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Pride and pride in what a difference, how to get rid of pride

Pride is the quality of a person whoIs due to excessive pride in the individual. She is identified with arrogance, selfishness and conceit. A proud person thinks that he excels others in anything, in work, clothes, in tastes, in the general way of life. Moreover, he often does not have good reasons to treat others unfairly and humiliate them, so pride often carries within itself an element of lies. To understand this - pride, what it is, you can turn to religion.
Pride in many religions refers to mortal sins, because a person tries to rise almost to the level of God, while humiliating others, stepping on their heads.
The pride of man is a destructive feeling,Poisoning the soul. No one hopes for such a person in a personal matter, they do not want to share their achievements with him. No one wants to talk about personal problems or joys, in this or that case a proud person will show inadequate and not friendly reaction. If a person comes up with a personal problem to him, he will not have compassion, he will admit that people are such losers, although he himself is not much better. Such a person is a priori incapable of
. And if a person comes with some success, he stumbles upon a wall of misunderstanding and
. Proud man with
Often does not understand what he is doingFatal life mistakes. Manifesting his inattention to others, ingratitude and bragging, he pushes many people away from himself and makes enemies. The desire of a person to be unique in his environment, whom one can respect and love, leads to megalomania.

Pride and pride

Often people do not know what between the conceptsPride and pride of difference. Through a similar sound they are identified, but there is between pride and pride of distinction, which you need to know for the proper use of these two different concepts.
Pride and pride of difference. The first thing to say, the difference between pride and pride is emotional staining.
Pride is always a feeling with a negative connotation. It is negative, because it does not have a positive product, it is fraught with only negative results in all human relationships.
Pride is a concept coloredPositive emotions. This is a sincere joy for yourself, for your successes, without a share of arrogance and elevating yourself over others. Pride motivates to set big goals and achieve them, and pride is fixed on one, not giving the opportunity to develop.
Pride is always only a positive attitude to yourself, your personal values ​​and disrespect for the values ​​of other people.
A proud person fairly treats othersPersonalities, respects their values ​​and rules, shows empathy and sincere joy for their achievements, is able to express support at the right time. With such a person, people like to communicate, come to him for advice or just talk. A proud person is guided by the rule of honor, haughtiness in himself does not have a gram of this feeling. Pride for themselves, the country, compatriots - these feelings are caused by sincere joy, and makes a person happy, it defines him as collectively directed. A proud person is always personally oriented only to himself, he is incapable of collective joy, he can with respect to the group experience jealousy, contempt, and disgust. Therefore, a proud person rarely consists in any social groupings. Wise people sympathize with such a person, sincerely pities him, because they see what he is doing with his life and where he is rolling in his attitude towards other people. But they know that the time will come when he will be cured of this ill-fated feeling.
The proud people always have a sense of confidenceThrough the support of their dignity, they know that they can hope for themselves, they know their own worth, because this is confirmed by true facts. The proud, in most cases have nothing to look back on in their past, to experience pride in actions that would also be recognized by other people. A proud person knows his own worth, has dignity and knows the value of his actions, he is invulnerable.
Proud man, showing himself to everythingHand, can be very vulnerable. In a problem situation, such a person begins to externally say that he is strong and will cope with all life's barriers, but in reality, remaining alone with his thoughts, he understands how scary and he needs support and not a gram of indicative confidence In it does not remain, after all it does know the price to the abilities.
Pride and pride, what is the difference? If you think about what else is differentPride of pride, it can be said that a proud person, positively directed at others and on their achievements. A person endowed with pride is more capable than others of being truly happy for others if they have achieved something, because she herself knows the value of these successes. Often they look at such a person with admiration, and are ready to be equal to it. A person who has a surplus of pride never becomes a motivator for others, they will not be equal to him basically because of the lack of honor and justice in him.

Signs of pride

To define the concept of pride, what is it,What its signs, do not need to be a particularly observant person. A proud person has an unshakable conviction that all around people are wrong and constantly make mistakes, and try to impose their false beliefs. A correct and truthful can only be his point of view and all the surrounding should be adjusted for it. He believes that if the opinions of others are wrong, then they themselves are unreasonable people, it turns out that if so, that all the others are unreasonable, then I am the most intelligent. And then comes the moment of rejoicing, he blames others for stupidity, although he does not see what is really happening, that he and his boastfulness look stupid and narrow-minded.
A proud person creates a conditional hierarchicalStructure for the surrounding people, by which they judge. At the top of this structure, of course, he stands, and on one level with him, no one will ever stand at the same time. And all the others are much lower than it, are located according to certain criteria. It happens that such a person needs the help of others, in return can offer his help, but such help is insincere. You can not count on an unselfish act on his part. By helping someone, this person emphasizes his importance in the faces of other people.
Signs of pride in humans. A proud person often repeats that the world withoutHim nothing and other people can not be full without his company. Such an overestimated self-esteem, concentration on one's own personality are the true signs of pride, and the more a person thinks about how no one can cope without him, the more he pushes everyone away from himself. He tries to attract all attention to himself, so that in all conversations it was only about his person. He does it with the help of material objects (car, house), or, making outrageous acts, the main thing is that after that everyone should be heard.
A proud person tries to beIndependent in order to reap laurels in case of successful activity. But, it happens that without the help of others he can not do, then with difficulty, stepping over the internal prohibitions a person asks for help. But it does so in order not to have any connections with this person and not to be obligated to him.
A proud person always gives advice to everyoneLeft and right, even when it is not required. Distributing advice, he wants to be sure and followed without fail, strengthening his authority and superiority. By giving directions to others how to live and act, a person fulfills his or her management needs. He believes that he owns a great deal of everyday experience and can teach everyone how to live properly. It is this trait that most irritates everyone around, because everyone has his head on his shoulders and does not always need advice.
Also a sign of pride isHyperactivity. Such individuals are firmly convinced that everything that happens is their merit, and they try to show how much everything is entrusted to their shoulders. They always remind us that everything goes smoothly only because they are trying. They take on all the worries and believe that they are doing the right thing, but they often do not need such hyperoperation from their side. People who have pride imagine themselves as a suffering person through their own worries. They exaggerate their abilities too much, then complain about fate, and to other people, what all are irresponsible and how they can generally live peacefully, while such an unfortunate man bears his suffering cross.

Proud man always condemns actionsOthers. Emu seems that everyone does not do it right, and does not even think that it's not even his business. And he never misses the opportunity to tell people about their wrong actions, to show that it was possible to act differently. Such
Ignores any advice, because he believes that people are trying to guide him.
People who inherent pride, consider themselvesThe most intelligent, but others may ascribe diagnoses, label and call names, considering it to be normal. All people must do something for them. They are waiting for their whims to be fulfilled, even when they have not yet voiced them.
Proud personalities are incapable of sincerethanks. If they think they should thank a person, they do it in a very dry manner. Because they believe that to thank, then, to some extent be dependent on someone, and consequently be lower than it. In their heads there is a stamp stating that those who ask for something are inferior, helpless personalities. If they have been given a favor, they perceive it in such a way that it should be so, that they should always make services, especially disinterested ones.
Proud people are often guided by the rule"Came, saw, won." Their appearance in the company often looks like a performance on stage. The person came to the company, went through a rehearsed scenario, criticized, offended, turned around and went on. And what she left behind in the hearts of people, it does not bypass.
Sometimes, the concepts of pride and vanity are used inOne key. Vanity, as well as pride, has the ability to grow into megalomania. Vanity gives man the illusion of his own superiority. Such people are confident in their genius, beauty, they are very complacent. Although often there is no superiority, on the contrary, there is a spiritual meanness. A person does not see how his sense of dignity turns into a feeling of insignificance. The desire to be higher than others is baseness, because the use of people for selfish personal purposes can not be positive. Proud people are energy vampires, they feed on the energy of other people, their experiences. Proud people search for that weak place of a person, for which you can prick, cause suffering, insult, and then they remain in a good mood, such actions are very low, insignificant.
Pride and vanity equally lead to the misfortune of man, and his isolation from the world.

How to get rid of pride

As the experienced people say: "everything goes and it is also". This rule also works when a proud person comes to the realization of his actions, realizes them and sincerely says that he wants to change, and seeks ways how to deal with pride. A person who has lived in his own illusory world for a long time, where he was a king and a god, can not immediately reorganize, he needs the help of others, so that the process of getting rid of pride is effective and not so difficult.
There are several ways to get rid of pride. To begin with, it is necessary for a person to understand that he is proud, not proud, often people confuse these concepts and falsely interpret them in their behavior. After realizing the differences between pride and pride, a person must look for vices in himself and think about how to eradicate them. Many people think that it is very easy to do this, as if you can understand everything at once and do not act like that any more. Very few people can really do and change in a moment, but this requires a very strong will and a firm character, so that even thoughts of self-pity could not arise.
A person needs to clearly understand the world and himself inTo understand your true place. To see the real world and people, to discard all their prejudices about them, stop criticizing, discuss other people and accept the fact that someone really could be much better than him. The main thing is
As it is, with all its oddities, pluses andShortcomings. Stop wasting your energy on creating intrigues around you. To learn not only to receive help from other people, but also to give something in return, observing a balance in the nature of the relationship.
To get rid of pride, a person needsTo reflect on the good that he can give people. In each person there is a destination, it needs to be found. You need to carefully analyze yourself, come to self-knowledge, understand what are the inclinations and then already act in a certain area of ​​employment and improve in this area. When a person learns how to spend his life energy correctly, then he will come to harmony with himself and with the world.
Opposite to pride are suchQuality, like humility, gratitude, honesty, philanthropy, diligence. If a person purposefully works on their development, he will be able to overcome all his vices.
If the techniques of internal conversation are used together with behavioral ones, the result will be much greater and the deliverance of pride will come sooner.
How to get rid of pride and arrogance?
One such technique is the execution of work,Which the person considers low, dirty and unworthy of it. Dealing with humiliating work, but such that some people perform every day, for example, work as a nurse, a dishwasher, a cleaner, a system breaks down in the mind of a person. Doing this work several times, a person changes by himself, he becomes more mundane, a sense of superiority decreases.
For a proud person can happenA turning point, if he visits places in which there are unfortunate people with much less resources for survival. It could be an orphanage, a nursing home, places where war broke out, poor areas of the city. Looking at the misfortune of others, a person should have a sense of how much greater values ​​he has if he has a family, work, money. Such an observation also awakens in a person the desire to share what he has, to give money, to do something important and necessary for disadvantaged people.
How to get rid of the pride of Orthodoxy. To get rid of pride a person will be helped by a bow. Bowing is like a physical action, but with a profound meaning embedded in it. When a man bows, he bends down, lowers his head before something. Worship is an expression of respect, reverence, humility and recognition. The more often a person bows, the sooner he gets used to the fact that he recognizes others, commits worship to their people as a token of gratitude, or respect. Also, one should bow in prayer, purify one's heart and thoughts.
A proud person needs to learnCarefully perceive the interlocutor, delve into what he says and understand what emotions he has, take his experiences, and show empathy. Having learned to listen to other people, their problems, their experiences, the person changes his attitude towards them, he realizes that he was actually mistaken in the person and attributed other qualities to him.
To eradicate pride, you need to learnTo thank people from the heart. It does not matter whether friendly assistance, or counseling the seller in the store, all need to be thanked. Every person tries, spends his strength and time, and his work should be evaluated, and a sincere "thank you" will not take a lot of time.
A proud person is very difficult to takeOther people, as they are. He will either criticize them, or he will come up with a story of their life and will spread rumors. But such a person must accept the fact that not all people are the same, each has his own characteristics and the world is built on this. And no one has the right to alter another person for himself.
All of the above ways, how to deal with pride, are effective in the event that a person really realizes that it's time for him to change, has taken his vices and is ready to improve.

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