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White fever - symptoms and consequences, treatment

White fever is an unhealthy condition,The latter is the last stage of chronic dependence on the use of alcohol-containing liquids. In medicine, this ailment is commonly referred to as delirium caused by excessive libation with intoxicating beverages. White fever is expressed by hallucinations, delirium, chills and fever. Hallucinations are often menacing. Often, an alcoholic suffering from the ailment in question, it seems as if he sees various dangerous insects or devils. The main danger of the described disorder is the probability of self-harm and committing suicide.
White fever requires immediate medical attentionInterference. A typical feature of the ailment in question is the rarity of development against the background of alcoholism, usually occurs after the abolition of the usual "volumes" of alcohol consumption on the second or fifth day.

The symptoms of white fever

This disorder is considered a symptom of alcoholism. Its specificity lies in the offensive when
Sober and feels disgust for alcohol-containing fluids. Such a state is considered a kind of precursor
, Generated by alcohol.
The white fever after the binge carries a threat to the alcoholic. A person, after a long-term binge and hangover syndrome, is in an agitated state, accompanied by
, Mood swings and
. The subject, staying in this unhealthy state, is able to inflict unconsciously harm to his own person.
More often
Comes after five to seven years of abuseHot drinks from individuals with alcoholism of the second or third stage, after a long drinking-bout or after stopping drinking after everyday for weeks or a few months of drunkenness. Much less often this disease affects people who do not abuse alcohol-containing liquids on a regular basis, after a long intake of large quantities of alcohol or through the use of alcohol substitutes. The most vulnerable group of individuals are individuals who have previously suffered severe CNS ailments or brain trauma. In patients who have experienced a psychosis of alcoholic etiology in the past in a severe variant of the course, it is possible to repeat it even after infusing small doses of alcohol-containing beverages. In almost a third of cases, the symptoms of white fever develop when a person has forced a somatic illness to stop consuming hot liquids.
White fever after singing comes, as a rule, inThe first few days, in some situations - on the fourth-sixth. Before the onset of delirium, during the hangover period, the following symptoms of white fever can be detected: vomiting, speech disorders, headaches, and a number of other disorders of neurological origin. In twelve percent of cases, the appearance of the described ailment is preceded by convulsions.
The first signs of white fever are anxiety,Unpredictable, a premonition of impending disaster, a violation of dreams. Among the somatic symptoms are the following: tremor of the extremities, hyperemia of the face, excessive sweating, increased heart rate, increased temperature and blood pressure, redness of the eyes. Sleep worsens, and dreams become heavy and filled with nightmares, often visual illusions appear before falling asleep. In the waking state, visual and auditory errors are possible: the patients hear the slamming of doors, calls, steps.
Approximately on the fourth night appearsInsomnia, accompanied by strong and picturesque visual illusions. They are often present in insects and small mammals, less often - non-existent creatures, such as devils, dwarves, elves. The nature of hallucinations is quite individual. In addition, the described disorder also has tactile blendes. It seems to the patient that insects creep along the skin, which he often tries to catch, drive and press. Often alcoholics hear voices, sometimes calling for something to commit, mocking character, teasing, and sometimes - not addressed personally to him.
In a similar state, patients becomeInadequate. They are completely at the mercy of hallucinations. Patients communicate with voices, try to fight off seeming animals or fairy-tale creatures, tries to escape from bandits. In some, there are various delusions, for example, an alcoholic appears
Or it may seem to him that the spouse is changing fromEvery counter man. Others - on the contrary, are overly excited, they are drawn to heroic deeds, they compose exploits, supposedly committed by them earlier, and narrate about them.
The mental state of individuals in a state of white fever is unstable, periods of calm are replaced by excitement,
- unrestrained gaiety and complacency.
In the afternoon, the white fever often recedes slightly -The patient becomes more adequate, he is guided in an environment, comes an understanding of the presence of the disease, can tell about what is happening at night, but with the onset of the evening, psychosis again takes its toll. The duration of white fever averages from three to five days.
The signs of white fever are usually well pronounced, so they are difficult to confuse with another disease.
Alcohol delirium is also inherent in the fallacyOrientation in time and conditions. Patients often do not know where they are, do not recognize their own home or home of their relatives, do not know what time it is, can not follow the time. But they always clearly state their own surname, name, and other information about their own person. In other words, personal orientation is preserved.
Often, individuals who are in a state of whiteFever, there are actions that mimic their professional activities. The alcoholic is absolutely sure that he is at work and fulfills daily labor duties. In addition, he makes movements with his hands or makes sounds that correspond to the work process or place. A complex form of development of psychosis caused by the abuse of alcohol-containing beverages is the "muttering" delirium, manifested by constant mumbling and manipulation of hands by the type of palpation, wiping, smoothing. This symptomatology often indicates a possible fatal outcome.
The condition of the patient, who is in a white fever, deteriorates with the increase of psychosis:
- the temperature is high, can exceed 40 ° C;
- pressure builds up;
- Irregular and rapid heartbeat;
- Dehydration of the organism is observed;
- the concentration of nitrogen in the blood increases;
- Acidosis occurs;
- the patient is difficult to move, so he always "dwells" in bed;
- typical leukocytosis and increased ESR;
- there is tremor, trembling of muscles and limbs;
- chills are replaced by sweating, characterized by a specific "aroma", reminiscent of the smell of unwashed feet; - The liver is enlarged, jaundice, sclera appears;

- there is a pallor of the dermis (therefore delirium, generated by excessive alcoholic libations, called white fever), it is often possible hyperemia of the face.
The following are the stages of delirium. The first one is characterized by a depressive mood, a violation of dreams, a frequent change of mood. Human behavior is almost invariable, but you can notice a significant decrease in memory, as well as temporary failures. The patient may not remember the events of the last days of life (a couple of days).
In the second stage, the ailment also does not completely reveal itself. The alcoholic still does not see illusory insects or fictional characters. However, here he already has an excessive
, Suspiciousness. He believes that he is deceived or suspects of plotting against himself. Patients may start pursuing someone, behave aggressively. This stage often leads to the desire to commit suicide.
The most severe stage of delirium is the third. It appears, as a rule, a few days after the suspension of the intake of alcohol-containing liquids. Characteristic of severe headaches, convulsions, incoherence of speech, and its content is also lacking.
White fever symptoms and consequences, regardless of the sex of the individual completely do not pass. The most serious consequences of the
Are observed from the side of brain activity. Sometimes a person is completely deprived of the ability to remember, and also loses his previous knowledge. Memory disorders do not allow a person to remember even the names of relatives. In addition to cerebral activity, impaired functioning of the kidneys, intestines, myocardium, liver and capillaries.
Failures of rhythm, defect in the fibers of the walls of capillariesCause a lot of other ailments. Upon the exit from the state of white fever, patients often require hemodialysis, since the purifying function of the kidneys is disrupted. The functioning of the kidneys in severe conditions is not completely restored and the individual needs to undergo permanent hemodialysis procedures. To restore health to a person it is necessary to completely renounce the consumption of alcohol-containing and other hot liquids, as well as receive a course of treatment aimed at eliminating harmful symptoms.

Consequences of white fever

When there is such an unhealthy condition asDelirium caused by excessive consumption of intoxicating beverages, or white fever, the symptoms and consequences of such a condition are often reflected in the subsequent life of the individual. Alcohol delirium is the most common form of acute psychosis, which is formed against a background of prolonged abuse of alcoholic substances. More often the considered pathology is observed in persons who abuse alcoholic beverages for a long time and belong to the age group "forty plus".
In addition, if a person has previously sufferedAlcoholic delirium, it is possible to expect with 100% probability of a recurrence of a psychosis attack. Almost always, if the subject has experienced the first case of delirium and continues to "taste" alcohol-containing liquids, even a short binge will later generate a new attack of white fever.
The consequences of white fever are often not predictable. There are cases of complete cure for the disease, but more often there are negative consequences. Often, there is also a fatal outcome. According to the information of the statistics bodies, approximately ten percent of alcoholics without the appropriate medical measures die of white fever.
In addition, the described violation is oftenLeads to domestic killings. The alcoholic, being in a state of aggressiveness, hallucinates, loses memories, is not able to recognize the faces of loved ones, does not know what is happening to his person. In almost 50 percent of cases, patients cured of severe delirium die in the future because of liver destruction, myocardial dysfunction, cerebral edema, CNS pathologies.
There are several variations of the outcome of the white fever,Namely coma, transformation into a chronic course, deep clouding of consciousness, death. Suicide may lead to death under the influence of hallucinations or an inadequate behavioral response accompanying a fever. Since one of the manifestations of delirium is the loss of spatial orientation. Because of this, people who are in such an inadequate condition, can get under the car or fall out of the window.
In 5-10% of cases, individuals who have undergone whiteFever, feel cramps, suffer from pneumonia, cirrhosis of the liver, serious heart disease, edema of the brain. The condition with the described disorder is quite heavily tolerated by alcoholics and often serves as a kind of trigger mechanism for initiating therapeutic measures directed against alcoholism. Since every attack of white fever is essentially depleting the body and weakening the person. A patient who survives after two or three episodes of white fever, runs the risk of ending his days with a dropsy of the brain.
The ailment in question has a rather poor prognosis, and is also characterized by a high percentage of deaths. Often the result of episodes of white fever becomes
, In which the alcoholic
. In this condition, the alcoholic can not remember the attending physician, remember the day of the week or his own place of residence. The worst thing is that such a process is irreversible.
Statistical studies indicate thatOne person who abuses alcohol, enough months of "dense" use of alcohol to bring himself to psychosis, and others may take years. The time of onset of delirium depends on the quality of the alcohol-containing liquids used and the physical state of the drinker. In addition, heredity is essential. If, for example, a grandmother or grandfather abused hot drinks, then most likely grandchildren or children will surpass them in this "field." If the first clinical manifestations of delirium do not take urgent measures and do not resolve the issue of how to treat the white fever, the alcoholic will harm not only his own person, but also the environment, maybe even kill.

Treatment of white fever

When the above symptoms appear whiteA fever must immediately send an alcoholic to the hospital. Because the ailment in question is an urgent condition requiring urgent therapeutic measures.
Treatment of white fever in the home is better not to conduct. The therapeutic effect must be directed, specialized and implemented within the psychiatric hospital.
The main strategic objectives of treating whiteFevers are considered: arresting excitement, eliminating insomnia, eliminating convulsions, removing intoxication, combating concomitant pathologies and consequences.
How to treat white fever? Below are the basic principles that help to understand this. In the first turn, treatment of the described ailment involves acting in the following directions: treatment is somatic and the impact on the functioning of the patient's psyche. Therefore, psychotropic medications, hydration and detoxification therapy, high doses of vitamins C and B of the group (in particular thiamine), substances aimed at the restoration of normal water-salt metabolism and the normalization of the functioning of organs are used, since the ailment in question affects the liver, myocardium, kidneys, respiratory system. It is also justified to prescribe calming pharmacopeia drugs and hypnotic drugs.
To treat delirium caused by excessive libations with intoxicating beverages, benzodiazepines (lorazepam) are used that remove
, Eliminating vegetative symptoms and insomnia, preventing the development of convulsions and antipsychotics (haloperidol) for the removal of excitement.
In the treatment of the described pathology also applyPhenothiazines (Chlorpromazine). In addition to benzodiazepines, which reduce the likelihood of convulsions, some patients are prescribed additional antiepileptic drugs: hydantoin or barbiturates.
In the abortive version of the course of deliriumEffective is carbamazepine for arresting seizures and removing excitement. In comparison with benzodiazepines, it better eliminates psychoses. However, with severe development of the condition in question, carbamazepine is contraindicated. The working capacity of the myocardium is supported by Korglikon and Niketamid. To prevent cerebral edema, Lasik's use is recommended.
As mentioned above, treatment of white fever at home is not recommended, but relatives should understand what to do when the fever is white.
First, a person should tryCalm down and put. If the victim behaves hostile and inadequate, it is recommended to tightly tie his limbs, to remove near him third-party objects, which it is possible to harm his own body or others.
Secondly, you should provide the victim with a cool (for example, put a wet bandage on the forehead) and drink abundantly.
Thirdly, you can give a person sedatives so that he falls asleep. For this you can use decoctions of mint, chamomile.
Fourthly, it is necessary to call a psychiatricBrigade. Treatment of white fever in the home is not safe for the drinker, the people around him and his relatives. Without adequate therapeutic measures a person will not overcome this condition. Self-medication can cause much more damage than good.
It is necessary to realize that the individual residing in theAlcoholic psychosis, requires adequate and full-fledged therapeutic effects in clinical settings and under the supervision of psychiatrists. In addition, the right course of treatment is only possible after a full range of diagnostic measures.

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