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How to stay calm in any situation - advice of psychologists

How to maintain peace of mind in anySituations, if excessive emotionality leads to undesirable consequences? Often it is difficult for an individual to cope with anger, hatred, aggression, and he does not know what to do with these feelings. To remain calm in stressful situations will be easier if the person realizes for themselves the need to control their own emotions. With "hot" you can say and do something that a person often then often regrets. In addition, if the individual in a critical situation lends itself to his anxiety, then his ability to think logically, to make rational decisions, and the ability to act correctly decreases.

How to keep calm - advice of psychologists

At the first stage of learning to find peacePsychologists recommend learning to stay calm in small situations, when the individual does not yet have completely negative emotions, and then go train and learn in more serious and meaningful disputes or conflicts.
Often people notice that it is very difficultTo maintain inner peace, when in life any trifle is important and therefore circumstances are easily knocked out of the rut. But if you develop a somewhat philosophical view of things, you can learn to remain calm in all situations.
How to always remain calm? Psychologists are advised to work on their own
. If a person believes in his own strength, he gets the conviction that he will cope with any situation that can happen in his life. Conversely, if
Doubts himself and sets himself up for the unfavorable outcome of any undertaking, then it is difficult for him to fight life's circumstances and not be nervous at the same time.
To remain calm in stressful situations will be possible if a person gets rid of a bad habit of dramatizing events taking place with him and forbids himself to wind himself up.
An individual who wants to learn how to keepTranquility, you need to direct your turbulent fantasy into a more productive channel, rather than scrolling in your mind unfavorable scenarios, since such a mood will only add anxiety and anxiety. If a person feels that he is giving way to panic, then he should stop and think logically what is the reason for this state.
Psychologists are strongly advised to follow theirThoughts, because often a person is nervous and worried in situations that do not threaten him. If an individual has such a tendency, then one should imagine the most favorable variant of the development of events and think in a positive direction. So a person will be able to make sure that his life and safety are not threatened, and with other troubles, if they arise, he can cope on his own, because in a critical situation the internal reserves of the organism are themselves mobilized themselves. This is a protective function of the body, so do not be afraid of what has not happened yet, because it is an imaginary internal anxiety that is an obstacle to peace.
The ways to keep calm are different and one ofThese include thinking over a backup action plan in case of failure. Most likely, it will not be needed, but the realization that there is an exit gives a feeling of calm and confidence. And if it fails, then you should immediately begin to act on a reserve version of the strategic plan.
How to stay calm in a conflict situation,Which are not uncommon in human life. The individual is constantly confronted with the rudeness, injustice and irritation of surrounding people and to remain calm in these cases is very difficult. Often you want to repay the same coin, but it will be better to refrain, in order not to complicate the situation. Responding to the negative, the individual will receive only a new portion of anger and aggression, and his life will be filled with disappointment and anger. In the end, everyone will lose from this. Learning to control one's self in such situations is difficult, but it is necessary. For this, however difficult it is, it is important to always be in a good mood.
How to stay calm - recommendations:
- One should try not to dramatize life situations, and not to give in to an impulse to exaggerate the negative;
- required to use in your vocabularyAs often as possible, the words "I am stronger than this", "I will manage", "nothing terrible"; Such verbal formulations will help to look at the existing problem differently;
- before sharing with anyone a problem,You need to think and do not tell her to all your friends; You should digest it yourself, in order to calm down; Best-intentioned friends can show sympathy more than necessary, which can further upset;
- You should visualize your peace of mind (become an unruffled and calm person in your imagination);
It is necessary to determine for oneself those factors thatMake a person lose control and self control. Knowing personal irritants and avoiding them will help a person stay calm during the day;
- it is important to learn how to control your emotions, for this you should remember the moments when a person could remain calm in a difficult situation;
- You can not respond to attacks in a state of irritation, it is better to remain silent until there is calm; - in any situation, always look for something positive;

- having heard criticism in his address, a person should find in it a rational grain; If it is difficult, then it is required to ignore what they say;
- it is necessary to develop a positive attitude towards people;
- It should be remembered that those who have embraced negative emotions are harmful primarily to the person himself, therefore, if a mistake is made, one should recognize this;
- To calm yourself, you need to listen to audiobooks that tune into a positive perception of life;
- if there is such a person who can support the individual, then one should talk to him;
- viewing quotes from books can help to adjust a person to positive behavior;
- to troubles in life should be treated as a training, than the greater successes in life an individual achieves, the more negative situations he overcomes;
- a person can not like everyone, it's not underForce to anyone, so the relationship with some people will be better to let go of the past. Thus, you can get rid of heavy loads and communicate more with those who affect a person positively;
- to create an atmosphere of calm you can use quiet music or silence, aromatic candles;
- a few deep breaths can help an individual to relieve tension, excitement and adjust to a calmer rhythm;
- adherence to the regime of the day, a balanced vitaminized diet will allow a person to be healthy, which means to observe inner calmness;
- avoiding excessive consumption of caffeine and sugar, maintaining the necessary water balance can maintain a calm state of the body;
- daily exercise will relieve tension, allowing you to control your experiences;
- meditation, yoga can help you find peace of mind;
- not to think about the same thing, it is necessary to get carried away with something interesting or creative;
- it is important to be able to rest and, if necessary, take a day off to be filled with fresh ideas;
- breathing diaphragm - belly will help quicklyEase the tension and allow in a few minutes to calm down. During belly breathing, the abdomen rises and falls. Inhale through the nose, then hold your breath for a few seconds and exhale slowly.
So, why it is important to learn how to saveCalmness? In order that impatience and anger do not exhaust the soul and heart. In order to be able to do more in life, it is better to communicate and live a more purposeful and productive life.

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