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What to talk with a girl - topics for conversation

What to talk with a girl to call herexceptional interest? This is a very popular question, what do the guys ask about the location of the woman. All the men came to a dead end when, going to an interesting girl, after a minute they completely did not find the subject for discussion, which sphere to touch, fell into a stupor, feeling an irritating awkwardness. More and more unpleasant pauses were created in the dialogue. Men want to figure out what words to say to the girl to attract her attention.
Ladies often complain about boring, uninterestingmen, pouring out girlfriends, how they practically fall asleep on dates. The problem here is hidden in the fact that the young ladies are important to their emotional experiences, the guys are often too predictable, stereotyped. If a girl is bored in communication - the right emotions to get carried away, she will not feel. However, there are working simple techniques that will help in your efforts to make contact cheerful, emotional, help to locate, maintain interest.

What to talk with a girl - topics for conversation

What can you talk about with a girl, so that the impressionfrom your communication she was extremely pleasant? Of course, this is about herself! Best of all, if you manage to take the girl to an independent story about yourself. However, what if the lady is bound? Then you can use one of the following topics for initial communication.
The first topic about what to talk about with a girl is herfavorite films. Find out what she watched from the last paintings in a movie theater or at home, what she learned from these films, which films she could recommend to you and why. The discussion of the film industry is at the same time a very simple and broad topic for conversation, which does not require a lady at the first stages of self-disclosure communication more than she wants, but she also gives this opportunity if she wishes.
The second is your favorite music. Ask what state she is experiencing, listening to her chosen tracks, how she finds music, how her tastes have changed recently. Ask to guess what kind of music you like, find out why you associate with the genre.
Next - her favorite food. Ask her what her attitude is to delicious and healthy food, whether she knows how and whether she likes to cook, how often she cooks, when together you cook sushi at her house.
Sport - what kind of sport she was engaged in, how she now manages to maintain such a good physical shape, what kind of sport do you.
Events - local concerts, competitions, recent holidays, where the young lady was, where she would like to go, what the next event will be in the city.
Travel - how to spend your last vacation,where she went, about which cities and countries she dreamed of, whether she loved to fly, where she had left indelible impressions, about which she would remember and smile for years.
Animals - what she likes, if she has pets, she wants to make them or not in the future.
Clothes styles - as they prefer to dress, what people wear on the streets, as they would like to dress, but, perhaps, can not.
Human qualities - what does she appreciate in girlfriends, in a man, what character in loved ones does she like.
What to talk with a girl, if you already talked about everything? If you notice that the girl is hunting with youcommunicates - go boldly to topics deeper. Ask her what love is for her, what her first love was, ask if she was the first to decide to meet you, so she wrote or said. Play in the psychological games that will allow you to get to know each other better and, perhaps, even yourself. Find out what three wishes she would want if you were fishing and caught a goldfish. Ask him to imagine that she would have the opportunity to play any children's game, whatever the game was. Or imagine that you and her were alone on an uninhabited island after a plane crash. Or in what city you would live, if you were married, who your children would look like. Ask if she wants to share with you one of her secrets.

What to talk with a girl when meeting?

The questions that girls usually ask the girls,monosyllabic, jammed, the girl probably already heard them more than once from trying to get acquainted with grief-suitors. Therefore, she will not select you from the gray mass of the other guys, and her answer to the proposal to continue communication will be negative.
What words to say to a girl when meeting? Try to start with an unusual topic, ask even a simple, but fresh and unusual question. For example, when trying to get acquainted with a nice girl in a cafe, you decide to ask her something like "why two cocktails in a cocktail?". She, most likely, does not know the answer, but even then her interest will be higher. And you can tell her yourself, for example, that the two tubes waiters serve, so that there is no vacuum under the ice. An additional bonus here is that many girls, if you tell about this fact without tediousness or attempts to teach, will find you a knowledgeable guy who understands the intricacies of the device environment.
Instead of a closed one, implying an unambiguousanswer the question, ask an open question, what will encourage the girl to deployed answers. It is extremely necessary here to develop your dialogue - the interlocutor will give you information for which you can catch on. Redo your closed-ended questions into open-ended questions - they usually start with "why", "why", "how do you feel", "what do you think about it". At the same time, it is impossible to completely exclude all closed issues. They are required for communication to begin. For example, there will be a closed question on the topic of which drink she prefers. Having received the answer, you can build an already open question, for example, "why do you think that this cocktail is?", Which will make the young lady think and enter into a more detailed dialogue.
What should I say to the girls? Another powerful technique involves parallels between two topics. Talking, we always change topics, jump. And there is like a bridge, which can connect these topics. On the basis of life experience everyone has his own thoughts, stories. Your task is to tie what you discussed with the girl to the next topic, what you are recalling from personal experience. So, for example, you start a conversation with the fact that the girl is obviously not in the mood, tired, and translating it into a story, as you were in the club yesterday, discussing your attitude towards the clubs, remembering the stories related to the rest.
It's not always obvious advice for the first time- Listen to the girl. Often guys are so concerned about building a conversation that they just miss out of attention, what the girl wants to talk about. After all, the best theme is one that is in its own interests. Let her talk about the topics that interest her. Ideally, you should allow most of the time to speak to the girl, ensuring, of course, first of all her desire to communicate with you.

What to talk with a girl vkontakte?

Your communication with a girl on the Internet shouldstand out among the usual compliments that she usually receives in social networks. Try to make interesting comments for her, which will draw her attention and, perhaps, even make you think. Be extraordinary! For example, noting her dress, say that it looks dazzlingly beautiful, just like the dress of your beloved grandmother. The girl will experience ambiguous emotions and will definitely sing your comment. The main thing that he was not really offensive, it's only humor, a light one-time banter, which will stop with closer communication.
Do not rush to write to the girl, at firstKeep the distance, only reminding yourself from afar through comments and likes. This will force an interesting person to think about whether or not you are interested in it, she will already wait for communication with you. Some girls at this stage do not hold back and write themselves, drawn by curiosity. Even when she addresses you at this stage dryly - perhaps it's just a mask, under which she wants you to interest her.
Even if this did not happen, the girl did not writefirst - write to her yourself, most likely, the girl is waiting for your reaction. In the first message, try to intrigue her. For example, tell her: "Hello, I came to your page, now I'm all tormented by one question ...". And do not write anything else, leaving the Internet for a day or two. So you force the girl to reflect on you, tormented by curiosity, what exactly did you want to ask.
To start an interesting communication for a girl -think over the nuances. Even literally study her page to see where she is going, what she reads, what music she listens to, what films she likes. In the future, this will allow you to enter imperceptibly into your communication interesting topics for it or to report that you prefer similar movies and music. She will find you interesting, maybe even find similarities between you, and then she will want more rapprochement.
Observe intrigue in communication. Talking to a girl vkontakte follows more about her and less about herself. Let's speak to her and tell her about her. For example, find out the meaning of her name and tell her. Or write: "I learned interesting things about you." And again disappear for a couple of days.
Exchange music with her, because she is capable ofaffect the emotions of the girl, which is often more effective than verbal communication. You can see her audio recordings and find a similar composition. Or even take it from her records, telling the girl that this is your favorite song. Then this track will be fixed for you in the memory of the girl, each time, listening to him on the list, she will remember you. These techniques will work for you, helping to take hold of her heart. It is important at the same time that you not only create visibility, but also really were sincere, otherwise the girl will not believe you, and your communication at the disclosure of deception will cease.

What to talk with a girl on the first walk?

Women love to experience
, so regardless of the topic of communication makeher feel about what you're talking about. Her emotions, such as joy, experience, sympathy, surprise, are immeasurably more important than the accuracy of details in history or the quality of her presentation. Instead of words, what are you caring or sensitive, better tell a real story, how did you save a homeless puppy in childhood or helped the poor.
What to talk with a girl when you walk? Choosing the topics for your communication, stopon the positive! Enough questions about the work and about the university, be original. Ask what her favorite hobby is, how she chooses to spend time. Ask about funny cases and from her own childhood, ask what she dreams or dreamed about when she was still young, what inspires her now, which causes a smile. When she tells you that she loves, her positive emotions begin to be associated with you.
Avoid negativity in communication. As a man, do not complain, do not talk about problems, because no one is happy about complaining people. Even when all the media try to convince us that everything is terrible - avoid negative topics, and you will become for her an island of positive, next to what is always good and pleasant. If she went on a date - then you are interested in her. But if she comes to the idea that your communication leads her into depression, then to a subsequent meeting, she just will not come.
What to talk with a girl on the first walk? Try not to argue - this is the most guaranteed and fastest way to quarrel. If she says she loves cats, you like dogs more - you do not need to tell her in detail why she's wrong. Be more flexible, just agree with her, praise her choice. Either switch the conversation to a topic where your views coincide. It is especially dangerous to argue on the topic of politics, religion, family, relations.
Wondering what to talk about with a girl,when you walk, you need to take into account the interests of the girl. Carefully observe the reactions of the girl to your story. If you are emotionally telling a business woman about your character's adventures in the virtual world, you will probably soon see how she lost all attention. But the same story told to the inveterate gamer, will cause in her a storm of emotions, you may even get a response or good advice from her.
Girls, no doubt, love very much, if they listen to them. So, groping for the topic, which your companion is ready to communicate with, you can just listen actively. Actively means careful. Study and support the conversation with nods, assent and suggestive questions. Be passionate about the conversation, and most of the conversation the girl will willingly take over. And you can notice how she talks and behaves.
So, everything is simple. Now you know the information, how not to get lost in conversation while communicating at the first meeting with the girl. When a girl is ready to talk herself - just do not bother and actively listen. If the girl wants to listen to you, tell her fresh impressions in one of her interesting topics, colorfully and emotionally.

What to talk with a girl on the phone?

The best way to get rid of
Is the practice of communication. But even experienced guys before a call to a pretty girl often experience. Strongly reduce the anxiety can be through a number of psychological techniques. This includes breathing techniques, the idea that you are calling, like your best friend, communicating with how you are built naturally, joyfully, comfortably. Having gathered to call the girl, imagine that she is now with you, tell her what you want to say, imagine that the girl is open, reacts positively to the phrases you say, how she smiles at you. Tune in what you say confidently and convincingly, because the common mistake of lovers lies in interrogative intonation, lack of affirmation.
Immediately prepare a phrase from which yourcommunication. Further, if she does not know your number, you can introduce herself and ask if it's convenient to talk to her now. In general, hold on to the position that for you it certainly should have time, while not forgetting to be polite.
What can I say to the girl on the phone for the first time? It will be easier to communicate with the girl in the phone format, if you already have a list of possible topics for which to talk to her. And these are the questions that can be touched upon: her mood, that today she had an interesting experience, what you were doing just now. It will be an excellent move to talk about commonalities that you are connected, if there are any. For example, your communication began in the club, then you can immediately talk with a girl on the phone about how yesterday was a party. Also, you can tell about gay happenings, what happened to you and your friends, here you can talk even about the events for yesterday or a few days ago, this will become a good topic and will give a positive.
If you can flirt, then your call, ratherin total, will take about 5 minutes. This is the approximate optimal duration of the first phone call, when it is short, while saturated, then the girl gets additional emotions. If you feel that the conversation is delaying - make a call for its action. For example, invite to a meeting. This proposal should not feel uncertainty and uncertainty of time, place, the meeting should not be called into question. Tell her where and when you want to invite her, or give two convenient options for yourself to choose from. If the girl is interested, she will respond positively. If she does not get to meet at the right time for you - do not offer her many more options, just directly specify when she can. If time suits you, and you decide to meet with her, remind her of the place and time of the meeting and say goodbye. This should sound positive. Having decided with the meeting, finish your phone call - the first person to put the phone is the caller.

What to talk with a girl on a date - examples

You walk around the streets of the city or in the park,not knowing what to talk to a girl on a date? However, the whole environment can come to help: resting near people, situations around you.
You notice something from the outside, and then directthe girl's attention to this. To these external links is the girl herself - for example, you can be interested in what exactly is pictured on her pendant, what it symbolizes, and what value it gives to it. And this is a living topic of conversation. Or the athlete ran past you, and you are asking a question about the girl, whether she is engaged in sports, how she treats the race, and, in addition, making a compliment to her figure. Having seen street musicians, you can note your impression of the song, tell what emotions it gives you. So you will appear before the girl as a man who is able to feel. Then find out what kind of music she prefers, what she listens more often.
We all know which topics can usually betalk to people, girls are the same people, albeit with different interests and psychological characteristics. Therefore, the problem lies not only in ignorance, what to talk about with a girl, but in the notorious zazhatosti guys in a stressful for them the situation of dating or a first date. When you can not relax - naturally, you can not communicate freely.
Being relaxed, feeling comfortable -find the topic of conversation much easier. Often guys try to make everything perfect. If a joke, then a great joke, if the story is, then impressive with its scale or accuracy of presentation. It's worth it to get rid of, with a girl to start communicating, as you talk with your good friends and relatives. Do not filter yourself, do not try to make everything cool.
Telling the story of a loved one, we do not experience,will it be interesting to them or not, we just tell what's interesting to us. We want to joke - we joke, even if the joke has not caused a stunning effect among our friends, we are not embarrassed. Take the same approach when you are talking with a girl, do not try to make everything exceptional. And the girl will appreciate even this approach, your thinking, relaxation. And the less a guy tries to impress, the more it turns out. Without this stress, you will often be witty, interesting, you will have more originality. Even one story told by different guys will have a different effect. After all, the girl becomes infected with the mood that the guy tells you, how you feel when you talk to her. Therefore, it is worth concentrating more on whether you feel confident enough that it translates your body language, even if you are looking into the eyes.
In the end, when you are confident in yourself, say thatthink - you will start to receive pleasure from communication. And this is what you strive for, so that you yourself will not be bored. If you have the pleasure of communication - the girl feels it, very much involved. If the topic is really interesting, captures you - it will become interesting to her. If jokes genuinely amuse you - they will cheer up the girl too. Do not try to entertain the girl in any way, because you are not a clown, she is not a spectator.
If communication did not work out - it is not necessarygive up, drop hands, or even run away under a beautiful pretext. Continue to communicate at least something, give the girl the opportunity to prove herself, to enter into communication or to leave herself from him. At a minimum, after going through this stage of awkward silence, which occurs in almost every conversation, you will gain experience, learn to find topics, feel comfortable with longer communication.

What you can not tell a girl?

If you are looking to spend your date onExcellent, so that the girl would like to happily meet with you again - remember the topics that it is better not to raise at the first stages of dating, and use this knowledge when meeting.
So, that you can not tell a girl?
Do not complain. You are a confident man, as if the world belongs to you. Any difficulties take as a challenge, which you meet with a smile. Do not start talking about problems, because people who have everything bad - are not very attractive in the eyes of others. We are arranged in such a way that we want to be where the level of psychological comfort is higher. Therefore, talking about difficulties is not exactly what the girl wants to hear on a date.
And do not focus too much on her personal problems. If the girl starts complaining herself - take her away from negative topics. After all, you are a man, a leading partner. Of course, do not sharply interrupt her statement about the problems, you can switch her attention gently with the help of the word "by the way". "By the way, did you watch the new film with James Bond?" And start talking on a new, easier and more positive topic.
The topic of taboo refers to the conversation about the former, especiallyin a negative way. There are bad stories, what kind of hero you are, a lover, who will be regarded as bragging. How bad the former girl did to you, too, should not be said. It does not paint you, according to the proverb, she can judge you, like an apple not far from an apple tree.
Do not resort to rude boasting. Yes, you can include self-promotion, but it should be very moderate and appropriate, then it will paint you. If there is an interesting story, which one will present you in a positive perspective - use it, but in passing.
Another topic-taboo - is the topic of finance. The concepts of "expensive" or "cheap" on a date should not sound. Build your proposals so that these words and the whole subject of finance are avoided. And here it does not matter whether you need money or keep accounts in a Swiss bank - you should not talk about money, because it destroys the aura of romanticism that exists during your communication with a girl.

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