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Pessimist - the meaning of the word, the definition

A pessimist is a person with sharply negativeLife beliefs, which is characterized by estrangement, anxiety and categorical. A pessimist always has one universal explanation for all his failures, is inclined to capitulate in all directions, if failure comprehends him only in one area. For this person, if something starts badly, then it ends the same way. In all troubles he blames himself exclusively, complains how weak he is, and is not worthy to do an outstanding job.
What does a pessimist mean? Definition of the pessimist has several meanings. The first meaning of the word pessimist is a person inclined to negativism, pessimistic in a mood. The second meaning of the word pessimist is the personality of the pessimistic nature of the character, which everything in the world reduces to the worst.
There is such a definition of the word pessimist - this is a characteristic
, Which in all that sees only evil around, looks at all things too gloomily.
A pessimist can be distinguished from the total number of peopleBy its distinctive features: extremely pronounced uncertainty in one's own actions, categorical negative evaluation of the whole environment, propensity to constant experience of negative
, Estrangement, gloominess and closeness. These traits are both properties and factors that determine the psychic personality processes that are responsible for all human actions. From this it turns out that a person's constant mood for trouble becomes a factor that makes him a pessimist. A man with pessimistic views believes that life does not bring him happiness, does not bring joy.
A pessimist very easily falls into a long and strong
. The physical health of the pessimist is not differentHigh quality, on the contrary, often worries him, so this person is almost always sick. In the field of personal success, it is a person who rarely achieves significant performance results, and often this is hampered by uncertainty and
Their abilities.

Who is a pessimist?

A man with a pessimistic outlook, gloomyLooks not only at the future of society, but also on his own life, does not expect anything good from her. You can say, he does not even recognize that life can have a white and black strip, for him it is gray. Therefore, even this joyful event, this individual perceives as dangerous, because it heralds that it is followed by a threat.
What does pessimist mean? This concept denotes the identity of a particularA person who expresses himself in his views, different from the beliefs of most people, since most are optimists. Pessimists find it hard to believe in the sincerity of the benevolent intentions of people, it's hard for them to admit the possibility that others may want to do positive and compassionate acts towards them.
A pessimist worries about the fate of society, does not expectNothing good and pleasant from the news, does not believe in real progress, it is difficult for him to imagine an improvement in the current state of affairs, the prosperity and prosperity of his country. Such a person thinks that everything that the citizens of his country are trying to do for the sake of positive changes is vain, and reinforces this with his observations, in which he says that negative consequences always take place more than positive ones, so he sees no reason to try.
A pessimistic person believes thatEspecially a very happy event is bad, since it will have even more tragic consequences. Because of the pessimistic mood, he becomes unable to genuinely enjoy life's events.
A pessimist lives in a world that does not allowOthers to enter, so that they did not even try to understand him. Therefore, it is very difficult for him to exist when most people around are positive personalities. One can only assume that a pessimistic person feels, because he lives, not hoping for the best, not trusting people, their feelings and sincerity, living with little faith. This does not mean that other people look at everything through rose-colored glasses, because you should not also ignore the negative aspects of life. However, if negative moments are still present in life, then it is necessary to fight them, correct the situation, achieve the best result, "do not give up" and do not refer to the injustice of fate. A pessimist is a person who reduces everything to the worst result, whereas everything is not so bad. It is difficult to make him rejoice in something, because the prism of joy through which this person could appreciate the event does not. Therefore, this person is often not informed about the events that have occurred - such as birthday, wedding, and others. People just know that they will not wait for congratulations, instead they will hear that everything does not matter. Not only to the joyful events the pessimist is so categorically, the sad situations perceive the same way.

A pessimist is always associated with a whiner,
, A man complaining about life and all hisLife events. However, he is also a person, which means that he must also deal with a certain matter in the society. Often, he has a stable job, which provides for specific duties. But often pessimists find it difficult to find the optimal occupation for themselves, they start to study alone, if they fail, then try another, if this is a failure, then they start the third, well, if the third time failed, then fall into depression. However, all this has an explanation. Often a pessimist can not achieve what he wants, because he lacks patience, effort, confidence - this is important in achieving success. It is also capable of knocking people out of the direct way, which causes doubts.
The mood for waiting for trouble and trouble,Characteristic of all pessimists, is a very strong stress factor, which increases in conditions of a tense life: failure in relationships, problems at work. But stress can happen to everyone. It turns out that optimists can also experience nervous states. This means that a person with an optimistic attitude, as well as a pessimistic one, can get into equal conditions. Here the important is how the person will behave, so you can immediately determine who he is. The optimist most likely, despite the failure, will increase its efficiency and activity, than it will come to a positive result. The pessimist will become helpless and doom himself to failure. However, if he tried, he would be able to succeed, because the probability of this very success is.
Despite the above described qualities of a pessimist,It is necessary to underestimate it. Sometimes his qualities are very useful. Pessimism in many situations can return a person to reality, so he is rarely disappointed, because he does not hope for anything. A pessimist can give a critical, objective assessment of the situation. Pessimists are almost always concentrated, so they can control the external situation.

How to Become Pessimists

Most psychologists and scientists come to the conclusion: whether a person becomes a pessimist or not depends only on him alone, the way of life, the way of behavior, the world outlook, his environment.
There are people that in their childhood they were seriousLosers, but in the future, this did not prevent them from becoming successful people. This even had a positive effect on them, as the spirit had tempered. It's another matter if the stability of the business of a successful person begins to crumble, he has troubles that break his spirit. Because of what a person loses his former grip and confidence. It is noticed that many with age become pessimists. Most young, young people are optimistic. But a time comes when a person reinterprets things, finds a new meaning, stops hurrying, becomes more circumspect and is disposed to self-analysis. This person, though pessimistic, is not a loser. Such pessimism is expressed in wisdom and experience.
Is it good that a person becomes a pessimist? This can be argued in a specific situation.
The most unpleasant are those pessimists,Who complain about their personal lives, how bad they are. Some people try to correct such a person, but if he is such a whole life, then it will not be easy to change it, because for him pessimism is a way of life that does not need changes. It is worth taking it this way, and avoiding frequent contact if it is too depressing.
Pessimistic mood is also laid in theChildhood. Parents especially influence the worldview of the child, so he copies their behavior. A child who sees that parents are inadequate to reality, exposing events in gloomy tones, begins to subconsciously copy this. There is a high probability that a child who grows up in these relationships will be more likely to be depressed.
Man himself directly affects the occurrence of pessimism. Due to uncertainty, low self-esteem and
, A person will blame himself for emerging problems. A negative person can not objectively assess what is happening. Such a method
Life is very wrong and leads to the fact that a person begins to live this way.
Thinking pessimists leads to their constantBad luck. They are fixated on the fact that the cause of all bad events are themselves, with such thoughts only attracting more failures, personally creating for themselves a black band.
Pessimists are indecisive people,Who themselves make their life gray and are afraid to change it, dragging themselves into the abyss. An individual with a pessimistic outlook falsely believes that it is better to experience negative emotions than none at all. He thinks that because of this he feels that he lives.
Because of the real unsaturation of life, pessimistsCan create fictitious tragedies. Of course, there are sad and tragic events that break the person and he loses the positive. Therefore it is very important to save optimism in life, to let go of pain, to realize feelings and learn from experience.

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