGradually healthy, an adequate person to turn into the same neurotic. Therefore, it is necessary to exclude neurotics from our environment or to minimize communication with them.

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