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Schizophrenia in men - signs, symptoms, causes, treatment

Schizophrenia in men is a mentalA disease that is widespread worldwide. Currently, schizophrenia is understood as a group of progressive diseases that proceed slowly or rapidly with evolving personality changes (inverted, reduced energy potential, emotional impoverishment, loss in the unity of mental processes) that disrupt the thinking, emotional and volitional sphere. Usually men are more likely to suffer from this ailment than the female half.
With the word
, Faced, perhaps, each, however, a fewKnow the correct interpretation of this term. Schizophrenia in men often occurs at a young age and is marked by a characteristic loss of unity of personality, loss of connection with reality, and the development of affective, delusional, paranoid disorders. Statistics show that the disease suffers more than 1% of the world's population, but not all patients fall out of active life.
Schizophrenia in men is a chronicA disease that needs longitudinal monitoring by a doctor. Manifestations of schizophrenia from the very beginning frighten the relatives very much, they fall into a stupor, they are overcome by contempt, aggression, or indifference, denial of the sufferings of the patient. This is due to a misunderstanding of the problem. A sick man needs your help, participation, support, without you he can not cope with his condition. Only with the support of the family is it possible to overcome the manifestations of men's schizophrenia. And the fear of psychiatry and psychiatric illiteracy, which was laid in the head, must be eliminated by reading medical literature.

Causes of schizophrenia in men

One of the main reasons is hereditaryPredisposition, expressed in the functional error of the brain cells. Statistics have data that relatives of a sick man also often suffer from mental illness. However, this pattern is not always characteristic. This is due to ignorance of the genealogical tree inclusive up to the third generation. Scientists note that among relatives there is an "accumulation of genes," which is characterized by the birth of mentally disabled children in virtually healthy parents. On such signs of negative heredity speaks the presence of obsessions, eccentric character, alcoholism, seasonal mood fluctuations, suicides in the genus. Simultaneously with the hereditary theory, there are other theories about the causes of the origin of the disease: autoimmune, viral.

Signs of schizophrenia in men

Male symptoms of schizophrenia are divided intoNegative and positive. Positive manifestations are noticeable, bright, reversible symptoms, which include hallucinations. Positive symptoms are often diverse, with fairly frequent combinations and attract the attention of surrounding people. The environment immediately notices that the man behaves strangely. These symptoms include delirium, pseudo-hallucination, mental automatisms, catatonia, unmotivated foolishness, obsessions, mood disorders, depersonalization.
Negative manifestations turn a man into aClosed, indifferent, unsociable person with loss of emotional and strong-willed qualities. Negative signs of schizophrenia in a man are virtually irreversible and are of great diagnostic value. These signs include volitional and emotional decline,
, The splitting of mental activity,Simultaneous co-existence of incompatible opposites, getting along in a person without struggle (schism). This set of negative signs is called a schizophrenic defect. However, this is by no means all the mental disorders that a man suffers in schizophrenia. From the prevalence of disorders, various forms of the disease are noted.

How is schizophrenia manifested in men?

Manifestations of schizophrenia in men are notedIntense drunkenness, the consequences of craniocereberal trauma, which prevent full-fledged treatment. If signs of the disease are found in adulthood, then, as a rule, the memory functions, as well as the intellect are not affected. The vision of familiar things and non-standard thinking allows patients to make amazing discoveries. Among the sick men there are famous scientists, writers, musicians, poets.
Psychiatrists as a sign of biological expediency andSupport of nature see in schizophrenia a necessity for the development of evolution. Therefore, it is erroneous to refer the men suffering from schizophrenia to the mentally defective, as well as defective, because often their intellectual level surpasses the mental abilities of the people who give them an estimate.

Symptoms of schizophrenia in men

Understand the nuances, as well as the subtleties of the disease, only a specialist is able to use special methods of examination, but it is possible to understand the main features of the disease in men.
How to recognize schizophrenia in men? To understand the nuances, as well as the intricacies of the disease, only a specialist is able to use special methods of examination. But it is possible for everyone to understand the main features of schizophrenia in men.
Schizophrenia in men being chronicDisease and the genetically transmitted one has a tendency to progress. Symptoms of schizophrenia of men reveal themselves in mental activity, which are associated with the emotional as well as the will-power sphere.
Positive symptoms of schizophrenia includeDelusional ideas - beliefs that are not true. They manifest themselves in utterances of improbable or questionable content; Manifestations of fear and protective actions (shading of windows, locking doors); Refusal to eat or scrutinize; Query activities (complaints, letters to various instances); Pathological imagination (it seems to the patient that he is being controlled, he is given encrypted messages). The next positive symptoms are affective disorders, in which the mood changes toward a rise (mania) or the side of oppression (
). There are symptoms of schizophrenia in men in the form of motor retardation, a constant sense of melancholy, emotional emptiness, anxiety in the evening, anxiety, sleep disorders, excessive activity, reassessment of one's own capabilities.

Positive symptoms of schizophrenia in menAre hallucinations. It is a feeling or vision of what the patient sees individually. There are hallucinations in hearing voices that give orders or warn of danger, commenting on behavior. The patient often talks to himself, sees non-existent people, as well as objects and smells.
Positive symptoms include motorDisorders that alternate with stages of stupor, as well as excitement. They manifest themselves in anxiety, incoherent, inconsistent narrative, in attacks of anger, fury, indifference, conversations in elevated tones, prolonged preservation of uncomfortable posture, incoherent cries.
To negative symptoms of schizophrenia in menCarry violations in the ability to express joy and emotions, various problems with speech. Such symptoms of schizophrenia are perceived as banal laziness and depression. The symptomatology of schizophrenia is called negative because it takes something from the patient. Also to negative symptoms include impoverishment of emotional reactions: weakening, and then the complete disappearance of emotions. The first to disappear emotions associated with empathy and compassion, then disappear the ethical aesthetic. The reactions that are associated with instincts (food) last longer. Symptoms appear in the loss of interest in events that occur in the family, at work. The patient is isolated, ceases to communicate with relatives and friends, neglects the rules of personal hygiene.
To decrease in mental activity carryThe ability of a person to set a goal and achieve it. This manifests itself in the difficulty of concentrating, perceiving new information, the inability to use the accumulated knowledge, the loss of the ability to learn, the inability to work in the specialty.
Autism also refers to negative symptoms. For this state is characterized by a closure on a personal person, immersion in the world of their own fantasies and experiences.
Recognize autism can be due to lack of sightEye to eye, isolation from society, lack of interest in the actions and actions of others, the repetition of phrases and words of others; On stereotyped actions, intolerance of touches, loud sounds, the appearance of problems with sleep.
The patient is characterized by a violent willActivities, as well as the lack of aspirations for any activity, apathy, fast fatigue, lack of will. It manifests itself in the throwing of any work that has been started, infantilism. The patient has a disruption of organizational skills. This is manifested in the loss of the ability to process and accumulate information, as well as make independent decisions, relying on facts. The ill is unable to remember the information received, use the information received, is unable to concentrate attention.

Treatment of schizophrenia in men

The disease can have mild, as well as adverse severe forms. Therefore, a qualified psychiatrist is able to recognize, diagnose, cure the main symptoms.
How to recognize schizophrenia in men? To understand the nuances, as well as the intricacies of the disease, only a specialist is able to use special methods of examination. But it is possible for everyone to understand the main features of schizophrenia in men.
Schizophrenia in men being chronicDisease and the genetically transmitted one has a tendency to progress. Manifestations of schizophrenia of men reveal themselves in mental activity, which are associated with the emotional as well as the volitional sphere.
How to treat schizophrenia in men? Currently, modern techniques allow the treatment of most patients without hospitalization. Initial stages of treatment include intensive therapy necessary for rapid stabilization of the condition, as well as elimination of the main symptomatology, which reduces the quality of life of a man and makes it difficult to socialize. Therefore, the daily presence of the patient in the clinic is important. In such cases, relatives and relatives of a sick man bring him daily for medical procedures. Visiting the day hospital, the patient is constantly watched by the doctor, and also appoints the necessary correction.
After stabilizing the condition, a man is assignedPlanned therapy, where complex methods are used to restore the metabolic processes in the brain, as well as conduct behavior correction and socialize the sick. Each patient is prescribed special therapy, often not requiring daily intake of tablets.
As practice shows, patients restorePersonal skills for self-service, as well as their social status, continue to study in universities, work, have a family, children. Only rare cases need to be hospitalized. This occurs in severe as well as neglected situations. However, these cases are treated, and the patients restore their skills, and in the future they improve themselves. The most vulnerable in the treatment are adolescents. In this case, it is important to adequately help the teenager, so as not to spoil his future.
Is the diagnosis of schizophrenia for life? Is curable schizophrenia? Is schizophrenia treated without medication? These are the most frequent questions that patients ask doctors. Diagnosis of schizophrenia occurs on the basis of a conversation and examination of the patient by a doctor as a psychiatrist, as well as an analysis of the mental functions of a man (intellect, memory, thinking, emotions), assessing the history of life. Also, the pathopsychological study of higher mental functions also helps in the diagnosis. 50 years ago, the disease was practically not treated, and the diagnosis meant a disability and disability registration. The arsenal of doctors has effective means for treating the disease and every year they are more effective and effective, which allows us to return to normal life. The basis of the treatment of schizophrenia are medicines (neurometabolic therapy, neuroleptics). In the period of active treatment, drug therapy is always used, and further in the remission period, active medication is canceled according to the situation.

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