Self-realization of a child of preschool age

Self-realization of a child is the disclosure of children's personal opportunities that lead to a happier and more successful life. Everyone has it
there are a number of needs, without satisfactionwhich is impossible to carry out a happy life. It is very difficult for a child to find the area in which he will maximally reveal himself, apply his qualities of character and achieve certain goals. If a person finds such an area, then its success in self-realization is guaranteed.

Conditions for the self-realization of children

At present, scientists are unanimous that each individual has a huge number of opportunities that are stored in the form of makings and under certain development conditions they can be realized.
The development of children's self-realization is influenced by manyfactors: socio-economic, biogenetic, pedagogical. Unfortunately, the delusion of the individual, especially the young, is the underestimation of the inherent natural abilities.
An important condition for the self-realization of children iscreating adult situations of success. Such words as "good", "let's work more", "well done" should sound constantly to the address of the child, and every child activity needs benevolent support. Only such conditions will create a situation of success.
Psychologists noted that the more actively the creative baby develops, the more efficiently his thinking functions in different planes and directions.
An incentive for the creative development of children, the flowering of their abilities, the widening of the range of interests, as well as the humanization of thoughts, actions, feelings, creative activity is leisure.
Most of the wealthy people suffer fromlack of what they are not able to understand or understand. It is very important for a person to find his place in life to feel full satisfaction from reality, while expressing himself as much as possible and using all his natural talents. A person who realizes his resources for the benefit of the society is the happiest. Self-realization involves getting pleasure from the work process. Self-realization has a close relationship with public evaluation. Often people experience suffering because others do not see positive qualities from them and do not appreciate them. Self-realization can allow each person to appear before the society in the brilliance of his abilities and talents. The ability to direct their bad and good traits to achieve goals is always valuable in society. Individuals who realize their potential are always loved and respected.

Psychologists believe that the emergence of a massyouth movement, for example, hippies or punks appeared as a result of the unmet need for finding oneself. Therefore, the task of parents to provide those conditions that will contribute to children's self-realization, realizing something new and unexplored oriented towards creativity.
Deviations in the behavior of adolescents are noted indefects in upbringing. The inability of adults to interest the child, as well as to reveal his abilities and capabilities, leads to the fact that he is governed by random circumstances, as well as spontaneous bursts of energy.

Creative self-realization of children

Creativity is not only an attributesocialization of the child's personality and a means of communication, entertainment, recreation, but also a powerful tool of self-education, a unique means of enlightenment, as well as aesthetic education. Any small victory of a child or simply participation in contests, creative projects of different levels affects the development of creative potential.
In adolescence, the main means in creative self-actualization are clubs of interests, circles, sports sections, etc.
Creative self-realization of the adolescent is referred toan important component of personal development. Psychologists noted that the stimulus for the development of the personality, as well as the search for one's place in life, is the need for search. Search is simply necessary for physical, mental, sexual maturation and the pursuit of youthful self-affirmation. Some adolescents assert themselves through aggressive behavior. German therapist G. Ammon believes that every child is born with the potential of "constructive" aggressiveness. By this term, the therapist understands the desire and desire for creative self-realization, which contribute to the development and improvement of the world. Developed and strengthened "constructive" aggressiveness only with the proper education of the child. Errors in education are noted when the initiative is suppressed by children in adults. Often, these children are trapped in games, in communication with adults and peers. When children face family conflicts, they have destructive aggressiveness, which traumatizes them severely. Wrongly oriented child personality can manifest itself in unmotivated aggression and bad deeds.

Self-realization of children of preschool age

Reaching the age of three, the kids know whatthey just want to decide on their own, what to wear, what games to play, and with whom to be friends. It is during this period that the notion of attachment, friendship, as well as the self-expression of all important vital aspects that will accompany the baby throughout life is laid. If the baby is visited by a children's collective, for example, a children's center or a garden, then they can realize themselves there. At home, self-fulfillment is much more difficult for a child to achieve, because family members are often busy with domestic chores, and the baby is given very little time.
However, even if the whole day of the child and adultsbusy, do not forget that the baby needs the love of loved ones. Parents need to constantly hug their children, talk about their experiences, feelings and adults from their children will necessarily receive a return. You can not deprive the baby of emotions. Together with children it is necessary to play children's games and gradually involve them in adults. For the baby the usual things: doing housework with a vacuum cleaner, washing dishes can seem just magical. It is necessary to allow the child to participate in the work process in the home, and maybe in the future he will help to cope with domestic chores. Most parents often do not trust a child with some kind of work or process, thereby limiting and instilling in him
. Yes, sometimes a child can drop something orbreak, but what a pleasure it will bring the fulfillment of the labor operation. The most important thing is to remain calm, not to be nervous, even when it seems that it's much easier and faster to do the work yourself.
Negative mood of parents often very quickly passes to the child, and instead of useful pastime, relatives get an offended expression of a child's face and pouting lips.

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