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Talent - what is it, the kinds of talents

Talent is a potential or inherentThe ability of the individual. In explanatory dictionaries, the meaning of the word talent is defined as a special personal predisposition of a person. With the acquisition of experience, they form a skill. In contrast to genius, when a person is considered gifted in everything, and that, it should be noted, stories are only isolated when a talented person has high abilities concerning one, two, and rarely several spheres at once.
The meaning of the word "talent" is interestingly revealedThanks to the Greek root, which also means a measure of weight, monetary calculation in antiquity. Here we will remember the parable of the talents handed out, which tells not only about the coins, but also teaches how to deal with the skills that nature has bestowed upon us - not to "bury" them, but to multiply it in every possible way.

What is talent?

Talent is above just a good result, it's special
, Noticeable even to those around youEmerging abilities. For example, if a person has a high ability to play chess, then he under certain efforts shows a good game. However, the talent for the game will become apparent, as if by itself, will be felt through the attraction to chess, and the results will surpass the results of those who simply have good skills. This will be noticed by others, considering this player to be special, as if having super abilities from nature. In relation to talent, there is always some kind of awe. However, talent is not always immediately visible. If a talented person has never had the opportunity to encounter the subject of his giftedness, he may not know about his ability at all.
It happens in life in inappropriate for developmentThis sphere conditions. About natives of the lower economic strata of the population or poor countries, not one film was shot, which when they fell into a new life became brilliant boxers, dancers, even scientists, with little preparation.
The complexity of identifying talent is linked toOther special conditions, not only economic - there are cases when the child in the school was considered mentally retarded, but he with special training not only achieved high rates in his giftedness, but also made discoveries, was a pioneer in the new field. Here, too, the freshness of the look, the indefiniteness
Knowledge, as it is right, which is typical of ordinary people who do not try to look at the subject of study or training from another side, but as if on the template they carry out the necessary actions.
A talented person will be able to achieveOver-results both in the usual method of development, and even often without it, or he will try to make a personal contribution to it. In what a talented person does, her special handwriting is always visible.
Without developing his gift from nature, a person oftenRemains simply addicted, for example, singing, pleases this hobby of oneself and acquaintances. But getting to the proper conditions - on the talent show, and having received the basics of training, he can abruptly change his life. However, pronounced talent often does not allow its carrier to live peacefully, forgetting about it. He seems to be bursting outward, the power of talent sometimes even rules a man, dragging him and demanding that the desire find a way out - like a strong plant makes its way through the asphalt.
There are stories, when a person was forbidden to follow his attraction of parents, mentors, society. Then the person flared serious
Between the unconscious powerful desireTo do what you love and forbid him. This was especially characteristic of earlier, more despotic times. And even here you can even partially understand those who imposed the ban. For example, hereditary doctors could guaranteed to provide their child with a dignified and prosperous future, having trained him in medicine, passing on his clients and a well-known name. However, especially gifted, talented by nature, a son or daughter could not always submit to this course of events, feeling that they have no right to follow this senseless, empty and unhappy path for them. If, in addition to talent, a person possessed at least some expressed volitional qualities, he could resist the pressure of the environment and protect his gift, sometimes only after death. However, what a recognition!
Not one truly great man was unrecognizedIn his own country and time. Often - this environment does not want, is not able to perceive something new, different from the usual, resists the new trend or even aggressively defends it. Some talents were so contrary to socially recognized activity that the bearer himself could not explain to himself what he owns, and tried to fight and eradicate craving for talent. However, neither external nor internal struggle with true talent does not bring the desired results, the power of talent only grows from the struggle. Many outstanding, sharp talented works, usually artistic ones, were created just under the influence of this conflict, as if at a break, they reveal the spiritual hesitation and even the suffering of the creator. But, as in the case of their creator, later they took possession of the minds and hearts of their viewers, and often even laid the foundation for a new, revolutionary direction, becoming a classic later.
By itself, without development, testing, training,Sometimes even the agonizing hours spent on it, without its manifestation - talent is not powerful, not interesting to others. Like a precious stone, he demands from his master filigree processing, so that from a rough-hewn piece of stone turn into a shining jewel. The time and labor expended in the direction of developing one's talent is the next necessary step, so that the inherent ability is transformed into something more, and it manifests itself.
In order to be useful and recognized, it is necessary not onlyTo know that I am talented, but also to determine in what form the world can perceive my talent today, and then make the effort and spend time. Working on the basis of her talent, her owner needs to catch up with those who, through hard work in this direction, are now getting the best results.
Today talent often has a practicalApplication, is the source of earnings and the dream of many people - to work in the sphere of their interests. Therefore, understanding the market as a receiver of the results of talented work is very important for today.

Types of talent

Back in 1980, Gardner in his book shared the ability and identified the types of talent. Even today they illustrate the main groups of talents, although more than 30 species have been allocated after Gardner.
Verbal-linguistic talent is the ability to clearly formulate your thoughts and beautifully express them, sharpness of mind and words. This talent is inherent in outstanding journalists, orators, writers.
Digital talent is the ability to deal withNumbers and various kinds of exact symbols. It is typical for mathematicians, programmers and economists, who perceive the world through precise expressions and are able to quickly calculate. Clearly gifted in the digital sphere, people seem to live in a world of abstractions and without developing social skills can even look strange to other people.
The spatial type of talent is none other than,As the ability to navigate in space and creatively transform it, which is found in designers and artists. Often they have their own particular view of reality, and they express it in art. However, there are those who are talented in the transfer of a realistic world, they can exactly as if on a photo card to recreate the view.
Physical talent is peculiar to people whoPerfectly own their body and senses. Here is the widest range of activities from outstanding manual workers to skilled dancers. People of this type in the style of perception are opposed to the people of the mathematical warehouse, so training for the physically gifted should be in practice, through corporality. Personal or emotional talent is responsible for the ability to recognize their own
And feelings, live a deep inner life. This kind of talent is akin
, Observation of their psychic life and the opposite
. It can be seen, for example, in the outstanding writer Dostoevsky.

Interpersonal talent helps in communicating with other people and needs teachers, politicians, actors and public figures.
In a separate group, Gardner also singles outType, as a talent for the environment. This ability to harmoniously fit into nature, the surrounding world and correspond to it, it is inherent in the naturalized farmers and animal trainers.
These types of talent can be combined. For example, a person gifted with spatial and digital types of talent can become a good architect. And emotionally and interpersonally gifted - a good psychologist.

How to find your talent?

Recognizing talent is like finding your strengths, but finding talents and abilities in yourself is more than that.
How to discover talent in yourself, your children,Recognize in other people, help in its disclosure? To do this, one should analyze the previous achievements or facts, answering which of these results are outstanding.
A young child can recognize talent by trying it in different activities: offering to sing, dance, and construct. And it can be revealed that the child sang beautifully, with
, Without special training is better than otherschildren. Often even children themselves are drawn to what their talent is. Talented in singing a child does not need to be forced to sing, he will surely sing along with pleasure, and his parents will easily notice his love and ability to sing. And here it is important to properly manage the talent given by nature - to give him the opportunity to further develop, to provide conditions like soil, watering, light and fertilizer for the flower.
How to find talents and abilities? Below we propose a technique, through the successive steps of which one can determine their talents.
Step 1. What is your dream? Recall your dreams from childhood up to the present moment, write them out.
Step 2. Divide them into categories: have and be. The first category relates to the desires for possession of some things. Then the second is the desire to be someone, to become the person you dreamed of. In further work on the methodology, we take only dreams from the second category.
Step 3. Write down the professions that resonate with you. Remember those people in whose place you wanted to be.
Step 4. What do you like to do? Add to the list those activities that bring you true satisfaction, those that do not require coercion for you, but on the contrary, please.
Step 5. Combine all your dreams, your favorite activities and professions, and check what kind of positive emotions you have. For maximum accuracy, imagine yourself in each role in the most detailed way, visualize it as if it is your reality now. Give an assessment of your sensations in the body and emotions on a scale of 10 points.
Step 6. Erase from the list those areas that received low scores - these are the desires, which can easily be abandoned.
Step 7. Group the resulting list of your inclinations, if some of them have a link. For example, in one desire you want to sing, and in another - to get recognition and fame, then they logically join together in the desire to become a famous singer.
Step 8. Name each group some kind of talent, for example, as in the previous example - the talent of singing.
Step 9. Look for the connection between the formed groups. In life, in practice, your inclinations necessarily support each other or conflict, but in the end form a unique individual combination.
Step 10. What application can you find for your abilities? Consider each group of inclinations combined as a talent, and the connections between them, to find possible ways for you to realize these abilities. To each profession or field of activity, evaluate the scale again from 10 points and select the most promising.
Step 11. From the specific activities, select the one that is closest to you, like and has high chances to bring you success. This will be your talent.

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