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Tremor in the newborn - reasons, treatment

Tremor in a newborn is a violation,Arising from the first days of infants babies. It manifests itself in the form of systematic vibrational contractions of muscles. The shaking of limbs and jawing of the chin are more common, there is rarely a tremor in the head that can signal severe neurological pathologies. During the three-month period from the time of birth, tremor in a newborn child does not require treatment and correction. Increased muscle tone, accompanying the trembling, indicates an insufficient formation of nerve structures.
Tremor in a newborn is a fairlyOften met. As a rule, uncontrolled contraction of muscles occurs more often due to intense excitation or during the dreams of babies (fast-sleep phase).

Causes of tremor in a newborn

Often, the main cause of jitterChin and tremor of the extremities in newborns, is the dysfunction of endocrine glands and the incorrect functioning of the nervous system. Similar disorders often occur due to pathologies of intrauterine fetal formation.
Also, the causes of tremor in a newborn can be immaturity of the nervous system, oxygen starvation of the fetus in the process of intrauterine formation, premature birth.
In the first weeks of the appearance of crumbs in the light of hisThere may be no coordination of movements, due to immaturity of the nervous system, which will cause a tremor in the newborn. Increased muscle tone is also a risk factor for a tremor in a newborn. In addition, during emotional manifestations, babies may have high levels of noradrenaline in their blood. Fetal hypoxia occurs due to abnormalities in the placental blood flow during pregnancy or during the birth process. It can also be triggered by the transfer of intrauterine infection, a breakdown in the functionality of the placenta, hemorrhage, increased uterine tone, and polyhydramnios. Oxygen starvation can adversely affect the functioning of the brain.
Dysfunction of nervous system of crumbsCan be triggered by a fetal entanglement of the cord, a weak labor activity or, conversely, rapid delivery, detachment of the placenta. These disorders complicate the passage of oxygen to the brain, which in the aftermath can lead to the appearance of tremor of the chin and shaking of the limbs in newborns.
Tremor of the lips in newborns is most often causedPremature birth. This is also due to the underdevelopment of the nervous system. The nervous system completes its formation already outside the mother's womb, and even proper care can not replace natural conditions. That is why premature babies are more likely than others to be affected
In addition, scientists have previously been shown thatThe time of bearing the fetus, the psychological state of the mother can also affect the subsequent onset of tremor in the newborn. Therefore, it is very important that close relatives of a pregnant woman support her, surround with care, and prevent possible stressful effects.

Tremor of the chin in the newborn

Tremor of the lips in newborns or chattering of the chin when crying or screaming babies up to three months of age is considered a variant of the norm.
Causes of the condition of the infantOften can be caused by insufficient formation of their nervous and endocrine systems. At this age stage, neurons responsible for movement are underdeveloped. In addition, the adrenals that produce the hormone norepinephrine are immature in neonates. Both described factors with a joint effect lead to tremor in the newborn.
Below are the main causes of tremor in the newborn's chin.
The most common among infants is tremor of the chinIs due to excessive physical stress or due to emotional overloads, which indicates an overexcitement of the nervous system. However, if the neonatal tremor of the chin is noted in the absence of physical overstrain or crying, then it must necessarily attract the attention of adults. Involuntary vibrational muscle contractions may be a sign of increased muscle tone.
In most cases, to get rid ofInvoluntary contractions of the muscles of the chin recommended a systematic relaxing massage. In addition, regular warm baths with broths of valerian, mint or lemon balm are shown. These plants have a relaxing and soothing effect. However, they should not be abused, because allergic rashes may appear. It will be enough to conduct balneotherapy at least three times in ten days.
If the phenomena of tremor in a newborn do not disappearAfter the expiration of three months, it is necessary to consult a pediatric neurologist. The incessant tremor is often a sign of serious pathologies of the nervous system.
Balneotherapy, relaxing massage, early swimming - all these activities contribute to strengthening the children's nervous system, thereby eliminating the phenomenon of tremor of the chin.

Foot tremor in a newborn

Often in infants you can see a small tremorChin and twitching of the limbs. Such vibrational muscular contractions in newborns during the first month of existence are observed in almost fifty percent of cases. They arise with strong crying of the kids, fright, during the phase of fast sleep due to excessive emotional arousal. The nervous system of infants is characterized by immaturity, which leads to excessive excitability, which generates some uncontrolled movements.
Foot tremor in a newborn can appearThe reason for the increase in the content in the blood of norepinephrine crumbs, the excess of which generates the same excessive emotional manifestations again due to immaturity of the adrenal medulla producing this hormone.
In addition, there are critical stagesThe formation of the nervous system of infants, in which nerve structures are most vulnerable to the occurrence of a disorder or a malfunction in its normal maturation. To such dangerous periods it is possible to carry the first month of life of a crumb, the third, the ninth, the twelfth. It is at these stages that it is advisable to visit a child neurologist.
If the onset of tremor in a newbornAre observed after the one-year-old age of the baby, then this may mean that either there is damage to the nerve structures at the moment, or it occurred at the stage of fetal fetal maturation or during its passage through the birth canal.
Twitching of the upper limbs and tremorChin in infants, often observed during their crying, is due to the counterbalancing excitation of the nerve structures that contribute to the stabilization of the body. The tremor, usually arising on the background of stressful influences, is characterized by a shallow amplitude, and is observed through rather short time intervals. Also, trembling of the legs is often a side effect of increased muscle tone.
Thus, involuntary small twitchingsLower limbs in infants up to three months of age are a variant of the norm. The contraction of the leg muscles in infants is considered a non-hazardous passing manifestation of the immaturity of his body.
Often twitchings are noted during dreamsCrumbs (fast-sleep phase). Looks like this trembling as follows - the limbs of the baby tremble intensely, eyes move under half-closed eyelids. Such attacks of a tremor in a newborn in a week after birth gradually disappear, appearing only during a severe fright of the baby or with a hysterical cry. If the upper limbs in children continue to tremble even in a state of relaxation, then specialist consultation is absolutely essential.
Twitching of the lower extremities in newbornsOccurs much less frequently than the trembling of the upper limbs or tremor of the chin. More often, tremor of the legs occurs in premature babies, as well as in children who have suffered a trauma, hypoxia of the brain.
In the case of uncontrolled muscleCuts, massage massage, swimming, gymnastics will be able to cope with them perfectly. In other words, with a tremor in a newborn, any procedures aimed at strengthening the muscular system of the legs and the nervous system help. However, if there is a strong tremor that does not stop even in a state of rest and has not passed after three months, you do not need to engage in "self-medication", since only a qualified specialist can help in this case.
In addition, hand tremors in newborns andTwitching of the lower extremities is dangerous because his parents can confuse him with convulsions caused by serious pathologies that require immediate medical intervention. In rare cases, uncontrolled muscle contractions can be caused by an abnormal structure of individual sites of the lower limb or trauma. Often the symptoms accompanying the twitching of the muscles of the lower extremities are able to tell about the presence of a more serious ailment. That is why a doctor should diagnose pathology and prescribe therapy.
Non-pathological tremor is also calledBenign or physiological trembling. As the name implies, the factors that provoke muscle twitching are hidden in the physiological processes of the body, and not pathologies. To benign tremor include tremor caused by hypothermia, tremor of the extremities after physical overload or strong emotional outbursts.
If parents first noticed involuntaryVibrational contractions of the muscles of the lower limbs in his newborn child, in the first turn, it is recommended not to take any action until the consultation of a neurologist, since from a mismanage the condition of a crumb can only worsen. Also, one should not abolish medical appointments on their own, believing that medications are useless. After all, pharmacopoeial drugs are prescribed for serious disorders, and are most often aimed at optimizing oxygen access to the cellular structures of the body. These medications include "Midokalm", "Glycin", etc.
In addition, tremor in newborns canIs a symptom of dysfunction of the endocrine system or pathologies of nervous structures. In this case, treatment, in the first turn, should be aimed at the cause that caused a tremor in the newborn, and not on its consequence.
However, most often with the trembling of the legs in newbornsChildren can be coped with more simple methods, such as relaxing baths with herbal decoctions, therapeutic massage. The most important in correcting a tremor in a newborn is the creation around the crumbs of a calm atmosphere and comfortable environment. It is necessary to try to save the child as much as possible from possible stressful situations. So, for example, remove extraneous noise, provide a friendly environment, eliminate any screams and abuse in the house, provide the crumb with pleasant lighting, not cutting eyes, etc.

Treatment of a tremor in a newborn

If intense involuntary twitchingExtremities, especially the legs and head are not caused by a feeling of hunger or excessive excitation of the baby, these manifestations are extremely disturbing. If, in addition, the phenomena of tremor in the newborn are observed after three months of age, then there may be serious violations.
For example, tremor in the hands of newborns, tremor of the head and chin can indicate the development of such pathologies: - hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy;

- sepsis;
- hypomagnesemia;
- hyperglycemia;
- increased intracranial pressure;
- hypocalcemia;
- intracranial hemorrhage.
Fortunately, such diagnoses are rarely confirmed.
Mandatory is the targeted treatment of twitching in newborns after suffering an infectious disease or craniocerebral trauma.
There is no cause for concern or panic ifTrembling is observed in the baby only during sleep, or in fright, loud crying. However, you can correct such conditions, for example, with the help of a massage, which you can start practicing after the sixth week of life.
It is recommended that only fourMovements, namely, light stroking, rubbing, kneading, vibration. The main rule of competent and effective massage is the following - all movements must be carried out in the direction of the joints of the baby (to the center from the periphery). Before starting a course of self-massage at home, it is better to take a couple of lessons from a pediatrician.
The psychological mood of the child and his physicalConvenience during the massaging play an important role. Therefore, the room where you plan to do the massage should be pre-ventilated within thirty minutes. In warm weather, you can do the procedures and with an open window. The hands of the parent who massage the baby should be dry, without bracelets, watches, rings, with short-cropped nails to avoid injury to the child.
Better before starting the procedure, shake hands andRub the palm of one hand on the other so that they become warm. Massage sessions should be performed during active wakefulness of the crumbs. In addition, you need to ensure that it was in a good mood. If the mood crumbs soured, it is recommended to temporarily stop the procedure and try to cheer the baby, after which you can continue. The place of the massage session should be a well-known child. It is best to carry out the procedure on a changing table. The crumb should be comfortable. To this end, it is necessary to eliminate objects or phenomena that can cause discomfort, for example, the sun shining in the eyes of the sun will not exactly add to its convenience.
During massage it is recommended to talk withA child, smile to him, you can sing funny songs. For the comfort of the baby and the effectiveness of the procedure facial expressions of the parent's face, doing the massage, should be emotionally rich. Massaging must be accompanied by stroking. Do not use powder or aromatic oil during the session, so as not to clog the pores of tender baby skin. It is better for these purposes to take the usual means used for daily moisturizing. The most effective massage will be if it is carried out directly before water procedures.
The main rule of a useful massage is the smoothness of the movements. Do not massage through force, sharply and roughly. You need to start massaging the face with crumbs, stroking the eyebrows and the wings of the nose.
In addition, in the treatment of involuntaryTwitching good results shows the performance of special gymnastic exercises, which are best carried out in the water. At home for these purposes you can use a regular bath.
With physiological tremor in newborns, bothRule, treatment is not required. The main recommendations of the pediatrician in this case will be observation of a crumb to detect the moments of shaking and possible signs of its strengthening, a systematic visit to a preventive neuropathologist.
All methods of treatment of hand tremor, lowerExtremities, head, tremor of the chin in infants and measures to prevent the occurrence of these phenomena are directed, in the first turn, to the restoration of the overall health of the crumbs and in particular of the nervous system.
In the treatment of poor-quality tremor in a newborn includes the following activities:
- Bathing babies in the baths with a variety of compositions from soothing herbs, for example, you can use chamomile, lemon balm, lavender;
- visiting of specialized pools or bathing in a usual home bath;
- acceptance of air baths;
- performing gymnastic exercises, restorative action;
- soothing and relaxing massage of whole body of crumbs and separately of its limbs;
- Carrying out of medicamentous therapy.
In rare cases, according to the indications, surgical intervention is performed.
The scope and format of therapeutic treatment in the case ofThe appearance of pathological tremor is chosen exclusively by the attending physician and is determined by the current state of the baby. In addition to these procedures, parental care, careful care, a favorable atmosphere and a relaxed atmosphere in family relationships are important for the health of children.
Thus, parents need to understand one thing -Pathological tremor should be treated solely under the supervision of a pediatrician and neurologist who will establish the etiologic factor of the disease, prescribe appropriate corrective pharmacopoeial drugs and select the appropriate dosages. Additional measures used to eliminate the phenomena of tremor include balneotherapy, massage and special gymnastic exercises.
In the case of physiological tremors,Self-medication should be practiced. Despite the fact that the phenomena of benign tremor in most cases are crumbs after reaching the age of three months without outside interference, nevertheless doctors do not strongly recommend self-treatment. Since the seemingly innocuous twitching of limbs, chin, newborn's head in the future can seriously threaten the health of the baby. Self-treatment of a tremor in a newborn often leads to the appearance of the following pathologies:
And physical maturation;
- violation of intellectual function;
- the development of infantile cerebral palsy.
Even the most experienced and knowledgeable parents can notPut a correct diagnosis of their own children, and they are not able to determine the etiologic factor. After all, often to get rid of the phenomena of tremors, it is necessary to influence the cause that gave rise to them, namely, the etiologic factor. In addition, often twitching can be corrected only with the help of medications.

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