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What to do if the husband strikes and insults - advice of a psychologist

What should I do if my husband beats me? To whom to turn for help, if at home there are always some excesses and incidents, if the wild escapades of the spouse follow one another and the woman's health is constantly under threat. There are a number of tips and recommendations of psychologists, which should be heeded if a woman wants to get rid of domestic violence. If the husband beats and offends that, first of all, the woman must understand that it is she who allows her husband to beat her and so it relates to her. It is her choice to be a victim because of unwillingness to influence the situation.

What to do if the husband beats - advice of a psychologist

, Where the husband is a tyrant, and the wife is a victim, is sufficiently complex. But this does not mean that the husband does not love his mate. Probably, he's just a tyrannical character. Tirans are able to use physical
In relation to his wife and even to children. Statistics show that feminists and children are often victims of beatings of a tyrant husband and father. Even more can aggravate a situation the use by the man of alcohol or drugs which only will increase
And disable the control over all his actions. The domestic tyrant exerts his cruelty only in relation to his family and within his home. Having met a bully on the street, he is unlikely to resist him, because inside of him is a weak and small coward.
Why do some women get normalSpouses, and others suffer from tyranny? Because one woman, having heard the questions of the following plan: "Where have you been?" Or "Why are you late for ten minutes?" Immediately breaks off the relationship, not wanting to report for every step taken, and the other will tolerate and, having married, will be justified all life. It's all about choosing women, because no one is imposing to marry a tyrant, a female person chooses his own.
The behavior of a tyrant-husband is an indicator of his insecurity in himself. He is experiencing
Because of the obsession that a woman will findMore worthy candidate instead. Most girls initially think that if a man is jealous, then he loves. Maybe he does, but with special love. Thus, some ladies allow you to control the tyrant by yourself, and others - not.
Allow to manipulate women who haveIn the family there was a similar situation with the father. The girl absorbs everything like a sponge, forming an opinion that this is the correct model of relationships, where a man is aggressive and bold, and a woman is submissive. Instinctively, she is looking for an impudent man, capable of humiliating her and giving him the opportunity to be submissive. This is the psychology of relations between the husband of the tyrant and the wife of the victim. Therefore, each woman herself must decide whether to live with her tyrant husband, trying to re-educate him or to leave forever from his life.
Female victims are psychologically dependent on suchRelations. Husbands-tyrants, realizing their power over the household, enjoy it, and wives are constantly seeking to justify their behavior. Manifestations of aggression are attributed to fatigue and congestion at work and the like.
Often, "disassembly" with assaultEnd with mutual explanations of love and reconciliation through violent intimacy. Wife from such scandals and reconciliation becomes dependent, as a drug addict. She is inside the situation and can not immediately determine that she is a puppet in a relationship that is successfully manipulated. When close and native people begin to repeat it to her, she does not believe them. And he claims that he has a difficult character, and they interfere with her happiness.
If, nevertheless, the woman decided to suppress the tyrant,Then psychologists are advised to inform her husband that all of his actions will be known to her relatives and friends who will always come to the rescue. It is required to remind him that in the criminal legislation there are articles calling for accountability for assault, torture of the physical and moral plane.
What should I do if my husband beats and offends? It is necessary to immediately show her husband that for you it is absolutely unacceptable. You need to find the determination and strength to tell him that such behavior is unacceptable for you. It is strictly forbidden to find arguments to justify violence. By her forgiveness and kindness, a woman will only provoke again and again to new violence.
If the husband constantly beats, then in fact heNeed the help of a psychologist. The role of men is to patronize and protect a woman, take care of her. If a man instead of protection and love humiliates a woman and beats her, it's psychopathology, which needs not the wife's all-forgiveness, but the help of a specialist. Often persuading her husband to seek help from a psychologist is a problem. Until a man realizes that in reality it is his problem, capable of destroying family life. If the spouse does not become ill from realizing this, then he will not change.
What should I do if my husband beats when he is drunk? Immediately throw and leave until it's too late. To be afraid of care is stupid, one should be afraid that life with this cruel person can be broken forever. Is it life, always be a victim, without any opportunity to show their sense of dignity and femininity.
If a provocateur of male aggressive behaviorIs not a woman, then leave immediately, and without hesitation. Do not think that this situation can be tolerated and one day everything will change by itself and the husband will improve. What can I do to prevent my husband from hitting? A woman needs to adjust her behavior towards her companion. Clearly explain to her husband: "If you hit, then I'll leave." Passively wait - this is a wrong decision.

In order not to beat her husband, you should give up unnecessaryExactingness, as well as doubts about its capabilities, do not show ridicule in his address. If a husband has a predisposition to violence, then it is required not to show a hostile attitude towards him, since beatings will be of a regular character and the spouse, thus, will begin to remove aggression and tension. It is not recommended to provoke unnecessary quarrels, and in moments of husband's aggression one should try to let it cool down, and only then in a calm atmosphere try to find out what is troubling the man.
If a man is insulted andThreats of life, then do not take chances. It is necessary to leave the spouse for some period of his life and go to friends or relatives. If a man threatens with a weapon, he should not show his intentions, covertly and quietly leave him, because safety and health are above all.
When a woman is safe,Calm down, take a sheet of paper and paint a chronology of family conflicts: how it all began and for what reason the man raised his hand. It is important to emotionally step back from the situation and look from outside to it, in order to understand who it provoked.
A woman should not in any way justifyBehavior of her husband, it is necessary to understand precisely the psychological causes of bouts of anger. If this is a parent program, and the husband has seen this attitude toward the woman with his parents, then this is normal for him. If he does not want to change, then in this case there are no options - you can not live with your sadistic husband.
What to do if the husband beats, but there is nowhere to go? In large cities, there are centers for assisting victims of domestic violence. Crisis centers of assistance for women and their families in case of an emergency situation provide temporary shelter at any time of the day.
Crisis aid centers provide the following social services:
- legal and psychological assistance;
- provide qualified medical, pedagogical counseling;
- support women in solving problems in finding their internal resources and their own capabilities to overcome life's difficult situations;
- conduct individual diagnostic interviews;
- assist in sending to specialized institutions those who need treatment.
What if the husband started to beat, i.e. This is a one-time conflict. If the husband has never behaved this way before and suddenly started to beat, then you should assess the emotional state of the spouse in which he was in recent times. Negative events that occurred recently in his life could provoke such behavior. This is not an excuse, it's just a search for the cause of this behavior. Maybe recently a woman psychologically poddevala spouse, rather than in a difficult period to support. In this case, you should reconsider your behavior towards your husband and establish relationships.
Often it happens that the husband beats and insults notOnly his wife, but also a child who just fell under the hot hand and is not guilty of anything. This indicates the presence of obvious psychopathological abnormalities. If a woman wants to escape from this tyrant, then in this case it is necessary to act as carefully as possible, since he is capable of revenge.
What should I do if my husband beats his pregnant wife? This problem can not be hushed up and try to endure, you should seek help from social services, the police, psychologists, and help centers for victims of domestic violence. The problem of women is that they do not value themselves, do not like and do not respect, allowing such an attitude to themselves. If there is a desire to correct her husband, only a psychologist can help him in this. With her love, a woman can not re-educate a domestic tyrant. In fact, assistance to women affected by domestic violence is multifaceted and includes both psychological support to a woman and a psychotherapeutic correction of her spouse's personality. Set up
, To stop the violence, can only help a specialist psychologist.

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