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Relations with a married man - advice of a psychologist

Relations with a married man are often fullPuzzles and difficulties. A woman to the end can never be sure of the continuation of the relationship between her and the married man. She never knows for sure if her beloved will call tomorrow, whether she will come, whether he will succeed in getting away from his wife under a plausible pretext. And most importantly the femin often doubts and asks herself the same questions: do I need this relationship with a married man, how to break this relationship, will he leave his family, will he marry me? How to behave in such cases, when in the head of continuous misunderstandings and contradictions, and share this secret does not always work even with the closest people?
There are always a lot of questions, but the right oneThe only answer is no one will give, because the sphere of love relations does not lend itself to logic and everything depends on specific personalities, relations and the situation as a whole. There are forbidden, destructive relationships that truly will not lead to anything good, but there are those who have a happy outcome possible. Initially, the relationship between a married man and a woman is not promising and a further continuation of the statistics can have only one percent of all cases when a man really does not like his wife and she too, and in this case he leaves the family to his mistress.

Relations with a married man - advice of a psychologist

If, after all, a woman has got into a relationship with a married man, psychologists are always advised to be ready for the fact that communication can quickly break off at any moment and one must always be realistic.
It is difficult to understand the relationship of a woman with a marriedA man who gives his consent to a second role in the life of his chosen one, but such feminas are not small. Often, girls who meet with married members of the stronger sex want to know about the future of such relations and how they can be prolonged.
Psychologists on this account consider the following:
- for meetings with a married person to continue, it is necessary to properly build these relations;
- to start dating a married manAt the same time it is easy and difficult: for a man it is not worth it to sleep with the one he liked, but to keep a woman such a man beside herself for a long time is hard enough;
- Firstly, he does not owe anything to a new passion andOften immediately says that he is married and it does not cost him anything either to easily start a new romance with another woman, if something does not suit him in a new acquaintance;
- if a girl wants to have a relationship with a married man in the future, then she must keep the meetings secret;
- A man will respect a feminine if he realizes that she also does not seek to advertise relations; This will allow him to trust the woman and prolong this connection.
How to build and maintain a relationship with a married manA man? You can not criticize or blame the wife of your lover, but you can only support your loved one during a conversation. It is not recommended in relation to his wife to emphasize his leadership. Do not talk about your favorite girlfriends, even if there is a certainty that everything will remain a secret. It will be better if the woman will remain faithful and obedient to the chosen one, in this case the relationship with the married man may have a continuation in the future. It is not recommended to abuse vagaries, if a loved one brings something or gives it is necessary to perceive it with delight.

You can not put pressure on a loved one, demand a divorce, call your wife, put before the choice of your lover. Over time, a man will decide everything himself, if he does not represent his life without a new lover.
To maintain a relationship with a married man will be possible if a woman talks about her feelings and keeps an unforgettable intimacy.
It is not recommended to impose yourself to a man andHold at any cost near you. The correct line of conduct will be as restrained as possible. It is required to give the man time to learn better the new girlfriend and allow him to make a decision about his family. You can safely let the beloved know that for a woman the normal situation is not normal and she expects a decision from him. It would be advisable to explain one time to your chosen one and then translate the relationship into a format for waiting. This man will prove the seriousness of intentions and he will take the first step. It should only give him time and take the position of an observer, for example, six months.
The most important thing is not to deprive men of free choiceAnd do not think how to convince him to leave the family. Let him make his choice. When a woman gives an elect a chance to understand her desires and feelings, and she steps aside and waits patiently, this gives good results and prospects for a relationship with a married man in the future becomes more.
Everything happens in life. And if your chosen one does not really have a first marriage, the new woman does not intentionally destroy the relations of others, but simply expects actions from her man, and there is nothing wrong with that.
If a woman aims to achieveThis man, the most effective way is to fall in love with him not only in yourself, but in everything that will be associated with it. Psychologists advise to create a quiet harbor at home, a cozy nest where the lover will relax and relax from bored life and home.

How to break off a relationship with a married man whom you love

If a woman realizes that her loved one will never leave the family, then to continue such a relationship makes no sense, and it will be better for all to stop them.
To "throw" a man it was easier, psychologistsRecommend to write on a piece of paper all the negative qualities of his chosen one and view them every time before the meeting, making sure personally this is even stronger. A woman needs to be persuaded herself that she does not need uncertain meetings with the "wife", and it's time to put an end to their existence. Psychologists recommend also to engage in personal self-development and do not forget to look around, so as not to overlook your true love inadvertently.
In order to finally break the relationship withMarried man, you must first of all tune in to stop these meetings. You should think about how much time has already been lost and how much more to lose if you continue to furtively meet. Therefore, to break the relationship with a married man should be so that not the slightest opportunity was not their resumption, because not only time is lost, but also soul forces that are wasted completely.
To do this, you will need to put yourBeloved about the decision to stop contacting him and ask him not to disturb again. It is very important to stop responding to calls and not to call yourself, and also try not to meet with the former even by accident. If you still need to see it, for example, for work, you should change your phone number and at least temporarily leave to change the situation.
When the lover realizes that the woman is set upResolutely, he will try to dissuade all sorts of tricks from this step and as an option, will propose to arrange a romantic farewell. You can not fall for this "fishing pole", since from the farewell night always everything starts all over again.
It is very important to remove from the eyes all objects and gifts,Which will remind you of a former lover, but you do not have to return them personally. It is important to understand that you can not see him any more under any pretext, because such love is akin to a drug. In order not to be tempted to meet or write, it is necessary to fill all your time with something interesting and exciting and then there will be no place for sad thoughts. Psychologists recommend to go to a place where the woman has not been, because the new impressions will allow you to look at the relationship with the married man differently and the femin again will be convinced of the correctness of his decision. If you can not leave, you should fully load your life: new acquaintances, work, sports sections, anything, but you can not allow yourself to remain alone. Suffering will destroy the soul and will not allow us to organize our own destiny.

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