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Psychology of men in relationships, after parting - secrets

The psychology of men is rather primitivea thing, in the opinion of many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. But thinking so, they make a huge mistake. Men are not ordinary, but concrete. They do not like to complicate things and create problems from scratch. And in general, the strong half behaves in a completely different way in comparison with women. Therefore, understanding all the subtleties of the device of male psychology will allow the weaker sex to build more effective models of relationships with husbands, friends, bosses, sons and just a casual environment. In most cases, the sons of Adam, regardless of belonging to a certain age group or social, even in adulthood, remain children, only the hobbies of them become more ambitious and can afford much more, while remaining deep down in their souls as vulnerable as their childhoods .
The psychology of men is such that only externally theyoverconfident, persistent and unshakable. However, this is a mask. Many women are lost on assumptions why they do not have a relationship with the male sex, not realizing that when they communicate they take the mask for reality, and therefore make many mistakes that the male sex does not forgive. It has long been customary to refer to men as a strong gender. Such a title they deserved only solely because of the physical advantage over the feminine, and mentally they are less powerful than the beautiful half. Often, the female sex does not understand that the gentlemen accompanying them in life can also be vulnerable and vulnerable, need tenderness and care.

Secrets of the psychology of men

Often, each of the representatives of the human race sins by trying to interpret another
through the prism of itself. In other words, human nature is such that each subject attributes to another character traits that he himself has, or a pattern of behavior in certain situations inherent in him. And when another begins to behave in a different way, the individual seems that they do not cherish. But in reality another individual only expresses sympathy, consent or disagreement in a different way.
People often lack the ability tothe view of the situation with an alternative position or "other people's eyes." Women in difficult situations do not put themselves in the shoes of their husbands, but only suggest how they should act. At the same time, one completely forgets about personal individuality and a variety of other accompanying factors. Naturally, the average husband who does not know how to read women's thoughts acts in a completely different way. That's how women's grievances are born to the stronger sex, who absolutely do not understand them. This approach, of course, negatively affects the relationship between the sexes and their mutual understanding in general.
To understand male psychology,to divide the whole male fraternity into certain types. Any "normal" representative of the stronger sex strives to achieve a certain goal, known to him. One is important to bring evidence to others around their own importance, others - they want to become the center of any collective, like absolutely everything, others like power, the fourth - see their goal in helping others, and the fifth, on the contrary, are used to taking nothing, giving nothing in exchange.
Psychology of men or how to understand a man?
It's probably strange, but even when the children of Adamand Eve speak the same language, they still do not understand each other. And it's not the used declensions, endings, suffixes, pronouns and prefixes, but in a different expression of their own opinions and experiences. An example of this can be a retelling of an ordinary children's fairy tale, heard from the lips of a boy and pronounced by a girl. A great difference between their stories will be immediately apparent.
If the foundations of male communication and the female language were taught in school lessons, many conflicts between the sexes could be avoided.
For men, the most important are actions, whereasfor the female part - the inner world and emotions. As long as the strong half reflects on the accomplishment of the world coup, a weak part of the population thinks about a new culinary masterpiece, supposed for dinner. When he has a solution to a complex production problem in his brain, her head is crammed with all sorts of options for early weight loss. Women tend to think more concretely and narrowly than the male sex. The strong half often does not notice everywhere scattered socks, dirty dishes and cobwebs in the corners, in its turn, the weak half notices any mess in an instant and it immediately gives birth to a decision how to fix it. Hence it follows that since women can not understand the minds of the stronger sex, then one should not project their own worldview on them.
It is necessary to accept the fact that there ispsychological dissimilarity of men and women. With this postulate it is necessary to reconcile and not to question it in vain. Often, most ladies take a differentness for the reluctance to build relationships fruitfully. Men, mostly, are straightforward. For the most part, they themselves do not know how to hint and do not understand the hints.
If you set a goal, then male behaviorbecomes very explainable. The strong sex calls the eyes of brown color - brown, and the blue dress - blue, while the weaker half thinks that she has golden-brown eyes, and the dress - the colors of the sea depths. Men do not confuse specific concepts with emotions. They are by nature economists - used to save time and internal reserves.
Representatives of the stronger sex do not possesstelepathic abilities, so do not be offended by those elected, who did not give a bouquet of flowers, which the prelighter dreamed of. Another fact of male psychology is their inability to read thoughts. Male individuals simply are not trained in telepathy, so they can not guess about women's dreams and requests. Therefore, if the ladies want something to achieve from their gentlemen or ordinary colleagues, they should talk about it to representatives of the strong half, and preferably more than ten times to be surely learned. It is necessary to demand from men what is desired and not be shy. The main condition is a calm and confident tone, so that a man can realize that the subject of conversation is very important to a woman, so that he will satisfy the "request" with pleasure.
How to understand a man? Psychology of men reports that male individuals simply can not stand when they are commanded. Do not tell the sons of Adam what and when, how they need to do something. It will be sufficient only to define one's own point of view.
In addition, the men are very pressured by the boundaries in which they are driven by society. The male part of the population should always correspond to three myths:
- the strong half never cries, because the tears are for the weak girls;
- the strong half should always remain serious;
- in any scenario, the strong half must remain strong.
The man, first of all, is a living being, not a robot. He can not react in accordance with the invented, unclear by whom, rules. Therefore, men also cry. And in their tears there is nothing unnatural or shameful. Also, men do not necessarily have to be always serious. Representatives of the strong half should be accepted as real, that is, as they really are, and not be adjusted to the limits invented by the society. In addition, the excessive seriousness of the partner, co-workers, relatives, is quickly tiring, so people are avoided whenever possible. Also, men are simply physically unable to be always strong spiritually. They also have "bad" days. And at a difficult moment they expect support, and not the phrase: "Be a man!". Do not forget that the sons of Adam are also endowed with heart and soul. They also have the right to experience and display emotions.

Psychology of men in relationships

Any man is characterized by the presence of certain requirements for a partner. And if their "wishes" are brought together in accordance with the male psychology, then we get a very monotonous set of requirements.
Psychology of men in relationships with womenmanifests itself in a certain set of ideas about the companion, about its behavioral manifestations and appearance. If a woman spends a bit of her own time to deal with the simple organization of men, then she will find a golden key unlocking the cherished door, a hidden happy relationship.
First, the mental activity of menindividuals is fairly straightforward and absolutely concrete. Due to this feature, it is difficult for men to keep up with the rapid flow of women's thoughts. Representatives of the strong half are more interested in the essence of things. Each phrase should be practical. Water in conversations is able to drive men out of themselves.
Many ladies try to find the hidden meaning inany male action and are engaged in systematic self-excision, which leads to confusion in the relationship. It will be more effective not to analyze all male acts, but to understand the needs of the chosen one and help him to implement them.
In principle, male and female needs betweenare similar, but there are a number of differences that lead to confrontation in the relationship. For the emotional health of members of a strong half of the population, a sense of self-worth is vital. And their professional fulfillment and financial security play a big role in this. Money in men inspire confidence. It is important for the male sex to feel himself an earner. In addition, men achieve self-confidence through a variety of hobbies and hobbies. Therefore, it is recommended that women are encouraged to encourage men's hobbies. It is not necessary to prohibit men's interests, you can only slightly guide them in the right direction. For example, from computer games to fishing. Interests help the strong sex to restore one's own mental powers or to find opportunities for expressions of one's own emotions. It is necessary to understand that personal interests are a personal territory, the entrance to which is prohibited without knocking.
Men are very adept at flattery and slightly vain. These are their weak points, but everyone has weaknesses. Therefore, women should learn to turn to themselves for good. For this you need occasionally to emphasize his competence, ingenuity, sense of humor and mind. And, in addition, men are encouraged not to regret the words of gratitude.
Representatives of the stronger sex needconfidence in their own ability to look for ways out of any situations. This gives them a sense of the importance of their person. The importance for the stronger sex, often, is of key importance in achieving global goals. Therefore, the weak half is recommended to learn to confer the value of their spouses to feel themselves with them like a stone wall. A man, rewarded by his second half of importance, will please the chosen one again and again with new achievements and gifts!
The psychology of a man in love lies in hisneeds for support from the partner and love. And especially they need physical love, thanks to which they feel themselves full. Often, emotional masculine depression indicates the violation of any means of obtaining love. Therefore, it is required to find out in which ways a man needs love to pay special attention to them.
Men, though they are known as the strong halfof the population, but they also need a sense of security and want to feel their own identity. Due to the social group, the stronger sexes feel safer and can rise up the career ladder, earn respect and admiration. For psychological health to be normal, it is important for men to successfully cooperate with the environment. And the respect of the society represents to the male sex the proof of their worthy life.
Eve's daughters need to learn how to thank their own partners for their successes, achievements and admire strategic steps.
The male sex respects honesty in the weak half. They need that the loved ones answer all their interrogative statements honestly and confidently, voice their own desires and needs truthfully, without wits and hints.
The sons of Adam are fanatical from the confident in their ownpersonality ladies and self-sufficient personalities. Men like a magnet attract active girls and independent ladies who have personal interests and their own circle of friends. Men dream that their spouse combines confidence, along with tenderness, care and independence, intelligence and humor. They are fond of versatile women, capable of changing externally and spiritually, demonstrating different facets of their own character and personality.
Representatives of the stronger sex can not standmanipulation in relationships. They are simply too lazy to try to guess the "signals" of their companion. They dream of a quiet and simple relationship, a relationship in which the soul rests.
The male sex believes that ladies should wantdevelop personally and take responsibility for their own emotions and emotions. A strong half admires the young ladies who know how to laugh at themselves and allow mistakes themselves.
Although there is an opinion that there are no faithfulrepresentatives of the stronger sex, the men themselves require loyalty in the relationship. They want to communicate and live with a woman, without experiencing that she has a crowd of fans with whom she flirts and builds their eyes. Men need a sincere relationship. Thus, the ideal companion in the harsh male life is the universal woman. However, it should not be universal for the entire male population, but for one particular man.

Psychology of a loving man

Strong sex does not show own feelingsopen. The male part of the population prefers business. It is easier for them to fulfill all the whims of their beloved, if only they do not express themselves in love. Men find it difficult to sincerely talk about feelings.
Psychology of a man in love.
A man in love with the object of lovebecomes shy, even being a leader by nature. The main signal that demonstrates the presence of feelings in a representative of a strong field, is a long look directed toward the object of the senses. If a man feels exclusively a passion for a lady, then his behavior will be different. With overwhelmed lust, the representative of the male part of the population becomes more arrogant and assertive in communicating with the object of passion. In postures and gestures it is dominated by light aggressiveness. All his actions are aimed at invading the private space of the young lady. Passionate man passionately tries to hug a woman.
A man must feel like a conqueror, so they do not like "sticky" young ladies. Excessive assertiveness will only frighten them and repel them.
Psychology of men in love is such that suchbehavior will cause only resistance to rapprochement with such a "warrior". Therefore, girls are recommended to stick to the distance, to remain a mystery, which you want to open. The man is a hunter, as a result of which the extraction "on a silver platter" is of interest only as a single meal.
Psychology of men in relationships with womencharacterized by rapid cooling of the first to the second. The strong half simply is not able to keep a long time of interest in one object. Therefore, women need to learn how to intrigue the elected ones without revealing them completely. An inaccessible girl is always attractive to the stronger sex. It's not for nothing that the cavaliers of the past were capable of foolhardy actions for the sake of one glance of the chosen one. Thanks to chastity beauties of the Middle Ages forced men to commit serious deeds. A woman, even after marriage, is not recommended to open her thoughts and secret secrets before her husband. Representatives of the weaker sex need, in spite of everything, to conceal a mystery in themselves. After all, thanks to her, the everyday life and everyday life will never enter into marital life.
The psychology of men in love passes through three phases of love. The first phase begins at a time when the relationship itself does not yet exist, and represents a state of love.
Male psychology in this phase provokesrepresentatives of the stronger sex on attempts to interest and surprise the chosen one. Men in a state of falling in love are accompanied by a constant change of moods - it seems to fly from happiness, then suffers from uncertainty. Most attempts to make the right impression on a beautiful gender fail, which generates emotional problems and obstacles. The man, until he has won the final victory, will be insecure in his own strength.
The second phase begins at the moment when relationsbecome "official". Confidence grows, as if on leaps and bounds. At this stage, the foundation for the further behavior of men in relationships is laid. He unconsciously assesses the boundaries of what is permitted, and establishes the territory of his own freedom and power.
The third phase is the state of the loving individual. Often this phase comes to family relationships. The experiences of men are similar, as in the first phase, but are hidden deep in the subconscious.
Although male psychology in love and divorced from women, it is quite easy to understand.

Psychology of a married man

The male half of the population, especially the one that stirs women's hearts, is bound by the bonds of marriage. Therefore, women and start a relationship periodically with the "zhenatikami."
Psychologists say that a representative of a strongsex, who loves his own wife, will not go to treason. He will not risk the happiness built up by years of coexistence, for the sake of one minute pleasure. A married man prevails the desire to protect the family, to maintain the usual way of life and relationships. Contrary to established stereotypes, the majority of men who are connected by marriage are conservatives. A loving man is enough for one of his wife. The prospect of entering into a new relationship, re-building relationships, getting used to the "bounces" of a new girlfriend, changing the beloved established order of life is not inspiring, often even frightening off.
The psychology of a married man is such thatmost of the non-free representatives will hide the presence of the wife until they fall on a lie or a woman will bite into his lie. When a married man was pressed, he reluctantly confesses that he is bound by marriage, but he will represent his marriage as something insignificant. In general, the representatives of the stronger sex hide the fact of their lack of freedom solely for selfish reasons. Because they liked the young lady may not agree to spend time in company with married men. If the representative of the strong half does not hide the fact of having a wife or accidentally let slip about his wife, then afterwards to mention his wife he will be such a tone, as if she is a distant relative or an inanimate creature, an annoying hindrance that interferes with spending a good time.
This behavior is understandable. After all, men appreciate the calm and measured life, devoid of scandals. This "silence" saves him from hassle and is convenient for everyone. However, do not delude yourself. As if the man did not talk about his wife, she does not cease to be her. A wife can be bored and unloved, but in the life of every married man she takes a legitimate place.
Why is a bonded man seeking an intimate relationship on the side? Psychologists identified a number of the most common reasons:
- Men often believe that the wife has ceased to understand him, that's why they are looking for understanding on the side. Often it is more important for men to understand their subtle psychic organization, rather than intimacy;
- a man is tired of constant scandals and fights, arranged by his wife, he wants to rest from her steady discontent and "sour" facial expressions;
- a man dreams of diversity in his own private life;
- if there is an infant in the family, the man is simply tired of constant lack of sleep and crying, from the inattention of the wife;
- if a man entered into marriage on a "flight" orbecause it is so necessary, and he himself has not yet matured for marriage, he will be attracted by freedom and communication with the young ladies. After all, so many beautiful ladies around, but he can not, he is married. This "injustice" causes an insult to life and provokes a strong half for extramarital affairs.
In addition, a man's relationship on the sidecompletely satisfied, from whatever side they do not look at. He successfully plays the social role of husband and head of the family. And the presence of a young mistress only adds to his status in the eyes of friends. After all, this is an indirect argument, proving his masculine and material solvency.
Also, marital relations are notonly a delicious borsch and a warm bed, but also certain obligations shared with his wife. Therefore, often, after coming from work after a busy day, men want to relax, rather than plunge into a heap of family problems that require immediate resolution. Naturally, this does not cause a romantic mood. As a result, the strong half is not so strong. Instead of trying to find a way out of the vicious circle, because the wife is also hard, men find a more easy option - communication on the side.

Psychology of a man after parting

Most ladies are interested in the question: why do men return after parting? Psychology says that there are many reasons for returning to previous relationships. After all, even if a representative of the stronger sex in public demonstrates indifference, this does not mean that he has peace of mind. It is considered that the strong sex is thick-skinned, so the gap is much easier to tolerate than the ladies. This opinion is completely untrue. Men also have a hard time surviving a break in relations with their beloved, they just do not show their own emotions or drown them at the bottom of the glasses.
The paramount and main task of men afterthe disintegration of relations is the concealment of one's true state. They are trying to prove their indifference about the incident by any means. Therefore, quite often they become even more cheerful and cheerful. He expresses his sorrow in his striving:
- get drunk;
- more often in noisy companies;
- have fun;
- find an extreme hobby like motocross;
- seduce as many naive "fools" as possible;
- Start a relationship length of one night.
Why do men return after parting? Psychology says that there may be several reasons for this.
In the first turn, the strong half becomesit's uncomfortable to be without a former girl, because it turns out that in his life the role of the chosen one is great enough. Secondly, the truth, as is known, is born in comparison. A man usually, after parting with a friend, immediately dipped into a new relationship. And often it happens that the former lady of the heart is more intelligent, balanced, cheerful, honest, than the current one. Thirdly, the male representatives, often, need some amount of time to realize the depth of their own feelings for the old girlfriend.
Also, the reason for the return isbanal jealousy for new men in the life of the former passion. Often, representatives of the stronger sex treat former girlfriends as an object that, after a while, remains their property. Therefore, when a young man appears in the life of a girl, the former elect is ready to re-conquer it.
In addition, men can return "home" when they are walking. On the loose, of course, great, but I want the same care, warmth, affection and coziness.

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