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Phlegmatic - a characteristic of a woman, a man, a child

Phlegmatic is a type of a person's temperament,Possessing a balance of nervous processes. Phlegmatic calmly refers to any life processes, without unnecessary energy costs or excessive emotional manifestations. He is balanced, diligent, able to scrupulously and conscientiously perform painstaking work. Phlegmatic is characterized by slowness in decision-making, but if he is to perform them, then he shows strong persistence.
Phlegmatic characteristic of a person. The representative of this temperament very well hides what is going on in his soul. Often even the closest people can not figure out what the phlegmatic is going through, because on his face, calmness and neutrality of reactions are displayed.
The phlegmatic temperament is characterized by calmAnd a stable temper, which is due to the inertia of his nervous system. Phlegmatic person is very difficult to get out of balance, for this something really impressive is going to happen. But due to the fact that the unbalanced state is not peculiar to the phlegmatic type
, Such a person is not in it for too long. Individuals who are dominated by the phlegmatic temperament are always faithful friends and faithful spouses.
The phlegmatic character is complaisant, so with himEasy to get along. Phlegmatic is characterized by a poor ability to adapt to new conditions, order, circumstances, because his views on life are conservative. Phlegmatic loves loneliness and appreciates him for being able to reflect on being, to dream. Before you go even on not too risky a step, the phlegmatic will think many times and only then he will do it or not. Such a person is inclined to manifest sustainable
Behavior, therefore each of its actions gives a certain pattern, but it is quite satisfied with what it is.
The phlegmatic's temperament is truly unique,Because people of this type can get along with almost everyone, and with an irritable choleric, and constantly cheerful sanguine person, and also with a dreamy melancholic.
The character of the phlegmatic is quite stable, as it is not inherent in him to adopt qualities from other temperaments, but he can infect others with his confidence.
About phlegmatic we can speak of
- he seldom expresses what excites him, tries not to give out the true mood, while he is quite capable of listening and understanding the feelings of another person.
The phlegmatic is usually adequate or slightly understated.

Who is the phlegmatic person?

Phlegmatic characteristic. This is the most sympathetic, pleasant and calm person, therefore very many in the circle of their friends entrust a secret exclusively to the person of this
. Personality, phlegmatic temperament likeStay in a state of security, so they can work effectively only in the place where everything goes according to plan without incident. Perhaps sometimes they give too much importance to security and over-guard against all sorts of troubles, but in some cases it can even save them and their loved ones life.
Due to the fact that the nature of phlegmatic is laid downDesire to help people, such personalities show strong concern for their own family. If the phlegmatic person is a husband, then he will definitely help the wife in the management of domestic household affairs. He even almost, that with joy starts to work, because he knows that his help will facilitate the task of his wife. Phlegmatic wife tries to give the family all her love, so that everyone feels needed.
Both men and women of a phlegmatic typeTemperament are very pleasant and nice people, because they are ready to help others, which is very much appreciated by their associates. It is rare to meet a phlegmatic who would raise his voice to another person, would initiate
Or quarrel. He prefers to yield to another person, so as not to spoil relations with him and not resort to abuse. You can rely on phlegmatic in almost everything, he will try to do a favor at the highest level, he will never take his words, promises back, so he is considered the most reliable person. If the phlegmatic is also praised for his desire to help, if he receives feedback, then he doubly faster and more efficiently performs the work. Due to their soft nature, phlegmatic people sometimes become victims
, Which only then it is necessary, that to find someone to bring down his
, And the phlegmatic, in turn, will never becomeSwear in return. Sometimes one can even observe an unusual phenomenon - a phlegmatic person likes to obey other people, than choleric or sanguine people often use. But weakly characteristic it can not be called.
Phlegmatic is characterized by the fact that he lovesTo observe in everything the order, in it he sees calmness, security and stability. The feeling of perfect stability is manifested even in the fact that they are able to carry through the whole life the only model of behavior that was learned in childhood.
Confusion makes phlegmatic feel comfortable. Therefore, he says that, why should he change the order, if he is satisfied with everything and delivers comfort. Everyone who is in a close relationship with the phlegmatic knows and respects its characteristics. Only a person with malicious intent is able to break the order and stability of phlegmatic, knock him out of the rut and take off his sense of security.
In a person with a phlegmatic temperament, a descriptionAppearance reduces to the fact that his style and general external features express his conservative views. True phlegmatic you'll never meet in a flashy clothes, he likes neutral colors, a minimum of accessories. His external data is not memorable, a person of this type can ask a passer-by on the street, which is the hour, and if you ask a passer-by to describe the appearance of this person, he will simply become confused and will not be able to recall a single facial feature.
Such a person is always clean, ironed andWashed clothes. Shoes are always polished. Before each exit from the house, the phlegmatic looks very carefully at his clothes, so that there is no sign of a thread or a button missing. But this is only for strangers, and those who know phlegmatic, often communicate with him, consider him an interesting person.
It is because of the love of order compatibilityPhlegmatic with sanguine is not possible. If there is disorder in the house and the sanguine person does not notice him, then he sometimes exasperates phlegmatic. But in order not to lead to a conflict, he silently removes it.
It happens that families have children withOpposite temperaments with their parents, then often there are funny situations between them. If the phlegmatic parents and their child are also phlegmatic, then they are happy, do not like it. Because such a child is just a fairy tale. He is very obedient, diligent, he does not have such problems, which can often be found in other children. Such families are interested in spending time together, that's why they are very strong.
Phlegmatic description of suitable professions. Among the professions there are two options: stable work, which requires constant efforts and diligence (scientists, accountants, financiers) or the sphere in which people are provided with help (medicine, psychology, sociology).
Some companies specifically define the typeTemperament of the worker, because they are looking for phlegmatic. He is valued for his scrupulous attitude to work, for the fact that he does not get tired, even if a lot of things have piled on him. People of phlegmatic type are invaluable workaholics, if only the work was in place, without moving. They are very happy if their regime is a constant work, repeated every day, which carries safety and tranquility.
For phlegmaticians, the way out of the comfort zone is the mostThe terrible thing that can happen to them. That is, the best order of things for them is the world around them, in which nothing changes. Therefore people of a phlegmatic type and can work on one place all their life. They also do not like to travel. If they still agree to go somewhere, they try to find such conditions that they remind them of their home as much as possible. For example, rent an apartment, sleeping in a tent for them is unbearable. They eat the same thing as at home, it's hard to force them to try something exotic.
If your favorite store or café that you visitedPhlegmatic, close, he is extremely upset. A life in which everything is predictable, stable and peaceful for them is the best. Any changes lead to phlegmatic anxiety. In the working collective, phlegmatic people are active enough, they participate in all activities to keep up with colleagues. In the center of attention, they can only be by mistake, and they do not want to hear about public speeches. Phlegmaticians are more observers than activists. They like to see how sanguine people behave, which attract a lot of attention. For people of phlegmatic temperament, the opinion of other people is important, although they are loved by everyone.
Phlegmatic is respected for his steadiness and prudence, especially in a stressful situation, when everyone around is falling into
, He remains unperturbed and begins to calm others. Such persons help others to come to their senses faster, they are able to give advice, even their presence sometimes inspires confidence.

Phlegmatic helps him in that from anyOf the situation go with humor. Unlike the sanguine phlegmatic does not throw jokes on the left and right, but at the right moment he can say something quite humorous that lifts the mood to others. Phlegmatic is a very sacrificial person, he will be through force to try to remain optimistic and calm only so that others do not lose courage. Although it requires a lot of effort for this. Therefore, he likes to recover alone.

Compatibility with phlegmatic choleric determinesGood alliance. Due to its calmness, the phlegmatic is quite equable to perceive the antics of the choleric. Choleric, seeing the equanimity of the phlegmatic, begins to retreat faster, since he does not see the feedback.
Compatibility phlegmatic with a melancholic good,But provides for a monotonous relationship. Communication between them is quite possible, but a long stay together quickly tires them, because the common interest fades.
A good alliance can be developed among phlegmaticians withSanguine. Sanguinarians will make the process of communication more colorful, vivid and interesting. Phlegmatic people will be attentive listeners sanguine. But if the phlegmaticists do not stick to the various ideas of the sanguine, the latter will soon rip such an alliance.
A phlegmatic with a phlegmatic can converge, but since both are introverts, only a certain situation can reduce them.

Phlegmatic characteristic of a man

Man phlegmatic description. For such a man is characterized by lengthy reasoning, a cold mind, and not intuition, self-control. Such a man is calm and often silent, unsuspecting, fascinates women.
Phlegmatic man is balanced, has a well-developed
And the firmness of character that speak of his male power, thanks to these qualities, others, looking at him, feel more confident.
Phlegmatic man is never in a hurry and nervous,If it is rushed. He is very thorough and used to live a measured pace. From other men is characterized by restraint, concentration and excessive seriousness. He does not take part in discussions, tries to hide or remain silent, but if his eyes are asked, he will sound without any problems. To see how the phlegmatic man manifests his emotions is extremely rare, only significant situations can stir him. Man, phlegmatic type of temperament will not make a step without assessing the consequences.

Phlegmatic characteristic of a woman

Phlegmatic woman is emotionallyBalanced, strong personality. Its difference from most of the women is that they prefer to think with the mind, not intuition. Such a woman will not take a frivolous decision, so hard to reach, men have to get it.
The slowness of such a woman adds to her charm. Looking into the eyes is impossible to understand, her thoughts or feelings, which makes her very mysterious. Her facial expressions are almost always the same, the emotional state can not be determined. Even in anger, the phlegmatic woman does not immediately fall, first she weighs well: whether it is worth doing. Therefore, men prefer women of such temperament to their wives, because they are not inclined to arrange
Phlegmatic woman is sluggish in action, but she does her work with special diligence. In general, she embarks on any activity with perseverance and perseverance.
A woman of phlegmatic temperament type hasLow, quiet and confident voice, slow gait. She always looks perfect and often other women become jealous of her. In the profession, a woman of a phlegmatic type prefers monotonous work, in particular to such specialties as a therapist, accountant, business man, botanist.

Phlegmatic characteristic of a child

Phlegmatic child is characterized by the fact that heCalm, balanced and unperturbed. His acquaintance with the world is gradual, measured and unhurried. If someone wants to help him, he rejects this help and tries alone to cope with difficulties. It is this behavior at an early age that determines behavior in the future.
A phlegmatic child likes to be given a task,Over which you need to sit, think and reflect. Even in four years, such a child with pleasure playing chess, begins to read books, solve puzzles. If you need to borrow it for a while, you can simply give a book with different pictures. Above one of them, he can sit for hours, look for new elements, colors, call characters depicted. To listen to stories, especially a fairy tale for the night, he simply adores.
Phlegmatic child likes to talk, especiallyIt is occupied by conversations with adults, although in the main they are reduced to the monologue of the latter. Sometimes the parents of a phlegmatic child suffer because their child starts talking late. In fact, he can talk, just waiting for a certain moment.
Phlegmatic child is basically calm,The only thing that can drive him out of himself is a task for speed, which needs a quick reaction. To perform this task more successfully, he will need a time reserve. Based on this, in the lessons with the child, you need to observe the dimensionality and adjust to its pace. Do not try to accelerate it somehow, it only negatively affects the quality of the task and can cause the child
A child of a phlegmatic temperament typeHas a balanced nervous system with low mobility of nervous reactions. In the early childhood period, this baby is not naughty, sleeps a lot, seldom cries, and does not require much attention. Such a child is "quiet", even if it expresses some kind of reaction: laughter or crying, then it does it quietly.
Phlegmatic child can be nervous only because ofThe fact that something is changing in his environment, some orders, a regime, surrounding objects; People who are used to. He needs time to get used to any innovation. Therefore children of phlegmatic temperament type do not get used to kindergarten and school badly. Because their habitual mode of the day is changing and they have to get acquainted with new people.
If the kindergarten child phlegmaticTemperament comes an activity with which he is already familiar, then it will perform as diligently as at home. Over time, he gets used to certain rules and becomes an example of behavior. The only obstacle in communicating with peers for a child is his reduced activity, slowness, compared with other children.
The movements of the phlegmatic child are mean,Heavy, because of them it looks sluggish. A big mistake in raising a child are strict requirements to him, especially if they go beyond its level of development and natural abilities. Expressing your discontent or manifestation
Relatively sluggishness, sluggishnessThe child leads him to stress. Some parents believe that their threats and shouts can somehow push the phlegmatic, make it more rapid. But, unfortunately, they completely do not understand that such actions are caused by the inhibitory reaction of the child, that is, instead of acting more quickly, as parents expect, they begin to behave even more slowly.
If a child is sometimes forced to behave faster than usual, for example, in order to make it somewhere, then it should make a lot of effort, which provokes a mental strain, which then will result in
The popular mistake of parents is the desireProtect the child from various activities, from everything for which he has to make efforts. So, parents hurry to help the kid, if they see that he is doing something with great effort. Thus, a child can never learn to be independent and at least a bit energetic. He develops self-doubt, the desire to avoid all that is associated with mobility.
Parents should organize conditions forDevelopment of a sluggish child, both confident and independent. It is necessary to gradually give the child tasks to perform, so if he reached the same level of development and mastered the basic techniques, then you can start his further training.
The main rule that must be observed inEducation phlegmatic child - is not in a hurry. Adults should understand that a child who plays in slow-moving games, who does not fuss without reason, moves slowly and generally prefers to sit still - this is not an "ideal child", it is a child who, if not accustomed to activity, will have problems communicating with Peers and adults, which may ultimately affect his acceptance in the environment, when hiring, relationships with colleagues and with the opposite sex.
To identify the temperament of the child, there areCertain methods. A psychologist at a child's preschool or school owns these techniques and is able to help parents know what kind of temperament their child owns and will give the necessary recommendations.

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