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How to become a strong person spirit - advice

How to become a strong spirit? This dilemma disturbs many personalities, because most people dream of a powerful internal power. Internal strength is a hard-to-develop quality, which requires a strong desire and internal reserves, which will change the quality of life.
How to become a strong spirit man, if overcomeEveryday difficulties, hands fall, there are no forces to overcome life's obstacles, to implement the desired plans and achieve the goals. To begin with, it is necessary to define what is the power of the spirit and who is a strong spirit person. So, the strength of the spirit is the harmony of the psychological and physical component of the individual. Therefore it is important, when a person develops physically, not to forget about the development of intellectual and psychological factors.
A strong personality personality is able to solve the problems that arise in her life independently, in contrast to weak personalities who live at the expense of the strong. If
With a weak
The negative experience applies to weakening ourselves,Turning into an unfortunate victim, then a strong person with a spirit and character comes out worthy of any existing unpleasant situation. Strong personalities have many plans and desires, while the weak have many
And needs.
A spiritually strong person always has his ownopinion. But the way of life of a weak person is always to need protection. A strong person is able to protect himself and his way of life is cooperation and influence on other individuals. Most individuals live by patterns. A person endowed with the spirit, above all patterns and any inconsistent, traumatic situation will not react with a conflict pattern.
A strong personality is not a coward and is stronger than his own fear. This does not mean that such individuals are not afraid, they just know how to be stronger than their phobias and prejudices.
The stronger the spirit personality, the moreA significant load of negative experience, it is able to perceive and adequately survive the trouble. The weaker the personality, the less a dose of trouble it can normally take.

How to become a strong spirit and character

In Iceland on this occasion there is a wonderfulProverb: "All those who stood on their feet are not strong, have long been blown away into the ocean." Therefore, developing yourself physically and psychologically, you can answer the question of how to become a strong spirit man.
Below are suggested specific tips on how to become a strong person spirit:
- it is necessary to surround oneself with personalities with a positive attitude to life, as long communication with
, Promotes becoming the same as they are;
- it is important to maintain relations with the spiritually developed and competent people who have a positive charge of energy;
- you need to gain faith in yourself, it will give strengthAnd confidence in their actions, clearly follow certain principles for themselves. Without clear ideas about life, it will be difficult to create a concrete strategy for action, which in turn will bring chaos to life;
- You should learn from personal experience from your ownLife, because only so you can learn a significant experience and acquire knowledge; - it is important not to be afraid, but to learn from your mistakes; For this you need to analyze your actions more. Extracting knowledge from your experience will make the person more cautious and smarter in the future;

- You need to be able to resist adversity, because mental stability is important in stressful situations, predetermined by fate, so in unpleasant situations you should learn to be flexible;
- it is required to be prepared for negative variants of the outcome of events and not to fall into this occasion in
, Losing their reason and common sense, and even if something went wrong, you can not waste the time you need to solve the problem;
- you need to be able to look at the fears in your eyes, because
Subconsciously have an impact on life, even if the individual does not think about them;
- having spent time on introspection, having understood,Why there was fear, you can get rid of it; For this it is required to do what you fear until finally the fear disappears. So most individuals get rid of many phobias. If a person can not do what he fears, one should try to think more often about fear, and then he will pass away;
- it is necessary to become an agent, not a thinker. Persons with a strong character do not wait for events in their life to occur, they themselves are active. It should be enterprising to participate in events, and not passively respond to everything that happens. It is necessary to work hard and try every day to do more than the previous day;
- You should start living today and not think about the future; Thinking a lot about the future, a man postpones much business for tomorrow, this applies to rest and important matters;
- It is required to understand that tomorrow is already today, so it's time to translate plans into reality. Only strong individuals live for today;
- it is important to realize for a person is not idealityPeace, this will allow us to do more for ourselves and not be distracted by secondary things; People often have very different ideas about life, so there is no point in re-educating or re-educating other individuals, but it's worth treating their weaknesses condescendingly.
Only a strong spirit man really overcomeLife challenges: dangerous and complex. A strong spirit has been brought up for years and all efforts aimed at this are worth it to achieve - this is a rare and valuable quality.
So, the basic rule is how to become a strong spirit andCharacter - not to run away from the fact that the individual is afraid, but to look his fear into his eyes, directing his gaze on what he fears most. And when the individual starts to re-braid his fear - he disappears, and the person becomes stronger spirit.
An example of how to become a strong spirit. Let's consider such a case: a person must part with his beloved. He is so afraid of this that mentally, scrolling parting in his head, comes from this in horror and subconsciously tries to avoid those unrest which is greatly feared. And in order to become a strong spirit man, it is necessary, without interrupting the imaginary picture of parting in all details, to present the whole scene of parting. Initially, the horror of what is happening, the person will suffer at that moment, but after horror will disappear, and with it fear. A person will cease to be afraid of parting in reality, since in his head he has already lived it. So his spirit strength will increase, and he will be ready for anything.
Another example is how to become a strong person spirit. It is very important in life not to allow oneself to be sorry. When an individual, in a difficult situation, feels sorry for himself, angered others and destroys, blames them for what happened, he spends in vain the power of an ungrateful business that only multiplies negative energy. Therefore, you should not spare yourself, but direct all your energy and strength to solve the problem.
Do not cling to the past, but you need to liveThe present. Assuming that happens in life just now, the individual is able to live, no matter what. For example, a person has overtaken a disease that is difficult to cure. It is necessary not to think about how good it was without it. It is required to take ailment, to learn how to manage to live with it. That this requires fortitude, which is brought up by the fact that the person understands the need for a decision to live in the present "here and now". It is necessary to "save" positive memories, the good moments of life, experience. It will be saved in any critical situation, even in the absence of improvements. Only happy memories give the individual the hope that they will occur in the near future and that better believe it.
It is important for a person to learn how to forgive and then heCan become a strong personality. Forgiving, a person is able to go forward. The strength of the spirit doubles after every bold, honest act and helps to cope with the upcoming, subsequent difficulties, so it is important to catch this simple logic and start helping yourself now.

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